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10 Things You SHOULD Be Buying at Costco in May 2023

May 21, 2023
Here are the top 10






at Costco this May


, and there's a huge selection of new deals for every corner of your home. these three drawer tool chests in red but have you seen it with a powder coat finish, soft close drawers and a padlock compatible design for $59 with Mother's Day and Father's Day just around the corner from the corner? This is a solid contender for one very popular product to another. it's a 15 pack of Prime hydration drinks at 19 I walked by a bunch of college students the other week they each drank this drink looked like they were part of a commercial in this pack you get three different flavors you for the price per bottle at Costco is $25 compared to the $1.88 per bottle you'd pay at Walmart and while we're on the subject of drinks, I love this 25-liter 8-liter beverage dispenser with a steel faucet stainless steel and a support.
10 things you should be buying at costco in may 2023
It cost you forty three Amazon dollars and this one doesn't even have a stand We start point two with a solid made in the USA pack of 15 of these full size steamer pans for 14.69 this stacks best with dog skewers Hot Burgers I'll have grill deals in a bit. I was looking at a three pack of these T-Fal Titanium Nonstick Fry Pans for thirty bucks. You get a small, a medium and a large. They're great, but I noticed they're unfortunately not induction ready, so we may have to skip these for our home at forty bucks off through May 21.
10 things you should be buying at costco in may 2023

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10 things you should be buying at costco in may 2023...

It's the professional countertop oven for foodies at $140. This is an all-in-one that can grill, bake and air fry and it does a masterful job with pizza from the same brand is a very popular double pot. At first glance, it's priced pretty high at $150, but that's because this Brew machine has a built-in frother compared to the Target price, which is supposedly on sale. Costco is still much cheaper. a brand I'm not too familiar with called you I like the stainless steel three piece strainer set for twenty bucks it has a nice design that can rest on your countertops while you use it .3 it's perfectly timed with grilling season and I'll start off with an upgrade on this Weber Spirit grill to a 550.
10 things you should be buying at costco in may 2023
It's got a new digital temperature display and all sorts of settings right on what looks like a side shelf to make this product even more appealing if you prefer a functional Weber Genesis side burner. 2 is a hundred bucks off right now to $800. That's a typical promo price you see this time of year and while it does have three burners, if you'd rather go the charcoal route, this digital charcoal grill built by masters at 650 it's garnished for the price this is Wi-Fi compatible with an accompanying app its accessories include a smoker and pizza oven how awesome this Kirkland six burner grill at 900 got most of the attention from shoppers when i visited my local store it has a nice aesthetic but i appreciate the features of a top burner for grilling lighted led knobs in case you are barbecuing in the dark this is a nice stainless steel construction and if you are more of a fan of the pellet grill, the Traeger pellet grill right here at 8 30 is down by a hundred bucks until my birthday which falls on May 10th.
10 things you should be buying at costco in may 2023
Once you've tasted that wood-fired flavor, it can be hard to go back before it reveals a transformation of sorts taking place at Costco in the number four spot. they may be mini size but they taste big they are 24 small confetti cookies for 10 bucks this is a birthday cake flavor that incorporates white chocolate chips this is a must buy this month as far as i am concerned the internet seizes has gone crazy for these nine dollar blueberry lemon loaves that I can best describe as a lemon cake which he did beautifully with a blueberry muffin and produced this Majestic Kirkland Offspring called simply Mini Blueberry Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches Loaf the Mad are back at twelve bucks which gives you a 36 pack and if you're a dessert eater like me 36 goes by real quick. they love a refreshing dessert, especially when it's patriotic, especially with Memorial Day and the 4th of July right around the corner and finally, from the desert aisle is a six pack of these caramel macchiato cups a the 11 that have returned in their reusable souvenir cup that are made in italy made me very happy they are balanced, decadent but not overwhelming in the number five spot is a plethora of plants to the point where i couldn't recognize certain aisles of my Costco local the ecological transformation that has occurred overwhelmed me to the point where there are so many plants I don't even know what to recommend but if you're looking to find your tropical spirit here you go and while you're at it if you're looking to add some air circulation to your new The $50 Greenhouse the Vornado Air Circulator is a very popular fan that would obviously work for any other area of ​​your home.
It has a remote control, tilts, and is very well reviewed. If you need to stock up on sunscreen, a three-pack of bananas. Since there are three, maybe I


say that a banana boat is five dollars off until May 14 at 13 and while we're talking about the great outdoors, if you're a dog owner, you might be interested in this chuckit launcher. It includes two ball launchers. and according to the package description four balls but i count five so maybe one is a bonus or someone has a counting problem and as a final offer to any four legged friend or family member this raised dog canopy is nifty at thirty bucks you get a large pet bed with a removable canopy its very clever and i love the way it looks as summer can unfortunately bring some inclement weather in place number six is ​​a new gas generator electric start this is down a hundred bucks right now making its price is 900 bucks this is capable of delivering great power in a potential time of need I wanted to draw your attention to the highly competitive price of this eight eight DeWalt wet dry vac gallons If you've looked for one of these at Home Depot or Lowe's, you'll know that this $90 price tag attached to this eight gallon gallon is a great option and perhaps something you'd want to have at the start of spring cleaning season and from a vacuum that would be great for your garage to car maintenance this gallon of Turtle fifteen dollar wax smells like green apple and has arrived in time for car wash season.
The extremely popular fabulous brand has arrived at Costco in the form of this 210-ounce all-purpose cleaner that costs $10, the same price at Walmart. get 160 ounces which is 41 ounces less than what you would get from Costco for the same ten bucks and I wanted your help in this next article. I noticed back in March that Costco featured a copy of Dawn Advanced Dish Soap and I wanted to know if you had tried it, like it, let me know in the comments section because it's four bucks cheaper than the exact same size. seen often at a greek or mediterranean restaurant but not


a two pound package of stuffed vine leaves is 1169 brand new indian butter chicken looks delicious where you get four 10 ounce bags for sixteen bucks which equals at around four bucks a meal the authentic Italian gnocchi stuffed with tomato and mozzarella at 889 only further reinforces the Costco member perk: you get constant exposure to high-quality international foods, which brings me to this 10-pack. carnitas and cheese pupusas at 15.89 this box weighs over three pounds and if you prefer crispy beef tacos for 17 you get 16 shredded beef tacos Kirkland's sous vide pork belly is more expensive at 7.29 a pound but ready to go eat and smoked with hickory. 49 might be lovely if you want a product with some spice and bridging the sweet and spicy realms even further, it's Mango Habanero Sausage at 14 for 12 links and for those who aren't opposed to the marriage of fruit and spice. meat, chicken sausages with bacon and pineapple are fifteen dollars. for 15 links if you just can't get enough pizza rolls a 160 count of Totino's Pizza Rolls is 11.39 at Costco we are at Walmart the largest pack for a 130 count is 12.34 so once again you are sure which at least gets top rated deal at


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Point eight includes some personal safety and a word of caution that I'll get to in a moment, but first. If you're out and about this summer or for fun times like coming back from a night out or enjoying a game of basketball on your driveway in the dark, a $30 motion-activated security light from Coda could be a product to consider. Caution comes with this three-pack of automatic ring cameras for two hundred dollars and while this is a solid price thanks to that fifty dollar promo reduction if you can wait a little longer for Amazon Prime day which usually takes place in the mid to late summer You'll likely save a little more with an eight bucks off $22.
This 13-inch ceiling light could be useful for any area of ​​your home. You can set this for precise lighting levels of coolness or brightness to match other lamps. This 14-in. The Edison powered LED lantern is 29 I love the design that balances modern solar technology with this traditional sense of Nostalgia lantern at almost 30 feet It's a retractable garden hose reel for 140 bucks This allows you to stop at any desired length you Supports wall mounting and if you don't need a fully retractable system, this compact 100ft garden hose is new in 49, lightweight and kink resistant and while we're on the subject of your garden, to avoid expensive installation fees. have a spray from the company for you Wanted to mark this homemade bug repellent product, a two-pack of this Ortho bug repellent spray is $18 off, which is a seven dollar reduction through May 15.
The next item on my list begins with a cause for celebration as far as I'm concerned, the extremely popular one. The men's floppy sandals that are finally back in stock at 17 are some of the most amazing comfortable sandals I've ever worn, they're available in either brown or black and the cult following continues with these fifteen dollar women's Flo Jo's two options color available that are worth it. price of admission i should mention that none of this content is sponsored nor paid by costco to make this video one of my greatest joys in life is finding pants that look more presentable than your typical sweatpants that happen to be almost or just as comfortable So I love these Kirkland 18 Men's Five-Pocket Performance Pants.
They're made up of a stretchy, breathable material in three different colors that might work for some nicer occasions. Do you know what a culotte is? I didn't know but they are a combination of the words skirt and shorts and thanks to Elizabeth for taking the time to explain this fifteen dollar product that kind of intimidated me and overwhelmed me as a person before I got to a bustling bonus section from My next item is an eight pack of kitchen towels. I know kitchen towels aren't exactly wild, but just wait, there are 14 of them, which works out to a dollar seventy-nine per towel.
I love the color choices, it felt very high quality and as I'm sure you know I feel like you can never have enough kitchen towels, especially if you bake. I love the price of this two-pack of queen memory foam pillows, thirty bucks, they come with two cool-to-the-touch pillowcases that happen to be machine washable with no segway at all. to our next product other than that it's also a great price it's a 10 foot LED umbrella for one hundred and fifty dollars the integrated LEDs are built right into the top panel of the umbrella which is fantastic for ambient lighting and, To top it off, it's solar powered, so it's ready to go after one exposure to sunlight.
No wiring required. I experienced profound discomfort reading the price of this five-piece woven sectional set for $2200. I present it only because it is new, although it is not something I would buy. Which ties into this final product before the bonus section, one of the best money saving tips I can offer is to invest in a laser printer. I'm not a big fan of the $490 price point of this HP color LaserJet Pro though, so if I'd like to see an alternative I'll link to one on screen using the YouTube shopping tool and now for the bonus section where It's not often that you find a new one.tequila offering under the Kirkland brand Kirkland tequila has become very well known and coveted and a liter of what is called Reposado tequila, you can correct my pronunciation in the comments section, it is eighteen dollars and while we are on the subject of Kirkland, have created their own version of those Five Hour Energy bottles you often see at gas stations. or at the grocery store a 48 pack of the regular version will be thirty five bucks at Costco or 39 for extra strength if you bought the brand name version elsewhere a regular 48 pack is almost 60 bucks compared to the 35 bucks it would cost paying at Costco and there you have it thanks for watching love you bye

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