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Hour Long Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, and Bluey Videos for Kids!

Mar 08, 2024
big bully, get out of here, okay, uh, oh, that's the bell for next class, Chloe, do you think you can walk?, oh, I'm not so sure, don't worry, I can help you, get on, I'll push you. thanks Bluey, see you in class Peppa, let's take the elevator, okay, see you in class, let me close the doors and go up, come on George, let's take our books for our next class, ah, it doesn't matter, I'll use yours. I'm almost ready thanks for helping me Bluey anytime Chloe I would love to help in the principal's office right away oh no I've never been called to the principal's office before you better go Bluey I'll take it from here yes Ma'am Gazelle you called for me yeah I heard what happened in PE class oh no I'm so sorry I won't do it again what are you talking about Bluey?
hour long paw patrol peppa pig and bluey videos for kids
I heard you protected Chloe from a bully after she caught her, oh right, I did, I don't like it. No one does, but what you did today was very brave and I would like to give you this as a token of my appreciation. Oh, a puppy, it's very pretty. Yes, he is a very rare and supposedly very valuable Dogecoin. Now take him to your cubicle and go back to class yes Lady Gazelle I'm here I hope I haven't missed anything you're just in time Bluey I'd like each student to stand up and say something about the story oh oh me first Alright Bingo, come in I'm Julie Caesar, leader of Rome, very good bingo, Julia Caesar ruled Rome over 2000 years ago and I am Brutus, oh my Jenny, let's see if you can choose something nicer, oh I am an astronaut and I walked on the moon.
hour long paw patrol peppa pig and bluey videos for kids

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hour long paw patrol peppa pig and bluey videos for kids...

Astronauts first walked on the Moon about 50 years ago and I'm a dinosaur George, there are no dinosaurs in history. Dinosaurs are not part of human history, but they are part of Earth's history, they walked the Earth millions of years ago, they called you George, how disgusting, okay Peppa, your turn, I'm King Henry VIII, my wives please yes king henry vii of england has six wives my dad says one wife is too many oh thank you for. sharing Danny, wow, that's Bell Chloe, you can do your presentation tomorrow, okay, miss calypso, we're home, well, did you have fun?
hour long paw patrol peppa pig and bluey videos for kids
Yes, we did and George and I made new friends, that's wonderful


. Hello girls, anything fun happens at school. I received an award for protecting. My friend, I learned that I want to be an astronaut, that's cool girls, let's go inside and eat snacks, uh, Spider, I'm almost there, hey, Rocky, what are you doing? I'm putting the finishing touches on my BattleBots very soon I will have the best battlebot in the game and I will have the new high score. Wow, awesome, can I watch him while the rest of the puppies were playing outside? Here I go, okay Rubble, I want to try that Puck going up, check it out Skye, I can fly.
hour long paw patrol peppa pig and bluey videos for kids
Wow, yeah right, Zuma, you wish someone would call my mission. What's happening? Marshall, guys, come on the prowl. Rocky is finding the champion robot and he could win. Did you hear that Rocky needs our support? The Paw Patrol on the prowl. Roger, Ryder, let's go look for him. Rocky. yeah you got it right yeah I did it Rocky you won check it out. Got a new high score. Great job. Rocky, your robot is the new champion. Ha ha. I did it. My robot is unstoppable. Yes, great work. Rocky. Hey, wait a minute. Captain Turbitz calls. Continuing Captain Turbot I just wanted to let you pups know that if you tilt your telescope towards the sky you might be able to see a magnificent meteor making its way through space.
Take a look, thanks for letting me know. Captain turbot, I'll check it out. hmm let me see aha I see it wow it's beautiful hey what's he doing oh dilly dally and daffodils that's no ordinary meteorite no one knows where it might land captain turbitz right, we have no way of knowing where that meteorite will land heavens, I need Use your police


to warn Adventure Bay Chase is on the case, okay Skye, I need you to use your cargo helicopter to help Chase. Evacuate the city. This puppy has to fly abroad. We need to evacuate.
A meteor is approaching. A meteor is headed for Adventure Bay. That's right, and we don't know where it will land, so we need everyone to leave. Everyone, get on my helicopter. Hey guys, that meteor will land any minute now. Chase, there's not much time, but what about my police cruiser. There is no time to jump. okay, come on, Skye, go away, oh my police


, well at least it wasn't you, there's something suspicious about that Rubble Rocky meteorite, you guys, bring it to the lookout so we can analyze it, let's dig in green, it means go to see you there, Rocky, no.
Don't lose it, reuse it Rubble, wait, shame on the chase art, yeah, and he just painted it here too, let me bring you the Rubble meteorite, it sure looks weird. I know we'll have to check it again at the lookout. There is definitely something strange about this meteor, you got it right Marshall, let's analyze it with our computer system analyzing the media, what is going on? It came to life and turned on my video game, but that meteor continues, aha, I got you, hey, come back, you know you can. I won't go here or here yes, we have him trapped.
What's going on? Rocky, it's your battle robot. BattleBots Stand Down, ah, it's attacking us, watch out, Ryder. Are you okay, puppies? We're fine, but how are we going to stop that thing? Yes, he has my Rocky Bots powers, he's practically unstoppable, yes, Andy has powerful meteor powers, what can we do guys? Maybe I can help them harness the power of this meteor and stop that robot, we can, we can infuse the lookout with the power of this meteor. and it could make you guys powerful enough to fight that robot. I'll place the meteor in the center of the gazebo, come on, yeah, it worked, okay, pups, it's time to get Mighty, yeah, I can't wait to get our powerful powers.
Our first pup to get Mighty Powers will be Chase, let's see what superpower he gets. Mighty Chase with super speed, since Chase is blue we will put him in the blue light. Our next puppy is Marshall. Mighty Marshall repeats the power, so let's put them on the Red light ready Rubble, you can bet Mighty Rubble with super current The rebels are yellow puppies, so let's put it here. Next is Skye's turn. Powerful sky with super wind, the guys are pinging, so let's put her in the pink circle, see what power Rocky gets. Powerful. Rocky with super tools Rocky is our green puppy, so let's put him in the green circle and our last puppy will be Zuma.
Mighty Zuma with hydraulic power. Zulu is an orange puppy, so he can go here now. Let's send Ryder so he can get the powerful equipment good from him, okay pups you'll need to use your new powerful powers to stop Rocky's battle robot Chase you're first. The mighty Chase is on the case, okay let's send Chase down the zip line, now we can put him in the trapdoor. Here and send him to his new Mighty vehicle, which is this awesome new police cruiser with flames burning on the side. This one seems even faster than the last one.
Next up is Skye. Let's take to heaven. Look at the bottom. Skye's new vehicle. It's this supersonic jet with extendable wings, just take them out like this and it can gain incredible altitude Marshall, let's hit it. I'm ready for a ruff ruff rescue Marshall, you're so clumsy, well at least now I know what not to do right. I wasn't ready Marshall, you're hopeless, but your new vehicle is this awesome fire truck with yellow flame markings on the side and it looks like a hot rod. I love hot things, go ahead. Zuma Ready Set, get wet. Zuma's new vehicle is this futuristic hovercraft with twin turbines for quick rescues on land and water.
Foreign debris. Wow, I'm sorry. Rubble, at least you have this cool new construction truck with a wrecking ball on the back. Yes I like it. Go join. others, what about me, Ryder, what am I supposed to do, Rocky? I need you to use your powerful tools to build something that can stop that robot, you got it Ryder, if I built that battle robot, maybe I can build something to take it out, no thanks. fast robot Marshall, I'll use my super speed to distract him and you use your Mighty Flames to heat things up, I got it Chase, hey robot, look here, if you can catch me, let's heat this up a little, oh no, that barely hurt him, Destroyed, hey. that's the second vehicle I've lost in this mission, we have to take that sword from them, it's causing too much damage, leave it to me with my powerful strength, yeah, there I have it, careful, Rubble, cute, Skye, now let's see if he likes the lightning power now while he's weakened hit him with water power Zuma you got it buddy yeah I think you got it Zuma or not.
Come back, boy, we could really use Rocky right now, boy. I hope this supersonic Jedi companion gets there in time. ready for a landing wow, nice Rocky, cool, thanks, okay Rocky, time to hit that robot in its weak spot, it has a weak spot, yes it has a battery pack on the back, make it spin and I'll do the break, you got it, Rocky here, I'm not waiting here, I'm just kidding, now the drums are on. Get it. Separate photographs of Rocky's vehicle. Rocky, yeah, it's off. Rocky, good job, great job, thanks to our powerful new powers and Rocky's quick thinking. in that battle robot powered by that meteor meteor plus wrong light media haha ​​cool Rocky

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