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Super Food for Super People | Fireman Sam Official | Cartoons for Kids

Apr 07, 2022
oh we have an amazing view of the game from up here I really hadn't noticed it's so nice to get away from all the fish cafe and try something different I'll have the sea


pizza please oh so many options um, what would you want? I recommend Norman. I recommend you hurry with your order. She's almost as good as me. Oh stop. That's not how you dribble. This is how you dribble. control uh now elvis look at norman and you'll be a master chef in no time i don't want to be a master chef i want to watch the football first we make a nice neat circle of congratulations model like this after a nice to a big doll of tasty ketchup and then a beautiful handful of delicious mozzarella finished and now i'm free to watch the game i hate making pizza oh i'm not supposed to do that am i? elvis penalty kick to pontypandy united get ready for the penalty kick of the century timer and learn from the pros this is how to kick a penalty kick hello loud loud forget football norman whats going on down there i can hear station officer steele working on the car hand in hand oh she will already be growing wacky wings and hanging upside down oh mandy but Moose is that a map of the caves yeah right here these are the caves they go up the mountain this way and the old mines go up the mountain over here and they get pretty close right where Mandy is stuck, all set to go thanks to the experts.
super food for super people fireman sam official cartoons for kids
I also need two drivers who's coming with me you're the one who knows about emergency rescues norris patty can you hear me betty get behind me mandy don't worry mandy it's sam mandy what happened sorry moose i should have followed you outside but i saw a bat see , I knew, he did his bat magic on you, he turned you into a gun, you don't look very nutty, oh, to be silly, norman price, the bat had nothing to do with it, caves can be very dangerous. places mandy should always s Stay with your group and never stray.
super food for super people fireman sam official cartoons for kids

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super food for super people fireman sam official cartoons for kids...

I know firefighters, Sam. I'm sorry, everyone, and bats are really harmless, Norman. Look, here's one. They're turning me into a bat. I don't need to go underground to study bats. I can study Normandy. What's that? Oh hi Sarah, I didn't see you behind my huge bat, so what do you think? I think it is taking up too much space. look what your ass has done put it down now james ready for your spooky party guests enjoy the party oh amazing it's really great thank you i made it so who's ready for some of my freaks dancing what is this crap getting in the way of my moves i know it's here somewhere it's time to create the ultimate party centerpiece sarah's creepy haunted house thanks for taking the penny from the toffee apple oh i'll get it uh elvis remember don't cook the toffee for too long or it will be too difficult to use it has to be liquid, ok?
super food for super people fireman sam official cartoons for kids
I can't wait for you to freeze not yet sir the caramel has to sit on the apples oh this wait is endless so how you doing? So who's ready to play one of my games? Yes, anything but make a mummy, but this game is called in the tail of the creepy cat. That someone else smells like burning my house. Flyers on top of the train. Don't worry. sam we'll have to go back to the rescue center until this blizzard blows it's too much snow that's snow leave me here tom nice sam totally epic it's an alien on the roof that's not an alien norman it's Uncle Sam from Of course I knew that, hey I'm so sorry son that'll teach me how to wear a cardboard box on my head.
super food for super people fireman sam official cartoons for kids
You mean an astronaut helmet. a joke on you james i was not fooled i know aliens aren't real oh yes they are one visited my house last night for real yes it was a little green man with seven eyes twelve tentacles a purple mustache and look , the boy from the north, we're almost there, yeah, get up boy or we're checking ourselves, are you okay? Look like you hurt yourself not quite good cool well all we have to do now is row back all we have to do are you sure you're ok ben i'm fine it's just to get back we'll be rowing against a current very loud not as loud as me ponty bandy here i come too yes actually i think i'll use duct tape from now on i hope your posters and norman's yelling did their job i think the posters would have worked better than norman actually yelling this ain't yelling no that's something you don't hear every day are you ok norman i i swallowed that thanks


sam ok norman any sign of ben and hannah penny not yet sam mind you the current is pretty strong today that's put on pantyhose island we s shouldn't be here it's the current hannah she's stronger than i thought she's taking us away from the mainland that means we're a long way off of course are you sure you're ok ben I'm fine honest come on now you're really not fine are you?
It's my shoulder. I have completely hurt him. I can't even row well. You should stop rowing now or you'll make it worse. What can we do? There is an emergency station on Ponte Panty Island. flares you stay there i'm on my way be careful anna

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