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Strive For Greatness: LeBron James Documentary (2000-2016) HD

Feb 27, 2020
at the moment he is a 16 year old boy, what is the name of your son a long time ago? yes, which one do you want to be the best? is the 18 year old from Akron truly the savior yes better players on him and his position already on our team but his potential is probably the limit for him even though getting LeBron will only add to what we need you know, just make things a little easier and it will go in and have an immediate impact like a Quran, but look at the note there for the Miami Heat.
strive for greatness lebron james documentary 2000 2016 hd
I don't think he can really bring the hand of a high school player and really think his team wouldn't really turn around like that if he comes and you know I'm saying he can just get on the avenue oh we can do something with the First pick in the 2003 NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers select LeBron James, there he is with his mother. Gloria Gloria sacrificed a lot she gave birth to the brunette when she was 16 years old alone at 19 she lived on food stamps on assistance and here they are a short time later a hundred million dollars in sponsorship contracts in basketball and LeBron James makes great American history ever since hard times to tremendous success second player high school drafted first overall Kwame Brown of the Washington Wizards making it a couple of years ago high school games on national television in what has been the most impressive thing to me is how he's handled the unprecedented hype you know what amazes me is we're actually going to see



jerseys we're going to see cleveland cavaliers jerseys in montana in los angeles in new york in chicago gotta love this guy, In terms of his poise and the way he's really handled himself through all of this adversity, I want to say this is a great moment.
strive for greatness lebron james documentary 2000 2016 hd

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strive for greatness lebron james documentary 2000 2016 hd...

It's great for him and his family, obviously, but also for him. The city of Cleveland as well, and here's LeBron James in the sprite game with Michele Tafoya. Mike thanks LeBron. This was a moment that had been years in the making, and while you knew you were going to be the first pick in the draft, we said you weren't sure. how would you feel when david stern actually said your name so i have to ask you what was the moment i was cool no this is a long time dream finally a composition finally showed the salon work finally paid off for me and there's a lot left to go without a doubt you'll be the most analyzed rookie in NBA history which will make for a successful season by your definition I'm working but you don't see our team getting better every day I think that's going to be the biggest achievement for us because yeah we weren't very good but I feel like we could get better every day as a team it has to be my biggest goal there has been talk that they might want to play guard point what do you think I'll be ready for if you know anything cosines need me to do for my team to win i think i'm going to be happy about it you to carmelo anthony basically i play in let VY for Rookie of the Year let's compete why will you win e did you contest?
strive for greatness lebron james documentary 2000 2016 hd
I know, I think you know, not only am I sure I'm going to win the contest, I just think I'm going to try to improve my teammates, you know, I'm not looking for individual days, it's the team that's important. well the team wears this jersey on the road LeBron Curtis enjoy it at home Ohio's own LeBron James becomes the first player to take number one overall silly LeBron Taking the court for your first game? How are your nerves tonight? Oh, you know I've got a little bit of attention in my stomach right now, but you know once the jumps start, you'll be ready to play the second half of our Wednesday NBA doubleheader on ESPN that's ready to host. hugs everywhere.
strive for greatness lebron james documentary 2000 2016 hd
You'll get his indoctrination quick enough, just like this guy, Brad. Miller transplanted here from Indiana this is his new team LeBron James on the run these are his best partners his first assistant is a beautiful number LeBron James for shot good that's good season for James around a hog TT LeBron at the baseline two for two well that's a great start guys I tell you what I know is people are talking you know he can't with the jumper he can score he knows how to play the game well put the ball in the box a chance for every big dish from Vivek James tries to advance before Chris first team player fully defensive block 2:15 with just over five to go first Boris well how I like it the Kings are plans they have nine assists out of 10 the First deal goes, they don't care who scores, who gets to break ground. for an easy left hand layup Ron come out on the other side of the glass this four four five look at me then the leaders jump there but he could go through the lane double pump and knock him off the glass never mind if is inside. or outside now his second tree Davis was right on his old scree n turnover and Biddy comes around the other side


taylor song plate the cavs how you need to get out and run even i did that's how i pictured going down dave look from a past way to a perfect that is backwards here comes the other Way, don't let me down.
I'm telling you right now, he has sin. I mean, all hello I was. I didn't know what to expect, but he knows how to play the passing lanes. over here and this time he throws himself into his trailer can i get up in the mint light? I say big down there we go. That's a good cross dribble and I almost got the open shot watching these guys play alongside the contestant off the jumper the last four seconds. Bobby's upshot goes and Jackson's core Bremmer a stolen coast-to-coast break guys like Brad Millers of every chemistry because he does a lot of other things for his team just smile nice and quick later Gary rose to the top Brad Miller changed his plan for a s Second point: I don't think it's ever been like this enactment of a 17,000+ high school student during the third quarter break, but the bronze name has been equal to his debut task 19 because she's done everything and that's um profiles on the baseline James chains the pass and gets the outside jumper Jackson very slow that's what has to be more often because within the size and the ability, and it is that the boss drinks latte with the trail basket for the roads, that is why chocolate is a ball of air and has been able to take 17,000 fans because he has been high I think the spectacular season of newbie of LeBron placed him in very select company as he joined Oscar Robertson and Michael Jordan as the only first-year players in league history to average 20+ points, five rebounds and five assists per game.
King James was crowned the NBA rookie of the year beating Carmelo Anthony and voting and also beating another South Beach sensation Miami heats Dwyane Wade my bl A lot has been playing here, it started with the Olympics, it ends with your team in the playoffs, the best lifetime record and led by these fans some might call leave your team but they always thought team come first so congratulations


james on 2008-2009 Wow you guys you guys are amazing you guys have done it all for me from when I was drafted in 2003 to 2009 and you guys as much as for this MVP trophy get my 14 teammates get my gig and then my family you guys have a big part in this MVP trophy also I know you guys have been sitting at home for the last nine days and wondering who we're going to play against you made it kinda bored so I don't want to take up too much of your time because I'm ready to go in to the court: so much time to celebrate presents big upset three Ron James sees this is over his career, but it's amazing the way they want three, they can certainly stay in Cleveland once again and you only wonder what changes will happen. with the cleanup n with fans wondering if that's the last time he'll take off a Cavaliers jersey, he's still chomping at the bit. the answer to the question everyone wants to know lebron what is your decision and this fall is very hard and this movie will take my talents to south beach and i will join the miami miami heat that was the conclusion you woke up with this morning that was the conclusion I woke up this morning, it's absolutely ridiculous.
Please run to LBJ this party is for our organization and we have supported it for 7 years and for it to stay there and drag us through the mud for 7 years and stab it. we at heart deserve everything he gets i hope he never wins anything in miami he's dead the dallas weaves are nba champions the shocking end to one of the most compelling seasons in nba history we just decided we don't like this guy and like cons So we've allowed it to completely influence the way we analyze it, since a dish really belongs in analysis, but they basically make me someone.
I will start buying it. I started placing it in the bath water or in my state. I never play this angry. That is mentally and that is not the correct way to do a festival. James ripped off the city of Cleveland. Don't worry about what you're going to do in terms of putting rings on your finger, so skip myself and everyone else, shut up, it's time. I'm tired of this man being celebrated for what he wants to be crowned with. by no means welcome to Game five of the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat are 48 minutes away from celebrating an NBA title on their home floor, one more win and the three stars will share an unforgettable championship moment after entering together to the league nine years ago. with the first photo k in the 2003 NBA Draft LeBron James if the opportunity presents itself when I hold that trophy there will be a dream come true with the unsuccessful fourth pick Chris Bosh constantly working hard and I think if I keep working hard heaven it's the limit Wayne Wade, if he could write the script, he'd walk out of the game as an individual, but the most important thing is winning championships.
Wait, what's up tonight? This is one of the biggest nights of LeBron James' career after two disappointing trips to the Finals. Can he lead his team to a title and be forever known as a champion since no one has ever been more scrutinized on LeBron no one in the league was supposed to win it more than LeBron is supposed to win it and after having been through what they went through last year is kind of a sweet kind of relief at the moment, but the big Miami blues back on the wall, the Thunder trying to escape the heat and bring the series back to Oklahoma City, had a great opportunity for the negative series extremely, I leave everything.
I'm on the court, it's the last time I look at all of you in the eyes, you are not champions, that's why I see you well last time I look at your butt, crazy, happy welcome. to the 2012 NBA Finals the American Airlines Arena in Miami, which tonight could be the site where a champion LeBron James is crowned in the heat of a title victory they desperately pray for, but this talented young Thunder team has others plans to win a game tonight and see momentum shift is not a chance to go home to their raucous crowd and for Oklahoma City for the first time facing elimination in these playoffs Durant later throws to Thomas James at halftime and ending sefolosha stays on lebron james gets inside lost where james hard to believe as he left the back door tremendous game design he tries the batteries he doesn't do it again and now he's protecting the pitcher acid winger from LeBron James trying to take the whiplash with a huge box art packaging.
The fact series is so solid, but Hardy has to do a better job staying. It was a good move. It wasn't great. The street where you can see the contortion of the body that is still fighting. Bosch throws Miller out for three from center back abroad. The regular season in the biggest moments would have six against Boston. People maintain that he studies toques within Ibaka. Willimantic remains concerned. Brad drives patrol car Chalmers. The good chase returns. James. What was the refuge? Chalmers. He is a three sefolosha. dad comes out again in the center Chris Bosh wait no oh boy and then not in a to put quantity 19 James has 19 points 9 assists and 7 rebounds games with Turan coming down from Miami but 22 point lead there 11 3-pointers from the Westbrook game knocked out by james what a onslaught from miami once again amazing offensive performance oklahoma city had that opportunity early in the third miller another three six 3 pointers and then i think m disgusting arison the owner like james in sticky situations the games two, three and four, all tight James in Game two hits that Bank shot with about a minute left and then the driving turning earth in Game three well documented and then three that broke the tie for good and then here tonight 13 have said 21 points they've just been attacking the basket but they're still trying to fight trying to find a way to rest a college tip shot misses wayde flips it to up that poor girl still fighting her rebounds James one gets another flips it upthank you triple-double regular season women official extraordinary performance coming once again in the Fiat Lucent champion title that he so desperately coveted and LeBron James averaged twenty-eight point six points two rebounds seven point four assists and is the unanimous choice for MVP the bill russell 2012 nba finals most valuable player trophy the chants say it all lebron james MVP of the finals given everything that's happened when the clock hits three noughts what's the first thing that crossed your mind head?
About time Going back to last year's finals, how it ended, how you struggled, the ton of flak you received in so many different ways, what was it that was said or written that upset you the most? I thought I was selfish that's the only thing that bothered me you know a lot of people said that I myself was a selfish person as a basketball player and you know I


to be a team player you know I do whatever it takes to help this team to win but at the same time I use as motivation and I'm happy that we were able to make enough plays to put us in a position to win this championship you said last year you were trying to prove something and this year you realize you didn't have to So how do you refocus your mind?
How did you do that? I went back to basics. You know. years i just went out and let the game take care of itself and last year i try to prove something every month you know and i played with a lot of hate and that's not the way i play the game of basketball i play with a lot of love but a lot of passion that's what I have Going back to this year, we saw you on the broadcast seconds after the game. What was going on in the dugout on your show. From you, just rampant evil.
A disaster. That's how it is. Andrews gave my life to have his day in my life. get through it with no one else in the world besides my teammates these fans and this is a dream come true LeBron James the seventh player in NBA history to have multiple triple doubles in the NBA Finals congratulations go enjoy it game on our home floor to bring home another champion, this is all we worked for all season, all the sacrifices we've made to each other, every day, every minute will be worth it, they say hard work It's worth it man, so let's make this happen, LeBron James. and the h come after one of the most remarkable finishes, you'll never see a stunning Game 6 overtime win to keep their season alive while Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs suffer as heartbreaking a loss as you can imagine now the former champs with a shot at redemption this is the 18th time if the NBA Finals have gone to one game seven of the previous 17 the road team has only won three times and the last time was 35 years ago the Bullocks won in 78 James makes it five to shoot Wade Duncan challenging him Wade walks past them finds James wait not settled make something happen on LeBron James will take the first two free throws of the game Cochran - Neal pictured on and off I think Parker has to use those chances too tight with james on him he's not going to get that many chances he has to do it that way his second field goal these guys look pretty tired two, they're running in the mud right now, for the most part there are some guys like Wayne Wade, who looks energetic.
James and a foul hit hard that opportunity for a three-point play. James for clay. game Wade spins shoots shots off the mark James tips him easily with marker on him Duncan the running back can't finish Miller the rebound good defense by Bosh with all three fouls inside Wade tried to get into James Parker to flex him James opens wide in even for three, that's three 3-pointers for LeBron James Green on the right-hander's pass and here are ways such a costly turnover against a team like the Miami Heat offscreen James will try other commercial breaks on LeBron James for three feet when the heat back up my tune Leonard arugam Ray Allen and James we don't fall up there playing he'll try again James making the point a point he pleases James pushes hard to the basket free kicks five 3-pointers no one in remotely in the same area on any of th These three are like practice shots.
The Heat have already made 21 three-pointers. James has made eight and it will be interesting to see if they left. San Antonio decides to adjust and try to close that space, which could lead to more dribble opportunities. Jane. He does it sucks in 28 points for LeBron James, who has been outstanding in game seven and career elimination games to a block by chuck James gets this shot wide but a foul shot clock at five James hooks him he takes him down six to shoot James it's a good 33 for LeBron James on the drive the massacre won't go Duncan the rebound returns it stolen out by Chalmers ejects Battier to pray inside Beckett across the lane Duncan misses the tip no Gordon Bosh rebound going to point James stops puts a 10-point lead 35 for LeBron James timeout San Antonio Ginobili inside Duncan back to Ginobili Ginobili wild throws it and Duncan fouls James Six-point game Ginobili a three-pointer long off the mark rebound now from Green this for Miami the biggest lead of the night Battier points it to tumors Wade throws it depends on James that the Spurs do not finish their consecutive titles by the c 2013 NBA champion resides once again in Miami and with twenty-five points three points almost eleven rebounds per game and seven assists Bill Russell NBA Finals 2013 Most Valuable The player is for the second consecutive final LeBron James LeBron you paid a price to be a great jump shooter.
How happy are you that you paid that price? Suppose you say first of all I want to give a lot of credit to the San Antonio Spurs first. classroom organization push this to the limit. I will work a lot on my game during the offseason. I put a lot of work into it and to be able to come here and the results on the pitch is the best, it's the best. I mean I can't lose worse, LeBron, you're constantly faced with the din of outside noise, scrutiny and pressure, how when the whole world is closing in on you, you keep your performance up to the level you hear.
For me, I can't worry about what. everyone says i'm lebron james from akron ohio downtown i'm not even supposed to be here that's enough every night i walk into the locker room i see number six with james in the back i'm blessed , so what everyone says about me off the court, it doesn't matter, I have nothing worse, it is very difficult in this form, so the city of Cleveland, tortured for a long time without a championship for 50 years, now has Something to celebrate about LeBron James. coming home let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday i know my kingdom awaits me and i have been forgiven i will go oh another day in every toy for the ken gibson - nice to meet you you mad at my twins you want to be like me , I finish strong, another dog laughs, Everest, yes, look at this. and you had something of value no, you took the bullet, you saw it, what a bill it will be, baby, so you've been a guess in your own home. okay Dan is back and my daughter sir see the people lined up behind me waiting to get started everyone who has been waiting for LeBron James to come home today.
The return of LeBron is like an old party celebrating we go thirty thousand going around the stadium. looking forward to seeing LeBron this would be off the charts tonight people are so excited to welcome him back even though he might not have been here he still did things in the community the whole area really responds this is awesome you in the stands I want to thank everyone for being here, you guys are amazing that you made this possible. I don't know if you know what happened in the last one. Society would come back and play here.
They are people who came to me and said around them. I have to do what makes you happy and I said yes I think so and I'm also going to do what makes my city happy and that's why I came back I love you I'm back your championship it's been 40 years she's the one The Warriors celebrated for the last time an NBA title today. They're one win away from making history again, but they're standing in their way. A local hero who takes advantage of his experience in the championship. I feel safe because I am the best player in the world, you just earn the right to be. here you earn the right to play in this game but we have to win one more thing that's the game tonight no one is giving us people who think they can and people who think they get out and honestly probably both run but the important thing is what you think there is no tomorrow a supporting note right now bouncing ball what is the ball that opens the switches right now and a big difference in the last two games for golden state they have good starts knowledge and they bounce the shot clock at 8 to the right side dramond green, the action cut is a beautiful backdoor with Perry putting him in the backdoor, curry, curry, triple team, who wants to go down, doesn't want to shoot, I guess with a curry, it will shoot and, in a three white brothers, the eldest will talk. a treat to shoot the basketball that was locked and loaded come on guys you made a run this run back to him one play at a time so one play at a time we're good folks we're back at the worst part of the corner with the closet theory conceded by Livingston backed off the 3rd quarter is good what a James shot six in a row to start the 4th towards the cab gotta keep working on that keep playing defense bill Deegan Donna enters blocked by Mozgov one of the group of gifts for Timofey Mozgov here in the second quarter warriors fighting offensively these cat fans fighting for balance senate keep going now with the half the cavaleras are back sorry with this must win game six in true some good morning the first quarter we moved the ball a lot better than we did in a second we started to settle down now it's just a matter of executing and doing our ro work curry somehow comes AB a pact with the wall triples by the lathe passing the dalip to Hansel beautiful people by curry get up get up 302 Terry puts all three Celie on the follow up and the foul Festus Ezeli with the slave and it's a 13 point lead, the boys made the rest of the game. from James to the basket, suddenly it's a seven-point game, oh my gosh, and the energy is back in Quicken Loans Arena, but from the other calves right now, we have to find a way to stop on the defensive end. opening fire away stephan city shuttle talents back to dream in another one near the court is iguodala will let him watch them fall for an open shot peps off the breakwater golic state they could start their celebration congratulations i don't know i mean it never is to me a success ess if you lose out but i think you said we put ourselves and you know franchise upside down must be a contender but we have some we have a lot of work to do it was a great series i mean until and they I blew the game starting a four for Game five but we had a chance there tonight we had our chances but you know we ran out of talent we left town tonight we gave it everything we had the guys played as hard as they could . whenever we can, but you get to know the team in front, you get some tips on them.
I can't remember a team like them being healthy all year for the most part. I know there was ever a point in this final where you doubted if you'd be able to pull this off oh yeah one of the number one zero and we lost tonight that's when I doubt it that's when it ended I mean, obviously, he knew. It was going to be a difficult test and I will continue to tell you that we were insufficient. I do not know. now, any other team. I have been watching basketball for a long time. I am a game historian.
I don't know what other team has reached the final without two stars. I can't remember thinking about it. I don't remember in the back. I just don't even know if it ever happened. We are a team that will lose to All-Stars and still be able to make it to the finals. And I don't even know what Andy brings to it. our team as well, I mean, it's another double-double guy, you know, we had three playmakers and suits and in this round and even throughout the game, you had to know all the playmakers, you have to be healthy and you have to to be a force to win it we weren't we just weren't not I look at it what I'd rather not make the playoffs or lose the final I don't know mr. playoffs twice i lost in the finals four times i'm almost starting to think i'd rather not even make the playoffs than lose the finals it would hurt so much easier if i just didn't make the playoffs and i didn't have a chance but then i came back to focus and I started thinking about how much fun it is to compete during the playoffs in the first round, the second round, here are the conference finals and if I'm lucky enough to get here again.
It would be fun to do it, but I put my body through a lot, you know, and with a surprise: a surprise to your body that I filled out like this to win and I won. They won a championship, but I know I've donemany. good things you know in this first year back and hopefully I can continue the championship is back in the bay for the first time in 40 years I didn't appreciate last year getting to the finals when a calf was out the rest of the season and knowing that I was dealing with injuries from the first round, it was definitely different.
I'm sorry to have our strong team and I appreciate this moment. Nvidia wants the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors to meet again in the NBA Finals, each with their own quest for history. We are happy to be back here, but there is a lot of work to be done. do and want to name an NBA Finals that's what it's all about man the city of Cleveland has waited over half a century for a professional title while the Warriors are trying to start a championship repeat the perfect cap for their 73 win season that's the deepak control let's stay together all night we're going to make some mistakes that's part of the game we've been together all night we came out with a championship effort right off the bat we're not waiting two or three games to get into this series sorry why not can enjoy every moment enjoy the atmosphere every second every minute every play everyone's ass can enjoy it well an epic seven game series starts tonight with game one rain low chest high left side for Curry working on carrying mismatched injury three that's a hoe it takes a buck protecting lebron james james the boom boy makes him look kinda decent that was nice at six eighteen seventy doing that too Barbosa the back on the right hand side the biggest lead Allah something huge play from your support players we lose eight ok let's say win that's close to half of right hand let's wreak some defensive havoc we'll get out there and run here comes the battery Irving surrounds them Iguodala stole it again three on two klay Thompson running and laying down and in Iguodala he can have the best defensive hands in the game first half Golden State up for nine eight Englishmen who keep playing hard you have to be a little more physical and I was there and I'll do my ryojun drive draws contact counted Antoine and Kyrie Irving at the opportunity for the three point play that limit is 56 Cavaliers 49 wait is a hard way to stay on it they're going to make me stop that's ok just stay with it we'll be happy to keep attacking kevin love rush the kick ball got loose whoa a looks like with a ball as it is and Cleveland has their first lead since the opening end, okay, time, we're in a great spot, one possession right now. 39 by th The Cavaliers life system the foul line stands up again the roof ready to fall off this place he pushes every possession well finish it hard now James goes to Thompson I'm the king of existence Tipton cinema at all Perry haha rush run random but home low scoring game of the season for thompson and curry combined but they won by 15 the final warriors 3 2 1 104 89 having a courtesy our defense was great and you guys always took care so we had such a big group effort tonight it could be anyone on any given night this is our job really to be ready shaun livingston gave me a great spark but when you get out of school 45 10 and you're on the bench it will be hard to win especially on the road everyone stepped up you don't win the championship Sherdog I got the whole team so private then we play we gotta outsmart you in the Game u not at the end of the day you have the same thing to bring an opportunity to Cleveland obviously we have a deep team but everyone has an impact one and has a chance to come in and help us win and hopefully that continues for Game two Ashley , we left the game to put ourselves in a hole one in Cleveland, so another one will come out desperate, only three have been 31 teams that have fallen behind, which means that in the finals, history has won everything for the Warriors.
It is about continuing the pressure and taking another step towards their goal of consecutive titles. I love taking care of the field. I have to show up. a defensive approach and the approach is the same as Abel we defend like crazy every possession will be jealous the crowd hostile and they want to book oh why not they are at home and want to win on both ends so you have to come ready to play ball read and we're on our way james mr. I already dream of cutting over bigger solve this right now now fabulous make no mistake about it we have to be moderate games again post gets into an easy plan LeBron James's first points quickly parried curveballs a 20 second timeout we're not on it right now focus a little bit on both ends of the court on defense you need to talk keep playing hard keep being aggressive on your own keep attacking dellavedova hard to drive inside james has a six point lead flush i'm talking from clever babe, cool, reach, gotta get some offensive flow, gotta move, let's start playing our game, outside units on Shepard, don't look, flip sleep in the heat, Sauvignon Flyers, three ball game with chance of warriors.
Turning it on green, it's got 15 porn warriors, huh, and 18. Turn around, no feathers, we're going to the right side, let's tap on the gray bar on the box. supposed to be seen as defense its a great way to get on the moving crystal ball good spotting action nice basketball the big ballcourt the clay one thing this team does constantly take your will golic state or her 54% tea of herbs and they'll take two no lead in these nba files good way you know we did it we were supposed to take care of home court now we gotta go on a hot streak these two games didn't I see a mental roadblock, I just think we know we have to do it. we played better and we went out to play on Wednesday I mean we feel confident but like I said we're not getting ahead of ourselves there's no point in celebrating so we still have to go out there and do the job only three times according to ESPN BPI the Cavs now only have an 8% chance of winning the series 23% chance of being swept Stephen to the Cavs done yeah I don't even know why that's a question the Golden State Warriors have only lost back to back games this year once and that was in a Western Conference finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder that's it other than they haven't even lost two games in a row and the Cleveland Cavaliers this Cleveland Cavaliers team is supposed to convince us that they're going to win the next five games no no when this is their chances of winning this series are zero as far as I'm concerned if they lose one of these games this series is for this bowl in five tops and vol i will see the origin and win a the fifth game of this 2020 sports update cavs warriors nba finals push back kids in cleveland for the first two games is scheduled for nine o'clock we are low to understand that this it's a local flat we're confident we're grouped together and we can't afford to go down three total so we're going to give everything we've got and leave it on the flat there Carleton gives the energy of s it will get an energy to store that I saw posting them I see that everyone is ready to eat power to Leila you make the necessary adjustments and then you play your best basketball that's what this is all about nine guys we know what to expect tonight new hotel follow my lead from start to finish got it go man me 343 son they were aggressive from flooding to tribbles weird curry holds off crossover dribble takes top key jumper was the only guy they needed to get going and ha It's all good now for them Irving by a quarter point what a cavaliers eruption here to start game 3 I like what we're seeing here now they're pushing the ball and they're out at half time we need to be stronger we need to be more tough we need to be faster Barbosa tops the Livingston what a beautiful look Shaun Livingston looks straight for a hit on the fast break this is a team that has blown up unable to come back this game is palpable hey we've done a great job fighting our way from comeback let's finish the strong half we'll be in great shape Thompson oh what a beauty he scored he also got fouled and hit the mallet hard beautiful move by klay Thompson that was a great finish Tristan Thompson reverses control of women a wild first half te feel safe stay together they're gonna make some love let's take a shot we know we just have to stick together to fight r maps led by up to 20 head to the third quarter up a jefferson left corner back to worn benches and commercial fires and three for the sake of the cavs have responded this is a different basketball team they played in game one o two spent right corner for jeff multistore are spent on the kyrie irving yo that's a not curry he's getting close but not fast enough 77 59 havel ears turn turns it around lebron hits the deck to get it up james keeps his dribble somehow way and now a loose rock ball James up with it passes to Irving lob back to Jake and that will is the horror that the cavity gave 3 for 30 points to your final novel to there are 120 since the Cavaliers have fought to come back to this final series those months when i backed against the walls we are home crowd give us energy and got the one a tough night for golden state have a chance to turn things around vi Friday night so it's up to us to respond not the way we wanted two nights ago and there's a sense of urgency knowing how big Game 4 is Cleveland grinds Cleveland believes that's what the Cavs are they embody the city of the cleanup no matter what the world says no matter how many games you're down don't give up don't stop believing with your heart and soul you gotta believe we will if we're going to win because he's the man from cleveland i'd take it two or six later winning big in game 3 Cleveland has all the momentum the defending champs have a tough challenge ahead of them and they look to regroup on the Cavaliers home court and regain control of the series got th is farm grind because we trust on all of you when we play together when we compete together that's when we're at our best this fight the phillies support each other from the star 48 minutes here we go coming from the fairway he will take it in hand from above to meet draymond rips the ball off fake bomb goes up and draymond bounces on that only two minutes left here the curry curry goes to the fairway stops at pops over 7 and excites a triple walking away there's curry with that splash and dad good quarter ok hey we're doing good now let's be physical ok let's keep attacking Tory's got Tristan Thompson on curry the drive Fisk over five and a half billion a year a second this is too close Junior Smith misses the shot rebound james on another offensive rebound for passes out of the catalog love squares love shot two three we are at half time 5550 is our score golden state trailing by five you have to play faster either attack be the attack or all the tonight ok we are fighting like crazy and thats the main thing we are in great shape push everybody on them we gotta win this here green running so s floors, granny takes him all the way, his feet spread wide open and he's wide open. three and he buries in clay with a triple dollar Thompson in the curry of korean tops and having his best games so go to the final but today Golan stayed up three in the bird alright ma'am we all came , we kill each other, we have a communication, so we can't give them baskets for a long time look we don't want to go up and slow the ball we run into barriers come on come on we're looking for shots love drives in a hot drain carry back his blocked pass james up strip all wanna play by Andres Irving on the brakes top rises blocked by klay Thompson this has been a dominant defensive second half for the Warriors rebound Iguodala comes up with another lunchtime games rocket seven Kari puts a braid seth Curry from center to all 17 triples to fi The Golden State Warriors have handed the Cleveland Cavaliers their first home loss in the postseason and have a commanding three-game lead.
How do we compete? I thought we played hard but every time I made a mistake they made us pay to answer the playoffs oh we got a man ready for this next game the colors give me the heavier hand that's why in the finals of the NBA, you have to put it all online if you don't think. we can win don't get on the plane it's not hard just go out and do your job you give everything you have to your team they are your teammates i know what i am capable of and i know what our team is capable of especially in a goal game it was a peculiar conviction among the cavalier 15 a quiet confidence that was not manufactured or contrived this team really believes and has no plans to retire gracefully well the lawyers are chasing the story tonight but they will have to do it without draymond green very im big game both teams they know notthey will be fighting for their lives and honestly I am fighting for my life too, I am just trying to solidify our season and pull off a big team win, we know it will only be one game at a time. moment when we have a fight the two most important days of your life is when you were born and when you find out the reason you were born i think we are going to be champions we have things molded theme but we can do it i will be i lost 3-1 and i went ahead let's go to this game tonight we're going to win a chance to save right in front of us focus on details energy effort and stick together just for the tip of the starting lineup some changes kevin love back in the starting lineup after coming off the bench in the Game four and due to the suspension of Draymond Greens Andre Iguodala his second start of the playoffs, the first was Game seven in OKC well they say close games are the hardest to win for Golden State it got a little tougher, Hey?
He sniffs this out. s action while running and he automatically switches when LeBron knocks down the long ball. Ron directly knocks down the second triple from him. They tied the game. James drives and finishes off locked up by James rejects him out of bounds says curry get him out of there James lowers his head drives in and finishes off Shumpert with good luck James the rebound and throwback 16 points and 8 rebounds for LeBron James James pulls back his Jefferson work tonight he does it again Speights gives him space James knocks him down James the tribe James the spike James fakes James pushes James spikes and the foul James with 4 to shoot I have to knock down a break and LeBron James hits him with his Iguodala's 3rd pointer triple to the runs, past Irving gets into a blocked layup by James 2nd chase block of the game love finds James who scored three on an easy two this is the biggest lead of the game for the Cavaliers Ron James with left hand plays take a step back try another three that are good city city lebron james james jumper again all night been hitting from the per meter james vs fast blades in tried to foul made them count in once his teammates have 40 points in a finals game cleveland force a game six when a playboy yes sir they had two great game breaking games and i'm proud of the way our guys played tonight competed in an advance of three two we're going to play another game in Cleveland it's exactly the same position we were in in Europe we went to Cleveland we took care of business and drove the whole trip not there's a reason we can't do that again we're there to fight another day we id another day it feels great i want to go home the situation being resilient but we're still down in a series we understand that even playing against an amazing team we have to get out even better in game six this is our time you know i know having to win three games in a row is a hard thing to do but you know that It's what we Clevelanders do, nothing comes easy the other night, man, it gave us hope again, especially coming home, this whole state, this whole city, this whole community, everybody's behind it. but we just want to get out there and let him know that we believe and that we are ready for the sixth game.
It's the biggest game in Cleveland Cavaliers history. A win tonight. He is searching for the city's first NBA title. He's still alive and the Warriors are looking. to make some of their own history one walked away from capping their amazing season with a championship ring this fraud is so big this is what they expect they expect the team to win they expect these great performances i cant wait for them let's get there ready for game 6 starting lineups and some changes and book him with knee injury Andre Iguodala will start here draymond Green returns with the same starting five for Cleveland and here in this city they say this is the biggest game in history of the franchise and one of the biggest nights in the city's sports history as they try to keep alive their dream of bringing a championship to the city of Cleveland chased by LeBron James hiding from behind, then he breaks free and invites us to b Ack out of range throws it to james vs curry katsudon eight nothing Irving fakes pushes James on the pronoun James Thompson running at the end of games like Iguodala on the low attack so they go left handed puts it on James to Thompson ball on a pass from lebron james james puts the three and narrows it down the bron james from the center alley-oop to thompson james crossing over the glass firing tristan t hompson pulls in the rebound his 11th of the game finds james barnes 2 of 14 in the game 5 old for 8 here tonight has missed 14 shots in a row blocks the shot there good barnes recovery JR Smith scaredly hits in the center James in the left-handed attack once again puts him on the inside pass stolen by Irving passes it forward to Smith Smith to Leo Wow when James tags and Annette is scared Green went for the steal lost his balance James reaches the paint puts the shot and it rains down the other end james right there blocks by james where the pulse can't hold the ball one of lebron james' defensive game bourbon mrs.
James' offensive rebound is up again and the shot clock is running out. James has to upload it. He puts it on Irving feints all three. down is dead lever in Cleveland Mary blocked by James taking a statement on both sides of the court tells the two-time MVP get him out of here not on my watch James finishing touches facing elimination obviously doesn't faze you if you tell us last season a game to win a championship in Oakland we'll take any day of the week come Sunday night at the Oracle in Oakland California that Steph Curry is going to make his presence felt emphatically and Cleveland is going to have to have an answer for that, him and clay because I don't know if anyone has noticed that clay tends to show up in big games and it doesn't get bigger than Game seven of the NBA Finals.
I think they will respond and we will see what happens. it will take another Herculean performance from LeBron James to win this game. I suspect, however, that Steph Curry of them will have something to say about it. I continue with my prediction. seven and i'll stay right where i am in the best sports game two words seven will make or break you psychologically gods spo did you worry about something in the game i said don't let them worry about us the lawyers are trying to finish what would be the best season in NBA history tonight will be the same night Cleveland fans have spent decades dreaming of game 7 next this is game seven nba finally this could be once in a lifetime laying it all out on the floor we do that we won't give each other a great chance to be friends they were our dream our 41st consecutive team final games leave the group fake drives on left footed pawns lean on rebound james again jr .
Smith shoots and places it on a beautiful pass pass right through the hands of Kerry James, but to pay off that lean James drives in a nice hard fit with the left hand green leading the break. Trine's pass stolen by James Mo Williams only fifth turnover for Golden State James. drives curry has to get out of the way and James gets the friendly pass Terry drives again left hand blocked by James parried out of bounds James on drive foul lamp off had Iguodala fake put out nicely by Jefferson Barbosa shot blocked by James Hird tries to deny that James makes the shot clock stop and love sets him up when the shot clock expires.
James seeks to position himself in the post. Shawn Livingston steps back on a hard shot that falls wide. It's good. puts it on james drives down the lane running shooting ranges and he's good - shoots oh celie climbs on him again james backs up for three hudson and lebron james from center you know the last time i saw him? I move 100% The game 7-7 is tied and I have to go here in the fourth It was like no one has scored for two and a half minutes in your life Louisville who scores first so I'm seeing game light but I see what i see they both want it to happen and i say and this is not an exaggeration it's like you saw it happen and you looked at the ball i literally see a black blur it was a blur it was the triple-double for lebron james and curry missed shots we've seen it for All season and what's been an electrifying Game 7 here at Oracle Arena and Mike Tyloo chooses to remove Tristan Thompson, insert Richard Jefferson offensively, which will give him more space, but if it's not a defensive timeout, that's it's a true Challenge for the Cavaliers against the likes of Curry and Thompson.
Each team has a foul to make as we go into a minute remaining and then we put Korea to take a streak trying to put it in the dirt. Irving and Curry one on one. Irving puts it up. come on Kyrie Irving took the center and the Cavaliers for three and I like the no timeout called by Steve Kerr love pick curry curry steps back fake a three drive back off well found agreed seven to shoot curry fake the three step cross backwards puts a three rebound James 1 30 seconds left what a spectacular job I love it Irving on the drive goes inside Lofton recovers it and finds it low there is a 7 second difference between the shot clock and the game clock and they had a foul that Give so Florence a thousand there but that's a bad foul Mike giving just an extra three seconds and what was Kyrie Irving doing in transition though James will come in now that there is a 4.7 difference between the shot clock and the game clock . drive us a lot they don't want to go early Irving drives James this is a jam but the dirty warriors have two timeouts left a three point game remains Mike as a player there is no pressure right now you have three worst case scenarios cases you have to give them a free kick that should be the mentality i missed it you have to step up and knock out this weirdo go down with you lebron james warriors no doubt the full timeout you will miss her doing here from james rattles in the second timeout of the four-point game Golden State curry runs out of AGGA Donald looking at Thompson catches Thompson a couple of triple head fakes tied throws him to the green and a foul on the inning pass that's the foul to give and now they'll take it out of bounds with 6.5 remaining and you have to make sure you're not in anyone's box to let them take 3 down and you lose touch of a playoff game on a buck of ghost idiot the incoming shumpert trying to stay with curry catches one dribble backs up a 3 that won't go rebound taken by speights final seconds that's all that's about a city of champions once again the catalyst nba champions cleveland's long nightmare it's over but the drought is over 52 years time to celebrate a title and the emotions of LeBron James making good on his promise to come home and bring a championship to his beloved hometown let's go to Doris.
Mike overcome with emotion is exactly how I would describe LeBron's reaction when he shares a hug with Kyrie I. I'll be there in a minute, but he's still crying tears of joy, no, don't worry LeBron, as soon as the doorbell rang, your emotions they let go, can you describe what you feel right now? I will set myself a goal for two years when I come back to bring a championship to the city. I gave everything I had. I put my heart, my blood, my sweat, my tears into this game and against all odds, against all odds.
I don't know why we want to take the harder step. I don't know why the man above gives me the worst of it but there is nothing a bit of a man above, don't put yourself in situations that you can't handle and I kept the same positive attitude as instead of saying why did I they are saying this. it's what you want it to do and uh Cleveland to do that you have to win twice in a place that turned out to be too much for so many teams. What did you find in Game five here just locked up?
I had to change my approach a bit on how I approach the game. I wasn't that good in the first two games here in this build and I watched a lot of detailed movies I changed my plan and was able to put together some spectacular games after being down 3-1 in history we're in the record books we're the first team coming back from a three 3-1 deficit this is special congratulations to the first team in nba most valuable player history congratulations nba finals


you know when you win the champion together like a blood transfusion is something you never you can change run the full playoffs we have sixteen puzzle pieces to complete the whole puzzle 15 puzzle pieces for the 15 guys who made sacrifices on the last puzzle piece go train me a lot of words all i know is the root of


he is 31 years old that's where LeBron is at both have three rings, LeBron got one more regular season MVP and was in more than twice as many finals as Michael Jordan.
I think you might be surprised to know that MJ broke into the NBA in '84 he was Ricky of the year and they lost in the first round of the playoffs next year he broke his leg they got swept in the playoffs he's back next year they got swept inthe playoffs next year they lose in the semifinals next year they lose in the Eastern Conference Finals next year they lose in the Eastern Conference Finals it's almost like people have amnesia Michael Jordan fought his way out of the first round in the first three years he was getting to the first round they had losing records LeBron goes into Rookie of the Year no playoffs first year no playoffs second year but they had a winning record the East was very good so Michael was going into the playoffs and getting swept with losing records LeBron had a winning record he couldn't get in and then junior year LeBron lost in seven in the semifinals his fourth year he made it to the finals he beat MJ to the finals and he was in a high school he didn't have the college preparation he had MJ if you pair him 31 year old LeBron has been more than twice like many finals he got there quicker and by the way Michael stormed in with two 20 point scores OR rlando Woolridge Quentin Daly's great scorers LeBron got crap for seven years led hands down the worst team in league history to the finals Iverson's the team could at least play defense so you know you stack this up and we look at the end of the Michaels career and we forget that LeBron has seven more years to play

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