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Anonymous Student EXPOSES Everyone’s SECRETS in High School! *Lives Ruined*

Apr 30, 2023
Making the decision to work with cinnamon was the most difficult decision I have had to make so far in my beautiful young life. I mean, I hated her. She used to spread rumors about her having 11 toes, wearing false teeth, and stalking her food delivery guys. now we are business partners if i wanted to be taken seriously then i need to start taking myself and my business seriously and that meant cash flow and if its money you love each other better than cinnamon plus we work great together , we're both devils what's taking so long this computer is slowing down gas and please don't micromanage me while i added strawberry tea spells.
anonymous student exposes everyone s secrets in high school lives ruined
I've been doing it for years, just buy more RAM or something, oh this book is so cute. don't touch that what's your diary what is it just tell me this is my life's work my whole career of snooping and smoothing is here there are a thousand true rumors a thousand about



wait even for me honey you're like half the book me I'm sorry, but it is true that our real journalist reports on all strawberries. I have a quick question: why don't we post all of this at once, except for the ones about me? Of course, are you crazy?
anonymous student exposes everyone s secrets in high school lives ruined

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anonymous student exposes everyone s secrets in high school lives ruined...

You can't post them all at once. Gossip is held together by a thin veil of loose morality, so we are all living a lie, each one of us posting this in one go, the entire bvh ecosystem will simply implode, the effects will spread to neighboring


s and the will. be oh what's the word dammit the word I'm thinking of is cha-ching there's a lot of money to be made right here no dammit give it back to me right now it's not yours Team Green I found these squishy bananas for you and your braces. now my sister doesn't swing like that, but you never know, she'd be happy for them.
anonymous student exposes everyone s secrets in high school lives ruined
I'm so picky and you're really hurting me right now. So dramatic it's not even that painful. you're going to listen to me i'm the mind of business believe me i have a lot more experience than you guys aren't allowed laughs ok do it your way ok we can put the video of Raja and Tootsie being cheaters no i'll show it to Nisha in private plz that doesn't make sense. Roger has been through a lot. I don't want to embarrass him even more than what's already happened. Also, I don't know if you know, but I'm in love with him.
anonymous student exposes everyone s secrets in high school lives ruined
Love prevents you from doing it. a lot of strawberry money and honestly I don't know how this partnership is going to work when you and I don't agree on anything anyone text me when the video comes out bye leave the book in the background oh, this is very unflattering cinnamon shot you have to go to the gym if you plan on taking me through the foreign hall last year i booked the first two periods as free periods so i don't have to go to


so early in the morning that's why i'm the prettiest there because I actually get my beauty sleep.
Can you add more volume to my hair? I'm about to express something so important to the boy I love at school. It's about to be mine and I can't confess my love with flat hair ew immature foreigner hello thanks I don't know I don't know this can't be happening this can't be happening my book I have to go put it on my file my name is canela rodriguez thank you you're a foreigner to the talent show even though i knew she was hot and all because i was jealous of her that she had all these foreign people she wears cheese as deodorant oh this is a good thing wait a second i'm jenny we're going to meet someone without cheese oh dude she's so big how did you know well at least she had freaky abs why are you telling everyone I wear cheese as deodorant?
You always have been you're trying to make me undesirable like you oh I'm going to hit you and I'm going to hit you I'm going to hit you so hard you have no idea what's coming I'll be back this school is getting out of hand wait till they get to page 30. oh if I was happy I would start looking for another fresh school yes that's all perfect if I told you not to mess with that book we were talking about He stole my book and then he released all the rumors. I thought I had come to my senses and not really, I'm not as reckless as some people so you are telling me that there is all this attention surrounding these rumors and we are not benefiting. of them somehow you're kidding don't play dumb i'm not playing you know what's enough i'm going to release tatsun Raja's video and get some traffic to our channel i have to do everything right do you know where is Raja he is not here today he sprained his ankle in the gym thanks i hope i dont miss too much at school i know more than the teachers i feel better now that the boy is literally as strong as overcooked spaghetti i dont know what you see in him my poor baby i have lots of work to do.
He liked me abroad. That means I have to like him too, but that's wrong. I don't know if it was supposed to be a secret. Samantha H. steals every week, so why does her wardrobe still suck? These rumors are crazy. Licious Francine, did you know that Leanne Chad dated millions of years ago? Nobody talks about it and that Chansey is a virgin and she can't drive. don't say anything about your virginity francine you're done it's not random rumors it's old strawberries tea book i read it sometimes when she's not home i don't think she wanted them to go out like this but that's what she gets when you leave the family through your channel if i wanted a partner he shouldn't ask me not that red hot chili peppers cinnamon when i'm securing money and connections i make with my natural vibrant charisma francine it's almost time for the next set of rumors come on so you're there uh i really don't know what to say um don't cry you don't understand this is where we're going back to my family.
Jersey, now that you know I'm pregnant, I was able to keep it a secret all this time, but now healthy, no, seriously, you always look like that, how could you hide that stomach? No offense, I told them I'm just bloated. oh yeah that makes a lot of sense question um are you going to have triplets for me? It's like that dude look I don't know if I've told you this but my family is very religious yeah that's ok and that means we have to get married married two steps back I'm in a relationship right now so this it can't happen, besides you said you wanted nothing to do with me, well that was before my extended family found out, now I have no choice, so the rumors are true. you get her pregnant but you keep dating her baby i swear we never dated this this ain't what it seems so it's true you got her pregnant.
I knew this relationship was for fools. I do not know why. dug my 249 IQ Chad we're done baby you know I can't live without you look what you've done right at least now there's nothing standing in the way of us getting married please stop oh my heart feels like it's breaking alright. besides me i dont want this any more than you do but drop those rumors they can burn in hell foreign dad bought him a car and he sold it to pay for gas this has got to stop these rumors they are ruining


you are just mad because people say that you're in a fake relationship with your stuffed animals it's a way to keep your imagination strong just be thankful there's a rumor going around about how you've been single for so long you've gone months without shaving your legs properly i guess it wouldn't be a rumor, since it's basically your trademark at this chronically single point, oh my gosh, you just wouldn't see a kiss the day you found out your mom was dating Cinnamon's dad.
That means all the rumors are true. Barbie used to make out with raw hot dogs and hamburgers to practice. If you shut me up one more time, I'll shove that math textbook at you. Cameron is going to find out that we're chill Cameron isn't even going here Mommy it's still hard stop asking for a bit two minutes I love this part oh no he's true you've been kissing Raja behind my back rumors to people people from your school at about it answer my question question quick tipsy think of a good lie it's too hard to lose this whole situation could have been avoided if i told the truth from the start and it will only get worse if i keep lying just say it he already kissed once a few weeks ago e you did some things with him in a magic tent you said you don't like magic because it makes your head hurt nothing magic 10 was a misunderstanding what else have you been lying to me about yes she sucks enough with your lies, Tootsie, You can't treat people like that, especially when they like you as much as I do.
I do not want to see you again. Wait Cameron. I can explain to you. Is it a bit dangerous for us to seek to walk closer to the edge than we really should? I know, expert, but I think you're supposed to aim the ball at the net. I'm just venting. I saw what happened, poor thing, yes. it's hard not to deserve you Cameron, I don't know, maybe I overreacted, now that I think about it, she seemed pretty stressed lately, usually when I'm stressed, I don't kiss my exes, especially when I'm home. a relationship I don't know maybe I'm just different wait they used to date they used to do what those two you never know actually I'm pretty scared really why I hope rumors about me don't get out no I don't seem like a type of person who keep


I'm very open and mature like that, although I don't want anyone to know what I don't. I don't want to say it. I want to know so much that I've been in love with you all this time and I don't want anyone to know why you wouldn't want people to know that I'm some kind of monster or something, look someone told me that the whole ecosystem of the school is imploding or something do you want to get out of here and eat something I don't know oh come on I don't think it's a good idea if I start dating my ex-girlfriend's stepsister Our parents aren't married yet.
I'm still working on it. Listen, cinnamon. I've been trying to let you down so easily, so you have to get it in your head that I'll never go out with you. Have some respect for yourself. All these rumors. they're about cinnamon, which means she couldn't have released the tea book because she'd rather die than let everyone know she went on a date with Melvin, but if he didn't but he didn't die, what is it? Just tell me this is my life's work my entire espionage and detective career is here there are a thousand true rumors a thousand about all foreigners and please like this video And subscribe to this channel and if you want to know what has been going on in this school make sure you watch the video above because i'm kinda gonna have a mental breakdown i need to find something to make out with

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