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Game Night Stereotypes

May 30, 2021
Just roll the dice! --1, wow. Animal feathers in New York. Pigeon. Nope! Eagle? No, they fall on people. Purple Martin. Nope! We used to have purple swifts. Do you know how many mosquitoes eat? Oh, can I come in? Flying. Every word they give you is what you want to blurt out! The hardest thing in the world. Playing with you. No no no no. This is a mineral. What do you like to eat in the morning before going to work or school? Eggs. Yes. Good job. Don't congratulate me! Go to the next! Here we go. Ay, ay, ay, ay!
game night stereotypes
Before you start, loser, brakes for a year! What? The last place eats the plant. 12 bites max, dude. Look at this thing. Flip flops...hey wait...not in the pool. Dry land! Dry ground, right on the concrete, dude! What? Hey? You have a good thing, don't you? What? No. Alright, I'm going to go all out. It's not your turn! Oh I'm sorry. I fold. Nope! I think-- oh, huh, ah, haha, my mistake! Deep, deep, deep. What are we thinking, $30 down? Let's change someone's life to


. Can someone find me some fries? I left my wallet at home. Yes!
game night stereotypes

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game night stereotypes...

Twenty one! Oh sorry, wrong


. don't look don't look! Oh my mistake. Would you get that? Yet we saw it. All right, let's play a little Risk. Oh, don't we have to be at dinner in six hours? That's a lot of time! Yeah, it's not like we're playing Monopoly. Are you awake. Yes, I have Europe. No, you're awake! I have Europe, Gary. While we're young, Gary. Gary, are you dead? That's a loss in my book. You played with all your heart, friend. Oh, Gary! Dude, look what I found in the basement. Oh my God! It's Jumanji!
game night stereotypes
And it's a board


! No, it's not the board game we're going to play! No no no no no no! Dude, the batteries work! This is fantastic! close it! close it! close it! close it! OK, I'm done, just kidding! Brother, stop, brother, no! I'm not touching the dice. A snake that slips disguised on the ground. It will envelop you. And it will drag you down. I'm not dealing with it. I'm going to go get something to drink right now. They want something? Joe, Joe... What? Joe... No! Oh my god no no! Oh! Let's go! Leave! Leave!
game night stereotypes
Let's go! Oh, Cody, did you get the kangaroo card? Technically, it was your turn. But yeah, you did. Oh, it's chasing me! Ok, I think we now have a little problem. I agree. Go to the bathroom! Let's go, Let's go, Let's go, Let's go! Come in, come in! Turn on the lights. Key code? Yes, I think I'm here. Oh! Welcome, weary traveler! Come join us! Do I roll the dice? (mockingly) I roll the dice! I guess I'll hit the dragon? Hit the dragon! Beat him! Hit the dragon. Beat him! You have four damage points on the dragon!
Oh! (RUFFLED VOICE) I summon the iron gravel of the fortress! Oh! Yes! I am very excited. Oh I need to be red, sorry. I'm always red. I know, I'm always red. And if you're red, I'll play your red pieces thinking they're mine. My house, my choice. Are you okay. IT'S OKAY. IT'S OKAY. Now we are both red! No, we are not! Oh, there's a couple of stragglers around here, too. All right, Codes, kick us out. Sweet! can i be red It's okay, he's an athlete. I think he used to play baseball. Brett Favre. Yes. Oh, this is hard.
It's an animal. Hyena! Yes! I went here in eighth grade. The bathroom. Yes. Balcony. Telescope. Mm-hmm, it's another athlete, I'm pretty sure he's a golfer. Lebron James. You're crushing it! War film. "Sound of music". Yes! I killed one in the second degree. Tamagotchi. That was very sad. Okay, I always wanted one, but never got it. Holographic Charizard. Yes! I have two. We'll talk later. I hate doing this to you. Mate. Yeah, that's not checkmate. Oh can you just move it? I have something for you. buy Shoop, I can't do that. Is it ever smart to kill your own man?
Oh the show made this sound really exciting. And to be honest with you, it's not really that exciting. All right, before dessert, babe, do you want to tell them our special news? Yes. Or we could play a game! I was thinking exactly the same! Move! 3. Nerts! Yes! Wow! No way! Winners! Oh super fun game huh? The best of 12? In fact, I feel a little dizzy. Oh, that's the dog. Yeah, it's a bit annoying. Could you lock him up or something? I think we can all agree that last year was unacceptable. We are more mature than that.
All for one: we play for fun! Oh, that's cheating, man! You have the table tilted towards you... Are you serious, coming from the most corrupt Monopoly banker of all time? No, no, hey, hey, hey, hey, we're not going to do that. We are not doing that. Oh! What's wrong? Hey, did you cheat on me, man? So sorry! That was not meant for you! All for fun! This is unacceptable. We are more mature than that. Hey, good game. It's better than last year. Is it under the rug? How did we lose the piece? Are we missing a piece?
You missed it! Did someone accidentally eat it when he was eating the fries? I'm about to lose my mind. No, Ty, it's not worth losing. it's a puzzle. I could have eaten it. Oh, it was... it was in my pocket. Oh God. Sorry, it was stuck to the back of my phone. Wow, that was... I'm glad I didn't get mad in the kitchen. If that is all. Alright, good job, guys. Let's put it. Well done. (VOICEOVER) You know what I hate? Games. I need to get out of here. Many thanks. Oh! I have it. I have it.
I really thought I was about to win that too. (VOICE OVER) OK, 53% of the time, a right-handed player will play on the right side of the board. He is wearing a jacket and sweatpants. And today's low was 68. So he's clearly not much of a critical thinker. He has Cheeto powder on his hands. I'm not quite sure what that indicates. But that could be useful. He is unarmed. He could cheat. He's not going to kill me. But he shouldn't cheat. Cheating is bad. I should stick to the game plan. Dude, you have to go. Yeah, sorry, here we go.
I need this to win. Approach! They are not getting this. We have this. Very good, ready? Let's go! The timer is on. A monkey? Gorilla! Strong! Strong! Orchestra! Really! It's an iPad! iPad! Oh! AppleCare! Oh! Star Trek! No, it's not Star Trek, you jerk! It's Star Wars daddy-gum! Are you kidding me? Get it out of here! Caramba! Oh! "The massacre in Texas!" Easter! He is alive! And he's back for more! Cage free, farm raised! Wait, wait, I got it! Bull in a Chinese store! Nope! I told you he was going to get mad! Yeah, hey, that was the word, "rage." What?
Yes. Nice. Hey, that was a nice comeback. I thought you would have had it with the cup in the-- yeah. What's up guys? If you want to see me pissed on by a monkey and other bloopers, click here. Check out the DP Plus channel. Be sure to subscribe. Subscribe to this channel too so you don't miss the next


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