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The Try Guys Try Not To Get Scared Challenge

Feb 27, 2020
- Welcome to the Try Guy Try Not to Get Scared


. Here's the thing, Ned is terrified of horror movies. -He sees nothing remotely scary and we'll show him some of the best horror scenes ever. - Oh shit! (scary dramatic music) Grab that knife, girl. Oh no! Oh my gosh oh oh oh! I literally don't even care. (upbeat rock music) Ah, this video! Guys, I'm so


of movies. - Ned doesn't see anything scary. He didn't get to see "The Lion King" until this year. He's over 30,


. -And he insists that children should not see it. - I remember what annoyed me as a child. "Double Double Toil and Trouble" by Mary Kate and Ashley.
the try guys try not to get scared challenge
Man, that movie


me! - I used to be like Ned, I didn't like horror movies. But Becky loves horror movies, so I've come to enjoy things about them. - There was a scene where a lady was trapped in a mirror, forever. That is a scary concept as a 10 year old. - Fear and euphoria are really two sides of the same coin. I think it's like getting on a roller coaster, you're scared, you're scared but happiness is in the relief. - I'm sweating, I'm like, I mean, I shouldn't have worn a sweater. - This is a great video, this is so much fun. (laughs) Oh, this is good. - There's something about creepy old men in horror movies that scares me the most.
the try guys try not to get scared challenge

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the try guys try not to get scared challenge...

I don't know why, but he makes me scream. In this scene from "It Follows," a girl is in class and suddenly realizes that an old lady is about to come looking for her. - This is the person with a balloon? No, that's it." - That's all." (laughing) - Ah, okay. Oh God. Oh God. - It's just the classroom. - No no no. (laughing) No. (groaning) - Nothing happened. - Oh, what's going to happen? Oh she's fine, she's just a normal girl. (Laughter) No, there's buzzing, there's buzzing, that means something scary is going to happen to her!
the try guys try not to get scared challenge
Oh! Oh my gosh, it's so scary! (laughs) Who is she? Why is this happening? - Oh oh oh oh. - Get out of there, girl! (laughs) Get out of there. No degree is worth this. Oh, I'm sweating. I am literally sweating. (men laughing) I'm literally sweating right now. Where is the old lady? Where is she! Oh! (men laughing) She's behind her, oh no! - Oh, there she is! - Oh no! -She's coming! -Oh, she is, oh, she is closer to her! No, that's, oh, she looks like she's dead. Oh, she's getting so strong. Oh Lord! Ouch run!
the try guys try not to get scared challenge
Run! Run! Oh! (clapping) (sigh) - That was it. - That wasn't so bad, Ned. - That was it, you did it Ned. You passed the first scene. - And that's the first? - In "The visit", two children are playing under the house and suddenly they realize that an old woman is coming to look for them. I know it's silly, but in the end you realize they're not like ghosts or ghouls, it actually could have happened. - This is already scary, this is already scary. I hate this. -I thought dad said he was taking us into town this afternoon. - I hate this, this is a child, this is worse.
You can grab that kid's legs. Why are you standing in front of whatever this is? Oh! Oh he's just... Oh hilarious, classic trope. Let's record it. (men laughing) - Is this movie found footage? - Yeah, it's found footage style. - That means they're already dead. That means they'll be dead when we find this. Why would you play in a narrow space? God these kids! I'm going to seal my crawl space at home. I can't let Wes do this. This is too close to home. I mean, I have kids now. Fuck! I hate it! This is only the second!
Oh, I don't like this! - Nothing is happening. - I know, but something is going to happen. (screaming in terror) (men laughing) What was that? What was that? - That was hilarious. - Why are they in a crawl space? Who built this house? Is there earthquake bracing? Oh Lord. Oh Lord! This kid is going to be killed and scary stuff. And scary things. (yelling) Come on kid, come on! My God, he's dead! Oh he's dead. - Oh. "Oh, he's going to be right behind her." He's going to be right behind her. Oh, you can see her in the background.
You can see her in the background. - Oh. - Why do you crawl like that? Why did she-- - Candles out - Ah! Grandmother? (men laughing) Why is Grandma so scary? - Oh, that was fun. (men laughing) (men clapping) Yeah, that was fun. It had that twist at the end, so I thought: is it scary or is it grandpa? I understand. - (laughing) Is she the grandfather? (soft guitar music) - Now in between each of our picks we have some little palate cleansers, some little chasers just to keep the mood fun. - No this. I heard about this one.
I do not want to see it. - Oh! (scary music) (screams) (screams) Oh my God. - I have chosen scenes from two of the greatest authors of horror. The first is from "Drag Me to Hell" by Sam Raimi. He does what he calls splatstick, which is really the intersection of comedy and horror. When I scream, I laugh right after. I think it's very funny. - Oh boy, oh boy. Oh boy, it's going to be weird. It's going to be weird. (Groan) That's all. (groan) Why are you turning around with that window behind you, girl? - Here comes my favorite shot. - My God, oh!
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! - Please don't-- - Oh, farts. Oh wait! Whoa, grab that knife, girl! Get that knife! - Stapler. - Yeah! Yeah! Oh, she's a stapler. (Laughter) - Staple in the eye. - Funny, that was funny. Oh! (honks car horn) Put on your seatbelt! Get that seat belt! (woman screaming) Boom! Boom! Oh! (men laughing) Yes, she dies! (laughing) What the hell? (men laughing) What the hell? (stamping feet) Good. Nice. - What trip. - Wow that was... That was good. That was awful. That's what campy. - Yes. - That's right. That's right. - So you kinda liked it. - I understand now. - This is a scene from "Alien".
This scene is great because it's just about tension. You are convinced that at any moment something bad is going to happen. - Oh, that sticky one! That goop will get you! Oh Lord. I mean, I'm in this because the space. Something about the way they've filmed this so far is... I'm not totally-- - I want to get the hell out of here. - freaking out. Now I'm a little scared. (men laughing) Run. Run! Run! Run! Oh no. Why he has the flamethrower, I don't know. (screams) (men laughing) - Do you want to show it again without sound? (sighs) It's like he's doing jazz hands. - Ooh! (sweet music) - Ah, there's a baby.
No, this is the worst. (laughing) I'm afraid the baby will be hurt all day. Oh my gosh! That? - Come on. (screams) No! Oh no! No, watch your head, baby! Watch your head! (knocking on door) Oh no! - Oh, this is-- - No! - Something is going to happen. (screams) (laughter) Ah! Oh! Oh! - I don't think Ned likes scares. - No. - Especially not the ones related to babies. - I'm getting too hot. - Take it. Yes man! - Okay, yeah! - So, Ned, to introduce you to my clips, I chose things that are a little more challenging. - I literally don't even care. (scary music) - My first scene is from a J horror movie called "Audition".
Really, both of my scenes are hard to watch. J horror, korean horror, south east asian horror are amazing. "Audition" was one of the first real movies that brought that wave of international terror. - What the fuck? Is dead? Are you paralyzed? -She puts something in her drink. - I do not like this. I don't like this - I'm so sorry, Ned. Very sorry. - Why are you doing this? She'd like to poke him in the eye or something. (groan) - Oh, my God. - What the fuck? My God, Eugene! Eugene! No! - Oh shit! - No!
No! (yelling) No! I don't like this (yelling) Oh, she's going for her dick! (men laughing) No! No! Oh Lord. How is this still going on? - No! No! - How's this going? - No! - Uh huh! Not her eye! Not her eye! - I can't with my eyes, I can't-- - Ah! - With the eyes, I can't. - This is the upper limit of horror. - I think I should stop it. I think I should stop it. So what did you think? (sad music) - I hated it. I'm all sweaty. - We'll give you a bath after this, Ned. - Oh, wow! - The final clip is from "The Thing" by John Carpenter.
This could be described as body horror, which is a subgenre of horror that focuses a lot on mutation and gore. - Oh yeah, oh, this one starts fast. - There is a lot of tension, they don't know who is who. - Oh shit! (men laughing) What the fuck? My God, what the fuck? -His stomach just turned into a mouth. - Oh Lord. Oh Lord! It is funny. Oh Lord. Oh Lord. - (laughs) Wow! - Oh Lord. Oh Lord. - That's so gross. - My God, wow. How did they do this? - Puppets, animatronics. - Yes, tongue, tongue, use that tongue.
Oh yeah! -No, her head turns into a spider with two cocks on it. (men laughing) - (laughing) There he goes. - Bye bye. -She's running away. - Goodbye, spiderhead. (flamethrower hissing) (men clapping) - That was great, right? - Something special, wow. How did they do that? - They don't make them like they used to. - And Ned, with that, we have reached the end of the gauntlet of terror. - I'm tired. - I know this was not easy for you and I am proud of you. - How do you like these things? - Pla! (men laughing) (everyone groaning) (happy music) - I don't know why I'm as scared as the old men in horror movies.
I'm not afraid of old people outside. (Laughter) I will happily greet an old lady in a grocery store. - Keith, my grandfather is here! (Keith yelling)

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