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Alle Abenteuer! 🐢🌈 Paw Patrol Mighty Pups - Rettet die Abenteuerbucht

Aug 18, 2022
only if our super dogs gasoline can hold together dad and use their special abilities the jockey and all the


save everyone now it's time to stick together because we know you can do it button cards welcome to puberty dad saves the adventure dash main use it start right away the meteor yes we will tackle this task first welcome to a new series of videos about this cat. I am very excited to see what you will say about it. sign up and subscribe cat so you don't miss any more cool and exciting sweet portal adventures in the future like now quickly to the headquarters because the first task is already in the starting blocks so hello riders how are you hello friends thanks for coming here so Quick, no problem, a meteor hit the beach at Adventure Bay, let's see.
alle abenteuer paw patrol mighty pups   rettet die abenteuerbucht
Alright, the meteor hit many people near the beach without causing much damage. Work together to find out where it fell and take it to the central collector and recycle the trash on the beach with Rocky's tweezers. Use babbel to clear the way so we can. carry the meteor great helpers on all fours get going there i was lois thank you rider for the work therapy is on its way right away he is the first to take the slide and the rebel robin is my favorite and by far the best rookie rickie from


is getting ready let's go with the garbage truck my dear brother and the problem of course is also at the beginning with the bulldozer we start with karacho let's go to the beach our first task is also getting dark definitely we should hurry up ok my friends are you ready for action overcome the obstacles to reach the meteor use the left stick to move rocky gene ok our first task of course we are still learning the controls well done well so far very well in contrast to the first colt play what i played for you two years ago on the nintendo switch here on my channel this game is three-dimensional you see that you do it and an av all new entura make the candies collect as many as possible for rewards i like to do that we collect all try to get as many candies as possible for friends i will definitely do it but what is this good start you have a bag of goodies from friends each bag contains three candies ok then i'll let you know of course we'll take them with us now i already have 14 candies in these little houses in this locker room in the booth i can't do anything no you can't get through the net press the jump button to jump over that's no problem once you get over it perfectly again so now we have everything and hello Umbrellas are great try all these umbrellas for good jumping rider don't you think they are more like umbrellas?
alle abenteuer paw patrol mighty pups   rettet die abenteuerbucht

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alle abenteuer paw patrol mighty pups rettet die abenteuerbucht...

City umbrella? wants to leave the beach behind press the action button to recycle it don't if you have trash you should take it home or throw it in the trash as a precaution it's that easy but rocky does a great job my friend sell the switch button to switch rocky to apple how cool can i switch between the dogs well done use ravensburger to remove the rock ok babbel i need your help there is rock we would like to remove that right now ok lutz strobel robert you are my favorite and you know you are just the putz extreme von


ndorf, okay I don't want to freak out before you say vo before the candy Okay my dear rebel Rocky hopefully let's keep walking and on the turtle there were also 40 or just candy come on you set the radar off.
alle abenteuer paw patrol mighty pups   rettet die abenteuerbucht
There must be a sign nearby. The sign can be added to your collection. there are always two or three signs per level as well as in the first game good start you found the first badge yeah great babbel rocky is a great team and attention i see more crap so we have to remove it now before we run further . like this we need looki looki for this mission we need loki was ok please delete this whole i want here amazing part you do the thank you rider who seems to be looking at everything so sorry furniture i didn't mean to scare you even more crap here will remove everything with the pliers plz what Rocky is reliable thanks to him, the whole environment is getting better thanks to him, nature is getting better. well, a spring forest and what is there to find out where something cool crawl babbel what about you upstairs you don't have to do it anymore?
alle abenteuer paw patrol mighty pups   rettet die abenteuerbucht
I'll see if there's anything else here and the water can't be right then let's get on with our journey here continue here there's still plenty of goodies and how the hedge is already over 100 to drill that Coty Babel didn't get it right something I have here is good another once a small package of goodies that we carry with us of course and here again the same as well as a ring full of goodies nothing is left to chance here we take everything with the test that we can unlock at the end when we have collected all the goodies like it was the case in the first game you have almost all the goodies from friends here almost all but not all and here is another cool sign well done you just have to find a badge after 1 only from where was the sound it just doesn't matter the half wild everything runs like clockwork and if we come back again ck there's a present missing now everyone has here at the umbrellas newbie perfect roddy and you maybe find something else we can recycle lar trash here too stars we definitely should do it i don't know who always the set doesn't leave the trash that's not allowed i don't get it rocky hurry up there's more to find out what's more goodies out there but we have to get back what's going on now that's the meteorite eight this thing is the meteor the meteor glows ok but what does that mean super and interaction super and interaction trigger special events make sure you've finished exploring the level before you leave ok ok super dog interaction we'll do that in a bit we'll take a look but collect all soon after if you come back for a bit you rebel we have another rock we can break here and we are definitely missing some goodies disappearing so fast the country ain't gonna be sen and neither are the meteors so to speak crisis ops we need baki rookie we have to recycle garbage again take out garbage good job my friend that to some out there and he asked me to if we make it to 250 maybe even 300 goodies depending on how many can be found here but I have to say we've been doing pretty well so far or what do you think yeah great you found all the signs.
Again, maybe we'll find the last goodies we're still missing. Dear congratulations, you really did get all the goodies. Now we can see what you can adjust with the meteor and what that means. now we have super powers in front of the meteor the combined super powers went astray use these powers to return the meteor to the headquarters fight we have super powers check out the rabble where hold left stick and press the action buttons repeatedly so that the journey can use your super strength to pull the meteor, okay? Rebel, get ready, all ten are going to take out that meteor thanks to your superpower, will you?
Get out with ease, you're strong, cool, keep going and going and going, the direction of the left stick is constantly changing, stay alert and stretch the button as fast as you can, so it's going to be a bit more difficult, we have to be careful. for that now we press the right keys left and and hammer and right and the key to as well as up and iks well done help raki now to lift the meteor with his energy tools before ok move the hook with the energy tools that works exactly move left stick left and right until the tweezers are in the correct position press the indicated button when the button is active ok rocky get ready now we are trying to grab this giant meteorite and that meets the supers tools i want you to press the button to grab the meteor ok ok this is like some kind of tweezers or you could also say like a crane right now in the green area has to crouch down real good ok we have the meteor we can transport it now i wonder what it is really exciting or mission completed successfully well done the meteorite is with us good hands and class and collecting os a lot of goodies they are both happy of course what have we unlocked they don't like babbel or supermodel like a crab well that was a successful mission my two friends so our goodies account balance too feels on the right side as you can see there is still a lot to collect and discover and bark belgie r minigames unlocked ok minigames we will see them too but not like now and today because we still have to do more missions main mission exactly what else is there the meteorite jake's ski resort we have to go to jack ski hut but what if we find out further and with the next task we first call our patrol again?
Our big gang of scoundrels with chase karabal rocky evers and all the rest. I'm always so calm. Everyone is at the start and the shows are already at the head office. and get our order from Ryder right away to hear everyone also in service clothes from him and now dear cyclist what's up? Hello friends, thanks for coming here so quickly, we prepared his ski resort for the guests when a big snow storm caused chaos now his chair lift is broken help him find all the parts and fix it use ravel's jackhammer to smash the rocks that fell from the blizzard everyone is repairing the chairlift with rocky's tools so the guests can use it well the helpers on all fours get going okay we'll do that thanks for the order of my life if you got it then leave one of the changes and subscribe to the cat you missed so much in the future no more exciting adventures of our favorite dogs the porr patrol the babble is of course at the beginning again today raki and rocky cannot be missing of course because he also has important powers so let's go to fly as fast as we can help the snow clear the way so that the others can reach dexia place captain and have so as much snow as possible because i am here from the obstacles in the way are you ready everest? so let's start with a snowmobile lane change how exactly users use the left stick to move something and change lanes and other things to consider snow removal and how exactly fl fly through snow to remove it and get extra goodies which sounds easy enough to avoid obstacles changing lanes to avoid obstacles on the way ok thanks cyclist so let's start more instructions more explanations we no longer need to go packed with the kanne snowmobile ahead that was just under july so if i want try to collect all the goodies i always have to take the very sharp curves here or the curves always change the course of the road from first to second then to third lane ok not so far but that shows pretty good, I haven't missed a present yet and Everest is doing the best he can with the snowmobile, but we really need to know that everyone two the logs are gone again, we have to remove all the logs and the whole tree would be fine what didn't collapse and mother nature continues that the box was close to the children's box but quickly continue that's almost done i didn't write a treatment that doesn't exist i'm strict but we've mastered it not a bit or anything why the game always has short interruptions with sound but ok that should still interest us we grabbed and i made it yes everest has arrived.
I have it completely mastered but what the hell would I say let's continue our journey in the meantime Rebell and Rocky have already arrived so we can do our job now a snow storm has damaged the cable car so no help needed preparing the chairlift opening. it's broken find and collect material to repair it let's go for the huge shield b we smoke a lot in search of a metal carrier big screws and wooden planks to repair the damage super try to get as many goodies as possible for friends rocky we need loki to this mission yes, here there is also garbage that was lying around everything will be eliminated one one one can do thatI don't approve because there is always your garbage lying around that is not very good.
You have a bag of goodies from friends. Each bag contains three treats. Okay, then go ahead right away. Rob, come on. We can't for that. I think we I can only on the other side there in that case we would have to go out again here we are looking for the chair lift with wooden planks under the ride look around to find them yes that's already on the way rider I haven't seen any wooden planks yet I don't know where are they supposed to be but i think somewhere around here or even more delights you found all the wooden planks otherwise repair the chair lift look look look look look down we have to repair the chair lift and of course delete the rubbish yes also i always leave it laying around please separate your rubbish properly and throw away the city then just throw it on the throne thats not ransom at all. use we need roddick babbel as already discovered on the beach please drill the field there were more goodies ok i thinkthat at the moment we won't find anything else on this side the path is blocked for me so let's go up there good start you found the first badge by looking for a metal bracket to hold the chair lift it should be close ok unfortunately i think it I saw right in the middle. all the goodies that are buzzing around here and then we'll move on right away.
I have something against these more and more sweets. Of course, I'll take everything here. I will not reveal anything here. There's nothing left lying around, so let's get to that metal. something more rocky you need to build something ask how to build a ramp to reach these beams ok no problem fu r rocky the old hobbyist builds how exactly it works now press the button to build the ramp ok just when i thought we just had to press the b button on the right time and we can build let's go hockey newbies great perfect and we will keep building we have to go back somewhere and say win again build something here and again one more item like that we can go upstairs relaxed and get the necessary things so that the metal transporters my class be well done thank you rider rocky fast together with rebel and then let's keep looking great you found the beams here but that's not all we have to continue our journey here rabble it's your turn trabi let's drill a huge rock 1 1 a through the storm he has cleared a rock on the road help with his brother to clear the way good ears now let's start move apply left stick and drill then hold ok scratch get ready i love this dog he's so cool and even easier than homework with rocky i have to say because you just have to move the analog stick a little bit here. you there b press everything easy like very simple also here again and it will pierce again great everything great to have is just more first like it almost broke and hold it again and then we check it as quickly as possible that's good then we will get the annoying goodies and then i'll be gone we want more cookies here and some more for the path born and apparently there should be a coat of arms nearby because you're just to the right this note gets this sign that something's supposed to be in the vicinity wow you've got almost all the enemies goodies almost an order my dear rider well done you just have to find a plate and noc h the screws so we can still attach everything the wooden planks and of course the metal brackets everything is important racky rocky we can do something here he doesn't want to either miss anything that's why i prefer to double check and wrist more often so you don't miss anything at first glance don't miss us let's give a lot i don't think you need big screws to fix the chairlift to find this with the screws ok babbel you're a row what i have here is good once the curve is perfect i think not only ok it's your turn perfect, even more stuff, i found the screws, now we have everything together, all the tools and all the materials, now we can start, bravo, now you can repair the chairlift, it's time to. great action but i really hope you found all the materials now its time to repair the chair lift ok but before we get that far i want to collect the last r gifts try to play it 100 percent a through this it would be ridiculous if we didn't make it it was mostly with the adwords campaign unfortunately one giveaway is missing because i was driving the car too fast i couldn't brake my rocky exactly not even take out the trash clean up the trash and then we can move on here again what do we have there great you found all the badges that worked well and we all have goodies congratulations you got all the goodies perfect babbel crawl we need your drilling skills again oh no through the storm need a rock on the road help a robin and her brother to clear the way yes that's no problem now things are really coming out we want to drill here and get rlo we also think quickly and easily very good also here in the right position again here very very good and again u and say yes again in front of babbel i have to say you are a natural talent how do you do here well done then we will continue our journey let's see look look now we're building this chairlift again so people can finally use it again can use ok what do we have to do?
I am very excited, first of all, the super transformation, we are ready and now we have to push harder. well, very good, maybe that's how he is like a rebel, I have to say, he has the great ability, never fool him so easily, help raki to fix the chairlift, ok, ok, it's your turn, all your tools are and, of course they stopped the chairlift, but how? exactly followed the instructions to help rocky use his power tools but this is easier than i thought ok let's start hitting the hammer n this here so it looks good too ok then go ahead and we'll also clamp this here so it doesn't fall off or it breaks and we make everything so sure that nothing can really be different perfect we used all the tools hand and foot went well here jak if the place can now be reopened time for a successfully completed candy mission jake scott can it reopen the jackpot is open again and we have yes yes we have all the goodies at least on this mission and we get jake suzuki and aim it can open again real good that was a great mission and our candy count is feeling better again yeah so there are still a lot of things missing but our journey has really just begun emre snow adventure unlocked and vehicles and police dog chase too it's part of the minigames so I have to say we had a super successful one again. hen tag here thank you rider for the mission main mission there is of course plus the meteor six fans of henrietta ski resort we have another new mission a new task and first of all call our dogs our joint patrol and here comes the white yes you knew patrol you left a message and subscribed cat so you don't miss any more exciting trolls and fun educational adventures in the future but hey our portals are already up and running what is today's mission hello friends thank you for coming here so fast mayor good heart asked us to find henrietta but henrietta is hiding and not looking anywhere poor mayor good heart help her find henrietta and make her bathe chase use amazing sense of smell and to find henriette use marshals water jets to water the flowers so you can't chase the sense of smell lock everything clear help r on four paws get going this and excited and ryder is part of the party today I'm very happy of course I can't miss as leader and rotter little teubert he also has a very special task today to chase in his police car of course we go marshall and marshall in his police truck firefighters and now that we are all together on the road we can start with ryder 43 steps quickly to the city to free henrietta we already know that we have arrived in the city and the mayor and the horsemen are already there you have arrived henrietta in hide and seek mayor good heart you can't find her use your skills to find henrietta where there is no henriette is stuck henrietta can't be far use chase strong smell there is no trail to follow and cheese will look at you you must find henrietta marshall will support you super try to get as many country friends treats as possible mmen marshall ok it's your turn i think i can fill the bird bath with some birds at quatics, you can come here again and drink something is also important, but I have to say that it is a nice park, no, the smell of these Turks impedes your sense of smell von checks help marshall wet the flowers with your water or is it a good very strong idea you have a bag of friends candy each bag contains three very strong candies you have that's fine i'd say let's continue right away to the extent this gravel blooms and that distracts chase minus a moment maybe there's already a clue here from henrietta chase take a look and a clue unfortunately not found but maybe you can find something right away tactically great you do it we definitely need it now your help on let's water the flowers and remove the smell today they are blocking the sense of smell of chase marcel w what marshall needs to do is just trust what he has got this so how exactly does it work? move the left stick to wet everyone and dry ok that doesn't seem too hard at all let's get to the front of the measurements exactly that's how you do it very nice nice wet the flowers with water so the smell of these tulips already don't confuse our dear bosses if you want to locate henriette dead strong of the turks search the web but we still haven't found henriette smell of flowers here that's why you're flying something chase we are not looking for more clues but hey we are progressing step by step step more goodies well done you just have to find a badge i didn't even realize we had already collected so many badges but oh well so much the better marshall soma quick here again please fill the bird bath with water so our bird friends have some drink here too important chase jesse again his police forces e check out very well done great what do we have more goodies and are there any or more to trace maybe there is a reference to henriette henrietta you are here too henriette could not be found carpet pies what do we do now henrietta where are they then you show yourself i have to keep looking i have to keep looking for henriette and i hope we can help too a bit again marshall marshall to be more precise now it's your turn we have another birdbath like this continues so you have almost all of them free the treats are right you didn't even notice i have already collected so many treats she actually has top left you can see the number we are already more than 100 we have collected more than 100 candies ok now it is the turn of marcel marshall you know what to do exactly the same friend it is important to wet all the tulips here so they do not confuse chase's nose and worry him because we have to go gendwie follow the trail of henriette big action marshall you are the godfather keep looking for henrietta henriette where e you're hot knows what to do i want to be open james let's continue there's also a lot to discover great you found all the badges yes all good and good but we're not done james hook henriette stuck here again somewhere good that's not helping us congratulations you got all the goodies which may be but how did we get to marshall mesh now it's all about wetting the tulips guys block james marshall's sense of smell knows what to do oh yeah definitely bassel you know what to do because water works tulips need water so no well what How can I say it, stop smelling so bad. come very fast and good progress made very strong the turk but he went to look for more henrietta ok now it's your turn again maybe you can trace the trail better now do you see anything do you notice something around here we need more laundry, marshall, we don't need water, now it's marcel's turn. it means we shoot the water on the flowers so we can use them and slowly chase is also getting a trail very good chase crisis ya henrietta maybe you already know where she is or where she is bravo find a job for henrietta chase knows what to do it's ok you know what to watch then show us where we need to go next is there a trail somewhere or does it follow the wind here you sow this streak that keeps coming that's the smell of marshall euro brand so to speak there are flowers here again our sense of smell these big ones disturb chase marcel's sense of smell knows that doing exactly what speeds ahead i would say we need to water the youngsters again to get everything in order going into the hole is really stepping on the accelerator and actually getting looks pretty good, maybe all the rumors are gone, sir to my right, can we continue?
That worked wonderfully, so there's something else against it. cool stuff here we'll take a look marshall come with us we got there henrietta like in the game get them safe first chase can you stop the traffic with your girls henrietta wait a minute we can't play any more now first i have to make it traffic safe here and no i want you to get hurt especially when you play hide and seek or go down when you're there we don't want you to fall under him that would really be the worst thing that could happen so positively down my dear little chicken great help marcel to use her ladder ok marshall it's your turn marshall plan henriette with her ladder run perfectly we'll get her out and now very very slowly and carefully hello henriette com with down done well henrietta are you sure it went well again great task completed successfully you have found henrietta jens morschel rider 43 did great and i have to let's just say mayor ruth herz is in a good mood too we have unlocked henrietta town hall and mayor ruth herz rest very nice badges so our goodie account keeps filling upagain, it's a very nice sight, but there's still a much more expensive one to go with dive into the water with something super cool new unlocked and mr schΓ€fer's party big deal minigames minigames let's look at each other were different we're talking about the missions people use correctly what else is there the meteor check on the henry james p we are calling our dogs again our proper friends the colt since we are off to the next operation everyone is already here and here is the clue hope you like the tool leave a thumbs up and subscribe to cat so you don't have any more exciting and great adventures of our dear little rascals here in the future how about tesa in the super spy superhero outfit and everyone else too of course hi friends thanks for that. i came here so fast jake got injured and can't get down the mountain help him get home before the blizzard because of the blizzard we can only fly part of the way now we can go up the mountain to save him secret game and chase can help to use chase's zip line to cross the snowy mountain and reach it, use it in two rides to climb the steep walls of the snowy mountain, ok, four legged helpers get going, dear rider, thank you very much for the instructions, our tasks are each one's.
Of course we need a super spy chase and of course Everest they know each other from the snowy mountains and together we are a super strong team and today we continue with the plane or the helicopter any kind of flight vehicle seems to be a mix well then so we do well the sky has to support us too 32 let's start by take off how sky ok use the left joystick to move the sky left or right that doesn't sound loud turbo remember press the button on the vehicle when the charge bar allow him to turbo ok cool so we can fire up our turbo in the air to make sky fly even faster sky so we want to get through this together i.e. to the action place in contrast to chase and everest it flies very well of course and that with your super ability here that's great and the turbo works wonderfully here too oyo ii I've got it smooth I lost a treat No matter how wild the main thing is that I achieve We love saving Jake because that's the main thing anyway I'll try to collect all the goodies of course keep going we'll make it. by air we not only need pursuit and he needs it for our mission also the help of sky and marshall they take another and the client the mountain on the other side together we find jake we just have to save them very well you do great always nice to to the left and to the right but be careful never catch the black balloons with the yellow iks on them there it's almost over and you see the distance is gray it's more than half way back and just take a few more meters until we're done, maybe even with a few kilometers but especially with the turbo function progress is super fast skype spins in the air packs up extra energy here and is too smart in the destination so praise me that sky you make a great figure you are a super great model to continue for all the others here a few meters dodged the attention very well and there again a turbo ring in front we used it and we really stepped on the accelerator again here and objective achieved sky beautifully made minigame completed nice try yeah this is going to be pretty awesome sky as we would say cup stars table just a delicious teach us prayer then we continue because of the snow storm unable to climb the mountain now you have to take charge ok time for chase and everest now it's your turn hurry up and find the mountain until you find it you have to be somewhere near by or super try to get as many goodies as possible from country friends we definitely assume we will try to collect all the goodies again so that Chase be again very strong like a superhero and very fast along the way and then hopefully Eris and Chase together we'll find everything here's goodies again I'll take them with me of course it's clear as dumpling broth and here goes one again extra strong candy bag you have a bag of friends candy each bag contains three candies is b Well they should definitely take something with them.
It's only fair that you take charge. Here are some goodies before we leave the area and continue our adventure safely. I'm sure you better double check and we still have to walk the loop here and here we would have missed everything otherwise it's good we walk back again that was worth it for Chase and Everest Totenstadt you found the first one badge, oh yeah great fantastic great keep going keep going don't pretend to be tired or a candy chase take over but be careful unsteady light from the little mountains or the little hills below the little help so how did we get here? now it's so high the terrain is too steep help chase with your suction cup boots to climb the rock wall are you ready? but it is quite high, who would have thought that our suction cups are strong enough to climb the wall, but how exactly?
It works, use left stick to move, chase the wall, so it's not that difficult thanks to the amazing UN team. serem super home says always nice and slowly red to quote yes don't rush anything yes great you do very very well keep going keep going keep chasing the delights there are some too and we are on the hunt very good just do not do it. give it up keep it up i would have done the jackpot quest keep going we're doing everest you've also reached the top thanks to your perfect pitch question then let's get right on with the conservative low quickly what's your turn then take over maybe we can find something here is the case with the drill goes up and yes what was found has almost all the goodies free now almost all the goodies were found thats not true I can barely imagine but hey much better then that means yes that will progress the game pretty well here do we need to chase again right away but before then i'll pick up some goodies here 1 perfect here still ok and there's something else just for good measure going here no no good anymore so it's time to chase this mission we need to chase chase for this mission we need six there is definitely chase and find something and everest you can with continue our journey now, I keep changing through her. yes and can our dear wavy friends chase and everest to save jake we still have no trace of him i hope he is ok and nothing bad happened until it should be club quick quick quick everest well done you just have to find another badge another badge ok that should run like clockwork and then there will be extra gifts for us and we will switch to chasing look down there are also gifts you collect and then it gets tricky because we have to go the other way but how? we got through it congratulations you got all the goodies everything is nice and nice ok but what do we do from here now?
You need the Chase layout manager to get across the gorge ok thanks for the tip rider let's go ziplining how does it work? Move the left stick to the right position and press the button on eject a suction cup for the zipline ok it's a lot easier than I thought ok once in the right place press b ok and further to the right until this distance we need the hui that worked great bravo yeah that was great then it works there is still no sign of jake on the other side he must be somewhere or am i wrong about that ok chase everest how do we always say never get you give up?
Keep looking, we'll get there. because you are dogs that do everything and never give up so what do we have here symbol attention something is happening here oh no, an avalanche, use super speed chase to accelerate and you have to get away quickly from here, super speed , super chase, run the chase that moved precisely, use the left stick left or right to avoid obstacles, everything is clearly easier than I thought. It's but fast we run so fast that now everything is running in slow motion that's why the music I hear something because fast fast fast super chase very well you always do that nice pick up the sweets and we don't leave anything to chance it's clear that we can't hit anything and didn't catch it very well compiled again but this way mr p that was close but we made it very well the wait strong definitely and the hunter morphs again now the journey can go on keep going jack is counting on you oh yeah we need to hurry nothing, the steak is still frozen to death after all its cold here on the mountain picture i dont even know if jack has a w interjacke hes wearing i really hope its a nice warm well padded winter jacket so as it has to be and I can already see that there is a big wall, but how do we get to Everest?
Maybe you have an idea to approach? look at this wall maybe you can help us a lot or not the way is blocked clear them to save jack use your super dog powers ok but how do we get past this? We need the help of the Marshall Holten Fire Brigade Marshall is there and the sky too in his superhero role in his ninth season first class the super hands are starting there finally the skies have flown and now marshall is here too two mountains explored from the the other side and i hope we can find jake together thanks to your existence my friends you're delicious honey you'll take care now don't worry honey look back then there's a few things to catch you up marshall now you go ahead So.
The blizzard is quite strong here. We have to find something to counteract the blizzard, especially if it's so strong that we can find it every day, so every second counts. Where are you, martial arts hostages on the road? find yourself sky sky you can already see something from a distance how all the goodies have been collected ok then we will continue our journey of course i will continue quickly here attention more goodies here of course everything will be collected together with marshall and sky and you can write back in the comments who you think it's the coolest yet Chase Everest Sky or marshall tense marschner one of his superhero costumes looks really cool here we go that was an eagle or ok it's your turn martial arts continue our journey here we already have over 480 goodies definitely We will arrive at 5ta 00 stamp da watch chase and everest bailout marshall with her verses clear wind power very good idea riders sky your turn big whirlwind forward move the left stick in a circular motion to charge the whirlwind if it's ok sky get ready once charge the whirlwind and shows with the blizzard now marcel can clear the way with his super heat ok we need a super power are you ready for that super heat he holds the button to load the banks ok the super heat with marshall was bad always be ready ok press the b button so here we are go big hits the ice blocks are melting there we go perfect now it's s and rs continue your journey marshall sky thanks for your help so now two more then let's go with our friends as always leave chase we need you quick a gorge chase knows what to do is oh yeah it's not that hard nothing we're going to spend another so c


d days fully with our suction cups so we can hook it up to get to the other side and sky or airways he has it and we drive great well done but don't pretend to be tired the blizzard is pointing the way Anyway, we must hurry so that Jake finds you as soon as possible. and it can save it in the worst case scenario everest it's your turn to snag some goodies from there very good you're doing a great job everest here's more goodies it's going great here and since all my series we're collecting everything it's of course that yes of course you need this task the six of us chase your super nose you find something your perfect snow then keep it together save all the goodies and then it rains the big reward at the end so far it's going like clockwork I'm so proud guys you guys are really doing great so now they've brushed everything here there's still the bridge there they can walk on it too because there's more goodies to be found here super excellent they've found all the records and even all the badges are in our pockets james marshall sky you are a super team you did a great job again ok now here attention here you can escape for a long time if these ice creams fl like this who walks a little carefully, not that you can fall, something might break you now, but go up the stairs or you've found Jack, go up to him, it's Everest's turn, climber, with your throw, hook the rock wall to Jay, go up the wall, Jake, welcome, I press. the button to launch the hook so everest can climb the wall ok but he is definitely ready for this kavala action and allgood things come in threes again now it will work great where games skyrocketed hey im there again throw the perfect hook so we slowly rose up completely different to chase with his suckers on his paws like a tree then we did it come on super well done team you found jack now it's time to close jack help user bring him a chopper and marshall ok we need help from skymarshal marshall quick you need sec examine dead stark j now it's marshall's turn bandage his x-ray screen to see where he's hurt jack x-ray screen let's see use the left stick to find out where he's injured press alt once that you found the area to treat okidoki like this then let's have a look that's the money so those are jake's bones and i have to say everything looks pretty good so far or it hurts yeah look at this place here pain tester or do you have that even greater pain though hoya here in the thigh in the knee maybe also here we'll look at you again here in the foot was yes sorry job well done check is safe we'll get you home , great work , task completed successfully , jake is healthy and happy so i have to say chase marshall sky you are really great dogs you mastered it we were able to save jake and get three badges eagle chase and everest u and our candy account is getting bigger and bigger look at 1729 tasty sami and who unlocked something take off with the sky and jump rope also babbel vehicle and babbel super chase construction worker is also a part of it and the chase vehicle minigames the minigames let's look at them in any case more precisely but what's the next mission rider main mission show me the jak and daxter carlos we have to save carlos ok we have to save carlos today and of course we need our due superheroes these are our patrol dogs of mine come live note if i like daddy troll leave a thumbs up and subscribe to cat so you don't miss out on any more exciting, fun and instructive adventures in the future because i can guarantee you one thing with the roll pocket there is always something to do on and everything in a row is very very commendable ok raider hello friends thanks for coming here so quick If no problem, Carlos was exploring an ancient temple deep in the jungle, now he's trapped in the vines of a tree and can't get down.
The movie starts and he helps him down. and find carlos recker's tools can you help cut the vines to free carlos it's fine the eleven on all fours left that was poor carlos but unfortunately thanks in advance for the order so we can start sda schlecker is there and together we try to save carlos so let's take our plane our helicopter again let's say our superjet so let's go save carlo's room to land here come in guys good luck patrol thank you rider we'll handle it somehow or chase will be the first to go check out the tractor will take over You know, chase, we're already playing with you, but this is the first time now, so I hope you agree too. you can find out here and your skills are also very important only for us your hook very good big deal other treats i see nothing else good here at first glance now chase then it's your turn what can you smell here is something useful freebies no nlk jagger there is more gifts in a row, so to speak, of course we take everything, then we also have gifts there, yes, according to that, a shoe is also made here step by step, carefully, my friends, great, they are walking, they are already on the rise , tim is already alone, there are more customers, but we must be very careful, he thinks that collecting all the candies would be ridiculous chaseco chase maybe you will discover something else look here here you can sniff something and more candies ok 86 candies collect strecker chase come on but please be careful don't rush things i won't come thin ok then continue here how do i get over it with a directed jump? but still no sign carlos knows everything is stuck now i hope he's ok and especially that he didn't get hurt because unfortunately marshall isn't there at the moment you could heal him but hey it will probably be a bit difficult. oh no, now I fell, but everything is not so bad, you have to popkomm, we support each other here, it is obviously so careful and what else do we have here, the comics on the balances are in the middle of the jungle like here, so that you have to be careful there who knows what a sudden surprise a preprint to be able to unlock a new coat of arms very very good and very very practical but for now let's continue like this chase t stretcher or in front they are the hunch how we got there now through checa can you help us if you have such a small tool with which you can cut sillian so much the better perfect so we had a great time we have to keep going it's waiting for you oh yes the army carlos i hope they are doing well the vegetation is getting denser help a trecker with his strong paws ear to find the way you have to go the right way with the amazing ear of the tracker you will find the way and kate recker then take care of your own listen if you check very briefly there doesn't seem to be anything more to say if my ear says we have to turn right it must definitely be the right path for us bravo the vegetation is getting denser help Trecker with his strong room listened to find the way so that the tractor get ready also had to pay attention here again what do you hear the noises are coming from the right side so let's go there we have to go very well ge ok we did well lilian is in front again there we have to make our way first , try with the help of the tools that we can make our way here, let's do it right away, no problem and says great thing, we're doing well. ok thanks rider we are progressing well i have to say but now the next section is coming and i think we need a special ability right away we may be curious what awaits us in the future not much left to discover here ok ok let's see what we do now users this old mechanism to activate the bridge and reach the temple ruins these gears could help open the bridge but they are too heavy that is a range for super dogs super dogs ok that means we need help from first sky but it is not the only one or mesumer there is also hello super nice to see you the super tank of ok my beloved super dogs so we want to do this chase and the tractor comes with how the two can save I hope it works important case at least for me because i would like to even if i manage to collect all the ones i think are perfect so far it's going great well done great and keep it up so carlos can hide where is he now especially what what is he doing in the jungle?
Are you on an exploratory tour again? Perhaps you are looking for something that we will probably discover sometime? The fact is we have to keep going we must not give up if we want to get here so keep going luca faking tiredness my friends very good i would say we will switch to sky right away so sky can pick up some goodies sky sky let's take a look yeah you can find everything all the goodies around and here in the middle of the jungle you have to stress again it's not that easy but it goes quite well so perfectly let's take a closer look here maybe there are more goodies here , so i'll take honey you were great it's going great okidoki so attention we'll continue right around here who actually scattered all the goodies here or someone lost or forgot the goodies write the new document you know who might have been and yes? of course there is no right answer but if you answered the riddle you can have even more goodies and we will trade you back super soma summer show what you got collect some goodies for us before we go straight to our big action because ahead is chase and marshall who are already waiting for us hey we are finally here you two cook animal help there is the bridge help skellner whirlwind use power ok we need your super ability now it's time for a super action let's roll the dice roll spin spin spin very good use so much hydro power to get to the other side and activate the citizens we have to get to the other side Understand ok super busy already hydro power hydro power a thick left stick to point to the right spot hold the button and shoot the stream of water the bridge opens well done the bridge often helps to chase and the swiss to the ruins of the temple to laugh and save the palace ok carlos welcome thank you my friends we will continue our journey now comcom with tractor we are very embarrassed we have to get over it once nothing seems to be trecker, we should probably go back through this lia Fight even if it's not easy, but as usual, you have the best team with you, so it shouldn't be a problem to fight us.
This is very good and it is going well. We have to move on. who do you tell of course we're still on our way carlos is waiting for me and i hope he's doing well carlos we're coming so chase i hope you can smell your tracks now you can feel his tracks and trecker with his big ears maybe he can hear carlos calling so we must leave no stone unturned because somewhere obviously we want to save him it's very clear so hold on folks we will and just don't give up along with chase and our best friend. old trecker still here step by step yes carlos will be waiting for us here soon ok i never say never but the route makes it really wonderful collected and we can move no problem one button up there yeah i would say take the chase let's keep going our way here we have already collected more than 470 goodies so if this continues like this we will have a great memory with only goodies unbelievably cool thats how it worksvery well here attention up front is riester ruins are kind of cool you found the ruins help chase with his super sense of smell to follow karlsruher ok chase we need your help now so let's find a way through these ruins they will look like a huge garden but be careful and hopefully you will find your way .
There is a button. Now we have all three classes. Let's stay here for now ok we need to keep checking if you get off the wagons like now then you will find extra treats so don't just pay attention to Chase's sense of smell if you want to find all the treats but also pay attention, make sure you explore other paths with Chase or Trecker because that's the only way we can guarantee you really get all the advantages here in the game. And I have to say overall it's going pretty well so far so James it looks like there's nothing left so downstairs with us there's a pillar but I can't go any further either so why some goodies additional and now it's ok as for the tractor checker which is again in the foreground for a few years so along the way we'll see well and again the lianas and then we've mastered it so keep going folks what where have we achieved how it looks? he may be very close here at least one of his is a big tree there must be carlos hey carlos we are here to save you you got stuck up top activate the chase net to catch carlos if he falls use the tracker tools to free carlos from the vines ok great then let's do it good job done cut the vines but how exactly do you press the button at the right time to cut the empty ones ok then we'll do it right away we sin d ya weaker be careful not to hold the balance trainer on the tree either and cut state number 1 don't worry you might fall if i cut all the lian but you land softly the chase has already got into their net and we're leaving you did well you saved carlos great job mission completed successfully carlos is safe yes carlos and funny apparently they found something special or we unlock trecker the discoverer in appen temple and carlos again as a character that gives us a lot of You have good stuff very good and considerable The amount I think unlocked Super Marshall and Divers Zuma as well as the Paramedic Marshall minigames. round of all the gas team so we move on to the next n order can and here comes the hint if i like to cook leave a thumbs up and subscribe to cat so you don't miss out on any more exciting and instructive adventures in the future so there we are already what is today's rescue operation like everyone i need to know let's save the monkeys o hello friends thanks for coming here so soon no problem mara and her family were playing near the volcano in the jungle but now the volcano erupted and they are trapped by the lava would have taken them out of the As soon as possible the lava with the Marshals water nozzles can cool down the flaming rocks you find on the way. but the fast riders and also the colt we have is essential to save mara and her family because around the volcano it is scorching hot, not least in the middle of the volcano lava everywhere magma everywhere this means severe burns for macher and his family, sothat we have to blind ourselves and save them very quickly let's start 321 only who do we remove take off how the sky begins move the sky with the left stick to the left or right turbo think covered the button if the loading bar allows the execution of a turbo okidoki then we are well informed sky now we are flying over this beautiful landscape and here you can really lose yourself exploring the whole little island only from above and being able to see it is a really cool view and enjoy the gill of the canoe.
Now we use our super turbo here and there to be able to pass quickly and no one can stop us. Attention, of course, we try to collect all the goodies here again. it's clear as dumpling broth av carpet pies it was very very close the fastest euro below you can see how much is still to reach our goal to also how big is this distance still a long way but together we are strong together we can do it that was close and keep flying don't give up he runs pretty well carefully fly around the corners and keep going let's see what you can do it's like 140 treat sami big deal 150 then even more balloons we have to be careful and enjoy expanding the balloons like this that again turbo additional goals for us I will definitely use it now so now the turbo power is great like the sky chiseling there ladies in front is the island with the big volcano so we are almost there soon we will be with our little mara species and all their family so it is worth being attentive we have to hurry they will only arrive a few meters until we finally arrived is where as about to fly we've collected all the goodies and there's the goal too let's see how the game was completed what we are a feast of goodies why we've collected a lot of goodies anyway what's next this looks like a safe landing spot go on your way from here good luck thank you rider the lava level is very high but it seems safe for the moment to be with you to get to your family ok then quick let's go marsha reveal our super team case personally i am very happy that babbel is there because babbel It's my favorite patrol country, porr, so we drink everything with friends, like Rabl, do you drink?
This is the ravine, so to speak, on the way to the big volcano. Only here we have to be careful that stones or something similar don't fall that can hit us and seriously injure us. go ahead friends yes but please be careful he doesn't know what he might suddenly expect so out of the blue I'll say yes we need your help now what's up Is that because lava has faith? lsen very hot help marshall cool the rocks with his water to pass aim for the hot spots on the rock to cool it down faster okay marshall we need a quick shower hopefully we'll find something hopefully we'll find a way to get here, but i think with the marshal ability it will work pretty well done very well done mesh well done back then quickly maybe we'll get to explore more so there must be some goodies here or actually from this little volcano if you can say more goodies and soon we'll have 100 candies collected so it's working great here right now everything's going great here chat sorry your help babbel see if you can still punch something freely here we go and alright keep going let's keep going there's more goodies here even lots of goodies i think they are fine and down with us great this hot rock is hard you need marshal water this to cool this rock m arshall marge quick we need the help of our friends now babbling you're there let's go let's move this big rock if it works but you're really strong so soon no one is going to fool you congratulations i'm so very proud of you so quick be careful but up and a coat of arms very well every weapon counts you are dear you are doing very well attention again it is burning not much care here when we are the dead so carefully always crawl nice and slowly hello you have already collected goodies upstairs in the meantime it probably wasn't but everything is half as wild let's see we can continue to master this very good robert here we need your ability again for this rock lie down well where is my friend very good ok then let's see this way to get Mlich no problem at this point and we collect all the goodies a commercial there is still a lot to explore once around and up here now i have to order borrowed again luckily we have rabble thanks to his ability to get on board super fast everywhere would have thought he would still be so important ok stitch we need your ability soon you have to throw water again so we can unlock something here marshall and that's goodies near it seems there be another coat of arms you should keep your eyes wide open or let's say another way keep your eyes open so i can spend this weekend up there it's great we found all the groomsmen this is how it goes great and smooth babbel we need you now trabi is another rock we have to build.
Can you support us? Let's see if the addictive substance is wonderful. Marshall. I think we have to put out another fire or be careful. This waterfall is blocking the way. ice stop the lava nothing can stop me super round is starting ok now we really want our friends skills and there is super with super water skill and everest with his icy breath so 8 and friends we have to beat this is alright in a way but you can do it come on big dogs balance come on let's show the volcano that it shouldn't mess with us i know this is about nature but sometimes you have to slow nature down for a bit so we can continue our adventure after all we have to do it we save mara and her family everest drive on continue do you still manage to find and do more here mostly there are still many good things to find here very well do that step by step we are progressing even more good things it will all be here what we collect there so we can't wait to find it because we have already found everyone for this mission anyway ngs there are still a number of golos different inas that we absolutely have to stop and look at they already have over 300 treats which is almost like a year's ration for the entire patrol team but hey I mean they all know what they're getting except the rider the rider, is a human. and i really shouldn't eat lining ok i'd say great we need you summer now especially since you continued our journey i think we must have brushed everything here and found every possible goodie but how does it look over there?
There are still more goodies to be discovered there, but other than that, what is the fastest way to get to the volcano to help our friends Marshall and trouble Marshall both know on the way to save Mara's family and Mara himself? just don't give up now friends keep being careful now yeah too always burning but down here and so we'll collect as much as possible I'd say go back to Everest maybe I can still find some deliciousness more accurately just up there there's still some screaming and we'll be there soon and then we can help our friends rabble and marshall who wouldn't make it. later i hope everything turns out as we envisioned so nothing else here take a quick look but everything looks good so far then we'll get the last goodies then help our friends who are already waiting for us there are the lava raft associations zumas hydropower to cool the lava ok but we need the latest hydropower now so to speak a pressure pump you gotta be ready come on let's focus on one of these what do you call it one of these ? waterfalls or lava balls in the ball and sadly let's say esther and we did well and so again pure hydropower for tropical very well done well moving on to everest good job you helped the camps to the city now you help the everest to use your only breath let's cool down the camps how exactly do you turn off the camps? so we have icy breath and it makes everything too hot and because the camp is so hot of course it won't turn to ice but a normal floor plate just fine it will all rust I feel and that's how we get we get a floor plate so that we can pass without any problem.
Rod can now continue on his way go well thank you very much apples and super ewer good job marshall but you still have to turn off the glowing rock ok the road is getting hot bandages marshals water this to cool down the rock and have a good time then come on marshall come on los water cannons will help us here we may just have a chance to get through somehow come on come on marshall just don't leave the mastspitz e very good great ok then let's continue here there are some more goodies here everything is collected it's clear there is something for marshall up there again there are more goodies for us hidden here too of course we use them immediately to unlock this ok great but around and after will we manage to collect the last goodies or will we have to trade them right away?
It's your turn soon. I need your support immediately. Okay, then continue asking Marshall. Marshall whispers. It's your turn again. Can you help us? We have to get over this rock. first cool the one with rebel on it and then move it thats the only way we can get any further maybe this huge milling machine has cooled down sir very well done marshall you can count on us but now we are doing super powers with bravo so first we have to pull up these fields and then press up to get you into the lava so you're great i have to tell you how you do it again it works without a problem over here here are some goodies and there is mara war and her family It's very hot in there so I had to get it out as soon as possible hey don't worry we would have e Oh marshals water this is not enough you need a faster cooling method the only question is which one do you need the super post cup Everest, was it good that you were here? well it's at the beginning so now everything is getting cold here I have a platform there my dear little monkeys then you can live a good life and quickly pass to the other side he is first class and usually go please my friends , there's probably all your families happy i'm sure thank you all so much marshall rabl super skype and everest 45 watts top notch even if super isn't there anymore and we'll get three cool badges again our account will continue to fill up with all the goodies you look super great great to unlock the pub with the sky as well as the obstacle course and mr pfeffer and mr pfeffer view unlocked again and captain tollpats ch mini games which again was a very very big and very exciting adventure i think the main area of ​​application is booted robot rescue today is about booted robot and therefore also the grand finale here in this game but before it starts here there's the advice you little buffer cool drop a tree and subscribe cat so don't miss out on any more fun and instructive adventures in the future our portal is here for your great effort definitely instead of the bell jar strobe . and everyone else is there hello friends thanks for coming here so fast no problem the adventures are preparing for an anniversary celebration sarah berthold used the meteorite to control a giant robot lost control and now the citizens are scared i appreciate everyone and Disabled the berthold robot as soon as possible use Chase's megaphone to control guide residents to the safe area with your gravel helicopter you can save the people who are trapped and can't reach the safe area it's ok , the four-legged helpers start, okay, now, but quick, rider, thanks for the order, we have to stop the giant wooden robots and, of course, get everyone to a safe place. but also all the other dogs are with us today chase very well let's go to the sky and the sky must not be missing of course she flies right away so now quickly to use the big robot is wreaking havoc in the city and We are already close to the big city. the hallway in the middle of the esplanade was berthold robert he did a lot of damage to the town hall let's keep everyone safe while they're distracted let's get started pedro i hope this works and i can already see berthold has some trouble controlling it too megaphone how do i use it?
Press the action keys to activate the megaphone so you can make others follow you, well that sounds ya see. r very good and practical so we can save all the people here with this rescue operation we need sky sky you have to support him sky then show what you can do fly around the tree and there were already some hidden goodies very good it is there too and there are more to discover here so once you make a left in front of you to the trash can and here we need Chase's help right away there are at least traces we can spot for this mission for this mission the bikers don't worry , has been around for a long time and the first person we can bet onIt's already there.
We'll do that in a moment. step by step hello hello things well done you are in the safe zone don't worry ma'am how did you get you to the safe zone there was a robot that can't catch you but it doesn't. It's a favor and stay there until the situation is safe. Here is OK. It is also that heaven comes and the woman protects. It was very good. She now she can be sure. She continues. There are more people to save and they are counting on you. there honey let's go on we have to find the others too they have to be here too so where are we then we still have the coat of arms i won't leave it like that of course i'll take it with me we can't go any further so step back so the heaven come right after, no problem, look at the door, the door broke into the manometer that does not exist very well for this rescue operation, we need heaven, heaven, heaven, it's your turn again, look. you find some more goodies in here alright so we'll go to the woman in a bit we've already done the last few goodies we may have to have them all that's quick here but we're still missing a coat of arms so we'll have than to take a closer look, haha, for this task, we need it, okay, I need you right away. ready for this task and he sniffs some chase like that back there just took a quick look there better be something else the latest goodies and with them we should have 150 of the 150th goodies that sounds like we all have them . now then let's get them to save the rest of the people then we can continue let's go well done find the person in the safe zone soon you will be safe young lady everything will be fine very slowly chase him luckily you have your megaphone there is the sign you know where to go you did great james well done honey let's keep going just one more person needs to be rescued come on go where's that person that has to be here be somewhere or actually there's the guy come here with the stuff right the person in the zone safety don't worry you'll be safe in a moment oh oops i'll have to run over others don't believe it and down there she's already our beautiful safety zone of her class we all saved o good job team done everyone is safe no one else has to be saved we have to help what kind of a is that good then we would have him ok sky chase quick we have to get him out of there somehow the only question is c ow darling darling you have to support us what do you have an idea how we can save him help save the person with your helicopter and take him to a safe place it's ok of course anything is possible with here the helicopter guess the person how exactly we move it use the left stick up or down until you are in the right position press the button to keep the person in or dnung sky is getting ready we are dragging the little fellow over there now we want to fly over him so hold on but that worked out pretty good and pretty far here's the boy he definitely did a great job super strong as a hawk you saved him all now it's time to stop the berthold robot that's exactly what we need to take care of now and here we definitely need the help of all the dogs from all the special forces, it's huge and looks very strong, the meteorite is the power source of the robot that we have to get to go. take it out of the back remove the father compartment use marshall superheat to heat up the robot armor good idea put the helpers on all fours now we need your help friend's mesh starts her superheat so she will accept this and that and that's good done, now it's summer's turn, use its hydroelectric power to cool the robot, it's ok, very good, hot and cold, it won't become like that. and you have to take advantage of the fact that the tension of the material should be able to break the arms very well the word hit number one one arm is paralyzed and should no longer work let's take care of the left arm of the robot well done great that was great incredible what is our opportunity chase usa your super speed to distract the robot ok now chase is in line with super speed so no one can stop us we just run around the robot once we can confuse it keep it up chase keep it up keep it up he's so dizzy he can't catch us anymore awesome help great scale would be nice along with unbalancing the robot great idea ryder ok honey get ready we need an ultimate whirlwind it's there then let's take the robot to the part and super whirlwind los a very good hit and of course everest is closed too Imagine we have to make the robot travel , so nothing is easier than that with our icy breath.
Yes, here are the first images of the first icebergs. Well done. Keep it up. It was awesome, but now we still have to get the battery out. with his super strength the third day of the robot and remove the wind turbines from the meteor you are right that was not a battery but the meteor and he is unbelievably strong he will deliver this woman somehow even if it is not easy so now we can still do it here, the round button and just a bit of rabl. You can do it like this. There is a meteorite on the hill that asked her with her super contribution to remove the spinal cord and turn off the robot.
Ok Rocky now we need super skills with your tools sure you got everything ready and that's good watch out tax it very carefully and now let's take out the robot meteor give all the power and krauser racky that's great that's all berthold yeah what a lost mission successfully completed adventure week saved yum yum did it sky marshal rocky rawe levels everyone was there and we also unlocked everything berthold gets and giant robots cool and that still works some extra freebies for our account balance great thing minigames yes what we buy here with our great adventures use of the meteorite we have mastered all the missions thank you very much for watching gasoline on the right side you will find more videos tip there and welcome to this and i forgot to subscribe to the channel because with the advice of nothing more lost to the left in the symbol of the cat, then in subscribing already because the part of the community lives as always cadastre

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