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Teach Kids Spanish and English words with Painting Pororo Toy Car and Tayo Playsets!

Mar 07, 2024
let's paint some cars starting with the color red or red in Spanish then we will add the color green or the next one is blue the color blue in Spanish is blue and the fourth is yellow yellow is yellow in Spanish because the other two make a sound and now let's place a vehicle behind each of the four doors, let's see if you can remember the Spanish names of the colors as I place them behind each door, this red is red. Good job, now see if we can try again with the second car that goes. to go behind the green door do you remember what green is in good Spanish excellent work what color is the door this fast racing car number 66 that goes behind like this is it blue or blue you are really understanding this and the last one is a little complicated? because it's a difficult word let's see if you can remember it if you said amber for yellow are you now here comes the first car in our paint cup oh it looks like it needs a little help from me here we go I just didn't want to sink now let's see what kind of vehicle we get when we take it out.
teach kids spanish and english words with painting pororo toy car and tayo playsets
How amazing, it looks like a fire truck and we will place it here next to our


friends who can't wait to play with us. now let's let our second card go into the green paint, let's take it out and see what we have. Oh wow, it looks like a convertible. Convertibles are cars that don't have a roof like this and here comes our third car, it falls straight into the paint, I can't wait to see what it turns into, how about guys, did it turn into a police car? We will place it here in front of our friend Toby and now we have our fourth vehicle, this truck goes into the yellow cup, we can use our trusty pliers to see what we did and it looks like we have a yellow jeep, here you go eddie, this one is for you , we have a vehicle for each of our friends,


in the fire truck, krong in the convertible, a police car for poby and eddie in the jeep and what are these guys?
teach kids spanish and english words with painting pororo toy car and tayo playsets

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teach kids spanish and english words with painting pororo toy car and tayo playsets...

It seems that a school bus brings us more friends to play with. How about we take it out to meet them? We have Petty the penguin, Luffy the beaver, Roadie the robot and our good friend. genevieve hello hello paulo can we play too? Just paint some cars and you can play with us. Wow, that's great news for our new friends. Let's get them some colors starting with purple or purple in Spanish. Next we will use the color pink or pink. one looks like a strawberry milkshake, then we have the golden or golden color, it looks like brown but trust me, it is golden and finally we have the orange or nerangha color.
teach kids spanish and english words with painting pororo toy car and tayo playsets
With our new paint cups we can paint four more vehicles for our Friends, let's open door number one or number one. Wow, that sure is a lot of bubbles. Let's use our tweezers to see what we have. It looks like a Volkswagen Beetle. We can place it here in front of Petty and then place our next car behind it. door number two also called door number two and it looks like we have a pink truck for crazy, here you go crazy, now we just need two more vehicles behind the door number trays, we have a futuristic car and many, many bubbles, I bet which means we have something very cool, we made a gold lamborghini for roadie, the robot, this car looks very fast and finally number four, let's fish it out and see what we have, an amazing orange taxi, here you go, genevieve, you can play with this one now.
teach kids spanish and english words with painting pororo toy car and tayo playsets
How about you get into your new vehicles now that all of our cars are painted and ready? Let's take a look at the dog game we have to play today. He has lots of cool play areas for our friends to try out, including this really working butt elevator. Raise and lower the cars and when it's ready it will have one two three four levels, so vominos, let's open it up and see what we have to work with. Oh, I can already see the elevator, it almost looks fully assembled, what this will do. very basil very easy all we're going to have to do is connect these three pieces of clue that look like the letter c.
We'll start by breaking the white piece like this and then we can grab the other end and bring it over. Up here, next we have the yellow or yellow piece, now we can take the second part like this and finally our third piece which is orange or orange, this goes here and we will have our clue ready to play now that we are done. with our clue let's invite our friends to come play with us here comes pyro and his fire truck, let's send him to the elevator there we are now you can turn the crank and lift him up when he's at the top, he'll jump like now we flip the switch and send him Below, Ferrari looked like he had a lot of fun, now we can park him at the top of our game so he can see the rest of our friends, starting with our friend Eddie and the yellow jeep.
Do you want to go to the top of the elevator today oh I think Eddie is afraid of heights, maybe he would like to go faster, that's great Eddie, we have just what you need, we can load you up on this launcher and say goodbye, wow. look at eddie go look how far he went must be a new record since andy is afraid of heights we'll park him on the lower level hey look it's poby in the police car i bet he'll let us ride with him so he can see what he sees on the track, get on the elevator, toby, check it out, let's go with him, that's cool, hey, now let's ride with toby on the track, it's like riding a roller coaster, oh no, we crashed, don't do it .
Worry guys, we'll fix Pobby, come with me Poby, our rink has a repair area. He can wait here while Peroro cools them down. Ah, now that the smoke is gone, we can fix it. Let's get Poby up and get to work there. I should do it Popey's police car is like new let's park it here so we can play with our next friend who will be krong oh no krong has been playing in puddles of money he will have to go through our car wash and get cleaned up. Before he gets to the track, okay guys, let's clean up all this mud, look it's working.
Kron will be clean in no time. Alright, now the tips are ready to use in our game, let's send them to the elevator and take them up to the top floor here. let's go well kron have fun wow look at him go oh no care how cute save krong now he can come here and keep eddie company look here come our friends crazy rody teddy and genevieve let's see if everyone would like to come down at the same time we'll line them up and once they let's have the four of them in a row we will send them together to the last, well, come on, they look like a train, let's travel with them, take a look.
Riding with Petty Wow was awesome guys and so much fun as all of our friends got to go to the game. We can park Genevieve and Petty on the third floor and on the second floor we can have Loopy and Roadie on each floor. It has two cars. Thank you for helping us paint the eight cars for our game. I had a great time playing with you. Okay, bye everyone. Let's play with some fun taiyo toys today. This deposit plus looks great and it's time to play, so let's press the clock. and we start to transform it, here we go, wow, amazing, but before we start playing we need to find the four buses, hey, there is one, it comes out, the red bus, that's cool, we found our first bus, but we still need to find three buses Plus, where could they be? around here redbus thinks there is something hidden behind this yellow door.
Wow, look guys, we have another bus and this one is yellow. Yellow, that's pretty impressive. Now we have one bus and two buses. Maybe there's a blue bus behind this blue door. Hey, wait a minute. that's a green bus it should have been behind this green door but there's nothing there I know we can slide it and now the green bus is in the right place green have they seen you blue where are you I know maybe if we knock on the door three times oh It worked, let's check it blue bus is that you behind the door hey, now we have our green bus hello and our blue bus hello can you count the buses one two three four great job counting now we can start playing, let's start?
Going down the right side and then here on the left side, we can use this piece to add to our ramp and make it longer. We can connect it like this, and here's a cool blue tunnel that we can slide into the end. Alright, check it out guys, our bus station looks really amazing and is ready for us to play. Let's start with our red bus. He wants to go over here to the other side so we can go up the roundabout. Now go to the red platform. let's press the switch and give it some gas look look look look look okay now it's ready to go down the tunnel wow, now it's the yellow buses turning what should we do with the yellow bus hmm oops oh no, we drop the yellow bus is now? all dirty, but don't worry, the car wash will clean it all, we'll just send it away and it'll be nice and yellow again, don't worry yellow bus, we're almost there, we just go up the ramp and get to the platform.
Now let's flip the switch and press this green button to turn on the car wash. Great, now let's send it down to see if all the dirt and mud is removed. Here it goes, wow, check it out. It's back to a clean yellow hum. Great job. Guys, let's put our yellow bus on the first floor and the red one on the second, here we go, now it's time to play with our silly green bus, this is the one that was hiding behind the blue door and now wants to hide behind the yellow door Alright, green buzz, here you go, let's press this big green button to set the launcher and close the door so the green bus is ready to launch.
Kids, are you ready? Here goes, what just happened. Our green bus became a big green garbage dump. truck that is so crazy and look, it has a big green container called a bed that goes up and down, that's where it keeps its payload. Where is he going? I think he wants our blue taiyo bus to follow him. Wow, look, the green dump truck took Taiyo to a construction zone wow cool, a construction zone is where new things are built. This one has a conveyor belt that works to raise and lower things and a crane to lift heavy objects with its claw chomp chomp chomp Teo wants to help maybe he can help load the crane the rocks let's lower the claw and move it to the payload and now we can lower it for taiyo here it comes everything good, great now we can use


's hitch to attach it to the payload and now taiyo can take the rocks to the conveyor right there teo perfect now we can use our tractor to load the boulders into The conveyor has an articulated claw arm for digging and lifting heavy objects perfect for our boulders Now let's start sending the folders to the conveyor so they can be processed.
Look at them, we're last. Now let's use our dump truck to load the rocks into its big green bed. Now it's time to send our processed rocks for delivery. It's an urgent job, so we have to get there quickly. We will move the conveyor belt. so the dump truck can go down the ramp, okay, it's time for the dump truck to go up the conveyor belt, okay, let's send it up so it can go down the ramp. Great, here goes, oh no, come out, oh no, a crash, don't worry guys, teo. I'll go get help, look guys, a rescue center, help, help, here comes the rescue vehicle, teo, what's the emergency?
There was an accident in the construction zone and now there is a fire, okay, but first we have to get into our garages, can you guys help me at home? We are sure we can start with the police car with the word police written on the side of which door do you think the police car should go to, the blue one, the red one or the green one, blue, that's right, the police car goes in through the blue door, let's press press the button and roll it up and then we have a fire truck, a fire truck helps put out fires and look, it has an extendable ladder with a hose at the end, let's place the fire truck behind the door red now to close it great and now. we have an ambulance an ambulance can take injured people to the hospital we only have one more door left and it is this green one and that is the door for the ambulance, go ambulance, great job guys, we put all our cars in your garages. but there is still one more rescue vehicle, see?
It's the helicopter. Look at our cool red helicopter, instead of rolling on the ground like our other vehicles, it can fly in the air with the blades of this helicopter, so instead of going in a garage this one goes to the helipad now it's time for you to teo send the rescue team on their way let's go up the elevator let's use our tail rescue mission card to send them on their way we'll just slide it into the console here and then launch let's not forget the helicopter hey look we're here and here comes the rescue team.
Look at Teo with his flashing lights and police badge. Great, now the fire truck and ambulance come first. The police car needs to put some cones around the accident so no one gets too close now the fire truck could use their water hose to put out the fire yes I did it look they bothdrivers are out of their vehicles here comes the ambulance to check on the first driver now they leave and here comes the helicopter to take our other driver to the hospital. Great now that we know drivers are safe. The table can tow the damaged sports car, we'll just load it on their hitch and off they go, but the dump truck is too big.
To tow the tail, we will need a crane. The cranes may be small, but they are very strong. This will be able to take the dump truck to a safe place. Great, now we have to go check on our drivers. Hey, look at that. The drivers have finished their check-ups and are feeling very good and the vehicles are also fixed. Wow, yahoo, if you like the video, make sure to give it a thumbs up. Good bye guys. What a silly green buzz!

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