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The 5 STEPS To Become A MILLIONAIRE | Grant Cardone & Lewis Howes

May 29, 2021
people who get by are selfish you're selfish because you're always talking about yourself i remember when i was making 30k when i tried to go from 30 to 100 i ended up with the same problems i want a car when i'm 15 why wasn't i thinking at a car dealership or building a car? Why do we think so small? You are so clear about your dream. The way it doesn't matter if you know you hurt people's feelings or if, well, I'm not trying to be nice when you say that, even though I'm like a man, do people think I'm trying to hurt their feelings?
the 5 steps to become a millionaire grant cardone lewis howes
I know you're not trying, you've got a good heart nor am I trying to like all the hustle and grind and they say I'm not trying to rush I'm not trying to grind I'm not thinking about oh I've got to go into beast mode now like you know this is how i operate this is not for me this is not an instagram post you know it's not like hey l look you know i'm in beast mode or i have to grind i'm not really a very positive person but, but you know i don't think good things just happen i think i think for me you always know how to get a good result i just had to work really hard you know like i won't easily get on the cover of a magazine right.
the 5 steps to become a millionaire grant cardone lewis howes

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the 5 steps to become a millionaire grant cardone lewis howes...

I'm going to have to work with that man. Yes, I work on that too. see differently for her i'll go like you know i have to push did you ever think about stepping back and letting things happen yeah yeah yeah i got what happens when you try try try for like 28 minutes and it whatever terrifies me, i'm really as a friend, you have to get it, you have to get back in the game, you know it's like lebron, why, why? this guy waits yeah you know let's move on so my life has felt like everything has always been hard man everything has been really hard baseball players a sales guy i hated sales um the Deals, deals are hard, I had to push them, really, yeah.
the 5 steps to become a millionaire grant cardone lewis howes
What do you think would make them easier for you? What would you have to do to change it? if I'm willing to let that into the concept because you know I have this kind of job now, do you feel like you enjoy that it's hard, then if it's not hard, then you're not actually doing anything meaningful? maybe maybe i don't know maybe but but you know i'm so hard on myself like you know someone said man you're hard on people i said dude i'm hard i'm hard on myself why are you so hard on yourself Yourself you are so successful and you have achieved so much because I know I know I believe I believe in my potential you know i i i this is not a positive attitude thing i believe in my potential i am really like i probably am one of the most honest people i know yes that's for sure and and and I just can't I can't fake it like they say fake until you do I've never been able to do that like that it's not even as a friend why fake it until you make it? a skill so I just can't when I'm around someone who's ripping people off you know it's a lot of that I eat a lot of copying you know someone said copying is the highest form of flattery I'm like no dude this stealing is stealing that's what it is you know so i just believe in my potential and i don't know if it's because i'm an identical twin and you know i can see his potential i mean imagine my everything. life ever since i've been so little just a micro like a tiny little cell i've been mirroring into another cell and maybe maybe i could because i could always see my identical twins my brother gary's i could always see his potential i'm like my god dude the power this guy has is unbelievable wow and i remember being like four or five years old maybe maybe three maybe he was like a young baby and uh three or four years old and i had the power for about three years and then he got it and I realized that I no longer had it. whatever is right and me and so i refer to it as potential what's my potential i've always been intrigued what's your potential i don't know man but it's more than what i'm doing that's why i'm hard on me myself because I am honest about my potential.
the 5 steps to become a millionaire grant cardone lewis howes
I know that I can do more. What if you reach your potential? Would you say okay? unidentifiable power in this universe is that i like it and i'm a very spiritual person actually most people don't see that in me because they see all this you know this i put on and uh but maybe that's what i really I was intrigued you know it ain't money it ain't oh how can I get a bigger plane I mean I like all of that stuff but it's never been oh I'm going to write a book and it's going to be a bestseller it's about this unidentifiable potential that drives me to be interested in how much I could know and then see guys like elon musk saying hey let's go to mars man you know or henry ford saying let's make cars when everybody was satisfied with the horses you know i see the things you do man i get inspired you're on a magazine cover bro I'm like dammit what Why am I not on the cover and is it not competitive with me?
Well, it's you, you inspire my potential, yes, yes, yes, when I think of Elon Musk I feel like I'm not doing anything. I mean, let's be honest, what am I doing? This guy is creating like jets. it's ants hyperloops or whatever i'm doing like all this other stuff it's crazy yeah wow i just think the more i hang out with you i really appreciate you and i'm not trying to create a love fest here, yeah, yeah, but I think a lot of people don't get you, yeah, and I've done a terrible job, dude, I've done a terrible job because you're one-way online, essentially you know you bring out this person who's very aggressive.
I would say look when I start to get into a piece of data so uh when I start to say that the middle class, for example, the middle class is doomed and there isn't one and it's a lie, my position is so strong than because because it's not like I'm trying to shove something down anybody's throat I just know this to be true man I'm trying to convince people and I do it awfully well so when I started my first my first career was in sales so i like it i was selling cars originally i was selling cars yeah i sold furniture i was 20 i was 17 when i was selling clothes and furniture and i hated it dude like er there is nothing about sale sales i liked ok , I didn't like talking to people I didn't like meeting people I didn't like uh I understand on common ground and I'm sitting there thinking oh dummy fine and because they teach you all these things in sales like your first impression is the most important thing I'm like ok so i am because i make a bad first impression almost always yeah so i didnt think i said that cant be true because i was still selling to some of these people my wife wouldnt date me for 13 months so i notice things i dont think i be True, I have the ability to observe things that just aren't true, like uh, people buy from people they like.
I'm like people buy from me. them just to do it yeah people buy from people they're like uh the more time you spend with someone the better er out of them i'm like i ain't the more time you spend with me the less it gets worse now you want sell them now, well no, I'm just saying I don't want to take five hours to get them. there, when I go to buy something, I want to buy it, I don't want to have, I don't want to meet you, that's not my deal, but this was what was in all these books, right? and I was like this can't be true you know this isn't true it wasn't true for me so I got great sales my way anyway and then I went out and told the car dealers they were doing it wrong and that's what i did wrong i said you guys are doing it. it was wrong and they say dude we made billions of dollars right we're not going to change this and i kept telling them you're wrong you're wrong well i was early in the cycle and this was before lexus and before the internet and before the data and before Truecar and I was touring the country telling car dealers to a very, very difficult audience to call them, okay, not like your group, the other night, right, um, these are very personalities selfish, rich on top of all that, and i think you guys are doing it wrong, man, and and you didn't hear me right, so the point is i have i i tend to say it wrong i don't i don't say things like you're very easy to listen to you know when i'm around you i'm like uncle i need to be more like


house you know i've told elaine three or four times i have to learn from louis i have to figure out how i like to go in softly instead of just kicking the door down the door the door was open good and i'm still blowing like glocken come on you know but you're getting results and it's been effective with your approach so i think so i mean i think i can learn from you about certain approaches you can learn from whoever and i will learn from different people but what you what you are doing has worked for you to get specific results results don't lie yes you have been effective in getting results yes ah yes yes no i think always there's something we can learn yeah yeah yeah what's the but but if I went back to the right I'm like, dude I made so many mistakes you know who the biggest ones were? one just filed it wrong you know he was filing he was filing what what oh yeah no doubt it wasn't big enough it was definitely early you mean yeah in terms of what it wasn't big enough where well I shouldn't I picked the wrong race to start with all the cars definitely you know the field wasn't big enough you know and it was way over the top you know when I have customers telling me dude what are you doing so far you know but I was good at it ok I mean , I got cool even though I hated it but I think you also have to get cool in a specific niche and master that thing and that was just the vehicle yeah I guess that's not a pun huh yeah but but look look i mean you know people have to pick the right vehicle i want to pick something looking back i want to pick something that has a lot of scale what could have been real estate from the start or it could have been real estate it could have been wall street it could have been it could have been uh it could have been uh recruiting people like i'm looking for a job today i'd go recruiting okay that's a big deal yeah uh I'd look at the draft, I'd look, probably if I came as if I died today. and could reincarnate tomorrow.
I would go back as a hedge fund guy because I want to make a lot of money and that's something I've done a decent job of making it clear that yes, every time I talk to you how. Can we earn some money? Come on, let's go make some money, you know, and the reason I like the money thing is because and the more I do it, the more I realize, man, this pisses people off. the same way no one liked to talk about it, yeah don't talk about it, we didn't have much of m Honey, and it was always like it was just a taboo thing.
You're talking about how much I would talk about how much they earn. don't tell anyone what you earn don't tell anyone you know what you paid for the house don't tell anyone anything i'm like a friend look look around man you guys have money problems have some money don't talk about god don't talk about money don't talk about politics don't sell to your friends don't talk to strangers and i'm like i can't talk about anything to anyone well and then you wonder why people can't talk to anyone why they hate sales they hate sales because when you were kid they told you not to communicate anything to anyone so i love this what you said at dinner you said you teach your children to talk to strangers yes yes because they have your money yes exactly they have something they have the opportunity they have open they have doors for you know that you know there's a lot of conflicting data, like not talking to strangers, but it's not what you know, it's who you know.
I'm like how am I going to meet them? people if I don't speak to you right then look at this a lot and this goes back to this concept of the middle class it's just that the middle class is because the data is wrong okay the data for which the information is so wrong for today to where we are in the 21st century in the year 2017 the data is saving your money completely outdated concept you know what people should be doing with their money they shouldn't be saving it they should be using it, money should be used you know no saving, the middle class has basically created hundreds of millions of people in america who are worried about money or they're greedy they're constantly worried out of fear they worry a little bit about it and then i mean how many people do you know who became greedy man rich man who died with a couple million dollars and no one knew because he would never go to Starbucks okay okay look look look how successful the


book next door was because it basically said look,


s are the people who don't spend money, yeah, they buy the used truck that made cars from 20 years ago, yeah, exactly, yeah and and uh and they don't go to starbucks because it's four dollars and if you don't go to starbucks you know that for the next 30 years four dollars a day for 30 years 80 grand you really live in los angeles man 80 grand you're stilllike you know how to play the game man it's a fun game and i understand the beauty of preston is that you don't know if you're going to win or not and it's easy to stop playing yes and that's because you don't lose but if you keep playing the game yes i keep trying things i can't keep experiencing the insecurity and fear that that personal thing did has nothing to do with the checkbook or what you bought or how you live but that experience like can i figure this out yeah when you were most insecure last year, last year, when were you most insecure before? the big event was because of a big problem definitely definitely before the big event jumping out of a play what if i don't? but even after yeah that was definitely stupid i wouldn't do that again um definitely uh i was insecure before the event thinking last night you know there's no way all these people aren't going to show up this place is going to be half empty oh , the biggest fear that I have, that has to be if you're walking on a stage and seeing crickets, nobody's in the room or you start and everyone starts to leave oh you walk away people start to leave like that, those are two of the fears bigger than I have so it was scary all the way to the event night like I was terrified you know and you know afraid they're not going to show up even once we did we have a room a third the size of the year past.
I've been worrying every day since the last event if this will actually work, yeah why not? I know man, I know how tough they are, yeah it's hard to get people to do it. i show up and even when we're sold out well i'll keep pushing to keep it selling yeah because i don't trust the numbers i don't trust people will show up that's the 10x rule even though the 10x rule says look you don't stop when you get there there you keep pushing and that way the place will be packed yeah what do you think it will take to get over the insecurity to move on? i'm not trying i thought you said if you could get rid of it you'd be able to make the amazing bigger but but it's not it's not it's not a goal i have to let go of insecurity i don't think it's just a human condition i think it's part of the game i think which is part of being a human being more than i want to get rid of my arms you know right or my legs or my arms and my legs my body my body is a limitation yeah you know so um how do you handle it better than i eat for people who They say you know I want a 10x but I'm always insecure and afraid of leaving?
If you fail, people are going to show up and yes, the deal is going to go bust. How do you personally manage to tell yourself the conversation about insecurity and fear? i'm afraid of the things i'm afraid of i'm like come on you know he's calling me he says hey come play here it's an indicator it's a good indicator it's not a bad indicator lean on it lean on it come play with me it's ok then or do i have scared because it's really dangerous and stupid or physically dangerous yeah look let me get to the edge of this thing I'm going to get to the other side of that thing I'm probably going to be scared yeah now why why am I though I'm going to be scared because I don't know what it feels like to fall you know so many floors and hit yeah maybe yeah maybe there's not much about maybe dying isn't even a big deal right but i don't have the exp i don't have the experience consciously, so you know it used to be like i couldn't buy a 78,000 house i was terrified the first house i bought i don't know what i'm doing cause you have the experience i don't have the experience man yeah this is the problem and you're not going to have the experience If you do not you move through fear and a lot of people do it once and then don't do it again you have like it's not going to go away yeah you're just going to get used to it you're going to get used to the ski boots you know the first time you put them on you put on man your shins are being pounded like i can't fix them but you just put them on yeah new pair of shoes new friendship what do you think people struggle with doing the most? money i think they are trying to find what they love you know everyone goes for what they love the theme of love this is another misnomer in our system you made a lot of money doing something you didn't exactly love everyone likes to find something you love money well if tom said that to someone yesterday it's starbucks you know tom works with me and and and and a guy just got off the chevron 12 hour shift and then tom my boy tom you know who's who who helps us helps in the family he's giving to this guy a tip from chevron on dude don't take that job go do something you love i'm like you don't even know what you're talking about tom stop telling people it's ok you got nothing to do your security here bro it's ok don't give people advice that's silly he's like why was it silly i said bro you have you have you like you can't do what you love people have to do other things man we wouldn't have a military no h opened marines or marines or coast guard or police or firefighters If all you ever did was what you loved well somebody's got to do the dirty things man somebody's got to do the things of the heart so I think you know that here it is where I'm trying to be more elegant. that people should follow freedom man you know freedom and in that freedom i n that chapter on freedom would be you won't get freedom without money it just won't happen and so you know you should do what you can make you the most money and if it's absolutely and if you love it too then it's a bonus you know you'll at least have some options with the things you love ok van gogh loved art he never told anyone about it selfish utterly selfish worth so many artists fall like this i'm an artist i'm not a salesman dude you died and sold a piece of art ok what a fucking shame ok how can you produce such awesome amazing works and never tell anyone about it because you're so fucking Self-centered and selfish, okay and so introverted in yourself that you are?
I'm not about to come out and say look at this ok oh I don't want to brag again you're talking about yourself the guy is selfish all these people are saying well I'm an introvert you're a selfish man let's call him what he is. because when you talk about your introversion you're assuming no other is that you say it's not easy for anyone like it's not easy for you but for everyone else it's all about you right now when you say I don't like sales , selfish, I don't like talking to selfish people I don't like public speaking are you talking about yourself again friend I don't need money you are selfish friend ok your church your community kids people need money ok well that's not me you're talking about yourself again see and and like i could stop working right now i don't need to do this today what i'm done financially i can't i can't wear you out but it would be selfish of me to stop right elon musk he's a selfless guy that's what i know him for sure he is a genius and he is a perfect match selfless he is trying to move the world forward yes with his gifts his talents yes he didn't have to do that yes he has done a lot. of money, yes, Cuban brand, brand humans on TV all the time, by the way, all these super super successful.
You guys are completely doing what your parents said not to, getting a lot of attention, right? I mean, why is Mark Cuban on TV three four five times a week? He's fine, and then we'll take every interview he's given, yes, because he knows it. attention equals freedom attention equals i can start to move the bar here in the way people do things not just money well but power and influence yeah hmm yeah you get bored if you stop today anyway yeah dude i guess you're in a lot of trouble yeah she said she won't let you stop she won't she won't she won't keep harping on me yeah because she knows she knows if i know it was a good piece that came out in the game the other night but i was was elena pushes me elena is the one she is the one who wants me to be a billionaire i dont really think about it much i really think its a little bit stupid but because what are you going to do with it you know shes the one who says no , no you have to do it really why I mean it's just it's a it's a number it's ridiculous you can't spend that much money well and she says you don't have to do it because you can't one you're close two you can and three you need such a goal great truth that you are per following that you're so interested in that you're excited and you're living and you're young and you know you have plenty and by the way you're not consuming I don't


a carnivore because you're bored and she's right because every time in my life when I'm boring i get destructive you get nasty negative nasty guy i get nasty because i'm not being productive man work is a i think work is a gift it's the gift that doesn't seem like a gift from god you know people talk about who don't want to work they hate work they hate their job dude i love my job you know i love jobs i love having a place to work i've been with i've been out of a job you know i'll take any job i'd take any job that doesn't have a job i would go i would go fl ip burgers i like to do i like to do dirty jobs mike rowe i love mike you know cause he will do the dirty work yeah and i trust people who will do t dirty jobs and i don't trust people who are like oh job just went broke dude you're broke now if you even know that damn term you're broke now ok well what do you think the most that most people don't know about probably dying? time I'm not worried about dying I'm worried about just running out of time how to run out of time to do that for someone to know me you know I've made a difference like you know my dad my dad died when he was 52 years old.
So he had just what he thought he had just done. He just did it. You know him and my mom were kind of celebrating. Then, I saw my older brother. I was 20 25. I guess I was 20. I was 25. He died when I was 25. and I'm like a friend, this is short, this track is sharp, your older brother died at 25. he was two, I'm talking to him on Sunday at night getting advice from I'm 20 years old. In Grand Junction, Colorado, on a Sunday night, I said, man you think he should do it, man you think he should do it.
I'm 59, I've been thinking I was going to die since I was like 18. Well, I'm a couple years older, so you'll look at me like I still have this. I'm in a hurry to get somewhere. knowemergency i think life is now uh life is now is not 10 years from now that is now is the time to make a decision now is the time to push now is the time to be more aggressive and go for what you want yes and get freedom yeah yeah and 10 years from now the results of what you get 10 years from now will be what you did right now yeah like in my office everything is now you know hey did you send that deal? not to that you're not going to get to that dude let's do it right now let's do it right now yeah and I think I shared something with your group the other night about anytime my group my my the people that work with me are overwhelmed , we added something that's amazing yeah it's crazy because it shows everyone mate you're not overwhelmed come on you're in the drama mate being like a girl right now ok ladies please please don't be offended today. i love girls ok i have two and they are like princesses but i teach h my girl dont act like a girl sometimes you gotta pull wow and i love how you do it everyday everything is measured and everything is tracked and everything is talk publicly with your team do you think i think you said have 50 or 60 people in the team so in the 905 every morning the whole team is there what if someone is late is it ok or not so everyone is there 905 that does it happen twice the second time you did it? uh, and then they list a number of statistics, right?
What are some of the things you guys list? Everything, everything that would be, uh, that would be the validation of success. you know uh that's a validation that's a reminder hey this is working we don't talk about anything negative at meeting zero no back office oh hand over to your someone mention insurance or carrier or something So. dude we don't do that in this meeting ok the results of this meeting put together all the battles we won ok if 17 people died that won't be reported in this meeting this will be all the hills we took so um it's going to be youtube views they're going to be instagram followers uh all the way to calls contacts call time how we hit all fronts we will we will we will knock on the door we will cold call we will use technology everything you talk you say the sales numbers from the day before yeah everything yeah and I love how you said you're constantly looking to execute people it's like that I think I said how you said it totally say it so if the sale is like that if it doesn't go up call me general


general if the sales aren't up or the numbers aren't up then you're looking we're looking for someone who yes we sorry to interrupt you okay no we we we? we're looking for someone to run so we don't tolerate a flat number so if I go to a company I'm like you know oh man we are we know,you can't go to rodeo drive and get your bags there's nothing like that wow it's ok i have ok like no cheating no scams like we don't have money we don't have money coming in i have less money coming in than going out we are bleeding right now so how old were you how old were you at the time i was uh 40 48 49 how did that make you feel about saying we don't have money? this situation, yeah, because I'm the one who went to her, remember, and said, oh, your life is going to be amazing, right?
I'll take care of this you don't have to worry about a thing I'm the man I'm the baddest guy in the world and now you're not the man now I'm like I got cut in half wow you know so you started and I kind of If I turned it around there wasn't there wasn't in 2008 there was nothing you couldn't do nothing there was nothing you could know put on a cape and go save something there was nothing to do so now you have to pay the price what was the price fear uh uncertainty yeah uh insecurity we're going bust i can't spend money i can't even look at stuff i can't spend money on ads um i have to do everything organic wow it's hard work me i'm 50 i shouldn't be in this position.
They're like, oh my gosh, he's got it done. I hate the guts of him, right, you don't know, nobody knows what I go through every day, wow, you know, and even even when you solve the problem of 2008, you end up today. now you're having to juggle more responsibility it's still a lot of pressure, a lot more pressure now than that you know and you know if you've been punched in the face before or left cold so you're always kind of like when will it come again yeah i'm in good shape so this doesn't happen again and you never know you never know what's going to happen next yeah i think the first time we connected was in 2010 during a skype interview i think 209, 2010, maybe 2011. because you were a year or two before yeah you know you were pretty broke i guess so and i have to say i really admire how the decade how much you made a decade of time where you were a little depressed i guess so how you were able to bounce back when most people would say im 50 im getting old like i need to slow down you double your health which i think is the most important thing i dont think people recognize how powerful What is your health is because of the energy you have to take responsibility yes if you didn't exercise every day like you do yes you probably want to be able to do what you are doing yes maybe I don't know but if you didn't exercise , I know that a year ago the last time I was in this interview I think I started exercising every day and my body ached all the time I was in pain constantly you didn't want to do it you were struggling dude my ankles hurt my knees hurt it hurt my back hurt like i have constant pain in my body why do you keep doing what worked?
I don't use it and it started dropping me like I wasn't paying attention to it. You know, and that's okay, buddy. You know you don't want to pay attention to me. I don't pay attention to you, you know, or maybe I'll make you pay attention to me, yes, and then I went in. I went to a pt three days a week that didn't really do anything and I said do you know what I need to take responsibility for this? If I want to fix something, that is the code in my life. Do you want to fix something? i was trying out with the masseuse the masseuse never helped me i needed to put muscle in my bones so i hired a guy named anthony he came i told him you come to my house every day at the same time every day here is the money here take the money here is the schedule i will never miss a day wow he also rides with you or no no no this was in the first year i got him and um you know it's been 14 months i have almost no pain in my body training every time you're back home and now two weeks ago i went i went uh plant only plant based plant based i was scared to drop the meat dude that's so i wanna do that.
I did it for a week last week, yeah, and it felt amazing. I had a lot more gas just out of all the plants I think but it's clearing it up It's really too much information for me but I've had a lot more energy yes but less bloating and less pain yes I hadn't realized I had a little swelling in the hands, but that hadn't done it. changed but the plant based thing i saw the game game changed yeah and when he said dude you're eating the middle man like when i heard that was enough for me. cow the cow eats the grass ok you go eat go ok the source is the grass yeah and as soon as i heard that i'm like what am i doing eating the middleman i'm not a middleman i want to go directly to the source where all the energy is , yeah I mean like I don't that was the line on the show that made me and I had been thinking about it too I've been eating meat for 60 years I grew up on bacon four pieces of bacon every day so good uh oh yeah totally the eggs i haven't had meat in 12 days and my energy is freaking out t him all day oh wow 3 30 pm for the last 25 years i crash at 3 30. crash hard i mean i'll see you guys guys uh call me later okay what you doing at 3 30 i got it i got it a meeting yeah that meeting was in that nap dude and when i hit it i'm talkin coma sleep soundly better than sleep for the night, sometimes it would be 30 minutes, sometimes it would be an hour and a half like comatose 12 days i am i cant take a nap i try to go take a nap i cant fall asleep so i will have my energy do you think you will go through with this do you think you will have meat sometimes you think i mean me no , I'm not like I'm not a fan guys so someone has a little meat here and there or something I'm just gonna eat what makes me feel better yeah so I don't care if it was meat if it was pork it was bacon but right now um as long as i can find the veggies and i haven't met i haven't missed the meat wow my digestion is better you know my energy is great so i don't know man i'm about to try you i might do a 30 day plant based plan yeah only you know try one day try one day one you know i just rack up days man one day at a time yeah but my energy I didn't think my energy would improve because everyone is all your industry is going to be better if you do this I'm like a friend I don't have an energy problem but when you don't have an energy problem and suddenly your energy goes up here and then it stays stable all day and i'm less irritable i think i'm less irritable now you're a nicer guy huh you're nicer now a little less responsive i don't know if i'm nicer i'm less irritable wow brian is that true ryan says you need to eat less , this is amazing, man, yeah yeah, so but you see, there's another thing right there, like you've got people have to keep working on themselves, yeah, try new things, you've got to give something up like you always I was giving things up.
My life changed when I gave up stuff when I was 25 and me. i quit drugs i'm like ok i'm done and then you give up on your friends just as you start to change they'll leave people don't like them they'll leave or come back and if no i really think if you're not changing your friends you're not changing Your friends should be you, they should be like every few years, a cycle, yes, or they should be changing, growing with you, they don't go. grow up with you very well i hope they grow up i hope to be your friend in 10 years yes but we will yes we will you know but but how do i know i know i dated this girl her friends were her childhood friends she never changed yes it's hard none of them changed, the whole group never changed, like I changed. you can't i can't think about me and your best friends that me and you are going to have we are going to change at the same time we have different reasons to change throughout life true true and and elena and me we will have different moments when we want to change to my kids like my kids are going to change and go 100 are going to go okay I don't want I don't want to do this anymore okay they're going to fly private back to fly commercial until they're coaches yeah until they find out how to fly in private, if you want to do that, yes, but I have always said that I have changed many times.
I've moved I've been to five or six different cities that's been great for me every move has been better for me I've changed friends I've had lifelong friends that I know but you're not hanging out every day not me I'm over, yeah what do you say to people who say good? I love my childhood friends. We have this loyalty. We have this experience together. I know you'll always have that, yeah, add some of that, there are other people who want to be your friends, you know, yeah, in other parts of the world, other religions, other races, you know, you have other stories, yeah, meet new people, meet new people, man if you.
If you want to learn how to make more money and master money in your life, then watch this video here. Skip a meal, but don't skip reading. He said he reads 30 minutes a day. I don't give a fuck what today is. I mean internet garbage. I mean read something, a biography, read something that is a strategy, read something that is going to change your life and the second thing I tell people is that feeding your mind is great, but you also have to strengthen your body.

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