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So endet Putins Krieg. Lisa Eckhart bei der Humorzone Dresden | MDR SPASSZONE

Aug 07, 2022
You've read? Karl Lauterbach diagnosed: Putin is a narcissist. Amazing! It won't be long before he realizes that Putin is RUSSIAN! But, let's not make fun of that now. Lauterbach is currently working under a lot of pressure. He thinks: What if there is a world war AND WE HAVE NO CONCEPT OF HYGIENE! Each nation has different rules, so chaos is inevitable! In France there is a truce from an incidence of 100. In England from 100 people have to fight from home. Blitz


is out of the question because you have to fill in your contact details before every attack. For cauldron battles you need a PCR test.
so endet putins krieg lisa eckhart bei der humorzone dresden mdr spasszone
Unless the trenches have new ventilation systems. But seriously now. It is terrible that another world war is in the air. The only good thing about this is: Austria didn't start it! Please... naaa... no applause for that. We don't know how we did it. All good things come in threes. But you Germans are not entirely happy about that, are you? That you already served your time as the bad guys... Now you're thinking: well, well, well, well. If we don't start the war, we will end it. Delivering weapons. Only, given the quality of your bullets... If you want to help the Ukraine, you'd better hand over your weapons to the Russians. *Laughter and applause* But it must be said that for a long time saving the Bundeswehr was a guarantee of peace.
so endet putins krieg lisa eckhart bei der humorzone dresden mdr spasszone

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so endet putins krieg lisa eckhart bei der humorzone dresden mdr spasszone...

Well, so you don't go crazy. It was like chemical castration for sex offenders. But now that someone else is suddenly going crazy, Germany doesn't know what to do. empower? Disarmament? The only thing one has trained is indignation. Betting outrage on Twitter. This is not how wars are won. You can't change a general every day because he has said something discriminatory again. About the opponent. during the battle. He called the enemy enemy. And he ordered to shoot back. This is hate speech. It was clearly agreed that there would be no microaggressions on the battlefield. Another thing that does not win a war is that politicians publish when they will deliver what weapons and where.
so endet putins krieg lisa eckhart bei der humorzone dresden mdr spasszone
Well, I'm not a commander, but wouldn't it be better to surprise the enemy? The Nazis had their own encryption machines to encrypt their messages. Kramp-Karrenbauer tweets. Free from the liver. Anyway, I think it's from the liver, at least not from the brain. *Laughter and applause* When asked what to do to dissuade Putin, she literally tweeted: "I'm so mad at us. We haven't prepared anything." Imagine Putin reading this! And he can Unlike Annegret, Wladimir speaks a perfect German. Only problem is Putin doesn't have Twitter. Narcissism isn't so bad after all... But luckily we still have his green international law expert.
so endet putins krieg lisa eckhart bei der humorzone dresden mdr spasszone
And he wants a feminist foreign policy. Some now scoff : What is that supposed to be? Molotov cocktails with bras on fire? And then jumping around with bare breasts. That won't impress Putin, he does it himself. It's crazy, isn't it? He's topless all the time. Like he's with Femen. That plus his paranoia, his irrational, revengeful instinct "Today I'll do something for myself. If anyone here is pursuing a feminist foreign policy, it's Putin himself and, as is well known, there's only one thing that can help: toxic masculinity. In all of Europe there is only one person who owns it: Angela Merkel.
Yes, I'll tell you. There would have been nothing like it under her. But as soon as mom left the house, the Russian brat thinks he's storm-free. The two must now negotiate. And they would have done it a long time ago if Merkel's wallet hadn't been stolen recently. With your driver's license. One day after the start of the war. That was not a coincidence. These were Putin's people. But that will not stop Merkel. If she can't drive, she'll ride. To Moscow. I'm sure Putin is waiting for you. Shirtless On the back of a bear. And then Merkel rode in.
Not in a bear. But in the Baerbock. And then there is the negotiation. It may be a while before she gets there. But until then, don't fear nuclear war. Yes. Putin has nuclear weapons. But we have the unvaccinated. An army of 20 million suicidal men and women willing to sacrifice their lives for nothing. We use them to paralyze Russia. *laughter and applause* It all makes sense now. They not only spread viruses, but also fake news. The unvaccinated are the perfect combination of bot and bioweapons. We will give it to Putin. We just hide them in a giant matryoshka.
We will put them in Red Square and wait for Putin to drag them to the Kremlin. And at night they crawl and quarrel over everything small and small. That's all, yes. And the best part: we don't have to pick them up. They can walk home. These are experienced walkers. They will return home in wave 12. Thank you very much.

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