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Alles auf eine Karte! Die ukrainischen Offensiven in Cherson und Charkiv

Sep 15, 2022
welcome to wiener neustadt military academy i am colonel markus reisen or head of research and development department and today we want to see another video of the course of the two offensives of indian armed forces in person oblast and hf me and my team try again here to presenting a situation in an objective and neutral way let's start very briefly with the starting point today in our video we also want to use four factors and make an evaluation which is that on the one hand the terrain, the forces used, the time factor and the information factor in the two rooms of interest they are once in person and once in the haki area we start with the offending person we start with the inclusion of the terrain the situation is as follows at the beginning of the war the russian armed forces managed to take possession of the west bank of the neckar through the stepping have been taking ever since n here is a position extending from the mouth in the sud west to the northeast with which we were familiar, the Ukrainian side managed to deploy its forces to create the conditions for an offensive here.
alles auf eine karte die ukrainischen offensiven in cherson und charkiv
The preparatory phase was characterized by trying has to isolate this bridgehead, one has done it by trying to destroy the three main crossing points over the river mist that was once a bridge in person, then a railway bridge also in the immediate vicinity , as well as in a power plant another bridge further east these three bridges are bottlenecks for the supply of the Russian troops because the idea of ​​the battle was to unite the Russian forces with two binding attacks in the south and in the north and thus provoking a central push between two boilers between the terror and the ukrainian forces in a further consequence they would be safe the cover there was a dispute about the destruction of these boilers after the ground.
alles auf eine karte die ukrainischen offensiven in cherson und charkiv

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alles auf eine karte die ukrainischen offensiven in cherson und charkiv...

We briefly look at the forces here. We know from the footage that the forces were essentially provided by western-supplied weapon systems, on the one hand c-72 type tanks from Poland and the Czech Republic. but also armored personnel carriers of, for example, the pnp. These forces form the spearhead of three point attacks. In addition, the domestic system has proven to be very effective in terms of the destruction of the bridges, but also the use of mobile artillery, since the political system gave importance here, the attacks themselves were carried out mainly by mobile units, which it made it possible for the ukrainians to take possession of parts of the terrain relatively quickly. as an example of the effect of western-supplied weapons systems, let us again look in detail at the use of the multiple rocket launch system and the homeland here were delivered around 16 pieces, possibly even more, we recognize is here, on this map of the Russian-occupied part of Ukraine, which has more than 400 targets that have already been attacked by domestic systems, this of course has a decisive effect on the logistics of the russian troops in the following video we show you the effects of such an attack home on a russian base now we come to the time factor the biggest challenge for the armed forces The organics was to prepare the forces for an attack here the challenge was that the Russian side was aware of the drone reconnaissance and knew full well where the Ukrainian side was ready the very open terrain offers little protection you can see that here very well the Russian side would have fired artillery very specifically in this strip where the Ukrainian side has withdrawn, you can also see it here in the image of the immediate start of the attack where in the background you fire artillery We can recognize the impact.
alles auf eine karte die ukrainischen offensiven in cherson und charkiv
Now we come to the information factor. We know that the offensive began on August 29 in three places and Markus suspects, on the one hand, with link attacks in the west or in the north-east and thus the attempt of a central breakthrough. including the bridges, so they relate the crossing of the central river in the center with the intention of forming two encirclement areas here after the destruction of the bridges in the preparatory phase due to the good situational outlook on the Russian side and obviously knows how to wear down these attack spears of the organic side relatively quickly and so far we have not seen any significant advance of the Ukrainian side seen although noticeable is in any case a person advance area here in the central area and here in the northeast the problem with the further development of the offensive is above all the reconnaissance of the Russian side we know that in this video where you can see that a transition practice r the river in gohlis is being attacked by the ukrainians from the russian side, let's jump now to the area of ​​the second offensive after the file, let's start here again with the terrain, this area was characterized by the fact that the Russian side was still in the after the success of the battle of the encirclement and this time last week he tried to advance further to the west, it is even so that another chorus has been created, the so-called third army corps, which is supposed to have been the intention of the Russians in the area is already in advance to the south and thus win the situation in the donbass in one blow at this time there were repeated rumors that the ukrainian side would actively deploy in space and in fact it was the case that ukraine and its own forces managed to do so in order to provide everything here under the highest level of secrecy and the planned forces, as well as d on social networks suspected that it was advancing from here in an easterly direction and towards the so-called eastern kiel river, which would have allowed ukraine to take possession of this room with a painter and then encircle the Russian armed forces here in the pension boiler Let's take a look at the forces Here, too, it can be clearly seen that the material used for the provision is mainly or exc lusively western military material Type 113 also multiple rocket launchers in this case not home but MLS so moving multiple rocket launchers in chains but also systems like these drive as well as 2000 which is suitable for central ammunition controlled use Phase here was also the use of highly mobile units by trucks or in these armored vehicles that morale of this intervention group is very high, which shows us the following video that was recorded immediately before the start of the fight.
alles auf eine karte die ukrainischen offensiven in cherson und charkiv
Jewish soldiers probably got together once and sang their national anthem. We also see some special weapon systems here that are more or less successful for the success of this one. On the one hand, there are clear indicators that excalibur-type ammunition was already being used in phase control. This ammunition has the advantage of being able to hit on the target very quickly. That other interesting weapon system is yours: the GM 88 type rocket with which Ukraine has managed to destroy the professional systems of Russian aircraft in a very specific way and therefore practically its own breakthrough , but also the use of its own air force, even if it can be enforced to a small extent, let's see the time factor the offensive began on September 6 and has a very favorable place sof gained a foothold in a place that was neglected on the Russian side, that is, the subordinate units were deployed here, this advance advanced relatively quickly and slowly and was pushed further east in the end it was finally possible to bridge a distance of more of 50 kilometers in a very short time by these highly mobile units on the Ukrainian side, it was possible that they would take possession of the cities there, raise the Ukrainian flag and display these pictures, which also meant for the Russian side the impression was that they were increasingly more surrounded and the result was basically a flight of the Russian forces to the east.
The problem now is that when they run away from a large army formation, it is very, very difficult to stop them again. The Russians have done the only thing at this point. It was still possible that you had to see that he is looking for a so-called ost without being able to do anything to establish a defensive position and take the units of the rearguard fleet here that this situation is very precarious but it shows us entertaining about this video where you can see that the Russians tried heavy mi 26 type helicopters, sometimes late into the night to land tanks and strengthen this line, on the other hand, we know from the footage that the Russian side left behind a lot of heavy equipment because we try to leave quickly with the light vehicles in an east or south direction it is young, we are concerned about the information factor, the Ukrainian attack was carried out essentially by two mechanized brigades, one airflow brigade, parts of territorial units and additional elements of support, the Greek forces advanced very quickly and managed to push this attack further east on the pr The only problem here was that the Russians they failed to break this attack momentum and were thus almost overwhelmed by the events.
The result is that not only the section from the breaking point because the knees reached the Ukrainian-owned East River, but also the area north of the city is around or probably up to the Russian border, possibly even parts of the Russian forces. they have also withdrawn to the northeast the day before here you can see in this picture one of the bridges that were interrupted by the Ukrainian side where the Russian side is trying to quickly cross these bridges if we look now the result of this offensive can be seen Of course I will use historical comparisons try briefly it makes sense to look at Operation Cobra as a comparison in July 1944 the advance of allied forces from the bridgehead in Normandy into the depths of the French lowlands here was achieved relatively quickly by the use of two armored vehicles and the visions in depth advance and create the conditions for a caldera in august the boiler of folle the german armed forces only managed to get out of this boiler in a hurry, leaving behind a large amount of weapons, equipment and equipment a similar comparison can be made with paragraphs in june 1944 where is it?
A massive non-f managed not only to push the Russian side forward, but above all to lead the German side into a flight movement that could no longer be stopped until after the now to the border of the German Reich. This event is also theoretically possible, but it could also be that Ukraine's success was short-lived. the duration is as we saw it in the offensive and in December 1944 that means you advance but then due to the superiority of the opponent you are forced to leave this ground again it may also be that the successes of the Ukrainian armed forces lead In Russia itself there may be upheavals comparable to a situation like that of October 1917, although there are currently no indicators of this, it is quite possible that after this second serious defeat there may be these signs of disintegration if we look at the areas where the defeats are still in possession we can see I haven't changed much in terms of the cream but also hans now the russians can still creep forward the crucial difference is only active in room h where we see possibly all this space has been taken but also the projections i wi r always see mikulasch oblast or person here that means the land taken by the russians is further reduced to at least less than 20 percent now we're trying to classify the situation as a whole so here we see the overview with these massive results of this operation in Ukraine what we can see in the last few days is that the conflict is now entering a new phase the the first phase was the attack and defense of the russian forces in the kiel area the second phase was the transfer of the initiative to russia and the attacks on the base pitch with the encirclement battle of lisa chance the third phase is now characterized again for a further transfer of the initiative to the Ukrainian side through the offensives in person or bhp, of which the offensive on nuclear power in particular has proven to be very successful these images show successful Ukrainian soldiers in space southeast of Hatif the offensive in space has shown that the Ukrainian side is quite capable of conducting an offensive after a joint effort with you and the guests and also e he proper secrecy now crucially depends on whether the Ukrainian side can continue to build on this success, we will only see the outcome in the coming weeks and months to see if there has really been a turning point in this war, this question will also be answered in the coming months at the latest.
With that, at the end of today's video, the reason why we haven't filmed a video for a long time is that recently I had the honor I just had to take command in vienna the guard is the traditional association of the austrian federal army characterized by the red that I am already wearing and the motto honor and duty we will try to shoot one or the other video in the future however my role as commander requires all my attention in the management of this association thanks for watching and saying goodbye

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