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Jun 06, 2021
Hello boy! It's this beautiful day here today.  The sun is shining. It's kind of cool. And I was so ready to get out and enjoy the outdoors when I suddenly remember that today I'm spending the day with... The Couch Potato. And everyone knows that The Couch Potato isn't going anywhere. Eh, I don't think that's the right saying. Oh, hello, hello, Dill. What do you mean it's not the right saying? Yes Yes. I think you meant The Couch Onion. No no. I didn't mean The Couch Onion. Oh wait! My fault! The broccoli on the


? Uh-uh. How about The Couch Pomegranate?
the couch potato
I'm pretty sure that's nothing. Oh, I just remembered the saying! Oh boy! Well, what's the saying? Loose! Okay... Well, without further ado, let's see what The Couch Potato is up to today? I bet we know that. He is sitting on the


. Well, let's see. Let's see... What? Wait a minute. Why is this book shaky? Loose! Yuck. Remote controls everywhere with this guy. Oh God. Well, here we go. Couchaholic... Ooh. This already looks spectacular. Oh, it's going to be good. I can feel it. I'm a


. Not a small


like my brother. Not a sweet potato like my mother.
the couch potato

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the couch potato...

Oh! Not a mashed potato like my Uncle Stu. I. I'm a couch potato. Oh yes, it's true! My favorite place to lie down is the couch. I spend all my free time sitting in this exact spot. Ahhhh! Why should I leave this comfortable and cozy sofa? It has everything a potato could need. See? I have this! Oh, that sounds familiar... And this! A yo-yo? And that! thingamabob game console? And one of these and those and this. Oh, popcorn. And so. Oh, that's a lot of butter! And these. Oh! Everyone loves bunny slippers! Oh and this! Check it out!
the couch potato
This button activates a device that brings me snacks whenever I want. My God! This is the most sophisticated sofa I have ever seen! Where do you buy a sofa that pours milk and carbohydrates directly into your mouth? Bam! Impressed? And I don't have to move an inch! Much easier than going to the kitchen. If the most important thing in life is to be comfortable at all times, then I think I have it all figured out. Ahhhhhh... Oh no... I think our little daddy is in for a rude awakening. It is not the most important thing in life to be comfortable because then you will never leave your comfort zone and discover new things.
the couch potato
Well... Maybe I'll find out before the book ends. We'll see. But wait! There is more! I haven't revealed the best part of my entire setup! Oh, look at this! It's like a screen-topia! It's all you see in front of me! Look around. Enjoy it all. Pretty spectacular, right? Yes, it's a sea of ​​shiny wall-to-wall glowing displays. What a joy! What a joy! These screens here show my favorite TV shows. They appear to be French fries, crazy yam and mashed potatoes. Is that your uncle? This screen has all my unanswered messages. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!
These screens are where I play video games. And this screen is a live broadcast of my friend, my best dad ever, hey friend! This is how my friends and I spend quality time together. It's a lot easier than trying to meet up somewhere like people did in the old days. The old times? That is sure. Hello Spudi! Hello Pal-tato! Wow. All from your sofa. I mean, it sounds amazing, but I feel like something might be missing. Well, let's see. Yes, from this very couch I can control everything in my life with just a few taps and a couple of clicks.
Not bad, huh? Ahhhhhhh..... Yes, sir. This is the life. At least that's what I thought until the other day. What happened the other day? DUN DUN DUN!!!!! We'll turn the page and find out. Something strange happened. There was a knock at the door. It was a delivery. Look at that... does the front door camera come out of this million dollar couch too? Let's see... what was it? It was my newest gadget: a video camera that would allow me to watch myself react while watching all my favorite shows. Wow! Wait a minute. Are you going to watch a show and see yourself watching it?
Because? Oh... oh, okay. Oh, okay... All I had to do was plug it in and my room... No! My kingdom would be complete! But suddenly... Oh, no. The lights are off. Can you see anything? Oh, the potato cut off all the electricity in the house due to too many devices! Oh no. What are we going to do? Everything became dark. Be aware! Going! Oh! Oh! Oh! Phew! Oh yeah...I got to the window.  I pulled back the curtain. Ah! Oh! Oh! The bright! The sun seemed brighter than I remembered.  Ah, but look. Look, do you see this?
What a beautiful day outside. That's what I wanted to explore out there. Well, there's nothing better to do, so I decided to take my dog ​​Tater for a walk. Ruff-Ruff! I bet Tater is happy about that. OUTSIDE! It had been a while. He has his hat on just like me. Everything was so vivid, like a high-resolution 156-inch curved screen, but even more realistic. Wow, that was so specific. After that, after a while, something smelled, oh, fresh! And after a few moments, I realized it was air! Ahh.... Do you smell that? Fresh air? Let's do that again.
BREATHE Ahhhh... oh yeah... that feels good. I heard a noise. Some squeaks.  Maybe a ringtone? But not! I looked up to see some REAL birds. That's how it is! The tweets are from real birds! And then I walked down the street from block to block and through the neighborhood. Finally I found a park with a hill and there was a huge tree at the top. It looked like a desktop wallpaper, only it was real! Clean! Clean. I leaned against the tree. It wasn't as comfortable as my couch. Not even close. But after a while... Ahhhh. It was not that bad.
Any worries about the power going out and what I might be missing dissipated. I wasn't thinking about my favorite shows or my unanswered messages or anything else, really. Do you know what is happening to our little couch potato right now? Couch Potato lives in the moment. That's how it is. Have you ever heard that phrase? "Living the moment"? Don't get distracted by something else or think about someone or something that isn't there but you are really present. That's what's happening right now. It's very zen. I noticed the stillness, the view, the sky, the clouds, the sunset and those colors!
My God! It took a while because there was no fast forward option, but eventually the sun set behind the horizon. As always... When I got home, the power was back on! Oh hello! The power is back! I sat on the sofa. Phew! I press the button to brush my teeth. Squishy scratched squishy squishy squishy scratch I pulled the lever to put on my pajamas... bloop! I turned the knob to see a bedtime story from KidTime StoryTime! Good night father. Hey guy! Then I noticed my reflection in one of the screens. I wondered how much of my life I had spent in that same place.
It was at that moment that I made the decision to get off the couch! Potato humor! A little more often. Maybe even every day? Bold decisions are being made! And that's what I've done. It is a new day! I started hanging out with my friends, my best friends, outside! We started riding our bikes, weeee! And walk, swim, hide and seek! Sometimes we have snacks and play board games. Sometimes we talk all day. We could look at the clouds. There is no great plan. We only see what happens. Ah... I see what's happening here. Potato and his friends follow along.
That's right...just being in the moment. It makes me wonder what if I don't always need to be totally comfortable? That's a great idea. Great thought. What if I'm happier when I have a better balance between my devices and the outside world? Because it turns out I'm much more than a couch potato? I'm a fun potato! I'm a smart potato. I'm a nice potato. Here you go, Bubbles. I am an entertaining potato. And I'm sitting on a hill and watching the sunset like a potato. Ahhhh... Yes, there is a big world out there and I want to be a part of it.
In person! IRL. In real life! But don't get me wrong. At the end of a long day, after running, playing, talking and laughing with my friends, I still think it's incredibly nice to lie down on the couch. Ahhhhh... With a book! In this case, The Catcher and The Fry.  And a good cup of what's that, Spudly? Is that herbal tea? Is it a cocoa? So many potential options. And oh, look at that. It's a new day in Spud's life. And well, did you get the big idea there? Maybe you? You know what it was, right? Oh, it was...
It was... Oh, I may have missed the big idea. Okay, okay Dill. The big idea was that you can't put a premium on it... What does that mean? You can't make the most important thing in your life right! being comfortable. What what? No, no, you have to get out of that pickle jar. Oh, but I like my saline solution! Yes, yes, no. I know that you. Your salt water, your brine is fantastic. Oh, it's so good! Yes, but you want to go out and see the world and experience new things because if you're always comfortable, you'll never know anything new and exciting that will expand your horizons.
Oh, maybe I should go visit other jars? Yes, you should definitely visit other jars. Do you see how they are pickled? Yes, look how they are pickled! Oh! This could be exciting! Okay, Im going! Oh, okay, that was quick, that was quick. Oh, okay, sure, I'll definitely get your remote. Fine, thanks. I see you want to go. Oh wait. Okay, someone else is giving me a remote control. It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. I'll take yours. Okay, okay, Kid has your remote. Okay, everything is fine. This uh oh, this one is small. Okay, this is the last one, okay?
Just grab your remotes. Alright. Brilliant. Are you going out. Just let them. I'll put them right here. Right next to Couch Potato. Keep them here for when you need them later. And by the way, I don't know if you know this already, but The Couch Potato is the third in a series of super popular books. One is The Bad Semilla and the second is The Good Egg. You guys love those books. And Couch Potato is number three. One two three. It's part of a family of very popular foods... in book form. I have it? Alright kid, we're at
We are always here. Give us a thumbs up if you love having KidTime StoryTime as your bedtime story after your big outdoor adventures And Pomegranate - The Couch Pomegranate and I - and The Couch Onion and I And Broccoli Onion and I Wish you a wonderful day and a wonderful adventure wherever you go!

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