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Top 3 photos with DISTURBING backstories | Part 18

Jun 01, 2021
Today we're going to look at three progressively more haunting stories and at the end of each one I'll share the photo that's famously associated with them, but before we get into today's stories, if you're a fan of the strange and mysterious darkness delivered in the format of story, then it gets to the right channel because that's all we do and we upload three or four times a week so it's in your interest, build the trust of the like buttons and tell them to run to help the corps president student. hand out flyers help them with his speech and then when the big day comes don't vote for them also subscribe to our channel and turn on all notifications so you don't miss any of our weekly uploads.
top 3 photos with disturbing backstories part 18
Okay, let's get into today's stories. Overseas, there are three waterfalls that straddle Canada's border with the US that combined form the famous Niagara Falls. They have a maximum height of approximately 170 feet at their highest point and every second, 700,000 gallons of water fall over the At the edge, the rapids over the falls are some of the strongest and most violent in the world, with a maximum velocity of approximately 40 miles per hour just before reaching the edge, as a result, no one can sail or swim for the last 3.2 miles. of the Niagara River that empties into the falls, but in the past there was no such restriction on the night of July 16, 1853, three men were working on a small barge anchored on the Niagara River, about half a mile from the edge of the falls once they were done with the job the way they would get back to shore is by taking a rowboat and taking it down the river to the little island called Goat Island which sits right on the edge of the falls now to get to that island they had They had to get through the rapids but it was only a few hundred feet away and since they worked here all the time they had been through the rapids many times before without incident but this time as soon as they got up one of their oars broke, so they weren't able to control their boat and very quickly they were swept into the rapids they began to spin and then capsized, although they desperately tried to swim to shore the rapids were too or strong and two of the men were dragged to their deaths, but one man Joseph Avery was lucky that when he fell he slid down and grabbed a tree root sticking out of the water, so he dragged himself into the middle of the water, he held his breath and looked around and he can't believe he survived, but he wasn't out of the water yet, so to speak, because he was in the middle of these rapids and no one was sure he was going. getting late, his two friends drowned and when he screamed, the rapids were so strong that no one could hear him. he and the log he was clinging to were totally slippery so he had to grip it as hard as he could otherwise he would just slide back into the water so all night with half his body in the water clung to this Branch. as tight as he could and was praying that he would survive the next morning when the tourists came, they noticed Joseph on this log and waved at him and Joseph, who had used all his strength just to hold this log all night, didn't not only was he fatigued but he was also becoming hypothermic and very carefully removed one hand and waved back, the Taurus immediately notified authorities and a rescue effort was launched and because it was too dangerous to take a boat and attempt to drive to Avery and get it out that way because it was right near the edge of the falls, what they did was they went up on this little bridge that was Upstream of Joseph and they released rafts and little boats hoping that one of them would, by chance, get caught in that log and I could grab it. and then Joseph was able to climb up, throw the rope and be dragged ashore, but unfortunately, after dozens of tries, nothing came close to Joseph, his next plan was to tie a long rope to a boat and then guide it down the river. watch until he reached Jose and this worked but when Jose got into the boat it immediately began capsizing and Witnesses would say Jose stood up and as he was falling backwards he put his hands up in the air like he was giving up and let escape one last cry. he screamed and then fell under the turbulent waters and then, seconds later, was swept over the falls to his death.
top 3 photos with disturbing backstories part 18

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top 3 photos with disturbing backstories part 18...

Here is the final photo of Joseph Avery. It was taken by a journalist just before the boat with a rope attached to it arrived in front of him. Chad Lawhorn woke up at his Nashville home around 3:00 a.m. grabbing a snack and as he was walking downstairs he pulled out his phone and saw a notification from his venmo account, his younger brother Casey had sent him $250 and attached a one word note that just said d I loved to know that his brother he had long struggled with his mental health. Chad was worried that he was setting himself up to get hurt and had sent her this money as a way to offset the emotional toll he was about to inflict on her.
top 3 photos with disturbing backstories part 18
Chad didn't even change. he changed out of his pajamas, grabbed the keys, got into his car, and began driving the two hours to East Ridge Tennessee, where his younger brother and his mother lived. On the drive, he called them both dozens of times but never got through when he finally stopped on their street, looked down the road and saw dozens of police cars and TV crews and there was yellow crime scene tape around them. his property Chad just stopped the car right in the middle of the road and just looked and didn't know how long he was there but at some point one of the police officers noticed him and came over and banged on his window and when the officer found out who he was with was talking, the news Chad was given was much worse than anything he had said. s waiting 24 hours earlier, Chad's younger brother Casey, who is 23, was spending the day with one of his very good friends named Avery, they had gone to a comic book store to play Magic the Gathering, and then came back to Casey's house to go to bed around 12:30 in the morning Avery fell asleep on the living room floor and as Casey was getting ready for bed his mother called him and asked if she could go to pick her up at the bar, so Casey reluctantly agreed. he drove to pick her up and when he saw her he realized she was totally drunk and the whole ride home he begged Casey not to hurt her because it would completely devastate her if she ever did that thing Casey hated when she talked with the. like that and apparently she did this all the time when they came back to the house.
top 3 photos with disturbing backstories part 18
Casey left her mom and then went upstairs to her room where she retrieved a rifle she had stolen from a friend and then paid in her room for a while. She mentally prepared herself for what she was about to do and when she felt ready she left. His bedroom, he went downstairs to the living room where Avery was still sleeping on the floor and placed the rifle against the side of his head and fired one. shot killing his friend instantly once he was dead Casey went up the stairs to her mother's room when she reached the threshold of her room she opened the door and it was totally dark but she realized her mother was still awake in her bed she got up his rifle and fired, but the gun didn't go off, it jammed his mother because she was so intoxicated that she didn't hear the shot and didn't really know what her son was doing at the door, so she didn't raise the alarm. and then Casey just turned around, walked into the hallway where there was a light, fixed the jam on her gun, turned around and this time her mom was out of bed because the family dog ​​was barking like crazy and his mother was trying to calm the dog down and she looked up and saw her son standing in the doorway with a gun and then she froze and stared at him and that's when Casey, without hesitation, raises her rifle and fires two shots then her gun jams again now 9 either of those two shots were fatal although one hit her in the arm and although she was intoxicated she was now fully aware her son was trying to kill her so who was yelling at him why are you doing this, you're killing me.
Casey was totally unfazed, she turned on the lights, fixed the jam, re-aimed at her mother and her mother, who was still standing by the bed looking at her son wondering why this was happening in case she only aimed in two shots and these would be fatal after that, he went downstairs and robbed Avery and then got in his car and drove to Mississippi where in 24 hours he would take his own life. We know all of these details because shortly after committing these crimes, Casey posted a huge confession to Facebook detailing exactly what happened and what he did.
This is a screenshot of the actual post. It is extremely graphic and has since been removed from the social media platform upon its post. Casey says that he feels extremely bad for his older brother, Chad, because he knows it. this is going to be extremely difficult for him and he encourages people to help his brother during this incredibly difficult time, although he does not provide a specific motive as to why he committed these crimes, but says at the end of his confession that he has been thinking lately he has talked a lot about murder and wanted to know how it felt, but after doing so he says he hardly felt anything in 1996.
Jor Tawang, a 28-year-old friend, was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, born and raised in a valley at the foot of Himalayan man was chosen to lead the first Indian ascent of the north face of the world's highest peak Mount Everest. He left school after the tenth grade and joined the highly competitive and prestigious Indo-Tibetan Border Police created in 1962 in response to his domineering neighboring China the border police specialized in high-altitude landscapes which had to be given that the border between India and China ran through the very rugged Himalayan mountain range alaya 12 years after joining the border police pal Jor was an expert climber and highly regarded by his peers, making him an obvious candidate for one of the border police's most ambitious missions to date, while mother de paljore was full of pride in the work and achievements of her son who he didn't think would be her.
He would be very supportive if she knew how dangerous the mission he was undertaking was, so he told her he was climbing a different mountain, although she would find out from friends where he was really going and beg him not to. out. he was not willing to change his mind, he was excited and confident in May of that year, friend, for sure he said goodbye to his family and he and the other hikers set off. Their trip at the beginning went extremely well, the weather was perfect and the men seemed to be having an excellent moment, but their luck did not stop the team's final assault on the north face of Mount Everest was marked by mistakes, bad decisions and very bad weather according to the official report on the ascent, those problems began on the morning of the 10th May when Paljour and the other three climbers got up late instead of leaving base camp at 3:30 AM. m. as planned, they didn't leave until 8 am. an hour and a half late which made matters worse the weather continued to deteriorate with a moving blizzard creating almost zero visibility but even in the best of circumstances mount everest is still a force of nature the summit can be decked in ropes and colored flags and climbers in their beautiful shiny high tech gear accompanied by a small army of Sherpas but the marketing outward appearance is deceptive since 19 24 at least 300 people have died on Mount Everest the relationship between the death and the summit is a staggering four percent the extremely high altitude that everest reaches five and a half miles into the sky not only makes the physical exertion extremely difficult but affects your judgment and decision making and not in a good way That climbers and scientists have a name for the last half mile of Mount Everest is called the death zone because, literally, while you're up there, you're dying, the oxygen is so limited up there your cells start to die and extremely fit people will have heart attacks and strokes. and experience debilitating altitude sickness the conditions are so severe that people have died of exhaustion just lining up waiting to get to the summit but one of the biggest killers in the death zone is something called summit fever when you get to that point so close to reaching their goal, people will ignore security and move on when they should actually turn around and go back, friend Jor and his three teammates were given strict orders to turn around at 3:00 p.m. m. if they hadn't reached the top yet, but due to their late start when they gave 3:00 p.m. m., they were not at the top, they were in the death zone, one of the climbers who was with paljour was the commander. and so at 3pm, when they were supposed to stop and turn around, he was at the back of the climbing pile, so he stopped and yelled at Peljour and the others and tried to get them to stop also so they could return.downstairs but they either didn't hear him or just ignored him as he was suffering from frostbite and totally exhausted he couldn't go any further so he grabbed his radio and tried to call them to tell them to stop and turn back but they didn't.
They didn't pick up their radio and then the commander after waiting a few minutes knew he had to go back down so he turned around and started the Descent about 30 minutes later the Commander's radio turned on again and it was paljour and the others and they were informing him that they w Before making an effort to reach the summit, they were an hour away and the commander said to stop and turn around. He ordered her to go back downstairs. I don't know, but despite everything they were pushed back frustrated and terrified by the other.climbers, the commander kept going down the mountain, but two and a half hours later, his radio rang again and this time it was paljore and the others were saying what they had accomplished, they were standing on top of Mount Everest, the men had not quite set a record. for India they had brought immeasurable honor to their country, the news sparked a huge celebration at the base camp and also in the town of Lay, which is where the Border Police were based, but the


y atmosphere would not last long shortly after the victory.
The weather went from bad to horrible, what would later be known as the blizzard of 1996 had arrived in all its fury and by midnight that night no one had heard from friend Joel or the other two people I was with. it was and only a couple of days later the climbers were rescued. would confirm that all three men had died in the years since the death of his friend Joel on the north face of Mount Everest, this hopeful and proud young Indian man has become something of a gruesome celebrity and a landmark for the thousands of climbers who they reach the death zone, except now he is widely known on the internet and among people who are passionate about climbing the highest league in the world, not as paljore one of the first Indians to climb the north face of Mount Everest but as green boots , which is a reference to the bright neon green boots he wore when he died more than 20 years ago, is lying near the top of Mount Everest in a small limestone cave wearing an orange parka and blue pants, curled up on his side with her arms wrapped around him as if trying to keep warm from his death, anyone who climbs the north face when the snow cover is light literally t She would have to step over his body to reach the top, but Paljore isn't the only corpse on Mount Everest there.
There are more than 200 dead climbers scattered on the slopes of the highest peak in the world. It's too dangerous and expensive to try to get them down, so they stay where they died, which means if you climb Mo Up Everest, you'll literally be climbing over dead bodies on your way to the top, but of all the bodies on Mount Everest, the The most famous by far is paljore. Here's a picture of paljore aka green boots so that will suffice guys if you found the secret in today's episode let us know in the comments what it is and where you found it so give us the timestamp and if you're the first to do so, we'll put you at the top of the comment section if you enjoyed today's video. and you haven't yet, please boost the self-confidence of the like button and convince them to run for student body president, help them with their speech, help them hand out flyers, and then on the big day, don't vote for them too please. subscribe to our channel and activate all notifications so you don't miss any of our three or four weekly video uploads if you want to contact me you can send me a direct message on Instagram or Twitter my username for both platforms is the same it's John ballin416 me too h Have a lot of content on Tick Tock, where my username is Mr Pollen.
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