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1993 - WK 6 - NYJ @ LA [FULL GAME]

Dec 24, 2021
Same guy Sam Same Jets and Raiders match two and two records Boomer Esiason led New York flies with the most productive offense in the NFL Raiders are last but welcome QB Jeff Hostetler injured two weeks ago hello to all Dick Enberg with Bob Succeeding, we welcome you to this very early season, but it's an opportunity for a barometer of what's to come. I mean the Jets quit earlier. No, they've lost two tough ones, yeah, and last week really hurt this as this young football team from New York. Jets and for the Los Angeles Raiders one of the keys to today's


is very simple to protect Jeff Hostetler 16 sacks in the first four


s this season six last week they have to protect their quarterback Jeff jagger gets us going and The Jets will regain touch at the 20-yard line and here comes former Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl quarterback Boomer Esiason and Messiaen has been everything the Jets could have hoped for and leading this powerhouse team. defense for first four games Chris Ok Cadogan Sweeney Duffy replaces injured White at right guard Mala Mala at right tackle in the backfield with Brad Baxter Blair Thomas star Chris Berg Petrov war makes all Vantage touchdowns sound like Science Wallace his first sack of the 17th season for the Raiders that's why with low production on offense they went 2 and 2 at the start of this year see tackle Cadogan come out there Cadogan should excuse me Chris well it should make that block a very interesting pick by the jets, they empty out their backfield that shows great confidence in their offense and boomer told us last night that this is a very aggressive passing offense.
1993   wk 6   nyj la full game
There is an example and Esiason so well protected. The Jets have not allowed a sack in three straight games. Second 16 is Blair Thomas. Nineteen third and 11 for the Jets the Raiders with a long that familiar number 75 left out McLaughlin say it's going to be a big deal Harrison Townsend Aaron Wallis just recorded this act Joe Kelly the ex Bengal ex chat at the middle Winston boss fills in fourth linebacking on the mat Daniel and Wilde Mike Jones Harrison is going to be a measure defense on that side judge how he marks it if it's 30 it's a first down for the Jets first in New York and they welcome to those of you who have been watching the Miami Cleveland game where the Dolphins prevailed 24:14 but lost starting quarterback Dan Marino suspected a torn right Achilles tendon also offered any word on Everyone stayed with arm in a sling.
1993   wk 6   nyj la full game

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1993 wk 6 nyj la full game...

Try to update them on what happened to John. He went with other jetzt at kickoff. 11. A science in madness. the gruff volker ozland backing a guy named trumpet i did for seven years is a 5 yard penalty offense repeat first and that doesn't qualify you for anything big in the NFL no good here's the other one What qualifies it is that he was on all the special teams we play on every year. In fact, Paul Brown would make you stand up and introduce yourself to the other players. Always featured as 15 on the kickball team, but not as tight in Kozlov sees his team penalize the game yardage delay first and 15 Thomas to squeeze an outright 34 yard line as a long and Derick Hoskins join in the tackle that maybe on offense dick that maybe a shot run by the flanker there in this swing pattern towards Blair Thomas.
1993   wk 6   nyj la full game
I really can't hold a defense. He was in the iron shell of the defense. The Hall of Famer was the Raiders. That big run at left tackle in his fourth


season. Derek Hoskins, the second-year safety out of southern Mississippi, is slow and gets to his feet cool in fashion, he sees if we can see what's going on here. These are very aggressive corners for the Los Angeles Raiders, that's a check. on rob moore number 85 they get him he also serves as sort of a small pick it helps the Jets a bit the raters guilty of more than their share of penalties actually have more penalty yards assessed against them than the they've earned running this year 348 during the game, but 328, so officials are gone more than the Raiders have been able to run last week. 16 penalties.
1993   wk 6   nyj la full game
Not a team record in penalty game action. He was robbed of the twenty-first reception of the year and he has made some spectacular catches. and there's another good one for thirty-nine yards and dick that you have to look forward to from Johnny Mitchell's big game, tight end last week, they'll pay attention to Mitchell and leave these receivers with a little bit of loose coverage Washington was close 48 was close but was sitting on the outside more runs to skip each slant bloomer gives the Jets a first down on pace Blair Thomas cuts yards to about the 27-yard line where Aaron Wallis and others are at the stop Norman boomer esiason starts at two by two and those who thought the arm was dead or proved very wrong in early 93 and we got a


explanation of why his dead arm was talked about fell apart to the mechanics and Bruce Coghill Dewar's is a trainer of quarterbacks in Cincinnati diagnoses the problem correctly and walks straight off the handoff and to the 22-yard line to Johnny Johnson, former Phoenix running back from San Jose State that he has been productive in that green and white. from the jets look at the way the jets offensive lineman does this fanning step they all take the stalk fanning they try to spread out the defense they allow the running back to make their own choice as to where they go see there's almost no contact until the defensive lineman crosses the line of scrimmage he will allow me to run back to corps pictus once he reads the helmets and Johnson who is a true running back on a vine for the New York Jets picks up my judge he is short off a first down by about a foot third in New York and comes a second tight end James Thornton with Burkett coming off Haslip 47 in his fourth year ball at the University of the Pacific easily to the first 20 or downs in this opening series of the game Blair Thomas out of backfield Terry McDaniel made it cover very interesting Raiders pick here Joe Kelly in the Blitz trying to put some pressure on the New York Jets passing game you see the double is 51 Wallace Jill Kelley from the inside boomer just threw that away and that's one of the things that I think Tip Over Assassin learned personally several years ago never gave up on a defense or never gave up on a play now I do It's going to pull, let's go Platinum and excitement and and pounding through his Johnson Johnny Johnson for about eight, maybe nine before Winston Moss can take him down that last second moving dick you saw across the screen that really changed the look from the defensive lineup in the starter he's five and six yards deep before anyone touches him Polly Winston Moss is there to get the initial hit going now the chants have been more successful in the red zone when you look at Johnston you know fourteen or sixteen times have scored and those winningston moss and chester bruce diving tackle touchdowns the consulate is not happy with that result reluctantly sends the field goal drive well, t They had a lot of tight ends on their dick and they're trying to spread this Raider defense the best they can and McLaughlin suffering from a turf toe but if there's a stronger player in the NFL right now I want to meet this one guy who throws offensive lineman like his postage stamps, this is Kerry Blanchard, he's four for five this year this 29-year-old the starter's turn in the first Angels: he's destined for number 83 Anderson to stay true to us at defense even on the field goal attempt and Bruce all over Eddie Anderson, the man who greeted Art Shell's first NFL win against the Jets Aguiar Louie moments ago Bruce's consulate was not happy with the pitch.
Maybe there was another option that Aggie didn't see. He found Eddie Anderson and Anderson. The Raiders' 27-yard return. The first possession begins at the Los Angeles 28 which sets up a 12-touchdown run by the Supersonic I'm back running left 42 am I first let's get back to these true to their rules watch the ball go down when it comes up a gr is pressured Bruce probably is saying them, if I wasn't there you shouldn't have thrown up, it's harder for the head coach to walk up to a kicker and talk second and 13 for Jeff Hostetler Robinson to get out of there now than Steve Smith behind Hostetler being described and Danny will build Macao another former Raider if with an intensive tackle on the 41-yard line the bad start was Hostetler scramble on his first play the Raiders with Wisniewski Mo's Barra Montoya and Wilkerson and in the backfield Robinson the rookie from Northeas t Louisiana Steve Smith Alexander right and Tim Brown on the outside and Ethan Horton the tight end I want to go wide three and James jet and that's who we are now Yanis ground good that's pass play each of the two times he's had to scramble the jets goes with a lot of hit and run here dick was out last week with a sprained ankle after being absolutely pummeled by the cleveland browns he actually looks pretty good , they're running good and then it looks like Ethan Horton may have had a defensive back there he got away with it was Clifford hits 25 ceiling looked like he was being called but it's a first down - fight for 14 yards both htm' running live this night Alex ander right what a dick personally that speaks volumes to me this Los Angeles Raiders football team one runs nothing to scramble and then plays some kind of back cover ya trick that works when you've threatened the line of scrimmage with the run you you draw the people they have the Raiders didn't do that and they try the triple pass or the reverse pass to get him upfield he doesn't get anything low bladed iron shell The state from maryland was a basketball player and football star 49 and approached to find him brian washington denying fullback steve smith that will bring the third down.
I look at the pick here from the Jets. Very little respect for the race. Look at internal backups. They're coming neatly packed and Hostetler, you can see he's coming back on the shot and Brian Washington, safety at the perfect time to knock that pass down so far The Raiders haven't done anything offensively with the exception of Hostetler rushing 629 yards on the first possession female on play Clifford Hicks making the save and boy did he handle Clifford Hicks at half time and when he comes out of scrimmage right at half time he pushes Clifford Hicks number 25 and gives himself enough space Mosteller is able to put it in you what you get in there of course working the f or former running back knows how to push onions or taught that early in their careers he made the Pro Bowl two years ago when he had a career best 53 Robinson and was covered for rushing just as he was breaking into the clear on the far sidelines in The interesting guy from the 35-yard line, a seventh-round pick from Northeast Louisiana, strained his hamstring before l Combined and did not receive much attention.
The raiders took a chance on him and he turned out to be a pretty good running back despite his youth a lot to learn he played at a double-a level so this is a specialty they jump for him but he's doing pretty well if the raiders Raiders admit they are going to make the basic run game difficult to tackle when Greg Robinson goes through the hole and 42 many say hi ronnie Lott playing free safety for the Jets and once in the field a lot has always given a lot and this time Robinson takes a lot without a win that's one of the few you really could here third around two in one hand flags this is one of the things I think the raiders loved about Hostetler he's not just going to put the thing on the line this is out from Eric Thomas 22, the man in coverage, the Browns still with that great speed, Hostetler, patient, strong, is able to get the ball to the right receiver at the right time will protect him for this offense 14 sacks of the year leads the Raiders to their 10th drive and then clinched by I goes where the percentages against the Raiders I don't know if it's our row today's referee personal foul Raiders personal foul number 76 15-yard penalty replay first down Steve was not skiing Raiders pro guard there 76 hits Moe Lewis 57 running back is down Wisniewski an aggressive nature from Penn State is caught though first and 21st for the Raiders who give it a hard time and get a first down Hostetler Jets looking at the left and now right and those inside the 10 Robinson Eric the Closets 12 yards Jetts took the kickoff marched inside the Raiders 20 and attempted a fake field goal intercepted by the Raiders from that interception marching inside the Jets ten with three and a half minutes to go in the fourth Hostetler three four five some game action and another fight won around a Moe Lewis yard in the e The cover umpire passed the flag which usually means committing a personal foul against the Raiders, the 68th personal foul on offense and a top legal 15-yard block, penalty replay, second down,Bruce Wilkerson, the 68th right tackle, is at 91, actually, that's Max Montoya. yeah, that's illegal, you can't get your defensive lineman involved, set him up, and then have someone else cut him, so that's another 15 yard penalty to 15 yards after hard shells.
The Raiders were in a great position with the first down inside the 10. Los Angeles has 24 yards of rest, so it's consistent Washington Washington at the 19-yard line his first interception The Raiders did everything right until they were resourceful On the nine yards from the goal line, still no score. Washington's interception, he gets the ball back up there. You see a zone here, this is the guy that should have been the guy that got the ball, this is second and 20 and Jeff Hostetler forces this ball into coverage, you see the receiver. underneath wide open he just didn't buy the jets are just inviting him to throw the ball there he does and they make the pick or the pick on dick's 3rd interception of october for hostetler i'm NOT gonna go up perfect johnny mitchell the excitement from tight end Esiason Michels hands and Winston Moss who came very close to a let's play Plinko freebie with that football, Mitchell is moving and Moss does a good job staying out here in coverage through his hand, well, Boston to really see the ball, but you can see there's tight coverage on that tight end last week he hit seven sacks 146 yards three touchdowns there's a professor a lot loves Hollywood with budding stardom to go to new york will show you why for sia seng and come back for olympians if so net esiason z to give a very good spot for new york near 30 and if that's the place that it will be a first down that was a very friendly spot Vic you're absolutely right look at the contact on the boomers arm as he lets go 91 McLaughlin just shoving his way in there the boomer on the follow up had to shorten a bit.
The ball was tilted because that's a generous spot that we're going to measure, while the ones right on the other side of 29 and 29 seemed like the target for the first down a par. outline the calls against them as they move into scoring territory and then COFF the ball on the interception and now a drop in front of our shell that has him a bit taken aback she looks at the man who came up with the interception The yes of Brian Washington the pics again this time there's butt in the same flavor no cameras it was well covered so the game didn't cheat either so no and I'm a little surprised they agreed they've been doing a lot. this is a delivery back to running back Blair Thomas thrown back at the quarterback and frankly Burkett is the only guy in the pattern and you can see there are two Raiders out there Washington and Eddie Anderson Raquette had little to no chance from catching the ball in bounds Esiason is now 3 of 5 coming into the game with superior rushing yards this year upside down so far so Hoskins and McDaniel took him down but it's a first down on the 43 14 yards our producer John Francis mentioned that seeing Mitchell last week reminded him of John Mackey and when we talked to Mitchell yesterday in a hotel he said well I met Mackey in the off season he taught me a lot about football in running patterns come on over to the defender before making his break he helped me a lot blocking this kid played two years of high school football two years of college football and knowledge in the NFL 22 out of Nebraska and n the first quarter under his Mathis can't hold on the 50-yard line John Mackey well he's a pretty good model and he went to high school on Long Island d Mackey without meat after Ditka then came Mackey Johnny Mitchell and there one says that he's got his stars written on him this future three touchdowns last week against Philip Esiason on second down Birkett open Birkett was five yards beyond Lionel Washington well they're running all kinds of different formations that time they had Johnny Mitchell out flanking this it's a coverage man you can see Washington Jason Burkett on the field recovers that they Raiders defensive backs have already made some big plays in this dick game Miami Washington unrelated to Jets number 48 Brian Washington in defensive secondary and I'm third and 10 dick that was a bad delivery bloomer took his arm down the ball told us last night he knew to go to New York with the prophecy had thrown the football in Cincinnati was going to be treated like a trained and trained and trained rookie to death and said he knew he had to take it and from a hundred yards away Bruce or chip Myers would see the arm down and I'd yell any lower, get that ball up to make it a restart for Norman Julius Esiason Tim Brown, one of the best return men in the NFL, returns to his own 16 Aguiar with just seconds left in fourth fleet one toward the near leaves. sidelined the chance to come back and now they're going to have to line it up it's going to be somewhere around the 15 yard line and in LA there's no scoring just outside the Raider 11 yard line as you watch Ronnie Lott strapping on his belt getting ready to deliver some of those punches that have made him quite renowned like that when he introduces himself to greg robinson they didn't play like members of the rest of his raiders and his son is so bad that i checked thats really a sport of karate 40 years ago bill patel 71 all around for the jets is a force hostetler back goodness i mean this is unusual because moe bar is a fully professional center but that was the ball breaking early I don't think you'll look if we look at it again Hostetler media wasn't ready to get that football dick I'm not sure exactly what happened in an instant content count there but you could see the hands of Hostetler separated like he was waiting for him on the tube not the one and they were right building McHale almost like he was a delivery and Pakal pushes his way to the six yard line now look at Hostetler's hands see what separates him not really ready to take the ball was surprised it was there someone missed the serve made a bet here the gentlemen with a gift of six don't score Thomas so Bill Pakal gobbles up the mistake of the raider at center from center, the former Rutgers star smiles as Blair Thomas turns it into a touchdown on a six-yard run down the left side, watch tight end Mitchell 86's block, he's going to come in the picture gets one turn one turn actually blocked two and Blair Thomas with that speed good job for 85 Rob Moore and the Jets are in the end zone Blanchard is trying to target a big holden and hooks it throws 11 seconds into the second quarter , the Jets have the lead for the Jets 7, nothing capitalizing on the poor play from center and now a big penny for the kickoff. and from behind when he gets to the 26-yard line by Marvin Jones, the Jets' number one draft pick, the reason the Raiders are two-and-two with an offense that doesn't produce a lot of yards is the bottom line, but the losses of balloon can arrive more seven today.
They've turned the ball over twice today, but got it back once on Anderson's interception after a miserable year last year (19 on target to have Wiggins with that lead anyway) and made their seven and nine batches of Staedtler from last season. of time and then jump under destined for teams from los angeles jets to nfl live in new york should have time all the scores and highlights and against cleveland today class that tight yeah throw it behind him alright jeff lag a manly offensive right pants Russia for the Jets against Gerald Perry thought Gerald Perry was an excellent pass protector why in the world there weren't even more Pro Bowls where it's common when they talked to Bruce Kosslyn about who is the biggest acquisition for their defense is that Ronnie Lott is Marshall does it is not a healthy Jeff login is a great pass rusher Corey had 10 sacks two years ago reconstructive knee surgery teams hands are on the Raiders too they just don't look in sync I mean everything it's moving and I think this is an illegal move yeah I don't think the backs are set the Jets will turn it down yeah they just are they just aren't.
I hate using a cliché. Illegal move number 82. bring that port down but you're going to yeah I'm going to just not on the same page I think that's what jumps out first look at that back you see this guy moving I mean this is not a complex offense you don't have many moti on, but I mean, it may even give it a chance to get right where it was last week. Veteran gossips went on the hunt. Mantha is on the Jets 34 Malthus, as the 26-yard line and kicked out Jax's 35 mappers, while I said the Jets offense.
Back on the field, a seven nothing lead, 14 minutes left in the half, the Jets Baxter Brown go for the right back for a pair once the mash with a tackle goes with one of the defenders on the radar there. disguised without flags. you know historically when the Raiders pushed and pushed a little bit more they struggled a little bit more I thought they were in their prime but I think in this particular season and maybe in the last two years the more they fight they argue pushing they show it's more frustration which is anything else there are stances just taking a shot on your save no reason for that that adds nothing to the game second down and seven good shot by esiason and almost jumps into arms derek hoskins and terry mcdaniel this is that hardcore action simulation you Boomer Esiason learned in the Cincinnati organization Chicago's Thornton is Boomer Esiason roommate boomer there's always room with tight ends that's something to look into at a later date but I don't have any comment nothing wrong with that pitch that was righted too far, the Bears, the short seven, his iesson, Lionel Washington's deep coverage, made him a strange choice, don't you agree? rdo?, and third down and seven that says six consecutive incompletions to a Boomer, though Thornton's ball should have been caught forked.
Some cards are the hunting unit is hung it's them m1 on Tim Brown and dozens of touchdowns and chip returns while today Moi has been great in the open field and tries to get away from him but Brown has a chance it's a block at the 20 and dance around the 35 he steps first out of bounds at the 32 yard line now a long and the Raiders down 7 nothing let's see how a Boomer Esiason rates as we watch the efficiency ratio of natural gas quarterback ings in the NFL based on completion percentage missing interceptions touchdowns yards Montana first Esiason second coming into this week's game all the way in today and Hostetler six so fast ugly going to work three four nine today with an intersection these last four passes to hit on the ground the big guy from Iowa who's been hurt all season that's his first carry he got hurt in the preseason and then he sprained his ankle in the practice this week they were curious as to whether or not he could go but bell during two hundred and fifty pounds win a couple you wonder about a guy his size the raiders say he's not a guy you can give the ball to twenty times a game and he keeps coming out with these nagging little injuries like he's almost made of glass you think the guy that size would be tough as nails but he picks up the smaller injury that keeps him out of the lineup second down for Hostetler one was a total rejection one of them on the front hitting that 115 yards in the backfield could have been pick L again actually I think it looked like Leonard Marshall raised his hand Kel was in Kel was there but Leonard Marshall previously of the Giants, I think he's the one with the hand. up very very late you can see the blitz coming from outside moe lewis now look 70 right now miller screen raises his arm bounces right off his shoulder bed was looking the other way last is tim braun two jet's 48 yards now how?
Bill? Yeah, I think he was offside on defense. although he's close to the ball and sometimes those centers will fool you, you know, they squeeze your fingers and get the ball up a little bit, well that was accentuated by the fact that he was the only one who said the other Jets got they moved with him so maybe not but it was close T I scored a couple catches and thirty nine yards and tackled forward to the 45 yard line number 96 brand gun coming into this ball game Nick Bell who when they drafted they thought this guy would be subtle and speed up opponents with Eric Dickerson in the first half and hammer defenses with Nick Bell in the second half, he can't stay healthy enough for them to figure out exactly what he can do and probably since 62 Oh, the little guy that got deflected one of the linebackers that showed up bob put a hand on this is the move and you can see there's time and he can't find a wide receiver he looks all around finally to the outside that d deflect the shade tree 15 yards Jones lothrow into the air Washington picks it up and man Atwood is on the third turnover so far this first half for the Raiders this is not a good combination for LA the fumble recovery in the Raider six led to an immediate touchdown and now Brian Washington scores his third interception. in his career Blanchard tries the extra point it's a 14 nil New York Jets to big mistakes by the Raiders and Marvin Jones was a shadow three at Florida State but Bruce Kozlov calls him the new man the new man and he's a man Who Would you kick him for Deke to secure the chips?
He's talking about the Orange Bowl that returned the bomb. He retired for a touchdown denied by . He says that he still wakes up thinking about taking Notre Dame to the national championship tonight. Vince Evans talking to the radar mastermind, is he coming in what looks like 12 for Hoss today? 62 yards and two interceptions, one for the last seven, but you can't really for the last one, yeah, that's Michael White, quarterbacks coach, Terry Webb, that's me. previously the offensive coordinator talking to him and he's going to be a Vince Evans toy Dick came back from 3 yards deep on his own Clifford Hicks with the tackle and then 7s the veteran comes in at quarterback for the Raiders and we r I remind you of this tonight, don't miss out on a whole new Beyonce.
Here, what does this do to Hostetler? We've been through a lot of football. You can have a great second half. A chance here. It's been seven that he was drafted in 1977 two decades ago by the Chicago Bears. I think that was even before Ditka was not good before the flood. What I remember about Vince Evans is that he covered punts and kickoffs for the Bears before. ever took a snap off center in a regular season with the chicago booth performing here for Al Davis and the Raiders his performance frees him waiving they left at 6:55 Bobby Houston deflecting it right to Tim Brown I think he What it shows is seeing Houston right here as they go under, there's been great coverage in this game Vick, we've seen a lot of tip balls going to receivers, good coverage under but Brown keeps his focus Nick Thomas 22 man closest in coverage and going for a first down at 36 LA with ten minutes left in the first half two Jet touchdowns out back middle Robinson weighs 205 pounds he was the 206th pick we're drafted his Bob les he said we're still here because he was Naguib is bothering a lot of injuries at the combine and the Raiders had a good movie about him and they liked it and here he is starting with Erik Anderson, his main c runner from a year ago. he's thirty, same pattern, he does an excellent job just putting this on Houston 55, linebacker and right on the sidelines if Tim Brown stays on his feet, oh that's picture perfect, very nice finishing from Vince Evans on sevens, one of the oldest players in the league and after that when Washington Washington late last season he said your dream I'm an old guy but you dream about this he says sometimes I feel like Jimmy times the first few hours early and it's billed but no ex Raiders and Raiders are closing down Pakal has recovered a fumble and now he's forced another and Ronnie Lott has certainly made his presence known also for turnovers his Raiders have coughed him up to see if we can see what happens here see 59 kyle clipton 71 bill pakal these are the two guys that are actually involved in this comes the hit i still haven't picked up the number below it looks like paul releases 91 i'm right i think you have i think 9 the ra give 49 days of destruction for los angeles esiason ain't nothing terry mcdaniel collaborating on things that was who i wanted to be a head coach for the life of me i don't understand the attraction i know you're one of only 28 when things go so bad for the art she he will that he is a quiet or dignified man and he wants he doesn't want to play mind games with the players he wants to use that as a last resort he has done anything and everything he could to light this team up still doesn't work and Jimmie Johnson is going to a first down on the 40-yard line by Raiders Derek Hoskins and Chester McLaughlin and with the tackle dick each of these positive runs on the Raider that the Jets have head is also accompanied by the movement that they are running tight ends through the line of scrimmage and it's really stretching t Raiders defense and a nice job of pushing and shoving up front by the Jets offensive line third for one the killer from humble defenseman Trumbull Manette California Jets throws wide what a good pickup what was a draft day trade made by the Jets with Phoenix and involved number one trade Marvin Jones coming to the Jets and lowering the flag could be a pick power roll with the answer tripping up against the leaders you have to say this for the Raiders when they get a penalty it's always a great Trippi number 48 on a defense 10 yard penalty first on lionel washington at the end of this run i think we're going let's see the trip yes see oh yes like that beating you're right that's illegal that's a big family and take got to the 14 yard line so the Jets are in position now with a 40 lead nothing last week when they jumped 21 nothing against the Raiders because a swarm of blacks and silvers led by safeties Hoskins and Anderson now that they have made the Coliseum a much more intimate place by shrinking it from their chests 90mm around 67,000 and I guess you have to call this crowd cozy over 40,000 came in to see the Raiders at the Jets Blair Thomas started landing earlier but not much for the Jets on that play will be third down around seven .
One thing Boomer told us in our meeting is that the offense under Bruce Kajol has changed a lot since his Cincinnati days because he's so aggressive that he'll try whatever he was into. a well-guarded special assassin goes under and tackled at the 8-yard line is stolen more by first-down shy Lionel Washington for the Jets to knock down the field goal unit the first time the consulates sent them there was a fake that failed as an Agee Pass from us was intercepted so Anderson wouldn't try it again. I can't, I couldn't believe that, but that would be the all-time call gutter and the Raiders have seen some tremendous calls, remember just a couple weeks ago t The Cleveland Browns no timeouts second remaining at the top of the yard 2 this week 20 five-yard attempt Blanchard's kick is good so another turnover plus points for the Jets in fact all 17 steals Jeff Hostetler the report is not injured to coach his decision left Vince Evans down 14 to nothing and now it has grown to 17 nothing The New York Jets advantage is a gr he starts alexander right and Greg Robinson on the right side of the field a couple of yards deep and the ellipse to take the bunt alright to Decker the quarterback change today reminds us of the instability there for the Raiders since Jim Plunkett and the Super Bowl championships in fact the Raiders the only AFC team with a Super Bowl there Mark Wilson followed Plunke tt and he had his rusty days as he did.
Mrs. Hill true Steve Beuerlein many were surprised he was in the doghouse here and finally sent packing Jay Schrader was going to be Washington's answer with his long ball talent Todd Marinovich a first draft pick after two years in USC where is he and then Hostetler? the New York Giants and among most of those faces you could have inserted Vince I have this mug because it's been around since '87 and I've seen a lot of smudges on the 24-yard line Phil Simms this year the comparison both men over 61 % Complete Mozilla with the tackle having fewer opportunities in terms of yardage and given that he had a great year for the Giants and Dan Reeves and on Hostetler's defense in those numbers it's much harder for a quarterback to let another offense learn than a quarterback outfield to stay and the whole team learns a new offense that has to fit in here and getting taken out of this game does nothing but hurt open space and first down at the 35 before Heath Deacon makes a tackle. 11 yards to Nick Bell 3:45 left in the half the Raiders desperately need something out of this position and I told us last night last night we talked to him that when Daenerys first came to New York Haas was sorry for the comments her. he wanted it and then something changed over a period of two or three weeks he felt he didn't want me here i'm going somewhere else he came to the layers because he had more than he needed this doesn't help even though he puts in a couple of three yards he actually said that when he thought he wasn't even fifty and fifty was when he decided to move to inconsiderate minnesota and he also said he chose los angeles because of the weather and the grassy field and see if even most of them die. -Los Angeles Raider fan except maybe one guy knows Vince Evans isn't going to write this team isn't going to get this team to the playoffs his best chances are with Jeff Hostetler and you should certainly give him more than one yet he had eight minutes left in this cruise down just 14 nothing shoots under Glover time either by Kyle first down at 42 of the Jets 19 on that and making it even worse when we see this replay on tight end's glove The more successful this evans is in this game and Jim Hostetler's replacement, the more difficult it becomes for Hostetler to re-emerge as the leader of the offense and they need him to come off quarterback Evans three four three off the accommodating bench in brown.
Thomas following him I can't wait to hear what Mike says at half time about doing this after being head coach I wonder what Dicky's comments will be about replacing Hostetler with Ben savage No personalities involved but what does that decision make him to the composition of the rest of football, everyone said about Wayne's source alliance, yes, in his indecisive manner and the quarterback situation in the executor trade from Detroit to the Jets 42-yard Simmons has something of his range The comparative numbers of 12 for Hostetler 405 and a touchdown for Vince Evans. Okay, the offense stirred up under Evans absolutely gives the man his credit, but it's a Jagger Band-Aid before James Jeb kicked this off.
He only weighs 165 pounds. He was not selected. from West Virginia played one senior year with the Mountaineers caught 19 balls was in Barcelona a member of the USA won the gold medal 4 for 100 relay and may be the fastest defending the ball outside of the 37th kick that's a good two minute warning penalized on a kickoff let's slow down James Jim this is possible I've talked to Freddie about Biletnikoff politics before the game and I Freddie said exactly what would you teach these kids with your lack of speed and he said that , basically, what I do is stay out of his way.
This kid is the fastest guy on his team. the extra point and a dreamer L takes the touchback at the 20 yard line well the Raiders have signed the rocket but they had a jet the whole time absolutely this is a double rotation zone and when you see the fake here , he's just confident enough and jet like he's got the stick in hand see the security support seen inside jets by everyone i mean without hesitation he catches the ball and Vince Evans certainly appreciates speed and catch that ever piles on him a bi The one yard pickup is all for Johnny Johnson on the first down and that will be one that Mr.
James jet will take home and be a keepsake to go along with that gold medal from Chiang from Barcelona Assasin's up and outbound goes Johnson with a five yard truck jeans applauding trappers another sprinter for Los Angeles Raiders beat uh Carl Lewis 100 meters less but I also asked for a hint Alexander the fastest man in the last two years He's not even the fastest guy on a team, now he gets the ball back with some time left, but they don't make a quickie of Esaias and the everlasting Malthus, who set dozens of collegiate records while starring at the University of New Mexico has a first down at the 44 18 yard line and it's a first down with 122 remaining in the half the Jets have two timeouts remaining the ladies Jets 77 kill first and ten at the 44 with Bert Thomas emotional and wide he and Johnson have another first down at the Raiders 42-yard line 13 more yards and no group for the Jets Rob Martin we understand sprained knee had three catches in this deep first half Esiason Mathis Well Cove red by the Washington market there you see his SAT numbers only once correct up now that it's been now it's the first map of the game in 16 SEC to come under Malthus and that will be another first in 29 so for the entry two more Terence Malthus in his cua New Mexico's nth year producing three catches, that's what the boomer told us.
We asked him about the comparison with the Fingals. He said I have the Super Bowl penguins. I have a deeper group of skilled athletes. He will be here. Anthony Smith Forces. the fumble that apparently has it later to say may have Esiason calling the time to indicate that if there is a gypsy who wants the watchhere, it's New York school, yeah, I think Mala Mala 75 was the guy who devised a comeback and then went forward, he's coming from behind, that's his eighth sack that registers as the sack is his eighth of the year Reynaldo turned below the Saints with a can't pick up the number yes, there's no question that New York plane has it and only 44 seconds left for the Jets to try to add to their 17-7 Blair Jets touchdown lead Thomas a 6-yard interception run return to O'Brien Washington from 62 yards on a 25 while Blanchard Vince Evans has hit 42 yards for the Lego Store moments ago under Malthus again and Terrance Malthus running freely tackled at the yard 27 that puts the Jets in field goal range.
Another 13-yard game. they sent out the field goal unit with 23 seconds left so it will be a 45 yard attempt officially 44 yard now the Raiders take time there the Raiders will mark time with 15 seconds remaining we would have been attempting a 45 yarder again graters we woo seven eight nine ten exactly no chance he'll just stream first minus here in the new order this year and this will be taken care of and now this is 45 to score that bottom end and the Raiders denied Nolan Harrison wears a 65 frame at center providing more defense lots of turnovers lots of penalties jets taking advantage enjoy a 17-7 lead will only lament the fact that it could have been more than 7s or even yes what i understand from you i would start with Hostetler even here to open the second one yes I think I would because the acquisition of Hostetler was a message to the team that we heard from a lot of players who s said that last year they did not.
Trust Jay shredder, he kept turning the ball over, they had a defensive feeling they had to play two games if they didn't have a chance to win well. Hostetler is the guy who brings in a high passer percentage and knows how to control the offense. -American in West Virginia you can throw anything to him and he's going to be able to take it, he moves a lot and protects the ball and when he has a couple of balls and he didn't. Vince Evans, who is the old backup here now, what does it do to his psyche and the rest of the players on the team?
I mean this is not a five game season. it's a 16 game season if you want to build for the rest of the season and for the next two, three or four years he's the Vince Evans guy he's not the Vince Evans guy he's there like the fixer like the Band-Aid you put on he's the Raiders official but produced it and her name Archelle he figured it'll give him a chance to continue leading the Raiders they just brought up something Hostetler couldn't do bit seven credit that's right no arguing so we all go deep along with Robinson early on as well as the other deep tacklers from the men's quarter to the 30-yard line Marcus Turner and others and Vince Evans will be the open quarterback the second half as we look at the official stats for the first half half of Coors Light and Total yardage is 185 to 197, so even enough are the four turnovers committed by the Raiders that led to all the points scored by the Jets, the 17 none of both teams were able to run a lot and if you look at the Raiders' numbers, those rushing yards. also includes a couple of good scrambles from Jeff Hostetler so they still average only three yards carry here was breaking Robinson as he was going for the guard tackle set and Bill picked one of those off the wrong stop with Kyle Clifton throwing a look at first half possessions for the Raiders interception and fumble, but then that Brian Washington 62-yard interception and that's when Hostetler got the hook and the fumble led to a field goal and finally to the touchdown drive designed by Vince Evans Evans. now we show Albie when things are going well in the vertical game and that's why Evan says the rocking chair here at Raider camp for so many years at the top and the Raiders are back in this game in their logic of beautiful Absolutely perfect lacing on outside foot for flanking receiver to pass to instead of throwing for five completions for 151 one reception partners 68 of them Alexandr right Raiders show speed and on top of screen on top from the screen you're going to see what happens it's man-to-man coverage Vince Evans reads it correctly and the best defensive coverage man and man the man on the jet Sabbath james rushed now i want to make sure you get this right it was like i asked what enough so fast it happened so fast look at this a little push from alexander right AC make the mistake of thinking it could be a hopeless out you said earlier for the last two seasons in the NFL the fastest man saw a little movement with his right arm it just gives him a little cushion, look at this young man's step perfectly pitched for five on sevens and again the quarterback looked up to the sky , this is beautifully thrown Leonard Marshall in his face from his back sees the catch and knows nobody's going to catch Alexander, Wright's first touchdown this season, so we've seen jet and right, absolutely burners, world class sprinters , Jets defense, 17:4, same thing, store, chance. mistake james trek securing for the raiders 37 but morale having troublesome brats with a son we had to back off a bit looks like a bounce off his face mask did an excellent job of recovery so the jets but it's very very position has johnny johnson out at the 12-yard line a pick-up for the vertical game of the Raiders we just say that sentence do you think Oakland or Los Angeles at 70 14 for uncompromised reception go down the little in the 10 years and 81 up in 89 moving 10.7 like the long game wasn't there in season 89 oh Jackson is here he's catching hard for Johnson getting through the tacklers and looks like he has a first down or close to one at the 18 look this is a big change don't it's all attributed to number 1 1 bit sevens his Evans performances put you in a very sore spot here and then lest the fans get us wrong I mean but Hostetler was here because they didn't think Eva ns was good, nebulous number one is like that. a team sport this is a long season you sign this guy for years not games he's the guy who's going to be alright for the Los Angeles Lakers now they gotta get their chin off the vodka Stoppers Jim Bakker's hostility the rest of the guys here want them to play but first down in inches the situation came back this time in inches they got a yard and a half from Johnson on a first down Winston Moss finally made the stop I think we talked a lot I think in the first half about the very aggressive passing game at the new york jets now with that big spoiler the score is 1714 and on top of that the fold last week of the jets against the philadelphia eagles the jets have to be a little conservative here no the underlying stuff works. by percentage go Piper fully accommodating moved the bets thirty-five, yes, Wallace, he was the only man who could have really denied Brad back through having yards to go, well, that would be generous to Carol.
I ran inside on Thornton lamp on nose tackle 74 Harrison but Wallace catches him from behind for little to no play I watched right on the 40,000+ 20 yard line at the Coliseum whose capacity was reduced this year to 67,000 so it's outside and Dwayne White is a proprietor in the center of the line of stores. I've been to Roger Duffy and Cal Dixon. Dixon is in the center and Duffy is a guard who hurts especially against his defense. You need a center guard combination. It's been a long time together and while Duffy is a good center and dictator who is in the center and um mix in here exactly what the Jets have fun Joe Kelly how sweet it is to leave the Jets as a good defensive decision here by the Raiders they come with the Blitz Aaron Wallis 51 Kelly 57 in coverage Baxter has bounced it right off his thigh board and gets the double makes the recovery a great field position for the Raiders which Bruce Gosselin said I like to kill the for worked.
Could that spot for him from Cincinnati to New York company but he took a beating this year and rewrote Marvin Jones he wasn't going to play so Baxter not making it to 25 a loss of six then sevens trying to help out, wait a minute he wasn't supposed to do that like me oh yeah I don't mind destroying him but I don't want a block because it's not my use Devin is watching with those knives they want to give me a long pass game please I have that one down looks at number 11 he makes contact yeah the runner is already close but what the hell? got a block Greg Robinson he only ran 12 yards today and nine seems to work throwing inside you know one thing about Vince Evans when you see him throw even at his age he still has that arm strength he throws a very tight spiral and throws those outs like a young man excellent mechanic.
That was when a wedding model was here, but that was right after Bobby Douglas, so everyone got into a fight with two Chicago Bears. Fifteen throws the ball. there for a possible touchdown which was Marcus Turner who couldn't get Evans to the turf look at the related trick Evans has with NH desperation and Lotte would like to have this one back he would certainly get his script right yes sir yes , that would have been 62 for the live crowd, Coaches and Jakers kicked through the end zone. Ronnie Lott, that was a ten point play, had a short touchdown out in the open if he intercepts the ball. goal and understandably lop unhappy with himself so he's tied at 17 an interception could have made it 24:14 and you know he wants it against these people in this ballpark now Janssen needs to be closely watched the effectiveness of that rebuilt offense line with Swaney and with injuries in the quick to his numbers meant for Johnny Mitchell that idea that there was a lot of contact there and Aaron Wallace is even if you see Mitchell flanked a lot of contact but that was inside five yards but when the ball is in the air you can't get your hands on him now it's interference right?
Aaron Wallis got away with it and I think we saw a small smile on his face. Jets head coach McLaughlin plays center of the Raiders defense and now what makes it even worse is against this defense with their pass rush you don't want a third down and that's exactly what the Jets have here. The Raiders are the last starters in the league. today with 238 239 rounding it out at 262 almost half the gun to the gist is a johnny mitchell any bullet on a good momentum keeping momentum on the thrown to the three to get out of this hole bye bye mitchell he's right through his hand ds at least five drops today by New York jet catchers that John Becca would have booked that baggy thread on his third Tim Brown the Raiders ten men in scrimmage for the Raiders beautiful max shooting 4:35 guess to name and then kicked off boundaries at the 40 for the misshot a penalty flag is down on the play Steve Smith called a personal foul and they called that from where he was fielded by Tim Brown at the 35 so it takes all the way to the 20 so the Jets they get a total of 60 yards from that punt and penalty from their 22 LA 20 today in the National Football League the Cincinnati Bengals scared Kansas City and the Chiefs finally at home prevailing 1715 five goals s field for the Bengals starting all at the Jets favor making 17 points off turnovers and then: The Hostetler benched Vince Evans with a long 42-yard touchdown throw from the Bowl to James Kid and opened the second half with a 68-yard bomb to Alexander right to tie it at 17 w With a 42-yard field goal from Jagger talking long ball look who's there rocket for some sevens talking long ball yeah yeah but what I liked about talking to Ismail yesterday was his youthful enthusiasm that he taught for 10-15 minutes and a smile.
You never left me You're right. Very happy to be here. He returns to Notre Dame in the off-season. patterns work as deep as there is an injury on the pitch. I think Robinson is notable because what they're doing is just in adulterated Chiron speed. Robin said the ball carrier is still down. Robinson 17 hard-earned yards on ten carries today and one fumble. while they're tending to the rookie runner we're going to take this break 9:20 left in the third he Robinson on the screen James hears him report he's going to come in from the left there's the first forward zone man looking left almost helmet- a - Helmet Hasty was also injured, but is hot and playing, just as Robinson cuts time.
The facemask against the Jets nearly ripped his helmet off. You see Ronnie, only in karate movies. Can you use your helmet against an opponent? Mississippi pass and what a family football line that is as many brothers have played CLE Montgomery played with writers and other teams but of course the best of Montgomerys Wilbert who was a professional running backwith the Philadelphia Eagles for different brothers the Montgomery plans to reach the NFL and only the darkest of his group could not make that claim for the dick. Now you see, with those deep pitches, it loosened up the coverage a bit and things underneath now work.
Horton runs the rat he passes you can look through the screen they have unique coverage with Bobby Houston chasing him great shot from Vince Evans those two long passes have changed the attitude of the New York Jets five back defense there's a lot more room underneath now and this is a Mad Bomber down second forever Leonard Marshall tie offside former giant invasion number 70 defense five-yard penalty first Marshall signed one day after Ronnie signed with the Jets as an unrestricted free agent, three tons of Pro Bowler with the Giants and followed the Jets' defensive coordinator pointing out the new plan on the Raiders' first down at their 47-yard line nearly snapping the Jets out of their blitz good speed attitude now that they're scared to death of running the line.
Yard line It's been a day of bad news in terms of NFL injuries Let's go to New York Jim Lampley when we understand that Drew Bled too soe has been injured Patriots this is Jeff see and well jets out in the world to drive Steinberg crazy I'm Jeff. I gave the Jets no gifts, but he was there as a free agent. Yes, that's a good question. ball to quarterback lock him up at 56 look at him right here he's standing right the other way hey jet sees him on sevens doesn't change his mind go up there with the fatties and the fatties Pass the Blitz from Oh he was still inside the tackle.
I have it stressed. down you need to make it clear passing near or past the line of scrimmage is as the moe lewis 57 rule book says it's intact it's just outside the hash market so clears the tackle but snyderman slingshot points to us. the ball didn't make it to the last scrimmage and in a jet to the 18th to the 22nd part where the Jets will have a chance to break this 17th all time six and a half minutes to the third period it's amazing what they call jewelry nothing we had shot seven 6 :36 lockers just t too good terry mcdaniel is manthis now this boom has to go to shorter stuff now with that line rebuilt do you think so i think sonia let's move the cheese type of offense that's waiting on your right hand McDaniel had great coverage, he bit the hand a lot and in the first five yards the receiver couldn't punt the defender and the boomer was waiting for him he finally got up he didn't get intercepted this is unsatisfactory for him to turn but with all that work he gains only two yards that is the offense is having some problems here one I don't think boomer has a lot of confidence in the offensive line now to protect him the head coach knows that so he has to tone it down a little bit or go over the short stuff the 3 -step stuff to try to get you can see in the last three possessions the jets are gone i was the line of scrimmage the flower catches his own pass mclaughlin hides the clock 91 is coming back in a picture boomers looking down the middle you can' when I see you I'm good oh I was wide open makes tackle see weeks e91 raise your arm left side is green that's the second time he's done it Boomer again today, lose yardage and owe me Adam. yes he did let's get the Muran or seven yard line hello beautiful spiral this 33 down at the 49 a flag is down Richie Anderson makes the stop 49 yard punt 16 on the return and the air flag is back on the line slam - dick number 52 is holding on the receiving team we got a 10-yard penalty on the post-possession file on first down and the penalty then negates Brown's 16-yard return.
They mark it from where Brown caught the ball and now it's 84 yards and penalties against the Raiders, who will continue to have more yards marked. walk for the officials than they earned rushing in the first five games 21 yards to big jet I don't blame yes Raiders against illegal hands to faith number 96 defense five yards added at the end of the run first down mark pistol you can be an official you know the eyes of a bug eagle i don't want to be there close enough to be an officer look at the right side 96 hand on face mask on max Montoya illegal flag thrown big pick up the Raiders 17 all score l ater 37 of the jets and evans oh 38 still got young legs 14 pirate meth it sure looked to me like it was designed yeah I don't think there's any doubt it was designed a good downfield block that proves that's exactly what they had in mind just slow down the pass rush now that this second half has belonged to the Raiders 17-7 Jets at the half, then a quick 68-yard drive from Evans to Alexander to right converted a ball He's loose and that's unable to move and here comes the Raider that cut at 35 when Ronnie Lot came up to finish the deal Marvin Jones also at tackle for 20 left in the third those two long catches almost don't have this jet defense for what they wanted to do they have really slowed down not a lot of hit and run anymore it seems a bit tentative the second and the eight are not enough for the first try but the fans love the fact that maybe when the lairs of spiders are close to 27 eva could be player of the week in the nfl if this continues 9 to 11 and he has almost 200 yards off the bench this is a remarkable story here now he said come on bring me that plan we are hot come on don't me stop here I have the momentum dinner constantly but it won't hurt as much since the Raiders win and they can't finish the play in time Evans will spend the timeout 3:07 remaining in the third which is really important on the field 17 all shop 309 to go on the 3 and the Los Angeles Raiders offense waking up here in the second half Vince Evans the key as the Jets suffer two major injuries to the center of their line manager five yards total this gives scary Ramos at 19 Bryan Washington finally gets him on the ground nice lead block by Steve Smith number 35 Ethan Horton 88 max Montoya 65 coming out and Bell at that size at 250lbs doing an excellent interesting job now that Tony Page is retired I think this guy is the best black blocker is the NFL and he means those guys he has to say hello Like Offerdahl he gets Brian a lot yeah pepper.
Johnson Walker gets that £250 in the future and the debt to reduce it. He is within 15 again. he wanted to play so much that the potato said look you want to play you have to play fullback and he said blocking hurts short man and you have to have courage hit head first so it always hurts but you got it. trying to block because he's coming as hard as you want to hit that intercept fifty-four Marvin Jones rookie Florida State had his eyes on that one that was meant to get Ethan Horton close you're right he was very close Vince Sands still He throws it real hard and he knows oh wait a minute I wish I had that back he just gets away with it just the third misfire from Evans who is 9 of 12 now 204 total yards throwing his career of 14 yards in the seminars. and he gets intercepted right at number r 55 Bobby Houston Houston his first interception of the year and that's the pattern that has plagued Vince Evans.
He's had great quarters and even some great games, but some nasty pitches and interceptions come up and that's the way it is on this Drive, yeah, dick up that particular one. Throwing, it was a good story that played out here, you'll see the tight end break free from scrimmage to run and then Tim Brown is the intended receiver and actually Houston does a great job, only Vince Evans throws him wrong and gives the New York Jets has a chance to regain control of their tackle deepening our own hand second in 17 finding some running room is Johnny Johnson Johnson with nearly ten yards on the block right in front of the two men where substitutes Duffy and Dixon look at you You can see our shudder after Vince Evans' release and you can see that he's looking directly at Vince Evans.
What are you doing? Just take the ball, sit down, we'll take the field goal, don't make a mistake there. as animators will we ever see our show come out of their yes that's absolute you can have when it comes to our gel about your two hour a week movie for them that's all you have there in fact we asked to Jeff Hostetler. the difference between Dolph ourselves, his former coach Willie Giants and hardshell, he said because it is the exact opposite of each other. I'll give you what he said, the court felt it was very nice, second and defense, Brad Baxter denied when Wallace went from linebacker to help. in the boarding, you mentioned Hostetler in the comparison between Bill Parcells, an art exhibit and Hostetler said that when it came to Bill Parcells, he played mind games first.
Famer is he let you plan not to while listening to it, while Parcells gets into your mind two different ways to make a successful short, let's identify it's another little spot right there. Oh jerk Johnny M. itchell was four yards beyond you the linebacker was wide open now they're trying to get to they're trying to see what happens here he goes out here wide you can see where they throw him on the floor but watch out right there, oh, there he is, right there, there's the man on the cover and they dump him here on the floor, oh my gosh, wait till they see that one on tape and it looks like they got the friendly spot, boy, all that once was that important place. in the second time the fans here in los angeles felt too generous to the jets in favor the final seconds will pass here probably sooner well no boomer will try to get a tiebreaker before the end of the quarter that's six trucks in the game burkett it's the culprit this time so the boomers had the ball the players the receivers haven't treated them well we'll be back after these messages from their local restriction week the new york jets building a bigger lili was 21 nothing last week against the eagles 217 nothing ng today and the Eagles rallied from the win the Raiders rallied to tie as we go into the fourth quarter relatives with Bob Shrum p-please stick with us sunny Southern California Jets second from there 23 as he walks out of the backfield with the cats is coming Johnny Johnson Lionel Washington makes the inning first and Johnson has been the Jets offense for the last two quarters and it is possible e that they have discovered something here. the route that got linebacker coverage which is Joe Kelly 57 picked him up and eventually assists in the tackle, but that's something the Jets can go up now, ms. best field position for the Jets sine on a long time trade to Johnson who has a production of about three and a half Johnson over 100 yards now has 51 rushing yards on 53 yards receiving this kid was a robbery for the white babies who couldn't find a place. him playing their offense is beyond me any johnnie is also an absolutely outstanding basketball player and college too for san jose state six shortstop again then it will be a first down pool johnson again oh oh just getting him out of the backfield Esiason's really fast stuff doesn't call for the rebuilt line to protect him for a long period of time.
Boomer Esiason's short drop is a very high completion percentage and you can see the pattern right here and everything you're trying to do is clear. people come out with the move and just hope he can get in there and it's a simple completion of someone missing a tackle it ends up being a twelve or fifteen yard gain so Johnson with six catches today now has 20 catches this year with success, so Adrienne Morelle this time number 29 and Bruce Kosslyn told us yesterday that this guy from West Virginia confirmed that it's so exciting that we have to do everything to find a way to achieve it he does a good job here of bouncing off the call from place to go inside runs through Townsend tackle that's a good job usually a young back will cut outside bounces outside too early and the chase catches him he got it there sucked the defense then bounced out 11 yards on that carry He's used it sparingly, but he's averaging 6 1/2 yards per rush.
Nice to meet you, but it's just him back in the line of scrimmage. Greg Townsend the man who invaded the Jets backfield will be a Yard loss yes this Raiders defensive front they use a lot of predetermined lean moves and you can see there the strength of the formation or the wide side of the field and, at times, Cunningham has the defensive coordination. r says you know we're going to blow you up sometimes you're going to blow us up just for leans that would work with the DFS halve the compares and size just to get it away receiver morale didn't look at the time ronstan moss passed clearly on 3rd down and 11 are probably out of field goal trains would take a lot more Blanche time from this spot Esiason needs some yards of attention you know the ref was standing there right in the middle of the picture he didn't make a move I thinkhe thought it was going to be a fumble he was looking at that like it was a fumble he rolled a sack maybe the umpire had ended the play with a whistle ok we'll see the umpire because he's on palmer's left side see if he gets in the picture and at some point again well i think it got out of hand i really do, there's the ref look he hasn't given any signal the refs here on the left are looking at the ref on the right well, you lose look at the ref here bottom corner i think he got out of hand oh in the pandas a gr and this one drove down the sidelines to the right at the 17 yard line by Anthony Pryor so with 11 minutes 7 seconds to go still tied at 17 political same probs is just over 40,000 for this game surprisingly low amount considering two teams are really bad two and two reasons Houston bills Pakal let's go NFL live Jim Lampley in New York, the playing quarterback suddenly finds his friend Testaverde getting the job, so things start to boil.
Cleveland that's a solid relationship what he is at all those prices third down and ten for the Raiders fathers or you can't back down now just beyond the line of scrimmage when he threw it you retired he knew he made the mistake and that it's a loss until the one jets player who got in his way of a 10 yard scramble knowing he needed 10 thought he couldn't make it and already crossed the line - scrimmage is about nineteen remember that and again that's where there's the ball now in the NFL and not necessarily player position but once you cross the 19 yard line there you go the 220 bus you can't fold it's a five yard penalty and loss of a down setting up a fourth down for the Raiders so Terrence manthis returns again at the Jets 40-yard line, well this game is intended for the scoring to play out at least on the Jets side starting at loss ball ace and then the Raiders capitalize to tie the field goal here in the second half. and as we move into fourth grade with ten minutes to go, one wonders if it won't be a break that will prepare the winning school.
That's an excellent point and it's been so long since the Jets have really made a sustained drive early on. the game if you weren't with us they were marching down the field the raiders have made the defensive adjustments and the offense has been very difficult for the jet system jeff guys it's a punt jeff hostetler shot in the second quarter with the ability of the raiders nothing ng well marked by the gossip wrapped up in the boolean 42 yard McCallum looking for timeout to steal with ten thirteen jets to go with a tied ball at 17 this game is really typical of how the afc has gone three weeks no undefeated cities in the football conference these two teams are two and two tied at 17 really its a wide open race would i show up on the afc side yeah and i'm not sure i'm very happy about all these byes because the jets have a next week one of the things it does is if you have momentum it kills it when the bike comes and if you're struggling for X week of practice I'm not sure it cures anything so you're right it's very open and there's a lot of time left in this season and I think the Raiders, if they've done well, maybe they've given the coaches too much time to think they'd always be around.
I think the quarterback fumbled tied at 17 and at the 44-yard line is Brad Baxter and from the Coliseum we welcome those who are watching the San Diego Pittsburgh game where the Steelers win 16-3 here at 17- 17 the Jets scored the first 17 and then Vince Evans replacing starting quarterback Jeff Hostetler rallied the Raiders with long ties five minutes to go sai-san is quite a beautiful 28 item stretching all the way to the FortiGate at the Raiders near a brand new first floor as you watch Cal State Fullerton's Robocop up close we must point to the newly joined us the Jets working behind a makeshift line starting center gym sweat started by Waverider birthed a terrific wife critical center that offensive line in front of us and it looked like he had more but johnny johnson dried up ex jet joe kelly hope it was an offensive struggle for the jetsons midway in the second quarter all the Jets points coming from turnovers won a 62-yard touchdown return from a Brian Washington interception plus home it's all in the past the failure of a boomers while dropping his receivers has been guilty of idols drop Mitchell at the 28-yard line Second-year tight end Johnny Mitchell first down for the Jets This is his best drive since the first half and he comes back to the meeting and says boomer all day throw me the ball we're up on a 150 acre farm in Mississippi raised 22 year old nice mother 99 of winston moss a linebacker at the 26 yard line a gain of a par was intercepted by the Raiders looks flashy will be close to a first down tackled around the 17th by Joe Kelly now there's an excellent job of reading the defense watching the Blitz Mitchell go around and make the catch. knows the blitz is there boomer stays there and completes here's the tight end right here running back will drop under on come back through woops fast makes the reception ring first down ankles ring it was a first down brat baxter baxter - birney comes out at about the 10-yard line near another first down while washington saves the touchdown gives the answer and good second effort Johnny Johnson has the first down his first and goal outside the six-yard line Hoskins and McDaniel and the radar The secondary makes the staff and the Jets close to truly something special.
I agree that they are very close to being an exceptional football team. This is a quality. Yes, Ottawa, the assistant. As of today 42,000 155 surprisingly low crowd for what seemed to be an attractive fashion. You're talking about the New York Jets and what kind of team you are. Remember in 1992 that in a period of nine days they lost Lonnie, young Dennis Burt and much more. to the injuries that ended the requirements we'll walk them and they blew out their knee they were trying to insert a rookie quarterback that seared Nagel and it didn't work out and that's why they were for the club this year a lot of parts are there second and Goal Messiah, one of the new come plate, no fly, incidental contact, turns Malthus with Lionel Washington in the end zone, will make it one way or another for 40 remaining and is out of bounds to the three-yard line , although it turns out that Carrie Blanchard will attempt a field goal it is nothing more than a Hut extra point many different things hope to get three points but at least some control of the game back offensively for the Jets 20 Blanchard one of two today and the Jets they recover the advantage22:17 the Raiders have four twenty-nine left to spare and there are two timeouts left for our chels Club Ben sevens for Jeff Hostetler about to have the opportunity to win his team great game to be in your hands against tough jet defenses Aguiar has a Tita only has a two step approach and this one is returnable well they're done enough since we got kicked off the pad here in LA the last two weeks didn't have much but you can see the potential with it in the open field they fight for that here between the two the rocket wins the battle and the only thing i can guarantee you don't want to do with the ismail rocket is lose an inning which is what last thing you want to do and they do an excellent job of finally putting him down, so Vince Evans, a 38-year veteran quarterback for the Los Angeles Raiders, has him at the 28-yard line, two timeouts and 417 to call the non-incomplete cats at the 38-yard line was right there for Tim Brown Derrick Thomas covering at the c The Jets winner, frankly, I don't know and the graters have a great spot today.
Evans hit right Alexander 68 yards for a touchdown and in the first half Dec refugees 42 yards very good Smith was the target Bobby Houston made the play was an excellent linebackers for the Jets will be Clifton, veteran Houston and Lewis, and then the backup, number one pick now third in 10 showing blitz you're good five in a row after a hot first stock sound going to Jeff Eric Thomas Be hard to forget. James, jet rookie, West Virginia, free agent. laps buys the Plouffe Hey and Vince Evans puts it right on Shenandoah Junction's money jet West Virginia 100 relay gold medal winner was second in the NCAA one hundred 200 meter final a year ago at the Graves Skies and Annika for the first time okay Jim and Bill Parcells the taxi returning young radar receivers Vangie performance today James jet and rocket Ismail again look at the room at Derrick Thomas 22 he's smelling you and you though young you can't call him a experienced I mean he did everything in the seatbelt returned punts ran the ball receiving so that field was 60 yards wide if they had to kick a field goal now it would be less than 50 Bell hits the half to the 28 yard line which it'll take us to the two minute timeout two minutes left for the Raiders and the field goals to rain down the Jets lead by three Jeff now with four catches to the 15 yard line and the clock is ticking dude like overtime bad dito shell doesn't want to tie here I don't think this is a chance for him to get a win but if they don't rush I mean make it easy to set up here for people going to a Raiders timeout I think. this will also be a running dive into devon king's bathroom for something bigger than they do 32 seconds rename the final timeout nice and with the weak expression of a worried New York Jets sit on the sidelines last week up 21 nothing one escape Philadelphia Eagles today leading 17 nothing and now 2017 threads let's make a defensive team Vienna stop the Raiders or at the 7 yard line first and goal no timeouts for the Raiders 32 seconds and Bob Trembley one would expect a couple of shots to the end zone nan briscoe run here the transition field goal team might blow the opportunity and that's true except with the speed they have a wide receiver our first comes to mind here you have this Jets men now it's Jim Brown you have to throw in the end zone no doubt they committed to the trial in washington in washington thirty long enough time knows the second and the evidence nance of the goal seems like he just wants to set up and get the ball down yeah now officials because the Jets were slow to get there the clock didn't start don't.
I'm sure women, the referees coming in we're going to have an adjustment on the local clock here, the league sets the official time as on the scoreboard, but it stayed on the field, the game thinks it never started, there should be seven seconds. on the clock seven seconds the head linesman has the HL watch on his back now how is he doing second and the flag is going to drop on the clock is going to start immediately big chance here sevens as soon as the ref walks away from the football on the middle of picture the clock will start now it should start to start for the second week in a row gents we ran away 72 yards eleven plays the whole time but for seconds 420 and it was Evans arm and here it is scrambled Nick this is Tim Brown's past he runs a simple square on drive you should see him appear here in the medial areas and Jim Brown has been waiting for a long time Ronnie Lott in coverage stopped just short of Brian Washington and Kyle Clifton saving the brown touchdown on the outside looks the cle ar out by Chet 82 and then Ronnie Lott sees Jim Brown standing there, great tackling job to keep him out and then from the split backs the Raiders run the candy: Ethan Horton at 88 good bull by max Montoya Steve Smith with a big block and Nick Bell in the end zone for what looks to be the game-winning touchdown Nick Bell, who hadn't been injured all season in preseason, finally healthy enough like to see some duty today at 250 lbs, Raiders in the end zone for apparent victory and Evans who's been looking to the sky has found divine assistance today and how many questions will it take after this game before anyone asks him to Archelle who is your starting quarterback so it's kickoff time and you can be sure jakers is only going to pull one along not actually going to lift the air start here unlike Wow , he didn't have to run and then the rallying force Vince Evans, what a day for him.

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