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The Wiggles Top Of The Tots (2004)

Apr 12, 2023
and, of course, Murray, that guitar player who plays Wonder in the Red and then there's Jeff, who always falls asleep in his purple shirt. a dog and that hey legged Wonder Henry the octopus and of course on top of the touches on top of the


without the wiggly dancers come on Rissa and Ryan and Tamara and Franco everyone and of course wonderful Lucy forget me not Captain sword feather without further ado, Let's start with the best of times, woof, woof, you gave your dog a bone, woof, woof, woof, woof, everybody knows, yeah, won't you sing it enough, everybody, let's go to Central Park, New York, via satellite, this is beautiful, oh, will it? take a lot of time squirrels we love we'll walk to the squirrels we'll talk we'll talk new york new york g'day squirrels put on your western gear put on your gear and we'll walk without singing the big hat song a western song cowboys and cowgirls, come on everybody count dogs, even the cowboy dogs this is a scoop on we can get used to this the sun always shines cause the wind blows all day and all night cowboys and cowgirls all make time to drive food everybody buzzing around here buzzing over there as we go fly through the sky through the sky through the sky fly through the sky through the sky through the sky fly through the sky the plane runs on fuel but the tethers take air the wings are made of aluminum stole your bags take seat buckle up getting ready pilot air troll town we've completed our checks across the sky everyone prepare your pet holes it's time to lead the orchestra i wave my arms and swing my bets to the side i wave my arms and swing by the tongue hey when the orchestra plays and i swing my bats at him he's right you know follow him all the way he leads the man or the orchestra come on orchestra let's play pause that director time this is fun come on director we already said that when the orchestra is yesterday the whole orchestra is time to go back to nyc hi everyone my name is frank i am a nyc firefighter with 227 brooklyn engine company and i love my job but to do my job i need to wear special clothing to protect myself i just start i have steel toed boots and water protection pants are fire protected with knee pads they attack my knees my jacket is also fire protected with reflectors so all firefighters can see us when we are operating I have a light so when we are in dark rooms we can try to see where we are going.
the wiggles top of the tots 2004
What I have here is the mask that we bring our own air to the fire so that we can breathe when there is smoke. We also have hoods that work. to protect our ears and neck from the heat and fire and lastly we have our helmet to protect our head and that is the uniform of a New York City firefighter very interesting to get to a fire we have a fire truck carries a all the firefighters and it has everything we have to fight a fire water hoses stairs it has lights and sirens so people know we are coming and they can get out of our way so we can get to the fire New York typing on the engine to the scene going up the stairs checking all the hoses the engine to the scene the new york fireman leaving as fast as we can use you got lost as fast as we can here we go you like to pick flowers we love to pick flowers captain flower sword you certainly are a beautiful flower but what Do you know what Captain Flower thought?
the wiggles top of the tots 2004

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the wiggles top of the tots 2004...

I know a pirate that looks like you but he has a feather sword. I can see that I have feelings. Captain Flower Sword is trying to trick me here. together let's pick some flowers put them in a vase to brighten up our room i'm always at peace my favorites ah lovely petunias well what you smell so good i'm always busy making flowers smell those flowers please eat your list sometimes when you're sick it's you might need to visit the doctor but you know something funny sometimes you need to visit the doctor even when you're not sick to tell us more here's Dr Pam via satellite hi Wiggles hi everyone I'm Dr Pam sometimes when you come. to the doctor you might feel really bad other times you just come in for a check up oh I see well what kind of things might a doctor use to find out what's wrong with someone when you come to the doctor there are things we use to find look how you are one of these is a thermometer and we put this thermometer in your ear to say your temperature wow a thermometer tell us more this is a stethoscope we put it in our ears and listen to your chest to listen to your heart and to listen to your breathing sometimes when we put it on your chest it feels a little cold oh cold it might tickle you too um anything else doctor this is a tongue depressor we put it on your tongue and ask you to say ah so we can have a little look at your throat thank you dr bread go to the doctors for a checkup nothing you can say they are at the doctors at the doctors you can open your mouth and say it's ok the doctors at the doctors you feel better there are a lot of toys in the waiting room at the doctors at the doctors there are many toys in the waiting room at the doctors at the doctors at the foreign doctors everything is fine Sun you were such a good boy take a jelly bean thanks Dra Pam everyone i feel very happy today and when i am happy i love to sing greg g'day everyone i'm happy too and when i'm happy i like to flap my wings and go chirpy chirpy chubby chirping cheap cheap chirpy chubby chubby cheap chubby wow that's great jeff but you know i don't know what the next song is about.
the wiggles top of the tots 2004
Can you tell everyone the name of the next song? your wings up and down scratches and tweets itches and struts and squats and nests and scratches and tweets indeed your wings and nests scratches and tweets and itches and struts changes nests scratches and tweets beat your wings up and down are you're hungry y'all are so am I and you know what's best when you're hungry is to eat oh it's Fruity Tooty fruit and that's good news because right now we're going to satellite to a wonderful fruit girl Gabrielle hi Gabrielle good morning Anthony good morning everyone look at this beautiful fresh fruit and veggie what is Anthony's favorite fruit and veggie I love you all Gabrielle I love your apples oranges bananas onions zucchini potatoes but my favorite I think I said it before my favorite is apples Fruity duty I love apples, they are my favorite apples.
the wiggles top of the tots 2004
I have a lot of Australian apples here. Anthony, here's a, wow, satellite apple. sing let's sing fruit in the bag let's sing let's sing fresh fruit and vegetables let's sing fruit in the back zucchini potatoes tomatoes and onions you will find the soul here in the greengrocer's the scales are for weighing they tell us pain let's all sing the fruit or a song Let's sing Let It sing fresh fruit and vegetables let's sing let's sing fruit in the bag let it sink let it sink fresh fruit and vegan zucchini potatoes tomatoes and onions here you will find a soul in the fruit shop the scales are for weighing their counters to pay let's sing the fruit or a song fresh fruit and vegetables let's sing fruits veggies hi everyone im henry the octopus and i love swimming oh i always try to stay safe when swimming so i swim with a friend and you should too he is olympic swimming gold medalist from Kieran Perkins Australia to tell you all about swimming everyone when it's hot outside it's a great time to go swimming and many people do it in their backyard pool or you.
I know that on the way there is the big swimming pool of the Council or they have a dam in the field. It may have a dam or stream to swim in, but when you're swimming there are a few things to think about. safety it's so much fun to swim don't get me wrong but there are some safety things you should all think about yes you need to think about it well to help us think about those things and also the fun things about swimming we have the best swimming family in the world the Perkins families here they are they are Kieran and Samantha Harry and Georgia good morning guys how are you doing Anthony how are you good good now we are talking about swimming now Samantha what are some of the fun things about swimming what I like to swim and have the whole family go good.
I think it's a lot of fun for the whole family, but there are a couple of serious things for Anthony and that is that no matter how old your children are as parents, we have to get them. to learn to swim now the good time is probably the summer of their first birthday and just take them there take them to the local pool they should learn to swim the other thing is also besides learning to swim is important. dress up for swimming because australia is very sunny that's right you have your uh your togs or bathers depending on which state you come from queensland or new south wales um a hat what else do we have on when we go to swim? swim shorts and what do we want sunscreen that's right sunscreen we always put sunscreen on our faces we don't know when you're going to swim you should swim by yourself or you should go with a friend or make sure there's an adult there like maybe mom or dad many parents sometimes think oh look kids can swim now so they will be fine by themselves in the pool but it is never really a good idea to leave kids alone we always keep an eye on kids even if they are in a inflatable pool in the front yard when strangely enough we have never had a pool in our house so we used to buy the little inflatable pool and always take care of the kids even if the water was only a couple of feet deep because kids can drowning in any amount of water, so it's great to have fun, but you always have to keep an eye out because if you teach them how to swim, they could be a lifeguard one day, Kieran. after all the hard work and training you've been to the olympics and done a lot of brilliant things, can you tell everyone about my career?
I went to three Olympics and won two golds and two silvers and actually medaled in three Olympics in the 1500-meter freestyle in a row. I broke 11 world records, two world championships, a few Commonwealth Games gold medals there too and Pan Pacific titles. slather some sunscreen on your skin dip your toes in the water it's time for a swim Ming in the pool s yeah yeah swimming in the pool let's go swimming the waters are so cool let's go swimming swimming in the pool swimming Las waters are so cool yeah yeah splashing splashing like this splashing like that climbing diving is so much fun friends never mind everyone there is great excitement Greg and Jeff are in China they are certainly Anthony they are checking out the brick that forms the Great Wall of China wow well come on use the satellite to cross the boys greg jeff are you there?
Hey Murray Anthony we're here check this out we're here at the Great Wall of China yeah wow the Great Wall of China look this wall is 10,000 kilometers long that's long that's very long and look at all the bricks here there must be millions of bricks in here you would have to imagine how many bricklayers it would have taken to build this wall wow thanks guys here is sheamus to introduce the next song here is the regular song. playing the song Foreign. Foreign. All this singing is making me very thirsty and when I am thirsty I love to drink milk.
Where can I get some milk from? Do you have any idea? Where could I find some milk? Of course, cows give you milk, but where can I find a cow? Oh, on a farm of course, a great idea on our dairy farm we milk up to 2,000 cows. we go to the barn we put the cups on the cows and the milk comes out before the cups we used to milk the cows by hand but it took a long time we need you now we have some news today we need you now well we need you now oh yeah i got lots of milk here at field.
They need our milk so they can have a lot of fun. See what I mean? We are calling now. now oh yeah holding all the cows the cows come in here on your wrist tells everyone to send the exact hands and numbers one through twelve makes a wonderful scent takes 12 hours tells everyone thank you for working so hard in the garden, watering the plants with water. can gardening makes us feel good yes digging is what we like to do good digging with a shovel or a child when it's hot wiping off sweat with a towel watering the plants the watering can gardening makes us feel good yes digging in the sun having a lot What funny can you dig it please foreigner We are here with some bread.
I really love bread. Do you like bread, boys? yes anything else you like I like I like cheese yes you like cheese too I like crackers that's fantastic you know you know what you call a person who makes bread because it's true? a chef type, yes you can make bread at home too. I love bread every morning. Warm water with a little yeast and flowers. Let it grow. I don't know. To keep your teeth really healthy. on the wavy satellite hello DorothyI'm Michael the dentist tell us what's going on at the dentist. He tells people to take care of their teeth.
Now look at his teeth. I wear a mask. Wear gloves to spread germs. I'll ask her to come in I'll ask her to open wide I'll look inside and see her beautiful teeth and Dorothy so I can go in and see your teeth I wear alittle mirror wow thats tony y'all need a shine light to look at your teeth to keep that light out of your eyes. I have these cool sunglasses for you to wear. Dr Michael. Here is a song about dentists. can hide open wide look inside clean my teeth they are all stars toothpaste and floss look inside yeah yeah well we had a great time here today and we hope you did too but now it's time to say goodbye to all the Wiggles Dorothy Henry Wags and Captain the red coat dancers and all our friends up front you were fantastic and you were fantastic too see you next time bye foreigner thank you foreigner foreigner do you like the bread yes yes it's very good I like it was toasted especially in the morning maybe with a little butter and jam what else could you do with bread um flour oh you should use flour to make bread , that's right, guys, yeah, and, um, what else would you eat, although you could have, uh, I like toast? you could put cheese on it yeah I think you could also jam and butter that's right you could make some sandwiches that you make in the morning when we see something when something turns it red great a spider that's right a spider makes it weird and you could see that while you eat your bread you still eat bread, that's right, they really like Bridges.
I woke up. Was coming. um. I was going fishing. Where is your grandfather when I got a skin with your rod? and you grab that and then you throw it away and it went so far and i started um there was a fish and that had a big um yeah you put it in the fish's mouth oh boy and that's how you catch the fish yeah we have a fishing songs that were so interesting Shameless thank you thank you foreign foreign foreign

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