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WWE SVR 2011 | Road To Wrestlemania All Cutscenes Full Movie PS3/Xbox 360 1080p

Feb 04, 2022
What does man have to do to have a rest? I'm Chris Jericho. I'm WWE Championship material and the WWE Universe knows he shouldn't be wasting his time in bottom feeder slums like this good-for-nothing cute grout joke. Michael Cole, I heard what you said at the beginning of the show, if you think I don't have what it takes anymore, get in the ring and I'll show you why I'm still the best in the world at what. Yeah, hey, I'm not a WWE superstar, I'm an announcer, so get in this ring and interview me. Come on, do your job, okay, mr.
wwe svr 2011 road to wrestlemania all cutscenes full movie ps3 xbox 360 1080p
Jericho, but how do you feel after beating Santino one day after losing to who? Do you think you're asking me about that fake decision last night? be alright Michael yeah yeah I think if Jericho wanted to get the attention of the champions you certainly got it at Royal Rumble as often happens I had the odds against me my career my livelihood was on the line but one once again, Chris Jericho overcame obstacles improved once and For all that, I am the best in the world at what I do and I have gold to prove it, what can I say?
wwe svr 2011 road to wrestlemania all cutscenes full movie ps3 xbox 360 1080p

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wwe svr 2011 road to wrestlemania all cutscenes full movie ps3 xbox 360 1080p...

I'm a title mogul and I'm poised to attract another triple H championship. I'm coming. for you and when I lose I'll give you an autograph later Triple H the game I'm completely focused on you you have bigger concerns in Triple H a week ago you stole my WWE champion tonight I'll get my revenge when I break you in half this I don't know It's about championh ips, it's about my revenge, well it's your funeral, great show, what do you think you're doing, Jericho, that's my championship, Jericho, Jericho, time's up for games, you stole my Championship from WWE, enter cheap to win it or convince me of some impossible stipulation? you just went and grabbed it and ran, what a cowardly act even for you, there are two ways we can do this Jericho either you come out here on your knees and lay the title at my feet or I'll take it back myself and I. i will make a statement in the process you wanted my attention well now you have my attention you have to live to regret it jericho where is that is my tummy i deserve it music for jericho take back the mansion from jericho's tip still but he got some revenge do you think that chris is mine he really believes it's his title with jericho fix immaterial king the cerebral assassin will not rest until the wwe championship title is back in his hands mr.
wwe svr 2011 road to wrestlemania all cutscenes full movie ps3 xbox 360 1080p
McMahon, I just cut to the chase, Chris, why did you do that? McMahon don't play dummy with me, you stole the WWE championship behind the back of the champions during a live televised match, honestly mr. McMahon I took the money to be champion because well I think I deserve it Triple H would not give me a shot at the title he is afraid of me the type of champion is the one we recognize as WWE Champion unlike you who acted like a common thief Now if you don't mind, give me the championship right now, otherwise it'll be fine, listen sir, I know you're a smart businessman, I'm a valuable talent, but I see your position here, I'll gladly return the championship to you.
wwe svr 2011 road to wrestlemania all cutscenes full movie ps3 xbox 360 1080p
I just asked about the match I deserve in Elimination Chamber, how big would that be? The pay-per-view numbers would skyrocket, alright, Jericho. I'll be okay with this for now. Thank you sir, you're welcome. welcome to a match tonight something to get you in the championship mood something like you say to make the ratings skyrocket you're sorry chris jericho just got intentionally disqualified i guess we know what kind of champion jericho will be now cole to the jericho cheater nor did he try too k the easy way out retains the WWE Championship in a jet pick ality what a coward why don't you do what you've done all your lives you pathetic parasites sit down shut the fuck up and do exactly what you're told , everything's fine? with the world and yet you hypocrites still complain.
I am once again the WWE Champion and have even been kind enough to bring back the most popular show in Monday night television history. able to secure a guest worthy of the honour, instead try not to be too disappointed when I welcome my guests tonight, Triple H, welcome to the highlight reel and hear those hangers-on cheer you on, hunter, it's because, like parasite, they identify with you now. I wanted to know your thoughts, hunter. I am passing the torch. You should be proud to know that the title is held by someone much more talented and deserving than you.
Later tonight in this ring. I'll show you what you can do. or with your torch, I have no idea what you did but Chris Jericho just did, we hope Triple H is ok, the medical staff is attending to Triple H, yes, it goes without saying that there will be no rematch tonight, our current champion Chris Jericho. he's done some despicable things since he captured the title, one of which was nearly blinding Triple H last week. I announced that those two will meet in six days at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship. I decided to put the two of you in a match where we can be sure of having a decisive winner and ultimate WWE Champion that match is going to be hell on this set ladies and gentlemen it looks like Triple H has returned to these Brawleys backstage with his WrestleMania opponent, it's a war to come back here, he shouldn't have.
Come back Triple H I'm not done with you yet Jericho look hunter I know you're mad about what happened six days Chris you have six days to see you at WrestleMania Chris Chris can you hear me are you okay if you thought Jericho deserved to be champion sooner or not no one can argue that he doubts that he is really the WWE Champion. You don't have to like Chris Jericho, but you do after respect and speaking of respect with everything that has happened between them. Why is Big Show? celebrating with Jericho he is a winner the loot goes Michael and Jericho are absorbing him look at Triple H what is going on being champion he may deserve the title but he also had that king dog Tommy Chris Jericho what is the battle but I think the war could have made it a very different outcome, it's a dream come true to be ECW Champion, but I have to admit I'm getting a little bored.
I wonder if there is someone in the locker room who can step up and challenge me. My hearing must be off. sun i just heard you say you lack challenges you must have gotten hit on the head one too many times if you have forgotten about me no real i haven't forgotten about you though my usual policy is to forget about anyone i have beaten more of a dozen times clever very clever careful to back up those confident words tonight i'll give you the beating you so desperately deserve hey sounds like a main event to me very one sided everyone knows i'm going to win the main event but a main event, Welcome to my peep show though, well I call it my own but apparently I'm not allowed to choose my own guests so without further ado I just step in the ring whoever you are.
Back surprised to see Yo playing well. It amazes me how complacent an ECW can become. I mean, you know you look downright boring. Kristen. My dominance in ECW, despite what you're doing here. so you've been traded now after the royal rumble, your friends and i'll see you perform on my show. Welcome to hit Christian. I don't think you know what you're getting yourself into. You're not Dolph Ziggler, well I can. I think of a couple of ways I would have preferred to close the ECW chapter of my career, but I'm still very proud of what I've been able to accomplish in the land of the extreme.
I want to thank the ECW General Manager as well as the ECW Superstars, even if some of them made me nervous at times, most of all, I couldn't have done it without my peeps. I look forward to great things on Smackdown and hope all of you join me every Friday night. new and improved Peep Show and my first order of business will be to pay for that nonsense dolph ziggler ladies and gentlemen former ECW Champion future Smackdown Superstar Kirsten this means a new era for both Christian and ECW we would like to thank Christian for a great job flawless here in ECW in adoration continued success in stan be sure to tune in friday night to see what weights captain charisma dude we totally fooled the player into thinking we weren't going to get together i know we wait a minute player what player do you see we go looking through each other from tv no but i take your word for it lets go through the checklist big sunglasses check polished white teeth for the benefit of those with flash photography check totally dumb opponents who are going to get their ass kicked this night the dead the guy and his burnt red brother check I guess that doesn't do it yet I added something to the list sta check kazoos dude how could we have forgotten the zoo kazoos rule? all the way to the floor this bad luck ain't over yet postman meanwhile big rimmed show are still bad the zags think i might get a picture this doesn't look good christian does the same thing as an ancient christian originators chair gig they are standing over stein now ed has the best of chris jericho tonight the world heavyweight champion from louisville breaks free and Elimination Chamber before i defend my world heavyweight championship christian and i want to give the people of st.
Paul something special are we in st. Louis, whatever, anyway, sorry, old phone, hi, take your head now, how's it going, yeah, yeah, see? I just wanna yeah he's here wait hey it's Graham ed Graham Jam how you doing? a five second pose so benefit those with flash photography hey edge dude remember this we were


y designing back in the day I was thinking we could I'm cashing my money in the bank title shot tonight against you I hope you understand don't take away any of our truth Christian has a much bigger test outside you put a knife in my back I thought it would be appropriate if you put a chair next to yours get used to the feel of cold steel on your skin because it's going to be a Tables match Ladders and Chairs at WrestleMania TLC for the World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday at WrestleMania these two have defined the TLC match but I never imagined they'd be competing against each other just when you thought WrestleMania couldn't get a ny hoter edge puts this bomb on Tables Ladders and Chairs oh by Trish - Was captain charisma like that?
It seems to me that edge could be a sore loser. I thought this occasion calls for a new five second pose. if that gamer idiot thought you were going to beat me up like that for the benefit of those with flash photography we call it Kings on the throne of awesomeness. We stole the show at WrestleMania. end but it's nice to see these two stand at


the question is going home crying to their first generation superstar daddies this ain't over sina you'll never make it to the royal rumble well you better come with more than So next time, buddy Randy, wait a long time before I start throwing grenades, right?
And, as usual, his plan didn't work out as he expected, but he will try again and we will defeat them again because you are going to stop Orton. at the Royal Rumble what a piss I have to be a guardian angel until the rumble ok I can handle that Stephanie you need to control those two creminis Oh Randy what are you talking about Cena and MVP are running around threatening me trying to ambush me they probably have traps set up everywhere you are a big boy what do you want me to do about it this is an unsafe work environment i am a wwe champion there are threats against my life i need 24 hour security as a businesswoman you cant leave your biggest investment unprotected can you?
I can and I will. So far Cena has done nothing to justify my intervention and until I do, you will be facing him at the Royal Rumble now, if all is well, you obviously have some bias that prevents you from acting sensibly. I'll go over your head on this one if I have Stephanie Kofi Kingston as the champion, replacing him at the last minute, but he could leave a champion. Cody Rhodes is Kofi crashing to the arena floor. matches that s just out of character for the pumpkin kofi survived against this attack and then fights for randy orton has all angles covered there's your winner and you're still wwe champion this is a shame kofi you don't really do this but how much How long will they have to put up with this tyranny? the reign is King WWE Champion at least we have something else to look forward to for the match Royal Rumble is next security security John Cena has gone crazy stay away from these guys it's between him and me you saw it he attacked me you're not supposed to It must be within 20 feet of me, take it, take it to jail, what the hell was it that the big things showed up? serving longer behind bars MVP is in the rain so it can only mean one thing big things show up in small things stop so sit back relax and enjoy the view because the VIP lounge is for people like me and all of you always gotten along with authority and joining me tonight is someone else the man is trying to control, join me and welcome john cena,thanks for having me MVP first time guests longtime viewer loved the show so he's right the man is trying to keep us down Randy Orton is afraid one of us will take the WWE championship away from him.
He is so afraid of becoming a general. He is so afraid that he started with an extra strong diaper. Wait. He is so afraid. Okay, that's enough. me, especially when they're a bunch of hypocrites, they both see me as the bad guy here, but they don't know that they reach for much bigger enemies with each other than I could ever be. I mean Cena, how many times did his MVP try to use you like? a springboard tried to get you out of WWE now wait a minute Randy I admit it used to be pretty devious but it was nothing compared to the level you've sunk too and now you think Cena is your MVP friend your partner well he isn't but you don't have you take my word for it.
MBP, you could more than compete with you, John. I bet he could even beat you. MVP doesn't have anything in it to do that. MVP opinion I think he's a more worthy number one contender than you are I'm not worried about him I hit him more times than I can count I told you now wait for dinner you're going to play with me so I don't want to interrupt but I wanted to let you both know that they have Elimination Chamber matches against each other in a Last Man Standing match they can settle their differences there don't do it John now pin him here is his winner on my opponent for Wrestlemania psycho John Cena I hate to say I told you MVP I hate to say this too but as Ross G M I'm denying your Royal Rumble win stipulation if you want a title shot at WrestleMania you'll have to do it for the World Heavyweight Championship I can't believe Cena would do that maybe Randy Orton was all right time and Orton stripping the MVP of his WrestleMania title shot, can he do that?
Many stories are circulating throughout the WWE Universe about how John Cena is a maniac. raw meat near John Cena, I'm here to tell you. Don't believe the hype. I want to say hello to Kofi Kingston. He got injured during our match last week. That didn't happen because I went crazy. That is the risk we take when we enter this ring. all we do is the price we pay to compete and entertain the best bands in the world when all these people treat me like I'm dangerous we get out of hand and seem to tell you you're perfectly safe unless your name is Randy Orton Randee at WrestleMania I'm standing in front of you in the ring you finally have to look me in the eye you're going to look dangerous you're going to look crazy and then you're going to see a new WWE champion Los Angeles and we're only six days away look the WWE Universe is buzzing, everyone is talking about WrestleMania, John Cena versus Randy Orton, the psychopath versus the crooked general manager, but everyone forgot one little thing, I, Montel vontavious Porter, won the World Rumble, which meant that I. i could name my title shot at


now randy orton tried to use his GM powers to stop that from happening but i went to the man above mr.
McMahon I explained to the boss what happened and he made an executive decision, so guess what Orton Cena is coming and none of you can stop in six days. I'm going to be the new WWE Champion because MVP is to see that they did it through thick and thin and intense our chips he is the WWE Champion who dozes anyone with pure determination and determination not madness Orton claimed he had a BB he couldn't get the win tonight but sell it to your opponent stop it's you two making me sick you two will damn me leave that ring on your own two feet not while I'm the GM Cody Kozlov get in there oh no no Do it, Randy, I think we've all had enough of your antics.
Randy John has won the WWE Championship and I am going to win some satisfaction: Under the authorization of the WWE Board of Directors, the position of general manager is hereby removed from him, effective immediately. I get the job back and believe me, you have a lot to do. response to Sean, sorry to interrupt your celebration. on please continue brand-new he has lost everything and according to what Stephanie said, I am sure that the bad news is just beginning for him, the charger in Slovenia has come to an end and John Cena triumphs, thank you very much for joining us. this epic event we'll be fine we don't have a camera in the garage area and oh no ray needs help ray ray can you hear me?
I don't know what we would have done if you hadn't been here, dammit, the hurricane was his knockout citizen, congratulations on putting out that fire, he beat me here and got the girl, what's up with that? What's up with that? thanks right always glad you were here my sense was tingling but i see you were in the right place at the right time citizen so let me get this straight you saved people you put out fires and you wear a mask sounds like someone trying to get the hurricane out of a rush job what's up? Hey, I'm not a superhero, just an ordinary guy trying to help.
Hmm, I'll keep an eye on you, ray, if that's your real name. some trauma a while ago and i think your mind is still processing it means what meaning do you have some repressed memories i want you to try this close your eyes and really think about what happened that day ray ray can you hear me we need to call the police and get him some of help then kicked them in the stomach and connected with a harrowing power bomb from there it was academic get it academic im an american well listening to them talk about their matches for the last four hours has been fun. but it's getting late yeah we should probably go hey i've been jogging my memory of the race remember my good friend here has amnesia plus you should be glad to be with us yeah yeah ladies this is a good time, don't ruin it. coping with an attitude hello attitude ray you're the one changing ed and not for the better since your new best friend said you should go then go we'll shut this place down like we always do right mr.
Mysterio that's right mr. bragging because I'm going to the Royal Rumble which reminds me bro I bet you forgot about the time I got John Cena to tap at the Royal Rumble it seems Mysterio isn't too happy with the cost of Jack in the match can you blame him ? his friend just cost him the number one contender spot jack swagger special the gut wrench powerbomb what is jack doing to top now six one nine on a helpless ass what is he doing king swagger is happy about all this where does this leave the number one contender? find out what this means for the Elimination Chamber, then it looks like he is causing the first hysteria, what is he doing here in the room?
Jack Swagger wins with no little help from Rey Mysterio. week suspect Jack Swagger is the number one contender. I honestly don't know King, but Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio seem to have forged an unholy alliance. Rey Mysterio is the number one contender. Today we would see a bump, it's incredible. ble my in way too long he went from having his career in jeopardy to number one contender ray my man way to go you take the contract now give it to me i saved your life you wouldn't even be here if i didn't pull you out of that burning wreckage now everything What I asked for was that contract I told you before you get a shot at my title at WrestleMania probably now give it to me leave it arrogance you saved her life jack saved her i want to hear what evan has to say i dont have to say anything ray just look at this i know what it seems but seriously i was helping you helping me one withdrew i didn't expect you to escape the old view the one who did what everyone wanted him to do instead of what you wanted to admit it ray being your own guy it's been great don't you think teaming up with me being the big man on campus you loved it true i know i actually accept the contract you deserve it our friendship means so much more to me than those friends you can try to make my Jack but there is no excuse for what you did to me and then trying to play me after making me betray my friends and my fans yeah dad watching that video it all comes back to me and I'll get back to you later but right now I will do that. focus on winning the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber thanks for showing me the light Evan how will you do it?
I can't believe what we just saw, it was Swagger who hit Mysterio's car with the known truth in the contract in question. a punk and Elimination Chamber I have never felt so good in my entire life or am I here I am very proud to be your world heavyweight champion I want to thank the WWE Universe for all their support now I look to the future and the hopeful to please the crowd is back to your old bland selves it's already pathetic it seems you've got the world on your side again you're sucking 'em up again and again i'm the heavyweight champion of the world funny how that works oh jack well why not you and your WWE Uni?
Facing Jack Swagger just for your championship Jack, if you think I'm going to give you a title shot after what you did to me, you're even dumber than you care about what I did, you meant to save your life, I want say try. to screw it up to screw it up Who am I fine say no more we'll do this the hard way Mysterio but I know I'm going to get my shot one way or another bragging desperately wants a title shot but Ray has no intention of brandy Des Moines true swagger psychological warfare almost cosway all rey mysterio you've had a smile on that stupid face of yours for the last few weeks you think you beat me it's not over yet buddy i took out your little buddy ray and i could do the same for you just as easily rob Van Dam may have rescued you last week, but he can't watch your back all the time.
I will win this war. I guarantee it right now. My partner CM Punk is giving you a little surprise. ray and I don't think you're Jack no I'm not you have a monstrous obsession ion with the arrogance of Rey Mysterio I don't share it with you frankly I'm surprised my obsession is to claim my title as the conventional heavyweight champion of the world I'm not your partner and i'm certainly not your enforcer you're not going to use me like you tried to use ray you're nothing but a big sucker ok punk that's your opinion let me answer no jack swagger it's just powerbomb puck completely out of the ring swagger has exploded it's out of control you made me do this for right now i have to destroy you Rea this obsession with Rey Mysterio has been taken to a whole new level rey mysterio just gave edge hopes of a world heavyweight championship match at WrestleMania he raised the most water but he keeps his role looks like ray is trying to make amends he will accept that there is mutual respect between these two Destin is doing that: Jack Swagger is obsessed with on Rey Mysterio heaven help anyone who gets in Swagger's way you and me at WrestleMania Rea anyone try to stop that and I'm running them over, okay swagger you got it, swagger vs.
Mysterio is what the WWE Universe wants see and it will happen at WrestleMania, swagger continues to brutally destroy anyone who comes in contact with Mysterio, what will he do? next week get draft from my DS to hide like sworn enemies he's setting up the six one nine with this new cover there what he's doing was jack swagger toto american he needs american swagger he's trying to be smart here but once again mysterio gets turned him away what will happen in six days when swagger tries to become rey mysterio heavyweight championship just three months after that horrible accident that was caused by jack swagger hysteria stands tall in the immortal's showcase like a fugitive flakes for stern goodness born in heaven was here marking him with every dirty tactic and every sneak attack braggadocio tried not to mention he almost badly injured rey rey ​​mysterio has prevailed at wrestlemania let the spill the spinning trucks mr heavyweight champion please take her his dominance once more as his team is victorious when Undertaker joins his job number one is to stay out of the way oh looks like Undertaker isn't done looks like Jericho is a sacrifice tonight.
We'll find out which of these three will be lucky enough to face off against Undertaker at WrestleMania. Excuse me. Could you give me your opinion on your fight tonight? I'm looking for a nice prize if they win but me when I win this ladder match I'm going to Wrestlemania where I'll make history wait a second where is he supposed to compete tonight the shows aren't over someone may want to tell him that but it really doesn't seem like a hundred strange percent in recent weeks, he seems a little out of place, maybe it's the pressure of his impending match against Undertaker, the big stage can affect people. in different ways but he got the job done tonight thats a statement win right there Undertaker may need to pay attention Billy wants to make a little statement of his own what is Undertaker doing here how surreal Undertaker looks he helps his opponent out WrestleMania, Maris, I'm not.
I'm even going to try to make heads or tails of it. The main thing is that he defeated Fiddler and he looks strong andit is doing. about we prepare it instead of ignoring it and see how it works out i have a match on thursday in superstars i will be ok with that i doubt it you will be 100 per cent but in my professional opinion i would say you will be 78.3% if you are ok with that i say that you do it now the WWE Universe is aware of one of the most successful matches of WrestleMania The Undertaker is putting his streak on the line against my guest right now a man I don't need a formal introduction Todd but thanks anyway now if you'll excuse me Undertaker I felt your presence you've been trying to psych me out and I don't blame you you're right to worry about WrestleMania I'm going to beat you I'm going to take your streak and the biggest streak in WWE history will be just that story you can get all that out what how did you understand what's going on i have no idea this is strange you have a long way to go young man your way to prove your world begins tonight we need a Soul, this is crazy, yeah, you're supposed to be dead and buried in it. hand that happens to me there was no one you had passed a test poor soul but there are others to face wa In a second, Undertaker did not bury you in cement.
Another opponent from Undertaker's past will challenge you tonight. A more intense task. What do you mean you lost your mind? my Undertaker you have a lot to prove he beat the superfly very well poor soul listen fat man I've had enough of this Undertaker his mind games and everyone can go the way save your strength poor soul you'll be serious for tonight you're up against someone very dear and this time it was even a member of the Undertaker's family you have proven yourself worthy at WrestleMania I will take your soul and add it to the ones I have sacrificed over the years I am more than worthy to face you dead man you and your fat little puppet he's tried to put me through hell to drive me crazy to get me off my game but none of it has worked hope you're ready Undertaker because at WrestleMania your streak will die hello from Los Angeles the raw finale before res I've been waiting for you.
I don't know why, poor soul, my work here is done, but my business with you is not. I was betrayed and buried under a ton of cement by my Undertaker. There's nothing you can do to me. sighs. You already tried, remember, I guess now that your job is done, so was your usefulness, you're a poor pallbearer, rest in peace, Undertaker. I have all the respect in the world for you. After tonight, you and your streak will rest in peace and be gone. I don't think Undertaker has ever shown anyone as much respect as he did there.
We have seen an era come to an end. Michael, maybe you're looking at a new legend. in the ring right now

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