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THE CRAZY ROBLOX HOUSE! Each day is a new surprise!

May 04, 2020
Today we will become the quarry, the team will play a horrible hosting game in which we must survive on our platform. It's like a


lift, so watch your legs, bike, I'll lengthen where the peak of the leg is. I hope I don't know. Oh, battle snapshots, who got stabbed? This is a stressful game. I do not feel so well. I'm still alive. Won? Do you know why you got rid of the three of us? That's so sad. Oh, and Ludo got crushed. The last one, you, who didn't you take, why is it because she is dressed and she doesn't have a purple one or have you chosen one, you must save the universe, do we have some refreshments here?
the crazy roblox house each day is a new surprise
I don't know what you're wasting, robots, do you know how? to close a blue


Drac oh I dare you to jump on his platform yeah huh and I'm gonna take all this money oh if I take all this money I can trade it for XP like a pick come on Billa pockets with gold, gold Greeting Alex, what's going on darling? Hurry up, you can't, are you sure? Yes you are going to die, yes you have to get up, so I'm going to open a store, go spend your money, no I'm going to stay down here and fly. 1004 how do you decide rainbow if you come here and kill me and I love you I'm going to protect you funny what are you a rat hello Oh my God, me the golden one again look his white player is an abomination ha, great we are all dead again , seriously guys, put your hands together except the gold, we will defeat the gold no matter what, oh there's a secret here, oh the secret is to hide in your


s, okay, no one comes out, yeah, I'm not even trying to jump my island a player is an abomination okay a player is getting angry like a rainbow Dolph rainbow anyway why are you angry that's true she deserves to be angry someone will tell us the corn will teleport time the ice will seep into the ground oh it's gold hello you go to die no oh, there is a murderer, someone will be left homeless, she is a guy, lunar stayed outside my house and left, why did you give her a set of weapons?
the crazy roblox house each day is a new surprise

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the crazy roblox house each day is a new surprise...

Oh, funny, she got scared, didn't the rainbow die, she tried to jump off the thing of hers, it became funny, come out, oh, oh, I have to jump. What is this? Skeletons dancing weird, well moon, it looks like you're going to die, I'm going to shoot my lazor bleh, are you ready? Jump, we will become someone's house. Daughter, throw away one that was to go. Hello, do you want to go? Hey, no, please. spare people, huh, looks like dad knows he loves Pickle Rick. I am the real winner. Can we waste roe deer in this game?
the crazy roblox house each day is a new surprise
This is a good day. Hello, you know what we should go to the secret room again and see what we do? Seven seconds, okay? okay, what does this do? I can personalize my house with a random chess 440 a plate will become invisible boring oh I'm floating jump here. I dare you, no please, my house has a streetlight, wait who got a fidget spinner. I had some cake. I'm going to find Jericho. I don't think he's safe. Oh, she's lost. Wait, this post should give you an advantage or disadvantage. Did you know? I'll pass the potion. Someone else drinks the potion.
the crazy roblox house each day is a new surprise
I will drink it. Enjoy the potion. Baby. I don't know what happened, but I feel good. I have the flu. I drink the potion or whatever. Oh, okay, he's being abducted by a girl. You're funny, you come here, no, Mun, you look somewhere else. I'm trying to jump and be a parkour champion. Okay, I'll look. I know they won't go away. What's the point of having this gun? GG CC. I want it to be. The best thing is that we have improved all our houses now they are 500% prettier and how does she have brick? how did you get the brick texture?
Hello neighbor, I have a bright green house. I opened the night. Hello, are you killing me? Don't worry about the ducks, friends. congested shaking the bell hello Oh, what if this what has to die? I'll die for Jaco I flew out, trap pass, goodbye Drago, everyone, my fuel, goodbye, say goodbye, I'll just stay here, oh hey, come back here, okay? what is there no drop of that square shape on the blog look, it says that someone wants to block look, I have a fidget spinner goals I want to fidget spinner and the rainbow is annoying goals and abomination why don't you have a katana I'm going to arrive early Christmas won't arrive early for one of you better go get it I think it's gold since she's this no, oh I don't care, I'm going to spread a virus.
I don't remember what we discussed. Rainbow is actually a PvP master, now she's fine, guys, leave. a life because Rainbow has also become professional with all your tastes, now she is super professional, she is my duck, don't make fun of the quackers, she is fine, she left my room, she is chrome. Oh my house is bad, guess what the aliens are attacking and I hope they do it. hijack your house, okay, don't do that, don't panic and jump, no, no, come out, okay, come in, ha ha, I know Rainbow is going to be bad, so could someone kill her?
I don't like her being in the background, she's scary. Yo, she's going to hit you and there she goes Lina it's a house next to the Lunars' house, goodbye, welcome to my mind, we're mining diamonds, stay away from me, someone with a lightsaber, protect you, they're so stupid , of course, rainbow, rainbow, let's hide here, come aside. Four wins here, this game is so easy, the virus is spreading, stay away from the victim, hey, I lost connection to the game server, how cool, you are an abomination and he lost, he can't, no, wait, It was a fake message, it was a fake message boy, hey, I'm here to stay, rainbow, you Lea duck, you need to move.
I moved to your house. Can you move? If he's not funny, he's a killer. I'm not a murderer. Know? My house has a staircase on the side. can you go up, oh cool, I feel like he's trolling the rainbow, he's Yusei, but you can go up that ladder, what can you go up, good luck. Polka dots over there, someone thinks they're playing a prison game, oh he's funny, classy, ​​emerald, aha, Robin, it's jailbreak, now they tried. to take the money but they ended up dying don't be that kid you're going to try to get your money all the money is mine I even have a fidget spinner money a day try it I'm flexing my money a plate will be smooth Okay, how's the skeleton?
Who will be the abomination? You guys okay, that's all? If you want to see the team play in more horrible housing, leave a like, don't forget to subscribe if you're new, look at a wall and us. See you all in the next video, well, bye guys.

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