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Guest Speaker: Jase Robertson

May 29, 2021
Well, we have a



here today. Has anyone heard of a show called Duck Dynasty, so I'm thinking that's a sure thing. I had the privilege of meeting Jase Robertson last night, he was the


at our event about our heroes and didn't those of you who were there do a great job? He was fantastic ministering to the people encouraging them. It is quite an amazing thing that at a public event like that he would be openly preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. That's amazing, says Pastor. does that happen? let me let me teach you a little did you see all the opportunities to serve you heard about people who serve we believed in our church that we don't go to our community so we go to our community so this we give we bless we serve and somehow that opens doors for the gospel of jesus How many know that, that, that, that's how Jesus did it, he did not come to be served, he came to serve and to give his life as a ransom, and that is what we want to embody as a church, but we are very happy that Jase is here and I just want them to give him a big Welcome as you come to share God's Word.
guest speaker jase robertson
Will they welcome Jase Robertson? i am starting to love indiana thank you for having me thank you for encouraging our family to watch social media over the years i am not ashamed to love jesus christ so some of you may not have seen our show and are watching someone like me in your life what's going on in the world what's going on is strange the world in church i'm not a preacher i don't look like a preacher as a kid my number one fear number one fear bigger than death itself it was public you're laughing and me and he got to the end yes i was public speaking i went to a public speaking class in ninth grade i thought it was going to help me enunciate i was going to learn english better look rednecks have a problem with it English language I can speak about them because I'm in You know, my mom recently had something wrong with her leg.
guest speaker jase robertson

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She goes to the doctor to get it checked out. She returns. My dad said: how did she do? He was sitting there because we were worried about her. Well they did an autopsy on me and they gave me some nitroglycerin to cure me so my dad said let me get it right they're going to blow up a dead body y'all think I'm making it up that conversation happened we have trouble communicating. and then your number one question on the side i got last night y'all clapping love this guy has caused me a lot of stress in my life he's as crazy as he seems you know if the cameras did that it's so much worse if we didn't i edited the man is a psycho , but he loves our country and he loves the Lord, so we love him, I mean, so I'm here today hoping to raise a little hallelujah.
guest speaker jase robertson
My friends when I was young used to say that you know they would. Say hello we'll go out and raise him they didn't say hallelujah what about you and I already told you my biggest fear is public speaking so you say what happened you watch the show you see my family you say what happened I want to give you a verse to plant it in your mind right now because i am i will keep it simple i will keep it real that was some kind of joke of me i am talking i dont sound like a preacher it helps my message you say how it helps your message i have no other reason to declare jesus christ as lord in your life, apart from the fact that I believe it to be true, that's all.
guest speaker jase robertson
I get paid and have been paid for four years to do duck call seminars. I go around and play these things you know I did last night let me give you a minute score okay you want to be a world champion duck call it's not that hard you take one of these duck calls you go to Stuttgart Arkansas , I think it's October, they do the World Championship duck calling contest, you take one of these you go on stage everyone is watching thousands of people and you do this here is your r routine these guys do this and women all day some of them pass out some of them turn blue it's exciting the end of the day anyone who can do that the loudest the longest day no bugs or squeals they crowned the best duck caller in the world in america amazing so that my dad came up with an idea.
He said, "you know what I'm going to build duck calls to sound like ducks because that's not a duck, it doesn't do that, I mean, you've been in a pond." really confused right now yeah well what just happened here well this is what i did for a living. y'all the verse I said I'd give you a verse to tell you you thought I forgot right? Oh, it's just that I wanted you to feel nervous about it because when I give you this verse I want it to stick with you. your head the verse is hebrews 13:8 before i give you the backstory hebrews 13:8 they might know hebrews 13:8 just raise your hand there are four or five people here who are reading their bible i said hebrews 13:8 and they raised hand and they know me I could call you to tell you what it says but I'm not going to but I love that you're in the word Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today about now you know you cheated I started Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever? what does that mean? the backstory in the duck flame is that my parents did not follow jesus christ when i was a child, in fact when they were old enough to know right from wrong like all of us they chose a large dose of evil which led to a hill in arkansas louisiana line where they rented a bar my dad controlled it with two guns i said this last night and then you know when you're living in sin he was a raging alcoholic abusive husband abusive father sin is not rational he came up with a idea one night we were standing in a trailer he didn't have a lot of money he got an idea that we and i mean us like my mom and the three kids at the time later my little brother was jailed we were the problem now How rational is it that you're out there smoking pot, horrible husband, horrible father getting drunk? every night I sleep with whoever isn't loyal to my mom and then you come in one night now obviously it was drunkenly induced and you're like everyone's out so my mom I remember sitting there thinking this guy is crazy, so my mom loaded up we went to West Monroe Louisiana where they currently live and my mom didn't really know what to do she went to one of the local churches she stayed in the car that night she went to the local churches and she knows that I I need help she told him the story one of the pastors there said well we would like to talk to her husband she said bad idea he is not coming here and he said I would like to go with him that man Bill Smith we put him down a few days ago years trust me he'll be back just to be honest some of you don't know what that means so I'm glad you're here this morning he said you know what and they call it the Holy Spirit they call it God working he got a type, they're on that car and they drove up that state line i went into that bar my dad was sitting there he had a big tall Budweiser between his legs he was drinking and they introduced me to the person i just said in the verse jesus christ is the same yesterday today and always they introduced him i used to go around and talk and i used to go and tell the jesus story all the time you said what a good garden seed would you just say that a story doesn't mean that much to people if you don't know the person the story is about you have heard the jesus story so when i say he was introduced to jesus thats what im going to do today hes the same yesterday today and always when we go to churches this is what happens we separate from the world we compartmentalize jesus in our faith you say ok let's worship go we go to the church we worship for an hour and then guess what then we go live where the hell we want to live and then we wonder where nu are watching us our kids saying something's not right here always getting staffed here now it's heating up i told your pastor i said one of the things i say everywhere i go don't listen to everything the preacher says god uses people with flaws and we all have flaws to make Jesus Christ known what does that mean at some point they are introducing Jesus at some point you go to this this is what happened with my dad you go to this and you say who is this Jesus Christ you read it on your own you say yes but the bible is so thick how could I know you are going to learn the bible in less than 60 seconds.
Ready from Genesis to Malachi. It's a pretty big section. Jesus Christ. God in human form comes to earth. BAM. You just understood the whole section. there is a law and he tells the critic that yes, it was the law that was the law here to show that we are all flawed, you can't do it, then, Jesus Christ is coming to earth. I would love for you to applaud with that from Mateo to Juan. the earth is here love john 1:1 you know that in the beginning was the word because jesus christ the same yesterday today and forever they are not up there waiting when you are eternal you expect nothing you eternal your mind has trouble capturing the genius from God just look at creation look at the galaxies and the stars and someone designed it and built it you can accept what you talk about they taught me in school i went to public school they said it you know they said jess basically theoretically if you sum it all up we came from fish and they told me this is what my biology teacher took us in grade 11 that's what she said i said so now we are frying and eating our ancestors no thanks so then you have acts for disclosure you don't take a shot does a someone wants it we got it for you it's slow jesus is coming jesus is here number three we have facts to apocalypse someone wants to try it he's coming back yep so you said ok for that jesus because god you have god the father you have Jesus, the Son, you have the Holy Spirit, those are the three things you see here, but in reality they are difficult to explain in less than an hour, but that's right, but Jesus He came because God is so wonderful and beyond our ability. to understand, i mean he is making a dust man, have you ever tried that?
Okay, it's ridiculous, right, that's what he did, that's the story we're going with, he made a woman out of a rib, so a lot of people, especially the people I talk to. They're like, I just think you get past chapter one and two and three of Genesis, they're like, well, so we've got an ark and we've got all these animals, oh, they're out, how could you build such a big boat and come up with all these arguments you know and I'm like well have g in Genesis 9 I picked it up when I read Genesis 9 you know why when the water went down God made an announcement and this is where this comes into play he said from now on have you read Genesis 9 lately he said from from now on fear and the fear of you will fall upon him he begins to name the food groups he says the beasts of the earth the birds of the air the things that crawl on the ground the fish of the sea just as I gave you the green plants now i give you all now some of y'all say what the hell are you talking about


is the birthplace of the hunt the southern translation of genesis no 1/3 'cause god says run read it you don't bleed ready so when people can't believe you're shooting to a duck and you're putting it on a grill.
I'm like, look, I got orders from headquarters, they say, well, I just want to eat broccoli, great, more for me, it doesn't hurt my feelings. introduced jesus my dad had some problems they didn't talk much about the problems it's pretty obvious now it's not obvious when you're in the moment he was a man man no one is going to tell me what to do i'm going to be my own man i'm going to do what i want to look for you. Hasn't your wife left? Your children are following the laws after you. Your hands are shaking because everything you put into your body at some point you tell yourself this isn't working so they introduced Jesus and it turns out to be the greatest love story the world has ever known you have to consider to the number one who created all this.
I talked a bit about it. I love Hebrews three and four because he says that every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything. I've said what does that mean if I brought you all to my house and I say look this house I live in just turned up, it came out of nowhere, say well Jase you turned your uncle around. you've lost it i wouldn't do that's absurd because you know from the design someone built it even though di i don't see it being built like a person outdoors a hunt i'm outdoors my father later took me to the honey bee in an effort to become a better parent which was a good foundation i started looking at the details of creation and i thought someone built this house i wasn't in a church building someone built this house too much design too much design you said do you believe in science oh i think god is the best scientist we have ever met you can take a watermelon seed put it on the ground cover it go back up water hits a green vine is coming where did it come from i raise my hand in biology they said thats photosynthesis someone i need to meet to that person they said oh no it's not a person it's a process they said mother nature I said mother nature I need to meet her not a person they are trying to explain the house of God the God's design DNA love DNA if your DNA is found at a crime site guess what you're in trouble we trustemergency landing.
I look over there. He is the pilot of my plane. He said what was the emergency landing. We went straight down. what are you doing we got the car because the plane you know we could survive we got in the car and had to drive five hours home no boy im gonna have five hours to explain to this guy why i was ready guess what he is ready now keep talking with your children, the most difficult people to reach in our society or our children, especially those who come to church, do not develop their own faith and trust in Jesus Christ and look at you and see your flaws and some. of you are going to have to rise up like me and find jesus despite the way you were raised your parents may have done a lousy job but guess what no matter how well they did they make mistakes so boy quit blame your parents if you're going to be surprised when jesus texts back that excuse isn't going to work so im going to tell you a quick story I noticed an attitude changing my daughter she is 15 now this is within the last few weeks guys , I gave them the cell phone and I said look I'm going to check this cell phone and if there's something weird here you won't have a cell phone so guess what happened 24 hours later I checked the cell phone there's something weird here. no cell phone my next kid same thing so i told her go get her cell phone i told her is there something i'm gonna find here god wouldn't be proud of she said no it's all good i told her you know what I worked with Hollywood, right, I have people with very close eyes, they stare at computer screens all day and if they've deleted something, I can find it perfectly fine. snapchats where i ok but the sound of it should tell you something thing right now hey look i'm going to be honest with you parents wouldn't give their kids a gun and say hey they figured out all i'm good that's dangerous no do you think a phone is dangerous read John chapter 2 first there are three things the phone can be used for many positive things but I know there are three things that happen there that are very easy to access: the cravings of sinful man, the lust of the eyes and bragging about what you haven't done on social media and your kids are trying to be accepted and they want friends and they want to be cool so they go to places like snapchat so I don't want this story to drag on like this which for two days after i hooked her but for lying to me i got one. rule you lied to me get your boat well i said you're too old for me to spank but since you lied to my face you leave me no choice you can discipline however you want i said lean over that chair. and I'm going to give you three little touches, it was more the idea, you know, because tell me the truth and we'll take care of it because we live in the light.
It's not that Jesus doesn't want to forgive you, so I impersonated her for a couple of days. I got to know his friends really well through Snapchat and then I called. a group text with her friends because she could see her eight best friends on snapchat and i was like this it's me as a dad things have changed if you want to be friends with my daughter you will bring your parents to my house and we will have a talk yeah you want to make better decisions we'll move on so six out of eight did in the last few weeks there's been a lot of tears we've shared by golly some of these people are not christian you know it's been amazing so I tell them that to say this it is not about watching but we present Jesus we all have mistakes some of these girls who were the worst some of their friends my daughter has been surprised that they are the most open to following Jesus look at life It's messy, it's tough, but don't go to your separate rooms. with their phones apart and they just waste their life and then they look up and their daughter either takes her own life or gets hooked on drugs they know what happened we're in a war phase in Chapter six he's got full armor on there for me to use every day but I wanted to introduce you to Jesus because look at the end it's not about us it's about showing Jesus your daughter your son your coworker your family God uses us despite our flaws and if there's a way to live forever there's a way to dodge a gun in heaven jesus jesus is the way and if i don't see you again i'll see you in heaven thank you for listening stay standing everyone stay standing please no one move please and you would Bow your heads and close your eyes if you're here this morning and you don't know Jesus the way Jase described him.
I'm ready I'm ready to take that step I'm ready to I'm ready to take that step or surrender I know I need Jesus in my life and I want to invite you to begin your journey of following Jesus with a prayer of surrender would you pray this way with me and with anyone who wanted to pray with him just pray beloved God thank you for Jesus he is the way the truth and the life I give everything in my life to Jesus I confess to you Jesus is the Lord he died and rose again and from now on I follow you holy spirit you help me serve jesus with all my heart and the name of jesus i pray amen amen someone praise god for every person please pray that the prayer come on they can't pattycake because it's the biggest decision no one can make amen now i want you to do it i want you to stand your ground because it's ok say what is my next step well the next step is what jesus described baptism water baptism and in two weeks we are going to baptize people e in water so I want everyone to take this connection card in hand everyone that has already filled it out and there is a place in the backgrounds that would like to be baptized in water I would like to learn more about that or if you make your decision to continue to Jesus today would you check that box that says I am committing or recommitting my life to Jesus and just check that we are not going to harass you we are not going to persecute you you know we will we are going to pray for you we are going to help you we want to provide you with resources in fact if you start your relationship with God today we would like to talk to you in that reading information tent.
I'd like to give you a Bible if you don't have one so you can start reading it. Start in the book of John like Jay said and just start this journey of following Jesus and you will be glad she did and we welcome you on the journey of following Jesus. Am I in the right Church here today? now and we're going to receive our tithes and offerings and if you're giving a tie to Lor Gracias if you'd like to contribute an offering for our


speaker you can also if you're a guest here this morning you're under no obligation to give today .
This is something we ask of all those who are regulars here at Grace to contribute to what God is doing, aren't you glad we can be a part of this Sunday today? How wonderful that you say pastor, how did that happen? Good because you gave and because you are faithful and generous. be part of days like today now this is your place to turn in this connection card with the information and if you would like to be in the giveaway for Jace's book good call I just read the subtitle reflections on faith family and everything is missing be sure to write down your information and we'll text you here in the next few minutes winter and you can pick up that book when you get out so let's pray and then we'll give today lord thank you for all we've received all you've given us through of this service and most of all God thank you for Jesus and God we pray today as we take the next step to follow you. name Amen.
I mean to stand firm while we receive the offering. If you don't mind, let me give you a couple of instructions when you get out. you're going to leave when you leave you're going to go around the south edge of the parking lot and we're going to ask everyone to go to the runoff at 31 ok everyone say second runoff now there's a little cut through this very little which you will be tempted to cut off please don't do that because you will go back tracking traffic like the deal freedom fest last night we don't want to be a part of that and it might actually get dangerous so go for that second turn y'all say second all r clear and that will help you understand if you're going north if you're going south or that way god bless you keep going and we thank you so thank you so much let me encourage you if you're not part of a church we would love to have you here at Grace we are on this journey of following Jesus together and there is a reason our church name is Grace because that is our story that is our testimony and we.
I would love for you to be a part of that, so thank you so much for doing it, thank you for those of you who gave today. How many are glad they came to church today? May the Lord bless and keep you. shine upon you and have mercy on you may God lift up his face upon you and give you peace we bless you in the name of Jesus Christ go with God thank you for coming have a wonderful day

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