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The Wiggles Wiggly Safari (2002 VHS).mp4

Apr 12, 2023
NuStar is about to take center stage and will dance her way into the hearts of children everywhere introducing Angelina Ballerina, a little starlet with big dreams, thanks based on the popular classic children's storybooks and also seen on PBS. Angelina Ballerina now comes to life on home video in Rose The Fairy Princess and Angelina on Wings Experience the joys, challenges and adventures of childhood as seen through the eyes of Angelina Finn T William voices Angelina and her mother Academy Award-winning actress Dame Judi Dench plays Miss Lilly I knew I'd get the part of Penelope darling I'm sorry but this time Angelina will be dancing the part of the pink fairy princess, yo but she's getting up Curtain on America's Smallest Superstar. wings now on hit entertainment home video and now is the time for amazing discoveries with your host kipper join us as we learn the secrets of modern technology you better join us as we explore the wonders of outer space and help us as we go On the hunt for mystery animals there, you'll slide right down the slide and right into the box - yes, as an added bonus, you'll also witness firsthand the effects of gravity in action.
the wiggles wiggly safari 2002 vhs mp4
That's all the time we have for today's discoveries to learn more about these and others. adventure seeks amazing discoveries starring kipper the dog now on your friends' home video in hit entertainment coming soon to video in 2003 it's time to have fun The Wiggles are at the movies it's the movie Wiggles it's time to move join Blake Murray Jeff Anthony and everyone your favorite characters Dorothy, the dinosaur, wags the dog, Henry, the octopus, and Captain Feathersword, the friendly pirate. It is a great show of non-stop songs and dances. all your favorite songs and some great new ones all the excitement all the magic have fun and join in the fun The Wiggles Movie Dorothy's Magical Birthday an adventure film coming in 2003 from the hit entertainment we're here with Bob the Builder talking about his latest video Bob saves the day let's watch a clip don't be so modest Bob we hear there's a lot of great action and fun what it's like to make a video like this this is hard work it certainly looks that way Bob oh I see the place is just arrived sorry spud hey that scares you spud oh sure scary spud we hear you're really scary in this video i'm a scarecrow i scare birds it's my job of course it is look the machines are here and just in time here's a question for Travis how was it work with porcupines?
the wiggles wiggly safari 2002 vhs mp4

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the wiggles wiggly safari 2002 vhs mp4...

You're like a pack of puppies. They don't hear bridges. Do not be silly. Travis, they're just porcupines. It seems that it is one difficult situation after another. I think it's about time to wrap up the day, I have to say it's been so much fun talking to you and your friends about this video and I know you're all in a hurry to get back to work, but before you go, to all you fans of Bob the Builder would love to hear them. saying just once let's hear it for bob the builder and all his friends starring in bob saves the day now on vhs and dvd from his friends in hit entertainment ladies and gentlemen get ready to set off today we will explore the wide world of moving wheels and transportation you will have your seat belts fastened and snug your tour guide today will be barney the dinosaur let's go so if y'all ready let's get things rolling wheelies wonderful will be victory our tour starts at pop wheelies where you can cruise through an amazing selection of wheelies When you look around you will find wheels showing the most amazing places moving to the right.
the wiggles wiggly safari 2002 vhs mp4
We will continue our tour on foot, and as you know, walking is a very good way to get from here to there. Come on, we ask you to do it. observe all safety precautions below, see the world by train followed by a couples ride, well if we're going to have horses and a wagon, plane, Barney as your guide, the wheels of your fun are turning, where the fun stops, nobody knows the video of your friends from hit entertainment Andrés together Crocky is a vessel with razor-sharp teeth jumping the tree rolling for the same thing written for animals are intimately is a vessel changes a danger danger there is danger everywhere it is my job facial microphones need fingers order and for you It's always weird to sing the wheels driving in the Australian bush, but I don't think they took a map or compass with them.
the wiggles wiggly safari 2002 vhs mp4
Now he's not too hungry. We better send Steve the crocodile hunter. hello everyone where the wheels i'm greg i'm mary jeff a nun anthony and we're having a great time driving through the australian bush with a big wrecker except we have a problem we're all lost no I don't know where we are and Anthony is he ate all the food yes but i love food barry but it's a problem we didn't lose food what are we going to do guys? What are we going to do? to Wiggles Hey look everyone it's the crocodile hunter Stevo and let's say good morning to Steve hello everyone Steve we have a problem we're in the big red car we were driving looking at the birds looking at the kangaroos and then all of a sudden we realize that we are lost, what do we do, what do we do? of snakes to look at or what is a foodie a nice place for you to sleep yeah my crocodiles love a good serenade hey come on let's go to australia zoo lots of animal adventures too australia zoo the sun is shining in the sky it's blue wow you got a calendar for the thing tell alpha road at australia zoo birds singing the aussie the crocodile hunter history the aussie bend your neck and a long time , take a camel for a ride, it bounces and bounces.
Campbell makes a rumbling sound Diaby to Australia I'm not lazy they can go without drink for days on end what do you know where they live it's sunny tail swishing flies bounce up and down Oh to Australia wobbly camel walking with padded hooks and hooded in a floppy neck and long tail, take a camel to bounce up and down, the camel rumbled Divac to Oh this is really exciting everyone speed is teaching the captain how to talk cook a weak lady and after the cockatoo is this. I am trying to teach the captain how to speak cockatoo and he has done very well.
Until now, cockatoos have appeared throughout Australia. They are very common, in particular, don't they have beautiful straight feathers? and look at his hat, that beautiful yellow hat and this. he is black and of course he has something mr. by everyone around the zoo later the talkie song they sang and danced along with - barney laughing daphne crocodile sneeze gathered around and say croc your wife chloe sam's and captain steve second can you sing in tune the cafe sang very strong and so did everyone gathered yadi rocking can you all do it it's a very exciting time here at Wiggly Safari now wonderful friend Dorothy the dinosaurs here we all go say hello Dorothy Dorothy annoying many friends we have some wonderful friends here at Wiggly Safari Here, What's your name Dorothy?
This is Lauren and Isabelle T. This is Chelsea Dorothy. These are the great wonders. Here we have. Bindi Jesse. Could you tell Dorothy your name Paris so we know everyone's day? I have a question for you. everyone, so feel free to answer this question. Does anyone know what Dorothy's favorite food is, dinosaurs? What do you like to eat first? Dorothy, everyone thinks it's Rises, everyone, one more question, uh, Dorothy told me that she loves another and it's not frozen. they live with little colored wings does anyone know what sounds like a good answer? Dorothy, everyone thinks, but you like butterflies as much as the rhizosphere. loves to do Dorothy loves to do ballet so now we're going to ask everyone here everyone there everyone in the world if they can do that this is the chance let's do Dorothy's wonderful butterfly ballet butterflies flutter flower in bloom dancing their happy This is how I spend my day looking at these beautiful colorful creatures.
Oh what pretty butterflies everywhere. You know what pretty colors. I love dancing with butterflies. Sure it's fun walking in the Australian bush without the darkness of Hydra or Dorothy the dinosaur let's all die hail but I do Dorothy I remember that time we did that concert and everyone brought you these wonderful roses to eat. She's been eating them for weeks and weeks, Dorothy. you sure are the queen rosie dartie oh you look fantastic Garvey feathers to the great and mighty queen great white t-shirt yellow spots great gala/clubs to dance the yo she loves to dance for the rosette moan DARPA and great father y'see beep white t pick yellow spots big gasp ah he loves to dance he loves to dance burrows well ends for the queen i love roses ladies jelly beans how about a big rumble oh what oh friend dorothy the dinosaur for him since plans for the way that Rosie Jamaica is she to smile earthy let's make one they are the darkest soul is captain Feathersword in a bathroom indoors let's all say ahoy there captain Feathersword holy there captain Feathersword way there my friends they are all moving away from one we all we ask what are you doing in an indoor bathroom oh Anthony I'm pretending to be in the ocean with my pretend dolphin friends they say dolphin free yes it's so much fun Anthony but you have to be careful when you're in the simulated ocean oh yes sometimes it can be pretending to store us pretending oh yes indeed that's pretending to win oh we all pretend we know yes anthony this is also pretending rain oh yes pretending to take the rain is very real. let's all go swimming with my friends the dolphins right life of dolphins swimming in the ocean what-ha-ha life of dolphins swimming Oshin Oh with you in the ocean jumping a dolphin the ocean life of dolphins swimming oh my friends dolphins me i'll just swim with you fancy gray skin and the bottle my i am the oh i wish i had a tarzo fin dolphin life just swimming oh no with you playing in the ocean jumping to splash all day a dolphin dances for me the ocean might dolphins love Dolphins like to swim Oshin hi everyone hi friends Terry and bindi hi everyone hi jeff i met terry can you tell us about the koala? the mother koala has an upside down pouch, so the baby crawls under it and when they grow up, they ride on the mother's back.
Boy, hey, Terry, those koalas have Laroy deep, mind you, sleep, sleep, sleep, that's right. I think Jeff would like to hang out. koalas koala sleeps so peacefully in the coil lip Destry snuggles up as peacefully as happy as can be sleeping until she is hungry then eats the tasty one climbing up the tree trunk to find the branch where she can see her little baby stay so close alone not so tight in the heat of the day and the cool of the night, whether sitting in a tree or running for a truck, you always see the baby Koala clinging to Thank you, vendee, thank you all and thank you koala to all, it's a moment very exciting. they are thinking Stephen they are feeding the beautiful Australian dogs the dingoes and they are beautiful they are beautiful Steve beautiful animals the dingo and his Australian dog have been here for thousands of years I don't know how long you have to be here before you call the natives but in they actually come from asia and they are the asiatic wolf beautiful orange coloration and elegant you can see i sleep their body structure is anthony who is running like the wind mate they are so fast blue the way their tail it curls up they are typical a dingo tail and i have white feet and these are the orange ones and steve today yes big bat a lot i dont make it bark at all what do they do if an ambulance comes by they start yes this is MIA we have three girls we have me to Akira and Kuya yes then they have the best sense of hearing of course their speed and agility is the amazing thing you can pick up ok boy absolutely yes look at the dingo. yes we have them as puppies and we raise them in my house like you would any other dog so they are kind of our pets but you know what?
The dingo has a wild streak, any little kid runs past and they like it. everyone gets excited and he ducks to fly they try to catch the lizards they try to catch him you know they might um they're not a good pet like actually a walk here but then he says we love the little ones be good morning love bingo repos in white no Ingo alright Desert Sun deadly thing girls just started little thing to do is like a dark building the building those results in Newton Domehead it's time to time and it's time little dingo in the morning light Did you believe reports? from the little white dingo walkie in the desert son your day has just begun the little tickle though he likes to have till dinner when the booths started on the little tickle it's designated diesel what's going on building hey everybody we're here without them wag to the Little Fay, yell away, wow, wiggle now, look at this outfit, folks, did you know all about the wild and now you could be?animals take care of themselves but that's exactly what you have to do with it i might as well choose the number one thing the number one thing is love you gotta love your pet whether it's a small fish or a cat a dog a a horse or a cow, it doesn't matter, you have to give them a lot of love, yes, the right food, we are going to have good food, whatever those animals need, those pets need, you have to get good food, a good house to live here. lots of cleaning and of course love of war mate that's number one it's great it's your animal friend take care of it wash play too just like stocks it's your animal friend take care of its baby look, play too.
Go fishing like it's your animal. of the painting while she - was special this lady and what's going on Oh Steve I was being chased by a very large bird and I had a very long neck yes very long legs yes and no wings no wings no wings that will be the Australian emu they are a bird that can't fly, they can't fly, but by God, can they run? Oh yeah, not fast and he makes a noise when he sees what's going on, that's a true legend around our pots. Her name is old EMU oh man EMU oh yeah I do care Mike let me tell you about an interview with an old man oh she's got a headlamp and feathers and stuff but the poor old man has no wings.
I'm too jealous of wit. the eagles circling and circling i keep two feet firmly on the ground now i can't fly but i tell you i can take the pants off a kangaroo i tell you kangaroo well i was the model for him take a look you show yourself i can run better at five and then what to do or budgie they squeal and study and try to talk why me and then they joke and talk nice he comes like he's telling you he can run a kangaroo's pants last time i saw a lot of new battles in case you i doubt he was chasing a human woman that diver because he shot past i heard him say she has four i tell you nothing mate he cant see the eagle from the road but i tell you he can do it from the hands of a kangaroo well a kookaburra series.
Danny said it's true hey everybody hey bindi look here comes Anthony I live actually okay Terry hey everybody hey Terry yeah there's a lot of great food around here I've got a lot of food animals like to eat food they love food and that zoo in australia the food we give the animals is the kind of food you would eat oh well but i don't know of any animal that would eat that much food at feeding time look at that , it's a crocodile movie, this huge ancient body silently through the water, Victory's chicken dinner on the shore, Chompy, that's the pose, dude, the animals eat and Sony, I'm getting hungry, janay, everyone look at this little beauty. very common here in australia and they hunt their food at night when they are sleeping during the day they sit high up in a tree and you can see the colors of their feathers and their nose they stick it up in the air and actually the camouflage looks like a tree they have a very strong sharp beak to catch their food and those really big eyes like an owl's hey Steve yes could they look like an owl that's right let's have an idea for a dance?
I'm gonna try an audience good on your chip what a little beauty always an aldol tight around now that's nice they come out for the light that's when they're deaf just hush we'll do you good I'm Stephen can you know the elves are found all over the world they they can unite you are huge they have big big claws to pick their cake at night can i ever in a tree there is a big fisheye to see well from tree to tree call of duty wow that was so much fun for my friends do captain feathersword day holy captain Feathersword great meet captain that was a fantastic greeting yo mikey what was that oh that was comedy well i cook our sounds great captain we can keep the Kookaburra Sam oh yeah Anthony that would be great early morning you can hear them sing.
I love hearing Cooper go kookaburra kookaburra look try this little beauty this of course is a snake and this particular snake is Rosie the boa constrictor. she is terry's pet snake when she was raised here at australia zoo as our own pet of course snakes live all over the world they are very common here in australia you can look at snakes but you shouldn't touch them and she is a constrictor you I can see how it wraps around my hand and is squeezing it. He's not trying to hurt me, he's just holding on. Isn't she a beauty?
Look at it along the tongue. and that carries particles back to her brain and that tells her what she is what she's smelling what she's looking at look at her eyes she's got beautiful eyes and she's got nostrils ok i'm on a bird's head right here show us your nostrils Rosie there they are there she has she has beautiful coloration she is a red tailed boa constrictor you can see why take a look at the red on that tail and she is squeezing me touch oh you are a beautiful snake Rosie you are a beautiful snake night , night, night, spring, let's get out of here, the snake moves so calmly, the grass, if you see it coming towards you, just wave as it blows on us, wave as it passes the snake. as fast as short snakes bats snakes skinny snakes snakes snakes snakes I stay Yeah sure your animals like music Greg they sure do what with crocodiles oh yeah they like music. down kinda great what a great idea Greg all right everyone go and grab your instruments come join the croc band beauty night where we're so nimble always when we play drums guitar crocodile Oh songs do the Crocs now we know it's really croc sal raka died where the fuss thank you all for coming with us to see australia zoo and all the animals we had a wonderful day we had a great time on


realistic ryan thank you very much


good thank you steve thank you terry and thank you big deep we are showing off the wonderful australia zoo and bush thank you all for joining us the australian bush is great we hope you enjoyed the bush as much as we did today now it's time to say goodbye to each other bye hello all the animals they love music and i say music soothes the savage it's better at singing i'm a beginner what do you think steve you need more practice that boy xena crocodile hunter stevo and trust me let's get out of here oh isn't she beautiful?

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