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This is the Worst Car I've Ever Reviewed

Apr 06, 2024
Hey, what's up guys? I was really struggling with how to start


video just because


might be the strangest automotive review experience I've


had and I was trying to think if maybe there's a superlative to explain it like this is the This is the strangest car I've


tested or this is the quirkiest car I've ever used so far but I think it's the


car I've ever tried but probably not in the way you expect so this car behind me here this is the ocean Fisker you might not have you heard of it pretty new car pretty new company new name anyway uh and there were a lot of red flags in this just the couple of days I spent with it.
this is the worst car i ve ever reviewed
We bought it from a Mitsubishi dealer because Fisker couldn't get us one and then somehow they found out we had one and didn't want us to check it out because there's a really big software update, a big 2.0 update for this car. and I believe you, Fisker, but that's the thing is, it's not really in my policy to wait for promised future software updates. I'm going to review the car that's available now that real buyers actually live with and then how about this in the At the end, I'll tell you what the promised 2.0 software update is supposed to include.
this is the worst car i ve ever reviewed

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this is the worst car i ve ever reviewed...

How's that deal? Okay, deal, so the fundamentals on paper are that the Fisker Ocean is, uh, it's mid-size, it's like an all-electric crossover SUV and I really wanted this to be Be well, I'm not just saying this, it's because it's competitive on the same fundamentals as many of the most popular EVS like Tesla Model and uh ionic 5 ev6 Mustang Mach e, that's what we're looking at here, is an electric cost is higher than the size of the other popular ones. It's in the range of 4 to $70,000, although this is the launch edition which is like a high version, it's the only one you can get, but it's around $75,000, but the reason it's bad is not actually the basics and I think a lot of people who have


this car before have spent like a day with it, maybe two days, and I've watched a lot of those videos trying to see if they've noticed things and it's not going to show up in a day, you live with this car and it slowly rears its ugly head, but the fundamentals are actually fine, I actually think it's a pretty attractive finish, quite an attractive car, it's like a satin blue green paint that shows It looks in a slightly different color from different angles, but I honestly think it looks pretty good, it has a nice front end, this is a dual motor vehicle, it has at least a 360 degree range and we'll talk about that in a second and it has good materials. comfortable has a good amount of storage drives quite well is quiet inside has a pretty soft suspension is more luxurious than a model and but I will just say that there are a lot of really unique ideas and really unique things in this car that I have never seen anywhere another car and that's exciting because I wanted those things to be innovative and come to other cars, but if the rest of the car is bad, then it won.
this is the worst car i ve ever reviewed
It won't be seen as competition and they won't feel the need to adopt it, so I wanted the whole car to be good, let me show you what I mean, firstly on the outside, I think it's shaped pretty well for a two. - Crossover SUV in a row I like the lights, it's got this nice light bar on the front here, weirdly it lights up and says ocean at night right there, but I like this grill, it hides some of the cameras up there really well , there is no front trunk, but you I have this floating Fisker logo in the middle here, it's quite large but it looks good on the front of the vehicle.
this is the worst car i ve ever reviewed
I think it gives me a bit of Range Rover Vibes, then you have these huge wheels and yes these are AOC caps and look at these blue brake calipers, you might want to show them off more, okay there you go, you can remove the caps from the arrows to get a little bit less range and those real wheels underneath look decent, but then we keep moving to the side, this is the load. The port is not motorized to open, but you can see the CCS port here. There are no nacs on this car yet and nothing is known, but it charges pretty quickly.
I think it's something like 10 to 80% in 30 minutes or something. quite competitive, it has these nice flashing lights here on the mirror housings which I like, they retract for flushing, so the door handles are very nice and again the side profile, I think it's pretty solid, it looks like a EV 9, a bit like a preview of one of the cars. We'll check out soon here are the rear wheels and then there's something interesting so two things this rear window opens we'll get to that and this light here. I haven't seen this on basically any other vehicle except this one.
The high beam here is actually one of the flashing lights, so if you turn on your car lights or if you have your fog lights on, this thing comes on, it's easier to see maybe for truckers or for people who are higher above the ground, it is not. legally necessary, but it also has regular flashers down here and then the slotted taillights. I think they're pretty good too. I'm a fan of the bar light so it's not the full bar but again you have this floating Fisker logo and then this rear window can also fully deploy these are little aero elements here to help with reach and if we just walk away a little bit and go into the back, practicality is important so it has an attractive diffuser and It's got quite a squat shape here, but if you really want to get in, I think there's a button here, yeah, that will show you the boot.
Behind quite spacious rear seats that are fully accessible, in fact, it has some space in the rear trunk. here, so if you want to put little charging cables and things like that, it's cleverly hidden, it's probably the smallest one you could fit a full set of golf clubs in, but that's okay, it's a nice trunk, but now here's something you probably didn't expect. The top of the car has some things you've probably never seen before. The giant Fisker logo on the uh, not a spoiler, but on the back of the roof here and then a ton of solar panels on top.
Now that I have talked about solar panels. on top of cars before the Prius was a hit. I mean, people love that thing and you can get significant range for your drivable battery every day, so sitting in the sun like that Fisker claims this solar panel will get you 3 to 6 miles. one day sitting outside for free but I'm freezing my face so let's get in the car so I can show you the inside here so Fisker Ocean driver's seat and this is a good start. I like this really big, thick steering wheel and it's a pretty similar design to the Mustang Mach e, you have this slotted screen behind the driver's steering wheel here and then you have this huge vertical screen in the middle of the car and I feel pretty comfortable saying materials and Build quality is neither a highlight nor a weak point on this car, but this is where I'm going to get into some of the quirks to start, so there is some plastic that you wouldn't expect in a $70,000 car, but I'll forgive a bit for that, where do I start?
Okay, HVAC controls here. I'll pass on that, obviously there's still some weird stuff with touchscreen HVAC and you can get into that, but at least if you just want to. a quick temperature adjustment or a quick fan speed adjustment you can do it with these real buttons here also the volume of your media these are also touch screen buttons but you don't have to use them you can mostly use these buttons here, well, that's good. wireless chargers two cup holders armrests and I think these are very comfortable seats. I have been driving many miles up to this point and found these seats to be very comfortable and that also applies to the back seat and it is actually to the point where I would say this is the best back seat experience of any of the EVS with the which is competitive, so I'm sitting behind a 63 driver position and I have a lot of room here, as I normally don't have as much in a model. or an ionic 5 or something like that, you have these hideable USB type c ports right here, you have these really comfortable seats, the middle seat even has a good amount of foot room and if I'm not storing someone in the middle seat here, I have a nice screen back here that you can turn on the HVAC controls and pull out some little cup holders like this, all good for a back seat that also has some sort of sunroof and some coat hooks in the back and lead.
No pocket storage, that's a little strange, but I think this is where the highlights end and I should start telling you all the weird things about this car. I think the issue here is CU I'm trying to understand why they did so many. of these options and there are a lot of weird ones, I think the issue here is just a young company that doesn't really know exactly what they are doing with a lot of these options yet or hasn't considered all the necessary things. make a great tabletop car, which sounds crazy coming from me, someone who hasn't been in cars as long as others, but I think you'll see what I mean as soon as I get in them, the back seats are so cool that there are also.
These little blocked squares of all these uh, these solar panels above me, but I can't tell what they're doing because the software on this car is very incomplete to begin with and again, like I said, it's getting a software update soon, but I will do that. I'm just showing you what we're working with now, meaning I have no way of knowing what's going on with the solar panels on this car. They don't tell me anything about how much reach they are getting me. This is the range I have. now having 88% battery should give me 300 and something miles great uh here is how many total miles I have driven there is no indication in any software of what the solar panels are doing how much power have they generated at any time nothing now here is another uh great visibility around this car, I love driving it on the highway, you can see everything around you and as a bonus there is a camera for this mirror back here, very adjustable, so if you have a lot of stuff behind you , you can still use that mirror to See a rear view is cool, but they did something weird with these uh, sun visors that are like half sun visors and they roll out by default instead of inward, and that's cool, so you can choose how much you get sun blocking, but that also means that this mirror here is pretty small.
I'm not sure I've ever seen a smaller mirror on a car sun visor before. Here's another one. Trace Storage. They have this little armrest in the middle and they actually use a lot of space. This little tray is like a little airplane tray where you can unfold it. It holds 11 billion pounds and I guess you could put your laptop in here maybe or I don't know if you're carrying it. You could use this one. like a little place for your phone or iPad, it's great, but it takes up a good amount, maybe half of that storage there, so maybe it should be an option or a choice that you can make and then on the other side , there is no glove box.
There's just another tray which there isn't, there are no gloves in this car just another tray for your passenger, now I mentioned that driving this car is really cool right, it has a couple of different driving modes, three are actually called Earth fun and Hyper. Earth is the calmest, Fun is a little sportier, and Hyper is the fastest, but I have so many weird things about it. First of all, the only way to change driving modes in this car is through this labelless button on the steering wheel. one right here, there's no way to change it in the settings and it also doesn't really tell me what it's changing, but from what I've experienced it doesn't change much, all it really seems to do is remap the throttle response so I can't feel much. difference in the smoothness of the steering or the suspension, but what happens is that when you step on the gas or the gas pedal it just works, which is great, it responds very well, it's a little more fun to turn into power Land mode .
It will step on the gas and accelerate slowly, but then it will engage the rear motor and literally spin the tires and give me the same full power. It's not as sleek or as smooth as you'd expect a car's smoothest mode to be. It's not really a relaxed mode if you can still get the full power of Earth mode, which confuses me now. At least I thought it was fun that if you were about to make a pass, you could quickly press this button a few times. and you're in hyper mode and then you can do the pass and go back to relaxed mode.
I guess that's cool, but here's another crazy thing: if you go into the settings here and you go to drive, there's a startup mode called boost. and there is a boost limit of 500 over the life of the car, which means you can do the boost by turning it on here and you canstop completely. Release the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal. It'll do launch control, it's pretty quick, but once you do it now, there's 49 99 left in the life of the car, so I think they're trying to maintain the powertrain and not put too much strain on the motors and the battery and everything. that, but that's another strange thing I think.
I've never seen a literal digital limit on how many times you can do launch control before in a car, so okay, here's another one, there's a button up here to open the sunroof and it does this cool thing I think is called mode. California, which not only opens the sunroof, which is locked anyway, but also lowers the rear window and is supposed to also lower this rear window 3/4 down, which is another thing I've never seen before in a car, but the interesting thing is I'm going to go ahead and press it real quick, when you press it it starts the whole sequence, opens all the windows and rolls down the rear window.
Another thing I've never seen on a car before, but now that it's done, I can press it again and it will close everything. All the windows will be closed because it is cold again. I'm not sure why the rear windows on this particular car are not rolling down but you can watch other YouTube videos where they open this car it doesn't now here's another Quirk like I said there are buttons on the steering wheel for your Adas , save your songs and phone calls forward and backward and volume and media control when you're gripping the steering wheel here, unfortunately, these two exterior buttons are extremely easy to press by accident because they are these large areas of physical contact, which usually It's the opposite of the complaint I have about hard-to-press buttons. but when you turn the steering wheel you can accidentally press these buttons, this one doesn't do much if you're not on cruise control but it will literally restart the song you're playing, that's a little annoying but sure.
Of course, there's the rest of the software on this car, which, to be completely honest, is a mess, and I don't think I've ever turned this car on once and not had some error pop up on this screen behind me in the first place. . whether it's just one of the steering systems or the brake systems or the cameras failing or the Adas system not starting up weirdly, you come in here, uh, there's this 360 degree view, the surround view that It's supposed to work every time you put the car in reverse, this has failed me many times, I'll get a video just because it happens so often, it's easy to get a video so it's a little annoying that I don't like to depend on the rearview camera comes on every time I reverse. but you have the maps in the middle, you have this media control at the bottom and there's not a very easy way to tell, but this screen can rotate and I only discovered it by playing with it because I was curious about the build quality and I would always come back to Vertical, the only way to know it's going to go horizontal is if you hold this unlabeled Fisker ocean button again for 5 seconds, then it'll change to horizontal and give it a couple of seconds to figure it out and it turns horizontal there you go uh and then you have B basically all the same UI stuff but horizontal now again it's on this piece of metal if I want to change it back 5 4 3 two one and there you have even little things like Bluetooth I' Had a problem with this car the first time I drove this car home.
I tried to pair my phone and I was constantly getting a Bluetooth pairing failed issue over and over again, I would try to pair it and it would just show the issue on repeat over and over again so I gave up. I drove home quietly and the next day I was driving to the studio and out of nowhere I heard a road alert coming through the car speakers. I thought, wait, it started working? Oh, it's fine. I just thought cool, I guess it matched up. I started playing music. The speakers are pretty decent, they don't have much of a subwoofer or much bass, but they're fine, it's a quiet car.
I can hear everything and then 5 minutes later it just cuts out. it turns off and the bluetooth disconnects again and then connects again and then disconnects and connects again and it's swapping my media back and forth between my phone and the car speaker. I haven't had that problem in a car in years, here's something else. screen behind the steering wheel they have this great user interface that obviously shows your speed and when you're accelerating and using battery power it turns red with this pulsing notification and then when you decelerate it turns blue but when you're right at that midpoint of the accelerator where you're easing off or re-accelerating around that zero point between regen and acceleration, the whole screen flashes between red and blue which can be quite distracting especially at night and I also had driver assist.
The systems fail me several times. I've heard a driver attention beep many times before This car doesn't seem to have hill hold either, so brake hold is a pretty common feature on newer cars where stopping at a traffic light. Press the brake and it will hold the car in place. It's electric. I should be able to do it. You take this car up a hill. It will literally start rolling backwards if you take your foot off the brakes. It has no brake. I found it to be crazy and the icing on the cake is that this is the keychain that comes with the Fisker Ocean. um, kind of an interesting keychain.
Firstly, the car feels very insensitive to proximity. I walk to the car after having been stopped for a while. although nothing happens, it doesn't unlock automatically, it doesn't wake up, nothing happens. I press unlock sometimes it takes me two or three times for it to actually wake up and unlock the car, that's weird, but at least you have this button on the top of the steering wheel, where if you press and hold it it will do California mode , at least that's what that button is supposed to do. I have to hold it down for like five to six seconds, it just doesn't seem to work.
In mine, the list goes on and on. I've only had the car for a couple of days, but what I'm saying here is that you could give me this car and I wouldn't want to drive it. There are so many annoyances, especially with things like the cameras and driver assistance things beeping and flashing randomly for no reason, it just feels like the buggiest car I've ever tested, so it's okay, an update is coming with the software , What exactly does it do? Includes the fiskers who claim a couple of things are being implemented a 2.0 software update a revised torque split from 5050 to 4555 cold automatic vehicle wait it's time for a power meter to see how much power the solar roof is adding.
Yes please, trailer sway mitigation is also added to stability control so if you tow with this. something that should help key fob improvements to improve performance and then the ability to install updates on a while charging, so you can't do that yet on this car and a reduction in charging status loss while parked , so the vampire is drained while the car is Ideally there will be much more to come. The thing about these electric cars is that they are connected to the Internet, their computers on wheels can improve over time. I feel like this will take a long time.
The car is acceptably usable given the many problems I've had with it, but I support it only because the competition is good and the fundamentals are solid. I don't get 360k of range, but I do get 320, it's spacious, it's comfortable. that's nice, I'm rooting for you Fisker, good luck, thanks for watching, I'll catch you guys on the next one, peace.

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