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Carving Each Other's Faces On To Pumpkins

Feb 27, 2020
And then I met Ariel! - So, Halloween is special for you. - Yes. - I'm going to give her some makeup inspired by Candid Competition. This paint really sucks. - Oh! - This is the worst painting in the history of painting. How is this so bad? How is it possible that the painting is so bad? - Trick or treat time! (ghostly music) A ghost? What is a ghost? (flying bats) (laughter) - Wow. - (ghostly howls) - Can you see? - Ultimate trick or treat. Werewolf gloves? No. Guys. This really limits my mobility. - You can do just as good a job.
carving each other s faces on to pumpkins
Try using a spoon, now I'm just groping Ned's mouth. - Shooting! Hello, ghost. - (Laughter) Aw, man. - Oh, Jesus Christ, Ned. - (groaning) Oh no. It looks like a brown poop full of poop. - It seems that the diarrhea has come out of your mouth. - A shot! (offscreen laughter) (mumbling) Huh, how about we do an


one of these little half shots? A little medium hair. (exhales) Jack o'Blasted! I'm going to get Jack o'Blasted. - Maybe I can slurp it through the eye hole. Do I have DSL now? (laughs) - Definitely more than before. - Okay, what if, listen to me, if I just record this? fucking done. - It's screwing it up, I don't have the right tools so it's just screwing up. - No, I can't see, I can't see anything.
carving each other s faces on to pumpkins

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carving each other s faces on to pumpkins...

Also, dad doesn't drink much lately. - I had a plan, but this werewolf glove is really fucking with me. Well! Gloves are coming off! - Right now I'm just cleaning it. - Oh, I haven't used any of my time. - 40 seconds, Jesus, God, time is crazy in this universe. - Well, I lost the eye, so I'm replacing it. - Wait, she has to do her hair. (puffing sounds) - Ahh! (Laughter) Ned! Ned is partying! It's like, 'Hey, Wes.' - I'm not sure if I did Eugene or Mad-Eye Moody. - Oh, that's Eugene, I can read it! -Oh, Eugene is smoking-Hey, he's fine-That looks good!
carving each other s faces on to pumpkins
That looks cute! - It needs more levels, but it's ok. - We have Zach's little hair restoration surgery - (laughs) - We have big glasses - Funny. - Now is the time to hand over our creations to one an


, for judgment and retribution. - It's the revelation! - Stay tuned. (flying bats) - How did it go? - How did it go? Zach, I did it to you. - Oh, wow. - And I think you'll find it amazing, Ned. - I did you. - (gasps) - And I think you'll find it pretty accurate and perfect. - Oh wow. - And Keith, I did it to you.
carving each other s faces on to pumpkins
And I think you'll find that you're not a redneck, a hot redneck. - (clicking) - Good. - Why did you add plumpkin? - Plump, like your lips. - Oh, my lips. Oh, it's alright, it's alright. Otherwise-- - I taught Ned what DSL means - Oh, yeah - Apparently, it's not just a high-speed connection, it's (emphasis) a high-speed connection. (all talking at the same time) - Shut the fuck up! - Move along. - We all ended up saying 'And I made you', except me. - Well, say it. - Who could have done it? - And Eugene, I did it to you. (romantic music) And I think you'll find it perfect. - Three, two, one, boo. (exclaiming) - It's Ned. - Not bad.
You brought the general, he's like a Doug Funnie nose. - All other blemishes are because I had to start using a spoon. - Yours looks a lot like Ned was a scarecrow. - It's like Ned is just a jack o'lantern, he's more or less a normal jack o'lantern, but I tried to make him Ned. - Side to side. - Wait, no, friend. - Open your mouth, open on this side, do it like this, huh? - Huh? (exclaiming) - Yes, quite good! - (gobbling) - So excited for me. - This is my Keith pumpkin presentation. - Three, two one, boo! - Wow! - Wow!
Oh my gosh, it's horrible! (laughs) But he looks like me! How did you do that? - I think I captured your manic energy and big mouth. - I like that you have made my lips curve to the sides, like the Joker or the Grinch. - Now angry eyebrows. - I'm trying to make my-- - Less tongue. Yes. - Wow, that's very good, Eugene. - Thanks! - Eugene, I wanted to make you something creepy and creepy for your favorite holiday. - Three, two, one, boo. - Yes, my eyeball collapsed, so I decided to make it up to you with your iconic green eyes that everyone knows and loves. - Oh yes, my beautiful green eyes.
Zach, I love it. I think this is the best thing you've ever done. - And can you stick out your tongue? And maybe you can make one of your eyes green? - And huge. - We'll do it in the post. (magical sound) - I like all the things you put on that weren't actually part of the pumpkin. - Zach's drawing of Ned. - And three, two, one, boo. - Hears! - There is! - Wow! I'm lovin 'it! - I see Ned also took the 'just make it a pumpkin' route. - But with glasses! - With glasses, and! - Lots of hair - Successful hair reconstruction surgery.
Signature eyewear styling. - What? - Well. - Do we have a surprise? - Close your eyes, everyone. - ♪ Halloween, Halloween, ♪ ♪ Come on Halloween, Halloween time ♪ Whoah! - Shut your mouth! Wow! - Whoa, holy shit! - Shit! - Are you watching this? Oh! Holy crap! Oh Lord! - Nick Martinez! - Oh my God! - Wow! Holy shit! - Wow, we really didn't do a good job. Wow, we did so badly, I didn't even think about this approach. Carving


is about what you put into it, it's a fun family activity, it t


es kids basic knife skills, it's something you can display on your porch, it can rot, it's a nice thing that gets you in the Halloween spirit, and if you're no good then you can ask someone else to do it for you but it's not about how good they look it's about care and how much fun you have while doing it. - It's not about fate, it's about all the humans you sacrificed to Satan along the way. - Wait a second-- - Hail Satan. (upbeat rock music) - Ah!, where everyone shops. Let's get lit!

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