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Transformed for Jesus | Willie Robertson | LWCC

Mar 31, 2024
initial deal and says, hey Pedro, why don't you take your boat there and throw them in? Nets in those deep waters. Pedro it's like we've been fishing all day. They're not here. It's a bad place, but if you know what that lesson was, he just listened, he said, if you want me to try it, I'll try it, just like, let's try it like the ship is going to fall apart. There are so many fish. What does Peter say? Lord, stay away from me because I am a sinful man, why do we do that? Why do we turn away from Jesus because of our sinfulness?
transformed for jesus willie robertson lwcc
That's what we have to catch and Pedro said: "Get away from me just to see all these fish that I get." far from me I am a sinner and we do that I do that Peter Jesus looks at Peter looks beyond his weakness and beyond his lack of vision says okay so I tell you what you follow me I will make you a fisher of men I wouldn't even know what it means that, they're sure that the men and Peter left everything they had and followed Jesus and that's why I love Peter, that's fascinating. Anyone wants to drop everything he has and follow me to West Monroe Louisiana, by the way, that's a joke.
transformed for jesus willie robertson lwcc

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transformed for jesus willie robertson lwcc...

Don't do it, if someone says, yeah, I want to meet Uncle Psy, he was saying, is he crazy? You like him to be crazier, so you think he can pretend that that long pain, Peter left everything he had to follow Jesus, that's how I want it. be when Jesus is ready to move I want to go if I need to go to Minnesota I'm going to go to Minnesota The pastor said God is the one who moves you and moves us around the spirit, oh the spirit, so Peter has fallen, remember Peter, uh, remember they were in the water again Jesus decides to walk around walking on the water everyone looks ah, it's a ghost, you know, because I mean, how would they know?
transformed for jesus willie robertson lwcc
God, calm down, it's just me, so Peter said, oh yeah, I'll get me some of this and they start crawling out of that boat and he's like, I do it down, he goes, it's like you see here Peter, just You must have faith, big boy, but Peter warned, although he wanted to please God so much, remember that they came to look for Jesus and were preparing to take him away. in the garden The soldier Pedro approaches, what is he doing with a sword? Anyway, that's awesome. I think we think of these people as a bit of meat.
transformed for jesus willie robertson lwcc
He has a sword. He tried to cut off a guy's head. That's hard. Jesus is like no. I'm going to put that on again. That's not how we're going to do it. We are being so aggressive. Jesus said to Peter. You're going to deny me three impossible times. How can a guy leave everything he has, including that giant catch of fish he just caught, how does he leave? He follows Jesus, he walks around for years seeing the most amazing things ever seen. the Transfiguration. there is only miracle after miracle. people who are wrinkled. Get up. How?
How do you do that? and Peter did it once, twice, three times. Sometimes the scriptures say that they actually looked at each other and met face to face. I don't think we understand the severity of that, sometimes how bad it is, so you've heard people say like you know, hey, are you married? and someone says: "not me." and they take your wedding ring, what would happen if you did that instead and said you don't even know that person? I don't even know who they are. Do you know Corey? No, you have a K on your finger, so that would do. far, how much counseling would it take for us to get over that?
How many times would you simply ask why you would do it? Why would you have done that? Jesus once again looks further, he says that Peter just cried bitterly and let me tell you something guys, it's okay to cry some of the things we do and get involved in them it's okay to cry it's okay to be sad but this is what I love about Peter then Jesus dies he has risen Acts chapter one Jesus not in the clouds Acts chapter 2 there is a meeting of people there they go Meeting of people someone stands up and says men of Israel listen to this this man that you killed God rose from the dead you know who he was shouting you know who the fader preacher was he just denied it he just denied it but his face said get up and we have a job to do and if you came here with the problems you came here I'm telling you right now it's time to get up get up and such like Peter did and go back to what you know Works that talk about Jesus, that's right, it's not that amazing, there are two people right there, John the Baptist and, oh, Peter.
I'm glad Peter's life is in the Bible because I need it because I fall on my face and do it. things I think why did I do that there is no answer because we have a sinful nature yes and then I have to get back up and get back up and get back up I'm an imperfect guy like you I'm probably just more famous but that's what we all are . My time here has been so wonderful. I want to pray with you and for you and for my father. I am very grateful to be in the presence of my brothers and sisters here.
I have learned a lot. from the people here I learned about their Spirit I learned about the spirit I learned about um just good works you have good hearts thank you for the pastors here father the worship team here are amazing thank you for leading them leading them to this place thank you for these beautiful people and father , some I probably won't see until heaven, but it will be glorious and we will tell fun stories about the weekend here in Minnesota and I am grateful to have been a part of it and father be with us as we travel help us to always continue preaching your message to you we love with you Jesus amen

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