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ATEEZ(에이티즈) WANTEEZ EP.10 너의 신체가 뛰어난 거임👍

Feb 24, 2023
WANTEEZ HEALTH SPECIAL Min Gi's POV Endoscopy Dance - Jong Ho's new vision test result - (Left) 0.5 (Right) 1.2 - Jong Ho doing endoscopy, Woo Young having blood test - (Thinking) When you see the cylinder (Thinking) You open the door and count to three. So you're done (Ding dong) (I found it) (Here) (Turn around) (Dummy) He tricked me... By Jong Ho... (I really believed it) What cylinder was he talking about!! Embarrassed (Monologue) A cylinder for an X-ray?! No~ (The needle) The needle is that big!! How is such a big needle? You mean the whole syringe is that big?
ateez wanteez ep 10
The syringe is that big! What what? If the needle is so big that the syringe has to go from here to here That doesn't make sense. I was drawing blood like that!! (No exaggerations allowed) What are you saying~ (Sadness...) (Fasting for 13 hours) I'm very hungry. What should we eat? I want an omakase sushi Sushi you say... Hong Joong wanted this health check so we're here right? Next time I will... I'll open an omakase and cook for my members... (Doubtful) Are you opening an omakase? (Simulation) This is from Jeju Island~ Sushi for you~ So... And boom... I would hate that!
ateez wanteez ep 10

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ateez wanteez ep 10...

The important thing is... unbreakable sushi... SWAG IV What... Why don't you have a pole (Confused) Why don't you... Finding your own minutes (Scene stealer) Holding it like this... ( Denying) Does that make sense? Hey? Oh it's here! (Slide) (Let's move on) What else do you want to do? I think it's okay! Like... open a restaurant Nothing like street food Let's have a barbecue Let's serve some meat... (Attractive) (Competition alert) Let's take the pork belly on a lid and do it too! (I'm going to say no...) If you can't cook meat well... I'm good at cooking!! I will cook them all.
ateez wanteez ep 10
Let's get a table and then LOLOL-Jong Ho's endoscopy is over-(It's going to be so much fun) Jong Ho is done with his endoscopy Let's take a look Woah... Great Are you sleeping? Hey? He is awake! He was moving! Jong Ho (Protecting our artist) Are you done? He was drooling! (pat on the back) I think it was his tears Nah, it's saliva Am I done? Yes I feel so good! That? Ouch... It's not fun! (Still sleepy) Let me sleep some more (Everyone knows how fun this is now) It's a bummer (Too bad) how nothing fun happens I'm next... (A smooth transition) - Min Gi getting his blood work - (He's back) Oh, so for me My veins aren't juicy I don't have veins What are you saying?
ateez wanteez ep 10
Don't Exaggerate (Fact Check) Mrs. Nurse! You said I don't have many veins, right? They're just weak (Pinocchio Min Gi) She said no! She worked here for decades. Do you really think she would tell you that? She was about to insert 'Oh! You have no veins! You should go to NASA about this (I love this joke) I don't care if you don't have veins Just stay healthy Min Gi... (Light up) That will kill me... (Deep sleep) Almost there. ..-The anesthetics made her pronunciation weird-All the staff are here... Do I need to rap for the intro? - His pronunciation is no longer affected - Do I need to rap?
Why no one answers me? I don't feel normal right now... Is it because of that? I feel drunk~ and drunk~ (Staring) Who is it? Who are you? Hey HEY - An update on Woo Young - Is Woo Young angry? Can we go see? (Ready to have fun) Is he done yet? Let's see him I'm going to receive all his fury ~-VERY ANGRY-(Cursively) Why are you here? HEHE Why are you here? Why are you here? No, he... He... Why is Jong Ho here? Oh~ Is it the same room? (So ​​out of sorts) Oh, really~? Woo Young Jjampong or jjajang?
Hahaha! His upbringing is deeply rooted Hey Woo Young We are all having jjampong Do you still want jjajang? (United as one) Then I'll have jjampong He seems awake though! You all know, right? He... ATEEZ... he can't do anything without our captain... (Turning around) Who are you? (So ​​sad) I feel completely fine! But... You weren't okay until we got here. Because? You were angry. Angry for what? You should watch the video Problem~ Like I said! - ATEEZ Commercial Institution - Woo Young is full of anger We need to suppress his anger We shouldn't appear right away To capture the fun, we should let them be (walk away) We shouldn't come in here They wake up if we come in (Gibber time) I still thought I was inside! !
He was angry but woke up once we got inside. I don't think we should go in. Hey Jong Ho. I know you're awake. what you have to do is reduce your hours of play. He's still under anesthetics. What did you say? Actually this morning (sexy pose) I was fine with getting checked out But after the endoscopy I was worried that I would say something weird... But! My mentality? I'm a PRO I don't fall apart that easily... (Collapses) (Jong Ho is gone, and a new man is in town) Why are your eyes open? (Eyes wide) Am I done?
Yes, you're done. You're fine, right? (Struggling) You need to lie down x3 You need to lie down! As I said! (So ​​serious) I wake up fast! (mirror treatment) Was I like that? I was worse (Slap) Creep time... I'm waking up right away! (Confused) What did you say? (So ​​much pride) I wake up right away I said that It can be dangerous if you move Just lie down! (You can't stop me) Now he's in trouble... Hey, huh? Nothing new for you! What are you saying lol This is our life! (Ignored) We need to feel this Feel how foolish you are We need to feel this - Song Min Gi - Why are you sitting?
Like I said I'm a beast (no words) (LOL) He's acting up! He's not going to bed as directed, is he, Madam Nurse? How do you feel when you see a stubborn patient? Annoying right? I just don't want to work! I bother you? Yes, you are annoying (You are going crazy) (YES, YOU ARE ANNOYING) I don't think more interviews are necessary. Why? What did he say? It's not normal (Not normal) How long did it take me to wake up? Like as soon as you got out... FEEL Alright let's go Bulldozer Hey Don't be a pain in the ass Go to bed (Here I come) You know what I'm saying?
Song Mingi! DJ drop the beat yo man~ Hey look at that Boom! Porridge! Condemn! (Amazing...) Someone knocked him out (Depleted energy...) You're amazing You're the best No one was like you (How the members deal with Min Gi) You're amazing Min Gi! You have my full approval Min Gi! Your body is simply excellent. Is this... what Min Gi wanted to hear? Yeah - WANTEEZ is rated E or Everyone - Don't try to imitate this ATINY~ I think it's your turn San. Can I go? (Exit) (Here) Where am I going~ Hello! What is your name? Choi San Please come here Hello We were listening to everything Oh really?
You can hear? Wait a minute (The weight that the captain bears) Woo Young Do you remember that you cursed me? (Doesn't remember) What are you saying? you did what? You... ATEEZ... can't do anything without the captain! Then Seong Hwa was there like "what about me?" You said "WHO ARE YOU?" (Did I?) Really? (Very hurt) (Sincerely) I'm so sorry Nah, that was your true nature Don't come here (Here I go) (I'm done here) I'm going to lie down some more I have your minutes at the entrance of room 301! Yeo Sang in the endoscopy room Why am I so nervous?
What is your name? I'm... Kang Yeo Sang Come in Okay (Zombie) Who is he? (Direct camera) #Anesthetics #Winner #Tagged Sniff (Wobble) Sniff Wake up... Were you that weak? That's where you'll stay! If you don't wake up now, understand? (Do you think?) Conquer yourself! You must wake up General San... (Realizes) Can you hear me? Min Gi! Stop conquering! and go to bed I mean I... It's dangerous to walk Min Gi (I can't hear) Do you see that? I woke up in 3 minutes Min Gi... Are you going for Guinness World Records? Record to wake up faster after anesthesia?
Hey, I'm counting on you Yun Ho What do you say? (Ignored) I'm going to sleep~ I think this video is worse than the clips during his debut years for that man Min Gi But you looked so cool But seriously, how? (Shocked) How do you come back from the dream and immediately open your eyes and get up to do a dance that I danced? LOLOL Really? You do not remember? I don't... You came out here (Slamming head) and did this! Do not remember? Don't you remember dancing here? Actually...? Go to sleep Hurry up If you don't want to embarrass yourself anymore just go to sleep Please cut me off What are you talking about~ (So determined) How did I...? (Embarrassed) Here is room 201 Move-in finished (Next in line) (So bright) Hello, what's your name?
Jeong Yun Ho Maybe... Hoxy... I can... I'm sorry but... Can I get a towel? (Slam) (Music time) (Rise and shine) (I don't know!) ? (Gazed...) Oopsie... (Wobbly wobble) (Comfortable~) If you get dizzy, you can lie down I'm fine (Stumbling) I'm outside~ Can I say hello? (Empty) ... (RUNS) Hiccup Other I think it was good to start the year with a health check If we don't do this, we will never do it (The planner) Since about 2 years ago I said I want to do this I want to be ATEEZ for a long time time The 8 for a long time I want this to last (Time for Seong Hwa's endoscopy) My arm hurts~ Hello, we'll take care of you Thank you sir Captain is alone (Show must go on) I'm here for closure (Your concerns) I've been thinking about this Doing a checkup like this and leaving this in a video...
I'm very grateful for this Captain's honesty Thank you I'll be on my way now Hong Joong is last in line Seong Hwa finished with his endoscopy Is this a dream... or a reality... (deep sleep) (woke up) good luck good name please? It's Kim Hong Joong Come in (Recovery room) - Everyone taking an hour nap - Miraculous morning (Stumbling) Can you close it for us (Overwhelmed) Alone? Am I doing the ending? Ah okay Ah... I felt like I slept like a baby I hope our ATINY follows us and... this year... (CUT) Get a health check That would be amazing...
What is this? (Woke up) Yes? What is this? Heard everyone needs a recovery meal Woah... I have something to say Wow! I want to call you in my medicine room Loco. The address is ~ Hanyang Mapo-gu Let's go to Hanyang? I just said, Hanyang Mapo-gu Why is Mapo-gu... and in Hanyang? (That's the concept) Anyway That's it... So right now Since we received this memo (Looking for a fight) Where did you get this from? Still not sober? REM cycle I just got out of the recovery room Really? How cool! (Rage) So for us! Let's go now Yeah, okay Shall we go?
Okie I'm going to hit the board One Two Three DONE! From now on, you guys will jip and hwan! Let's do some hwan hwan are you doing~? Can't! I can't do this Who made you so cute, Jong Ho? My mom ~OMG OMG~ She told me to eat this medicine~ Jip in ~Jip out~ - Finished with endoscopy - Finished with flying colors!

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