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The Evo 8 RIPS! *36PSI Oopsies*

Jun 01, 2021
Something goes wrong when it shouldn't but I am so yeah let's let it cool check the oil I should probably check the coolant I'm I'm waiting for something to break. I know the training will not hold. I mean, I shouldn't say that's bad luck. I have a feeling the training won't hold up. like too much jared is coming here right now to bring me the internet so i can send logs quick i'm going to bring him in for a ri's and let's see what he thinks because maybe i'm just overreacting while we wait for this to cool down there are three types of weird electrical issues with the car i want to start running through so problem number one as you know it's the abs slash acd system all the lights are on we need to figure that out i dove into that probably a week ago and couldn't diagnose it so I'm going to save that for something else the day I'm not more focused on tuning this thing up number two is turning the ignition on we don't have anything coming from our HVAC so I'm not sure if it's a blown fuse what we'll figure it out here in a second and then number three is the right side tail light I know they keep saying or I mean left side rear I know they keep saying fix the light right side rear right side is off and the lights are off it turns on the lights that come on for some reason, when the lights are off this light is always on so i need to find out Sure, that's also a super problem weird which i hope is easy to fix but that light works fine as you can see i turn the lights on and she comes on fine so its a weird problem we need to figure out. outside i'm going to see if i can fix this HVAC like the fan motor won't turn on.
the evo 8 rips 36psi oopsies
I'm going to check the fuses real quick, okay, fuse number five blew, so I'm going to put a new fuse in it and I guess that'll fix a problem. I hope you are trying to think smart with these electrical problems many times. I'd like to dig in and try to figure out the more complicated scenario and go down that path, but a lot. a lot of times it's the fuse one problem minus two to go too chad just got back to me the car is on 28psi right now and it's breaking down as i mentioned i don't know how high we're going but it looks like he wants to push it a little further and we're getting a bit of a hit he's wondering what my plug splits into I'm pretty sure we're on o2o and he said go down to a 0-1-8 round so we're going to do that to make sure our plugs split take a look and then if we can clean up this hit that we're taking we'll push it a little more 28 psi although I don't.
the evo 8 rips 36psi oopsies

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the evo 8 rips 36psi oopsies...

I am very curious to see what the 10 is on the gas pump. Yeah, I know, so it's the 526 that's 26.5 pounds, but the engine setup is different, okay. I just found a problem and I forgot about this problem. um with the coil and plug systems. you always want to remove all the setup after washing the car because all that white in there is water that was sitting in the spark plug hole and i'm sure it corroded that plug so we have to get those plugs out i would you think i'm going to put new plugs? I have to clean all of that up and then put some dielectric grease in the gap between the plugs properly.
the evo 8 rips 36psi oopsies
We should be ready for another break. what brother? No way are you me now oh my what my atv system was a blown fuse seriously holy I spent like two days working on it ok so the hv ac blower motor didn't work right yeah and that it was the arc and the fuse so i put a fuse in it yeah and now the ABS lights go off and the ACV works yeah oh yeah I didn't even change that fixed the tail light too no Guys fear , I am so confused. it's always an easy thing it's always so always but luckily this time well I hope it still works I mean if you can click it now abs like everything I'm so lost okay I'll rip it off.
the evo 8 rips 36psi oopsies
You want to come oh yeah Jared thinks this car is slow right now I think we're going to rip did you really ask me if I want to rip it a rip you want to drive it what won't it probably rip it yes that will be when the dipstick goes through hey don't say that , now we have h beams here ok no I'm so lost I'm wondering if it's going to bleed right now so how can you tell if it's basically like the light is working then the system is working or might be working the light and it's not actually changing modes?
With the ECD system as far as I know it will also turn on the EBS light and then oh you have a remote I just switch it whatever the car I signaled something but then I'll put all three lights on. also in the acd gotcha so i love that sounds feels good that feels good that was a dammit ripper she pulls hard oh my god this is amazing it's so crazy compared to how it was when we were driving obviously when we drive it back he's like a jalopy i know he's wild that's cool dude i've got like my heart like pounds so fast i'm oh man that feels good and that was in the third you start oh my god pain has definitely gone down since last time because he's trying to fix i was going to say i feel like i've probably done a lot more on him so lastly i don't know what we're looking for psi probably 25. last full we were at 28. but you said but he said we're only at 28 .so I'm like how far are we gonna go.
I'm curious how much more is left. Oh that feels so good. I love how soft it is. It's like dude, where's the max boost like 55? hand off the wheel dammit that feels so good yeah ok guys we're done tuning the blue eight for the day chag is done we ain't done tuning the car yet I think the latest poll is It's around 27 psi so we need a swap and that's the most we can get out of it right now so we need to change the wastegate springs and I'm not sure how far it's trying to go. look at the record very fast so 25 26 26 lbs was the max we got how did it feel but dino said he feels good it was ripper definitely faster than his car a little maybe a little we should line them up to see what happens we should be funny we'll probably finish tuning that car maybe monday maybe tomorrow i don't know if he works weekends or doesn't he come back?
Remember we have to wait until Monday? But tonight we're actually pulling out the frs. We need to clean the car and we're actually having a video shoot with a local Spokane videographer, so I'm pretty excited. to see how that turns out so yeah all done tuning the evo she's a ripper we didn't really have a problem with that and im curious to see if those abs and acv system will fix now all we have left find out is that tail light and if anyone has any suggestions on what's going on basically with the right side lights off or the left side tail lights on and then the lights come on and then the right side is brighter than the left side , it's super weird not sure what's going on there leave a comment below if you want i have any ideas let's get the frs out the pose guy cleaned it up waiting for bobby and then we can go to this video shoot oh you blew smoke i like your smoke you just came out little this is a little blue or black baby puff i don't know i think it was red oh sorry he says goodbye to you but not me apparently let's see how he is Jared, okay, we clean up the parents, guys, Bobby's here, we're going to do this, where do we go? from downtown to davenport the good old man look how fast this guy is alright that's a clean sti that was good if it came back it just looks so good i know i love it is what people say is this car ain't a performance car yes it is Do you have a sport?
Yeah oh man I love this thing almost faster than the evo ok so we here at a hotel very very probably the fanciest in Spokane you say the word fancy uh we got mitchell here he is recording the video. Taking those bangers we got, Bobby, I wish she was the model, but she is for some reason. son doesn't want to be in the vlog or in the video i don't think that's the part of the process that's going on like his vision isn't with me he's with me yeah i didn't know i was going to be in on a video shoot so i'm using some crunchy ashes this is the rest of my outfit fresh off the shop working on evos it is what it is so not sure exactly what is planned but this is the start. sorry though beautiful sunset very fancy not sure when this video will be finished but if it's allowed i'll add one of the vlogs either tonight or this video or maybe as a next video depending when it's all finished. so you can see and check they did a good job driving bobby was the driver on the frs while we were doing rollers and she killed him yell out to bob yeah so we all finished shooting im excited for the video i think he said it's gonna be done like monday so in a few days you'll see it and im excited for it to go nna looks sick its going to be a wrap up for today guys hope you enjoyed it chag tuned Thanks for tuning my car, I really appreciate it if you guys want to use the tag a little bit FYI. i think we did eight or nine revisions on the evo which is impressive to see how i had to drive all over town to find wi-fi until jared brought me some wi-fi so if you guys want to use chag awesome tuner , very very great customer service I'll have a link below and I think I'm going to bring bobby in to break tomorrow and see his reaction because this thing is hauling balls it ain't ready yet but it's safe enough to rip so you'll probably see it in the next video I hope you enjoyed the peace.
I'll see you guys tomorrow last night Bobby gave me a very very unfair gap in his sti when he was in evo tonight. tuned in give him the gap oh oh my god this thing breaks let's see what bob has to say about that you got the gap no he would have won ok ok i'll give you a head start so what's up what's your reasoning? looks like this but technically hey look at all the cars bobby i gave you like probably 10 cars of a head start baby your car is so maddeningly loud every time i drop down to change gear it pierces my ears literally pierces my ears eardrums, say, did you lose? our wood well maybe that's good i'm over this you're over it just wait till my car is fast it's ok to have spaces once in a while you caught me last night it's the right thing to give it back

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