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Cell Phone Stereotypes

Jun 29, 2021
If the ostriches can't be here by 3:00, we can't use them. OK Bye. Dude, what happened to you? motorcycle accident? Uh oh I broke my


over the weekend. Oh. Yes, I have yet to use it. It really isn't as bad as it seems. You can still hold it. You can touch it. But definitely don't slide it. Eight is seven, six is ​​five. All other buttons are the same. Congratulations. You just won a free cruise. Well gosh. Let's get on the boat. Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm calling about your extended car warranty. Well, well gosh. Let's extend it.
cell phone stereotypes
I'm not sorry. I'm so sorry, man. Very sorry. I'll just do it, okay? Yes! Wow. Whoops No, oh no. Oh, what are the chances? Oh please tell me the front didn't break? No. I like fun things. Oh sorry man. You had to be here. I'm here. I already moved it. He is in the abyss now. You can't just go back. He's gone forever, dude. I can't believe that... no way. What was it? Uh oh friend. Forgiveness. I don't even know where I put it. Can you call him please? We are calling it. Don't call it all at once.
cell phone stereotypes

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cell phone stereotypes...

Ty looks below. We're ok? He's not under there, but what's under there is noticeable. Oh he is silent. Guys, when you take off your shoes, you're going to feel the vibration. Oh, I found it. Yes. Hit. Ah, N64 Rumble Pack. However, it has the same vibration patterns. I'll see you in the car friend. We only gave him an hour. Kind. What? Oh man, I can't thank you enough for recommending that hemorrhoid cream. He has helped tremendously. My sister has 15 warts on her hand. We are trying to figure out how to get rid of them. Floor two, please.
cell phone stereotypes
Dude, another crazy thing I discovered: are you listening to my


call right now? You know that's illegal. Dammit. Hey man. What happens? Hears. Wait, are you in the bathroom right now? What? But. Definitely not. That would be... Hey, is the water running? Yes. I left the office early to go fishing. Can you send me a picture of the fish? No. No. No. FaceTime? Hey, big dog. What's good, handsome? What do you need? Oh, I just wanted to see your face. I'm organizing my underwear. My phone is at 1%. If I lose you at some point-- oh.
cell phone stereotypes
Hey, don't do that bro. No-- Hey, real quick. I have to let the dog out. Don't move a muscle. I'll be right back. You called me by the way. Dude, this is like the fifth time he's called today. Are you underwater? That's actually kind of impressive. I know you can't hear me, but don't ever call me again. Oh diaper bag. 4:54 on a Saturday the 13th. I have illegal dumping activity at the moment. Hears. These gentlemen are trespassing! Wow! And we are live. I'm not pulling sir. I was filming them. This is a citizen's arrest. This is a citizen's arrest.
Looking for the best coffee shop, boom. Just there. Label, sponsored. Not really. I'm not sponsored yet. But put on a show and don't even try... They love me. Everybody loves me. I, Gar. Are you okay if I add you to that paintball group text? I appreciate the invite, man. I think it happened. They're the paintball guys. Seventh grade, your birthday party, we had a lot of fun. That was like 20 years ago. I added you. You are inside. See you Saturday. sparkling!! People on Facebook, check it out. This is incredible. Hey Hey hey. Calvin. Calvin. Check out this concert I was at last year, dude.
I paid a lot of money for these seats. Watch this. That sounds like a broken washing machine, dude. Seven minutes left baby. Let's make something happen. No. No, the market doesn't close for another two hours. East coast, I have plenty of time. Stay patient. Do you bring food? Yes, I brought sauce. I bought the dip too. I just bought the dip. which one did you get? He brought chips and salsa. I have it. Oh keep going down. It's still going down. Oh go up. go up Yes. Lunch on my own. Time is money right now. OKAY?
If I was invited to an elementary school graduation, I would go up on that stage and say ETFs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, all in one place. SoFi app. microphone drop. And I got off the stage. And that's the best advice I can give you. Please respect the game. Yes. No. I'm number one on the team. I'm number one on the team. We are at a conference. Yes, that's your phone. What song is that? One for the team. No, I don't have your phone. It is your telephone. It's right there. It was in your front pocket. This little knob here, silent mode.
Let's live life that way, huh? green bubbles? Who has the Android? Jonas. I tried to give you an iPhone and you still refused. Another vote for Jonas. Green is my least favorite color. Jonas. One more vote and you will be removed from the group thread. Jonas. We return to the boys with the blue bubbles. Who wants to change the name of the group? Spiderman 3. 10 minutes. Go. I accidentally called my uncle. Just a second. One second. Hey, did you want to call? What kind of question is that? Of course he wanted to call. I was worried that you might have accidentally called me or something.
No, not you, Uncle Remus. Guys, you have to get back here to Georgia. This old catfish showed up and just scooped up the water off of me. You wouldn't believe the trees have gotten so tall since you were last here. I would not do it? No. But I don't know if you remember that girl, Katie Funchess, that you used to date in the first grade. I'll tell you what-- Ah. Hello. I don't have service unless I'm on the highway. hold on. Can you hear me? I don't know, I can't see it now. Well, I had to go back there and look.
They have a candle lit at the fireworks stand. We're lighting these fireworks. We are going to try them. You have to make sure they work. We don't sell cheap fireworks around here, they are quality fireworks. oh oh Kind! Can I speak to a manager? Hey, great dad. Do you want to talk to him? And I lost you What seems to be the problem, sir? You. Not only will you not buy fireworks at my fireworks store, you will not buy one in this county or in this state. Do you have the audacity to show up on my property after what you have done to my family and my life?
Get out of here right now. No. ah You better get out of here. That's mine. Oh, come on. That's my grandfather's fireworks stand! He's had it since 1904. Oh no. We are not going. Remember that the koalas arrive at 2:00. So... Bean sales skyrocketed. is really. Can someone find out whose phone that is? Whoever the phone is, you're fired. Wait guys. Forgiveness. It was actually me. The koalas are here. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh that's the worst ride ever, so ugly and flat. The only thing worse is Amarillo to Albuquerque. Nice shot, friend. I highly recommend taking lessons. Honey, if you want to take the piano seriously, you have to take lessons.
Dude, could you upgrade your phone? Why? This one works fine. What is that, the original iPhone? Look how small this is. It looks like a locator. Is that the iPod app? If I want to listen to the Goo Goo Dolls, I just click on them. Wait. Is loading. Sir, would you mind holding that for a second? I have trouble seeing it. Could you back up a bit? Right over there. That's great. Thanks. My son has a penguin. He just couldn't see the word. Oh, wow. Congratulations. He only uses my credit card. It's three o'clock-- Whoa, whoa, whoa shh.
Kind. They are listening. What are you talking about? See this. Yeah, thanks for coming, man. I have been meaning to get into a new hobby these days. I was thinking of going into soap carving. They listen to everything. What was that credit card number anyway? Oh, it's six past three... What's new with you? I'm glad you asked. It's my granddaughters, grandson, family at the beach. This was a cool story. This guy bought this at auction. Brother-in-law who is Ellis County Sheriff being interviewed after the tornado. Do you have 12 photos of the ground? Yeah, that's how I get on.
Three, six-- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Point Ball Yo Gar-- Dude, I can't do this. We had to call reinforcements. Sometimes you need someone to lend you a phone. And the poor guy just couldn't do it. Third person. Could I get a little credit? Many thanks to our friends at SoFi for sponsoring this video. Sign up for a SoFi Active Invest account where you can earn up to $1,000 to buy stocks, ETFs, trade crypto and more. And with SoFi social investing, you can even see how your portfolio stacks up against everyone's, including us. Really. Just look up our names in the app.
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