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The Most Sadistic Reality Show | The Swan

Feb 26, 2020
The Swan is a



that is considered one of the


controversial and offensive


s on television and I'm talking about worse than some of the shows we've talked about before. than little children and tiaras, not only for the viewers but also for the contestants of the show. One word I can use to describe this show perfectly is portrait. Your body image issues. This show aired in 2004 and I realize that today plastic surgery is the


common. There is something in the world when it comes to celebrities, rich people or I don't know, normal people, in general, plastic surgery is very common now, but in my personal opinion, I have always been against it, I feel that it never works well. for your mental state and many times makes your mental state worse than better.
the most sadistic reality show the swan
I mean, I'm sure there are plenty of people who have maybe actually gotten better from plastic surgery, but just from my opinion when it comes to the grand scheme of things it never helps and just to be clear, I'm not talking about a small tummy tuck. I'm not talking about lip injections or something small like that. We are talking about full facial reconstruction. I just want to bring up this really quick and unnecessary facial reconstruction I realize some people really needed they say they have scars say something happened to them or they trashed their face that's different I'm talking about when your face is fine and you still change your whole expensive but let me just summarize the concept of the show because honestly I don't understand how the show got past the idea phase alone because it's a mess it's horrible so the idea for the show was stolen from a legendary book known as the ugly duckling Yes. this show is based on that book where they take a teenage girl, unquote, ugly women and then basically top to bottom completely reconstruct her entire body and face and oh I must have forgotten or forgotten a little bit of detail about each one of these women, they are all very depressed, they have depression, that's a good combination, isn't it?
the most sadistic reality show the swan

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the most sadistic reality show the swan...

So what this show does is take all these ugly, depressed women and basically tell them, hey, you know those thoughts in your head, you know how you tell yourself that you're ugly all the time and you don't belong here, well, all of those things are true but the only way to fix it is plastic surgery i can't imagine being a girl who thinks it's ugly and watching this show really good for the brain oh and i forgot it gets worse so they don't just rebuild up and down their entire body and face throughout each episode but they continually insult them now this is not really on their minds and insult but it's like constructive criticism of their bodies and faces oh and also they give them therapy i guess and they go through training regimens and sure training regimens and therapy are kind of ok in my book i mean having a good workout to get fit is always good for the mind but therapist and s stupid, what kind of therapist thinks that doing makeup and changing your face is good for you, especially when you're depressed, especially if you have body dysmorphia?
the most sadistic reality show the swan
A lot of these women have oh I don't forget it gets worse so every episode there are two girls and they beat each other up and see which one is prettier oh wait a minute I almost forgot it's even worse you know that thing. called contests which is basically the most meaningful thing any woman or man can do they picked the nine hottest girls in quotes and pitted them against each other in a contest these writers had to sit down and think hmm I wonder what they worst we can do to depressed women, just imagine how you would feel after having so much surgery, so much pain, all this and then you lose after going through all that, you are considered the ugliest.
the most sadistic reality show the swan
The show is doing exactly what it's trying not to do and for argument's sake, for the naysayers, the people who say they feel better, they got better, maybe plastic surgery is actually good for them, shut up, no you understand how it feels to be. depressed and a woman who doesn't like her body. I want those people to stay for a second. In fact, you know what to stay for the entire video because tonight you will be meeting average looking women going head to head. but by the end of the night only one of our contestants will have changed enough to make it to the ultimate beauty pageant.
You will see this term used a lot. It is the average term. They never call them ugly, but I'm calling them average, which is basically a sweetened version of just calling someone ugly and they use that word all the time. I guess being a normal human is considered ugly in their eyes. enough money what a surprise break the news to him that he's joining the show congratulations you ugly that's basically what they're doing that's basically what they're doing i think it's made an impact i'm in the relationship with my husband hey what's your your husband what the hell is it no wonder she has depression and hates herself this is the problem it's not her face her face is fine it looks good i must describe my daughter she is a copy of me okay we have her husband to insult her we have a her father so she can be insulted by anyone else Jennifer Jennifer I know you hate her I know you mean something mean you know she doesn't mean to make her feel worse in third grade she said I told your teacher not to expect too much from Rachel, so the program itself identified him. the problems of her depression her husband does not find her beautiful and her own father told her that she was not special do not expect much from her that is the problem not her face this is not a case if everything your parents told you you and your husband t The old you and all the bullies told you that's one hundred percent true.
You just don't have money. You just need to fix your face instead of confirming in his mind that all those things are true. Why not do it? I do not know. break away from it make her feel more self-confident like that it's stupid he's not a monster she looks pretty since it's just the gym door make up a little maybe fix your hair is wrong with you sick people who don't need to change your face . I want to make a difference in my life. I think it's a difficult physical transformation. What do you want to do with that nose?
Randell rolls the corners of his eyes. Sad look. Are you leaving at some point to work on the cool stuff? I think it will be difficult. She needs a lot of cardio work. I'll probably put it on a climber for those big long legs. i can't find anything positive they've said about her about her body about anything every time a plastic surgeon talks it's always like they're talking to him like they always bring up how hard this is going to be this is going to be really hard The key to getting Rachel into the pageant is bringing out her femininity it's going to take a lot of work we're going to have to try and bring out your feminine side that's going to be a real challenge honey oh that honker who knows it's really going to be a big challenge right there i don't know i know if i can handle that we have to do a body makeover on her quite a bit she has quite a lot of liposuction to do so it will be a challenge.
I don't want to think about liposuction anymore. owe a hunt dammit that's going to be a real challenge so not only is Rachel going through this incredible amount of life change in pain but now we can see her husband is kind of a serious problem with my husband. because of her lack of support you know the whole thing about him not doing much for her he's not trustworthy he's not really helpful he's not really responsible again like i said at the beginning she's surrounding herself with people who make her feel inadequate and who they make her feel bad about herself why not cheer her up? her inner beauty makes her feel better about who she is doesn't make her think about who she should be as the show's focal point silly congratulations now you look like everything basic on the planet look i know i might be being harsh here but, um, they look like clones each and every one of them looks the same in the end it's creepy creepy he lost every ounce of uniqueness from his face, from his body, from everything he's not completely, he's like a robot that turned into a but has become a caretaker and is a clone of Karen.
I can't imagine every single one of these girls going to a restaurant just to ask for a manager. I mean, just imagine if someone didn't like the result, it's not like they could. just take it's off it's not like i can hit an undo button it's there and it will stay oh by the way what i just said that's coming out later if it happens sorry you didn't call her average she called herself ugly and disgusting and all those different things you called her your average stupid person and it turns out her husband is leaving her now don't get me wrong the husband seemed like a complete and a tool but eg hypothetically i would never in a million years want my wife completely change her face and body because i married her for her not whatever they turned her into some kind of thing it wasn't just her a lot of the contestants yeah a lot of other contestants husbands left them after from the show i mean it could be like hey your husband doesn't like how it turned out your husband likes how he used to be not who he became and he could also be maybe what ever since they became Karen, they have a bit of e They go over themselves and they thought hey I deserve better Instead of you I'm going to find someone fake who likes my looks and says they like me Who am I anyway it's a shallow bunch of people now I've released the term body dysmorphia many times in this video now I just want to explain exactly what body dysmorphia is now body dysmorphia is when you amplify little flaws in yourself as if there was a little thing that maybe no one could see or no one cares pays attention to it but you amplify it and make yourself feel horrible so basically it's a never ending cycle where you never like how you look so when you get plastic surgery there will be scarring there will be changes to your body that you don't like and you will move on having body dysmorphia not only does it not go away your mental problems are not physical problems you can't have plastic surgery on your brain i mean the only thing i could do to physically change my state of mind is if i just stuck a knife right and did my head now just so I don't have to deal with actually seeing this anymore just to give an example of a program that does something similar to this but does it well it's a program called what not to wear because they don't use plastic the surgery they're doing of what I've been talking all this time focuses on not changing them but just bringing out their inner beauty but showing them that they are actually beautiful people about what not to wear give someone $5,000 go buy clothes give them a makeover ya you know they fix their hair you don't need plastic surgery and throughout the program all they do is compliment them build them give them positive reinforcement tell them they're not ugly they just need to learning how to do it to show how beautiful they actually are is great and doesn't require you to smash your face in what if at the gym you've been complaining at the gym? that's a fucking lie andrea walks into the gym and constantly complains that she needs to turn our attitude around and even has a chance to do is she giving up is she giving up what just because she has depression and body dysmorphia her word her husband might leave her while still recovering from surgery and at the same time or having to work out twice a day when you've never done it before and you're complaining that I didn't know we had a contestant this is the type of person that when you're down and like oh just go quick run get over it yeah idiots that's not how it works and now we come to the prank therapy sessions like I mentioned at the beginning and yeah I realize they don't show all the pictures but it's fun to watch because all the What they do is tell them they have a problem and then say does that help anyone does that really help you know it's hurting you and the people around you it's not going to help you know is what is the reward for behaving like this?
Don't think about it you have to recognize what you're getting out of this or it's going to be very hard to change I want to win do you win when you do what you do because even if you win the battle you're losing the war it only makes things worse it's not exactly going to help it's not going to help anyone it's not going to help you it's not going to help that's the equivalent of going to the doctor for a broken leg in him saying yes you have a broken leg right there it's going to hurt when you walk you know if you put pressure on your leg is going to hurt so good have a nice day why aren't you showing them how to give them exercises showing them how to build their self confidence giving them goals it doesn't make any sense just showing this is the problem it sucks good for now, i pretty much unpacked a lot as far as the show itself and the contestants but now i want to talk a little bit about the fallout where are they now do they write stuff what happened when they went home you know all those different things? that doesn't really matter to you, but it's pretty important when it comes to the show.
I will only mention thatsome of the girls have actually left this and are completely fine. They are happy. They have happier lives. They feel better. They look better. Some found new jobs for Let's be fair to a lot of the jobs because of the fact that they were on the show, like some of them even became models and let's face it, that opportunity wouldn't have presented itself unless they weren't on the show. So I don't know you. I can't really put that in as the plastic surgery is what did it for them it's more than the show itself you know putting their name on there helping them out a little bit so again I'm not saying that each single did badly or got worse or the show ruined their lives i'm not saying that but i'm digressing let's keep going last year the


phenomenon swept the country flexily they get over four million dollars with the candy seriously who he gained weight this show can't go five minutes without talking someone doing some kind of insult somewhere painfully shy beth was also insecure in her marriage this girl kissed him wine kissed him back i guess i'm afraid no one else would definitely love I was jealous before and now it's not a problem.
I apologized to her all the time. I'm proud to be her husband, oh okay, now you're proud, you mean, after she got her whole body and face renewed, now you're her proud husband, not before, but now you are and I am. I know you cheated on her in the past and it really seemed like you didn't want to be with her in the first place, but now you're proud to be with her, it's probably just a coincidence. -Esteem is my face many times I look in the mirror they just want to say I was like that bomb I love the fact that I can look in a mirror and think I know I look good and what about Kelly's boyfriend people she thought i was supportive i have loved kelly since high school she asked me to be her life it was really sweet we cant wait to get married oh right now after she comes home after she got her head changed face and body completely, now you decided to keep her and marry her, you know what we will just write down. above in another coincidence look at a free girl and the daughter of deaf parents Merlin Norman's biggest struggle was trying to make time for herself and Marlene also had insecurities with her body she smiles a lot more it's like she's always had these line people straight is day and night our level of communication our relationship is really great of course night and day i mean obviously he's not talking about his plastic surgery and body swap on face that's not the reason, it's night and day, it's your state of mind, it's just a coincidence. that's coincidence number three oh yeah you guys remember the husband who called his wife average and then proceeded to not talk to her through the process and not support her in any way basically being a complete me I didn't like this conversation, this is him after she got home.
I definitely got a lot of jokes for calling my wife average people make mistakes and I definitely made a great man yes I made a big mistake cause now your wife has a different face and body now you love her now you want to take care of her just another coincidence put it in there number four guys starting to see a pattern of shallowness here now let's meet one of the contestants who didn't turn out very good and he wasn't happy with the result because yeah that happened so this was interesting because before Lori came on this show, she lost a ton of weight and when that happens you get a lot of loose skin basically just to tighten up all the loose skin that happens when you lose weight and i'm okay with that, that makes a lot of sense as a good thing for her for losing so much weight.
I lost 120 pounds. Tugg wanted to tell me because after losing all the weight, she had a shar-pei thing. Her Body Image Issues A 34-year-old mother of two teenage children was suffering from extreme emotional trauma and was just trying to keep it together because she didn't know if she was going to kill me. she went up and acted like she was happy but she wasn't on tv. Lori seemed shocked by her dramatic makeover when the reveal happened. I went crazy with shock. I couldn't believe that was me. Right here is such an important quote because this is what really needs to happen, the inside of her mental state needs to be stable before going through something so extreme.
I feel like this doesn't go hand in hand and that's where the show really went wrong because you're literally throwing everything you can at someone who's dealing with a lot because it's one thing to address their mental stability and it's another thing to do a complete body change. , but putting them together plus getting on a nt page and all this other stuff while you're dealing with depression is a pretty big thing it's pretty horrible because you don't know how serious mental problems are some people you meet when they're depressed some people might just know that they'll get a little kick in the butt say come on come on you could do it and then they'll feel better but a lot of people aren't that easy a lot of people have deep issues that need to be resolved before something like this should happen to someone not liked it and then ended up so depressed that in


they are much worse afterwards she does not leave the house she does not talk to anyone she won again a lot of weight like she's broke her whole life and I've seen the comments on this video where people say oh well she volunteered she knew what she signed up for you know she's a whiner like why does she complain so much she got three hundred thousand dollars to fix her face and she's complaining god i wish i was her i'm s Hell no i'm sure those people don't know what she's going through little secret she actually lost her husband two years before for her to go on the show, just a recipe for disaster and back to the idea that they know they volunteered. for this they wanted to do this if you're down you don't know where to go and in quotes the pros tell you to do this the pros tell you this is what to do this is how it's going to work out.
I'll feel so much better after and they gave you 300k it's kind of hard to let go so now I just want to talk a little bit at the end about the impact this program has on boys, on girls, on boys, on everyone, I want tell. let's just take our world now for example the ridiculous beauty standards people try to uphold and say man i wish i was this but it's actually photoshop it's plastic surgery it's all these things it's money it's not a real being , it's not a real person and so you always want to be that instead of being I'm happy with who you are, so if you were watching this show and you're someone who's not comfortable with your body, they would basically confirm in your head that yes, you are ugly, you are disgusting, you just need money and you and you can.
Don't fix yourself you can't be happy with yourself unless you get surgery unless you spend 300k on plastic surgery you will never be happy I'm sorry it's much more important to be happy with who you are than to focus your whole life on who you want. be or what you want to change it's you and that's a good thing thank god this show only had two seasons and it's never coming back with some kind of spinoff oh my god it is but there's going to be a Little twist so they can tone down the controversy, so the show has basically the same premise as the Swan, except there's going to be a jury of people, they'll have a jury of random people, and then people who want to get plastic surgery go to the cut and say this is my story this is my dream this is what I want and if 75% of the jury say they do deserve plastic surgery then they will get it and guess what it's called surgery.
I know it looks like they just wrote the title and worked backwards. editing pig from the future i just wanted to mention that actually the show i'm going to talk about here isn't actually going to happen and the reason it's not going to happen is the host caroline flack yes the same host of love. Apparently Island died a day ago yes it's been a day since me making this very morbid and very sad video rest in peace Caroline Flack but thank you all so much for watching this video I appreciate each and every one of you I just want to mention those people who want to support me with these kind of videos because they take much more time and most of the time you get a copyright claim for those who want to support me.
I have a patreon which is open if you want to support me there also if you don't even have money you can listen to my music or just watch my other videos if you want also if you want something cool you can support me by clicking the link in the description and buying something fancy I mean let's be real it's 2020 YouTube doesn't pay youtubers anymore basically it comes down to audience support at this point but yeah if you want to support me all the links to all that stuff is in the description but once again, thank you very much for watching this video.
I had a lot of fun making this one and there will be many more to come so look forward to much more content like this thank you so much make sure to LIKE subscribe and kiss your neighbor just get close to him knock. at the door and kiss him, thanks, that could lead to some really awkward situations, but you probably shouldn't do that, bye.

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