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Don't get caught in Roblox Baldi Basics!

Apr 07, 2020
math is cool rat kids oh hello come to my school it's time for everyone's favorite subject Matt I love answering all three questions correctly you may be okay this is going too fast please get the box right please answer the questions, that's all you need to do, this is easy, okay, easy, you think math is easy, yes, I love math, oh my god, I did the first one wrong and there's no way I'm doing all three. Sorry I'm terrible at math, oh sorry I'll get angrier with every problem you have. wrong, come on, I love these funny Willis tacos, you need to solve the math question faster, okay, I'll just look in the hallway, guys, we have to divide a room, I don't think we should split up, divide it very badly, no one.
don t get caught in roblox baldi basics
I'm not a split actor I say, okay, it's not a rainbow, please go get it. Trapped gold, get out, you're jumping, kid. Oro, I'm sorry, I have to get rid of you. I'm leaving like a nightmare. I'm sorry, I pray, I pray. jumping through life I'm afraid I'm afraid oh I like asses I'm just kidding I hate them oh of course I'm on the premises go to the school den the old fashioned way you stopped jumping yet yes, but they're not going to come out of the door hey Garden oh Oh my god the moon is behind me lunar before you


me Bald eat my land okay I feel the principal's key rainbow rainbow please bring the principal's key we're at school what Boop rainbow come on yeah it's open we guys, You can't get the key, leave it here, just drop the key, drop it, just give it there, how do I leave the key?
don t get caught in roblox baldi basics

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don t get caught in roblox baldi basics...

Okay, I think we have a time lapse here, you know what a rainbow, just great, now I'm stopped. Great Luna, you suck, you're the worst mother ever. I am the best teacher. I'm just saying what kind of detention room this is. This is scary, yes, boarding rooms are supposed to be scary. the detention room, this is the main square, oh, okay, it's whatever. It's happening outside, please don't mess with that jump rope girls, I'm scared, whistle and be free, why are you so mad? Trinkles, free from detention, well, because you have 47 a fucking double room, we're not breaking up, doesn't mean no It's not like stealing idiots, okay, Luna is crazy, oh my God, while we wait for her, I see stars.
don t get caught in roblox baldi basics
I thought there was some ability for us to lie and win, yeah, unfortunately, you don't know what, let's buy a chest and leave it. these get something, click skills, fun gold, those are one time uses, hell oh that's not worth it if it's one time, there's this annoying jump rope thing, kids follow me, they shouldn't be left catch, just sad, Jocko, yes, the game is fine and we. I'm just going to buy another regular chest and just to be okay, wish me luck, wish me luck, okay, no campers, I'm just keeping an eye on the rope, we're four of seven notebooks, come on, we could do this in eight minutes. you're going to lose, I hope you like the taste, please don't follow me, come on, I'm fine, you have 58 seconds to get out of the season, well, she'll probably leave, oh yeah, very good, the classroom is there outside, wait if it puts rainbow stop. over a rainbow please somehow I'm not going to get She won, they did well, why don't they get


so they have to repeat a grade?
don t get caught in roblox baldi basics
Minah grade with you, you are the worst teacher we all failed at, look at that, it's very sad, okay. so I have three books, whatever it is, it's time to go to outdoor school, okay, this time rainbow is the teacher, welcome back to school hello, today you will die. Wow, do you have apples for me? No, I'll be nicer, we don't have apples for you. how are we not sorry, yeah I want to see what happens if we get three out of three, but I don't think that's ever going to happen, oh my god, what is this Baldy?
Why do you ask such difficult questions? Yes, it's not difficult. I just have to say God, you look so angry. Power sent, help, guys. Be sure to leave a comment below if you can solve that math equation. The last third. Okay, let's play in the number of seconds and in about ten seconds, yeah, yeah, make that hand. second, if you, the classroom, find their jump ropes, no, no, I got this, I got this girl, boy, oh boy, one, the kids are falling right into my trap. Oh hohoho, always be careful, be careful, a mole, yes. Oh, look right there, oh my God, oh my God.
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, you're dead, how am I? You really shouldn't leave the door open, you know, it's like your breadcrumbs for me to find you, I'm a distracting rainbow whistle, stay away. don't be bald I stay away you don't even like rainbow apples would you like it now as a teacher what do you like apples are you sure you would like pears he's two pretty years old oh I see a little gold running around son Seriously, I already have someone chasing me Miss Illinois, our director. When you will learn?
When you will learn? Use it to open the school there and free your classmates. I'm afraid. I'm afraid. I'm afraid. I'm afraid. Scared, don't be afraid, why is your friendly neighborhood a bald teacher and while you scared us? Okay, don't run down the hall, old man, won't you learn? Okay, come on, come out nice, I freed everyone from the school, there the kids are free. noise perfectly I don't know she's students get out of punishment aha why what's good because you belong to you oh my God, guys you have to learn how to use the lockers, they will save your lives and he crawled, okay, well, you have you better be careful with the scissors, they are dangerous.
I'm not sure oh my God don't run down the hallway you'll learn oh you can't get here right when you leave why would you bring her here he's he followed me oh oh you shouldn't let me follow you I'm trying to I know we're not going to save her, We're not going to save her because there's a jumper, we're four of seven, like last time, no, there's another book here, Drac, oh, I think we should split up, we shouldn't be together, you know? They are very dangerous guys, haha, the last rainbow book, these are the quick equations, come on, come on, come on, come on, we have this clue, we'll just beat the equation.
I'm waiting and I thought about it, cat, look, it's crashing into the walls, oh, it's there, gold. no, no, no, you can't escape, you have to stay here forever, yes, we are you, gay guy. Oh, an accent won't be able to hold, shift-click, keep the exits out. I'm very scared right there, yes, I have collected the most notebooks, that is, I have loaded them all, you're welcome, okay, let's choose the last map that we didn't play at school, you're scared, I hope to become bald, Lee, yeah, I have really great skin for Baldy. luck, my bald skin is the king or the donor, but we will not lose the king.
He's in the mood for me, yeah, night school, he's the kid from the abandoned school, so you know, he's creepier than usual. Oh, was it lunar? Please don't come back, come on, why? always loaded no no Gary do you like my red balloon what don't you see my red balloon I'm scared I don't want to look at you okay first of all okay why not tell you that it's not Halloween yes what do you mean okay someone get that book okay , Chuck, I got it, you actually have to split this one yeah, what's in it for this, there's no way we're letting a pumpkin learn it's awesome, no it's not learning, it's not that awesome, it's scary, okay kid, Here is something that I have visibility as a teacher.
Now you can see Baldy, what does that mean? Drago has just been put in the detention room. The school. There's a snitch in the hallway. Nobody comes down here. Two out of four students captured boys. That's not very good. Are everyone happy? Hello, or something like that. on top of that yes honey you can't find your stick listen to mice lunar lunar go away come back another day math is great and you're very cool don't hold me back the tension there not the jump rope I see the jump rope well guys yes you enjoyed this episode of the school, leave a like for more, maybe we're not excited.
It could just be non-lunar because Lunar is incredibly good at being paralysis for some reason. Great teacher, you are a great teacher, Lunar, right, are you so great? I don't like your teaching schedule, she looks like a principal, that's true, don't forget to subscribe if you're new, thank you very much for watching and see you in the next one, bye noona, what do you delete this game? very good I won't delete it

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