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We Tried The "Beauty Blender" Challenge • Beauty Roulette

May 31, 2021
- When you have to mix, you have to mix. - Your makeup, of course. -But what if the only thing you have to blend is an egg? - It's Ladylike and today we will play Beauty Roulette: Weird Beauty Blender Edition! Ah! - The rules for this are that, well, we're putting on makeup with these things and, um, what are we doing? - Well, here are the rules of this Beauty Roulette. We're going to spin the wheel and when you get an item you'll have five minutes...five minutes. - apply the foundation with the object instead of with a



. - Instead of a



. - Yes Yes. - Mmmm, that's what I said. - You know, I don't really like the smell of eggs.
we tried the beauty blender challenge beauty roulette
Honestly, I don't want that on my face, TBH. - Do I really want a silicone bra, just because I feel it's easy and sexy? - We haven't washed it so we've been touching it all morning. - Which one do I want less? - Tennis ball! - Oh yes, I think the tennis ball will irritate the skin. Is this a new tennis ball or a used tennis ball? - They may have chewed it a little. - He was found in the back of a truck. (truck honks) - Damn. (laughs) - I don't want a rolled up t-shirt, I don't want tennis balls, I know where they've been - The back of the truck? - The back of the truck. (truck honks) - We found him in the back of the truck. - What truck? - Nobody knows. (laughs) - The truck where we get all our accessories. - Spin that wheel! - Oh! - Oooh. (laughing) - This is nonsense! - Yes, yes, yes, aww! - Oh potato! - Oh! - Okay, excellent, okay, that is, I'm not angry. - No, no, without a spoon, without a spoon, with a spoon! - This is your fault, spoon, spoon! (dramatic music) - No, no! (laughing) (screaming) Shirt balled up, what? - I'm going to explode. (laughs) Okay.
we tried the beauty blender challenge beauty roulette

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we tried the beauty blender challenge beauty roulette...

The hard-boiled egg. - Do I do it with skin or without skin? - Skin on! - With the skin, darling, with the skin. - Okay, guys, good. - Very good, silicone bra insert, wow! - Ah, I hate this game! - This is my face without foundation, I still have makeup on my eyes. Disgusting, that's for one lucky fan. - Hey, Kristin, my goodness, Kristin, you won! You won my used, disgusting makeup wipe! - Hurrah! - Welcome to potato time with Devin. A show that could actually exist, if you're interested. It would just be me and a potato, talking about my life.
we tried the beauty blender challenge beauty roulette
Probably complaining. - So I bought a balled up shirt, which was Jen's idea. I feel really bad about this poor shirt. How excited are you to do makeup with basically a boob? - It feels very greasy. It feels very comfortable. Like a little pillow. Isn't that what boobs are? Only small pillows? Pillows at night? - We have decided after much discussion that I am going to use this dried potato, I am not going to wet it, because it is probably not porous with the skin and we are all too lazy to peel a potato right now. - You got me used to it, these are not fresh.
we tried the beauty blender challenge beauty roulette
You couldn't even boil hard-boiled eggs for me? Did you have to buy me these disgusting formaldahyde eggs? - Just use the other egg! - This one is just as bad! - Who used this, who is it from? - We found it in the props, it was in the props. - Did you find this in the back of the truck? (truck honks) (both laugh) - I'm glad we're wearing a clean shirt. I guess we could remove this tag since we won't be returning it! -So I know I told you that you would have five minutes to apply your foundation. - Yes. - But you actually have 90 seconds. - Because you hate me? - Excuse me? - A full face of foundation? - Yeah! - In 90 seconds? - Yeah! - How do you change the rules midway? - We're done. - Okay, well, 90 seconds because Kristin wants to finish this video. (Kristin and Devin laugh) - I have 90 seconds to be a star! - Your time starts now! - Oh God, ooh. - Aah... - Damn, okay, shit. - I forgot what I do. - You are losing your time! - Oh, the potato is hard! - The thing is that since these are processed they don't smell like eggs, they don't smell like anything, which is actually a little disturbing, I feel like they should have a smell. - Oh, this is horrible. (laughs) The thing is, I deeply suspect that this isn't working, but I have no way of knowing because I don't have my glasses on. - Makes a slight slapping noise.
How is it mixed? - Terribly! - How do you feel now? - That's disgusting, I don't feel well. - I'm the only one who got water, because the others' surfaces were not porous. Science. - Honestly, I think it feels better than a real beauty blender. - How do you feel? - How do you think he feels, Kristin? She feels like she's knocking on a door with her face! - I have yolk. I'm going to look for the other egg. The other egg is wet. - It feels like a wet t-shirt contest is hitting me in the face.
You have about 30 seconds left. - Well. Wow, I feel like the blood vessels in my neck are bursting. - Honestly, I think it feels better than a real beauty blender. - The problem is that the shirt is eating up all the product. Have you thought about trying the inside of the potato? - I did, but it's wet and slimy. And it is also difficult to reach the curves. - I'm still going, I'm still putting yolk! - I hate you, shirt! This doesn't work at all. - I'm not going to give up this potato. - I think it's blending really well actually. - Okay, actually, this is easy. (phone rings) - Shit!
Damn, it doesn't matter, I have to move on. Fucking slippery. - You have five seconds. - I'm doing this for all the girls who love carbs. - Did you know? Just... - And that's it! - Alright. - Oh, that old face? Does it look like it's full of fiber? Because it is. - No, it's starch, just starch. - Oh, well, fuck! -This looks like they murdered a jar of peanut butter. There is easily four times more foundation on this shirt than on my face. - I mean that doesn't look so bad. - I think that actually looks really good. - That seems pretty decent, actually.
That's surprisingly decent. I went through two balls because neither of them were strong enough to support my face. - Wow, you look great! - Thank you! - I'm angry, you actually got the easiest one. - I got the easiest one. My widow's peak area could use a little more blending, but other than that I have no complaints. - When putting primer around the cracks, the potato did a poor job, but overall, if you stood eight feet back and squinted, it looked pretty good. - This seems like shit. Well, see, here's the thing. For science, I helped you all figure out that you shouldn't apply foundation with a fucking t-shirt.
The shirt absorbs all the product. So, you would put it on your face and then I would wipe it off, basically wipe it off. - Not bad, practically complete coverage, then. That's gross. - We made a video where we mixed beauty with a boiled egg, which actually wasn't as bad as I thought, but this was even easier than that. Especially since it doesn't smell like feet. - Are you happy with the potato, or? - Am I happy with the potato? No, I do not recommend using a potato as a beauty blender! (knocks) That's what it sounded like inside my cheekbones. - This shirt is so ineffective that it actually ruined other parts of my makeup that were perfectly fine before I started. - I don't mean to toot my own horn, but beep, beep! - This is what, this is CoverGirl Healthy Elixir?
Alright, I guess you work for me. - I like how you're giving all the credit to the foundation and none to the egg. - The egg doesn't deserve anything from me. The egg tasted horrible. - We finished Beauty Roulette and now it's time for our special guest judge, Miss Kate Peterman! (applause) - Oh, thank you, thank you! - I thought it would be Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan. -He couldn't do it. (techno music) - Okay. -Yes.-Then he sent me in his place. How am I going to rate this? Believe it or not, I am a makeup expert.
Look how all my acne scars glow, that's brightening, baby, so. - So the first one is Freddie. - What do you think? - Oh, you already did it. - Yes. - Oh. (laughs) Do I have to guess what you used? - Yes. - I see a little unmixed between your eyebrows. I would dare say it was a hard-boiled egg or a silicone bra. And I think I'm going to choose a silicone bra insert. (ringing) (applause) - You got it! - Wow. - That's an A. Because I also thought it was a hard-boiled egg. And that's a certified beauty blender, right? - Yes. - That's what the Internet says. - Devin now! - It's Devin's turn! - Devin the girl. - So it's actually a splotchy les.
There are just little clumps, which means it's not something that spread well, which means it was absorbent or strange. - Yes, the competition was fierce. - God, I'm going to say tennis ball. - No. - A potato. - Yes. - (laughs) I knew it! - Expert! - So with a potato... - Mmhmm, I just want to remind you, it is, it is firm. It's like a rock. - Yes, it's still pretty bad. (laughs) I'm on the cusp of a C+ or a B-. - They're both happening, so I'm happy. - Yes, it's Jen's turn! The edges don't look very rough, unless you've made it so it can be a tennis ball, if you do it like that, but I'm going to say tomato. - No. - What was it? - It was an egg. - I didn't fucking know that. - Yes, applied evenly, A+. - On behalf of Jen, she's going to grade herself! - There you go.
I would have said B. - So it's an A+! Thanks, Kate. - There is no problem my friend. - I got an A+. - It's okay, Cristina! - My turn! - You said you had the worst. - Well, the worst is subjective. - Yes, then it's a t-shirt or a tennis ball. - Not so subjective. - T-shirt? - Yes. - Ding ding ding! - Yeah! - I actually had a t-shirt. In fact, it was the worst thing you could wear makeup with. - Yeah? - Because it absorbed all the makeup. - Yes. I'm going to be honest with you.
That's an A- if I've ever seen one. - That? I didn't deserve that but I'll accept it. - Simply because I think you have to take into account how difficult it was to put on makeup. - True, mine was very hard. - Mine was also very hard. - Yeah! - Freddie wins. -Freddie won and, as a reward, he will be able to return home at six. - Hurrah! - That's the correct end of the day! - Yeah, I feel like I won Miss Congeniality because I have the meanest one and I still got an A. Good job! - Come on Cristina! - Yes, it's always sincere applause when you have to start it yourself.
For you. - I feel like Jen and I got the participation award, because we participated. - Oh, I did, I did. - Beauty


, beauty blender extravagant edition. - Mixed lady. - the lady finished. - Freddie won, goodbye. It's Friday. - We have merchandise! - Click here to buy it! - Spoons! - Spoons! - Spoons! - Spoons. - Spoons! - Spoons? - Spoons! - Spoon. - Spoon. - Spoon.

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