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Silksong E3 Demo Analysis

Feb 27, 2020
but a Fair III once again rears its ugly head upon us and the Cherrys team decides to grace us with a playable


of Hollow Knights Silk Song. Unfortunately, William and Ari decided to stay in Australia this year. Did last year's trip leave you permanently marked? Of course, we can only speculate about the horrors of the Los Angeles transportation system, but even without William or our easy presence, we still have a lot of information about Silk Song to go through. Nintendo Treehouse did a great segment on the game and we also have some off-screen videos to check out as well, but first let me give my general opinion on e3 2019, so we have quite a few footage of Silk Song from E3, but this by Harker is the only video that actually gives us a look at the title screen. silk song and yes, it's amazing.
silksong e3 demo analysis
I wish we had better footage of it, but I guess no one wanted to stare at the title screen for 20 seconds like I would have. Anyway, there are two areas available to play in the


: Moss Grotto and Deep Docks. Both areas appear to be at the beginning of the game located at the bottom of the kingdom of Far Loom, that's right, the name of the kingdom and the silk song are Far Loom, as in far from Hal, honest and loom as in a framing machine. interweaving at right angles two or more sets of threads or yarns to form a cloth wouldn't have been my first choice for a name, but I guess that's okay, the game starts with a poem, very elegant, all great mediums start with a poem . like my recent creepypasta for example, although it pains me to call this a poem since it doesn't even rhyme, maybe it's slam poetry or something.
silksong e3 demo analysis

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silksong e3 demo analysis...

The poem is titled Far Looms Folly and was written by director Romano and says, "Come your beauty." fragile and fine, they see your piece woven of faith and work, they forget your heart tied to sleep and servitude, when you wake up they will see your truth, a bestial nature naked for all, so the author of this poem seems to be speaking directly to Far Loom or whoever or whatever power Far Loom operates in this could be similar to the elegy for the sacred nest that spoke more or less directly to the pale king Phar. The Loom Madness seems to tell the story of the extent to which the Loom People forgot the true nature of the heart. of the kingdom, the poem then warns about what will happen when this nature awakens, this awakening could even have happened already, as this poem could have been written a long time ago, delving deeper into this, the first two lines go into details about the citizens.
silksong e3 demo analysis
From Far Loom, it seems that the citizens kept the heart of Harlem at peace through faith and hard work. If I were to speculate wildly, I could link this to the bells. The bells seem linked to some type of faith or religion. farlow metier's insects must work endlessly to create more of them, the next line of the poem tells us what madness really is and the citizens have forgotten the heart of the kingdom, as they have kept this heart in lethargy and servitude In other words, these mistakes have kept something tied up for a long time.
silksong e3 demo analysis
They seem to be doing this as a way to get some kind of service, but this has been going on for so long that the farlap citizens have forgotten what they're dealing with. In the last two lines it is explained that once the heart of the kingdom awakens from its slumber, the citizens will finally see its bestial nature. I'll be re-reading this poem several times, so you might want to write it on a sticky sheet. note or something, but for now let's move on to the opening scene, part of this scene was already shown in the reveal trailer, but the new shots we got are not only beautiful but also very important, it's like on TV, I cut all the best parts of The first new detail we got was that this cage is surrounded by what appears to be a binding seal, at least that's what the treehouse hosts call it.
No, there seems to be some kind of binding seal as well. This is true, these ladies really know a little about Halle Knight's history; in fact, they may even give us some new information about the story during the event. These enemies seem to have some kind of bag, but do you think it is the guardian of the church who may be a mentor. In my past I have been terrified of fleas. It's okay to go back to the binding seal. This explains why a hornet was never able to escape from the cage when he was first captured.
Anyway, now we have a photo of the Hornets captors charging. her through some sort of arch, this is probably the proper entrance to Far Loom. The next scene finally gives us a clue as to how Hornet escaped. This bright white insect lands on the cage and destroys the binding seal. That is pious. Don't know. Why does Team Cherry keep giving these little glowing white objects crazy powers? Actually, you know, that's not a bad idea. I'll use it in my creepypasta after the union seal is destroyed we get the same scene of the thread coming out of Hornet as his expression changes the threats destroy the bridge and everyone falls into the darkness below now the big question here is what's wrong with him moving on exactly to Hornet perhaps what were the seals that Hornet's abilities returned to her allowing her to untie her thread and escape, I have theorized.
In the past, the thread coming out of her was the result of some power that Far Loom has over those who they enter it and that is still possible. Hornet seems quite surprised by what is happening, implying that she is not completely in control of the situation. Don't worry too much about any of the explanations, so I'll let you decide and now we come to the moss grotto. The hornets pin Pierce to the ground and you have to use the bind ability to get up and the silk song requires Hornet to use up her entire spool of thread to heal three masks of damage.
In the demo, the thread now has eight silk notches instead of twelve as in the revealed trailer. Binding appears to have replaced Hollow Knight's focus and allows for much faster speed. Gameplay Instead of playing it safe waiting for the opportunity to spend some soul to heal, we now encourage you to be aggressive, keep planning hits so you can heal a lot of damage now in a part of the demo Morna takes a hit at the end of his healing and all three masks disappear, this has led to some confusion about how taking a hit while healing works in this particular case.
I think it's just a glitch in the HUD. We get to see Hornaday hit two more times after this, but he never loses any masks. I think this is because he still has those masks but they just don't show up on the HUD. I'll talk more about the controls later, but the bonding ability is a good glimpse into what makes Silk Song different from Hollow Night. People compare Silk Song. to be like what blood is to dark souls or what the specter of torment is to the shovel knight or what Garfield Cart is to Garfield and I would say that those are all quite appropriate comparisons for entering Moss Grotto, There are many interesting things.
Details I want to point out first, the moss under the Hornet's feet actually reacts to being stepped on. You see, this is the little thing that gets me really excited. Killing enemies in this area will give you shell fragments. Shell fragments are described as fossilized fragments. made of shell and bone, this item can be used to make tools which we will see later in the next part of the demo. Shell fragments can also be found by smashing these strange statues. You didn't hear this from me but it seems that Silk will be very important in this game as there are many reserves of silk in the world similar to soul totems on the sacred night in the moss grotto we have these spider webs resting on vines.
I really hope that each silk area and song has different designs like this. It helps make each area feel more distinct rather than just finding soul totems all over the map, including actual canals. For some reason, in terms of enemies, we have this Spikey Baby Moss and this Flying Spikey Moss Baby. I'm sure they have really cute names like moss bug or winged moss bug or something silly like that, we also have this little guy who looks like a cross between a tic tick and Sonic the Hedgehog, but not only that if you go right instead of on the left at the beginning of the demo you can find this secret location here you will find a giant version of the same bug and if you hit it it gets very angry.
I have no idea how Team Cherry expected anyone to fight that thing. I guess they just left it here. like an easter egg and I'll give it a big sand later or maybe it's supposed to be some kind of sand sent or something now, during the treehouse event, the hosts mentioned that the bugs from far away Lamar were cursing like hell. similar to Hallow's insects. Nest we can already see in this area of ​​the game that enemies release silk fibers when they are hit. In one of my other Silk Song speculation videos, I talked about different colored particles coming off different enemies, but there were a few bugs in this demo.
They've been changed, but they all still give off silk, so it seems to be the common thread between all of these enemies and, like with the infection in Hollow Knight, this silk is probably related to the reason why so many creatures are hostile to Hornet at the end of Moscow. The area is the sub-area of ​​the old church, your Hornet must fight a boss called Moss Mother. Now people have been saying that this thing is actually my mother, which makes this line that much more awkward. It also seems like a total Moss mom seems to be some sort of parallel to the weed mom, since I was also a mom and also lived in a church and was also total, but maybe I'm wrong, maybe this boss lady could actually being quite tough, it definitely gave many professional players problems.
Here's a Kotaku reporter. dying to her chests, her arrogance, friends after the battle, orna is knocked unconscious when this silhouette does nothing and then starts laughing for what she knows, if she hadn't had a heart attack according to Katie, the woman who played the game for the treehouse event. This NBC is the church guardian who could act as a guide for Hornet throughout the game. We know from the Silk Song reveal trailer that the churchkeeper teaches Hornet how to play his needle like a stringed instrument, we don't see any of this yet. demonstration, so the usefulness of this skill still remains up in the air before we leave the mosque.
I wanted to draw attention to these strange doors that can be found on both sides of the map. The designs on the faces seem to be based on the weavers there. There's no way to open these doors in the demo, so we'll have to wait to see what's hidden behind them. Most importantly, this strengthens the argument that Far Loom was the original home of the weavers. Now let's move on to the second area of ​​the game, the deep springs in this section Hornet gets more of his move set, he gets access to his tool by pressing R, he gets his sprint which is activated by holding Zr and he gets a skill move using the button Hornet will launch downwards diagonally, making the space a little more complex than in the holy night when he runs, Hornet can perform a long jump, which is used to reach a mask fragment, he is also able to grab onto ledges and if you press the right stick, it does it very well.
All of these movement abilities put a greater emphasis on platforming. Here in the deep docks we see lever operated platforms. a room full of embers that Hornet has to run over in a room with waterfalls of lava with a lot of people playing the demo. I'm very happy to see this greater emphasis on platforms. The biggest problem with holo night for me was that it didn't have enough areas like the white palace, let's take a look at the Hornets inventory, so we have the Hornets cloak known as the hunter's cloak, which confirms that Hornet It has pockets that allow you to store things like giant circular saws, so it's good that we have the needle which is described as perfectly balanced, as all things should be, next we have the spool of thread, this item tells us that the thread Silk is produced naturally within Hornet's shell, so how exactly does hitting enemies cause Hornet to produce silk thread naturally?
Does it have to do with the fact that these enemies release silk fibers when they are hit and then Hornet takes these fibers and spins them into thread? Is this related to the soul? Can Hornet even manipulate the soul? She is the daughter of the Pale King, so there is an incredible suggestion Hornet also has a set of tools thatIt probably contains all the weapons we saw in the reveal trailer. There is a description of the mask fragment that says mask pieces; It's probably just placeholder text indicating that the player currently has two mask fragments. the player picks up one later and is shown to have three of them.
There's also the description of the Moss Fairy, which is an item mentioned in a quest we saw in the reveal trailer. Now let's talk about rosaries and shell fragments. Rosaries are the new thing. currency found in silk song, they are described as sacred and with engraved patterns. What I like about this item is that none of the enemies in the grotto but threw them, which makes sense since these insects have probably never used currency living in the desert. It never made sense to me that the early Aspen would carry geo after all, what are they going to do with it?
Go to a matinee. Now there's an item we don't have a screenshot of called rosary thread, but we do have a description of this from Nintendo's live treehouse hosts basically stating that a Hornet will lose all of his rosaries upon death, it's not there. sure if you can get them back or not but as of this demonstration you can't but they go on to explain that the rosaries on a thread will not be lost, then they mentioned that they kept breaking the rosary threads to get the rosaries so I think the threads Rosary beads act as Dark Souls boss souls, it's just a normal item, but you can spend it to receive a certain amount of coin shell fragments.
They are not currency like rosaries and you don't lose them upon death, but they are still important collectibles. in the Silk Song in the Deep Docks demo. Hornet has access to a tool described as a pin when Hornet uses a pin. This wheel slows down, the only way to replace your worn tool is to sit on a bench. Hornet will then use the shell fragments to rebuild his tools, but how exactly do you get a metal pin out of bone and shell now that this bench can transmute eight? In the demo, Hornet can only hold four hundred shell fragments, which means there may be items in the game that increase the amount you can hold since I mentioned Hornet's death earlier.
I think it's time we talked about it now, since you know the debate. about whether or not Hornet is a void being has been raging for over two years for a long time. I have firmly believed that Hornet is not an empty being and I even made an amazing video about it, but even after this video, there have been people who have continued to believe a lie. Footage of a Hollow Knight speedrunner, he even made a fool of himself on adgq this year by sharing his silly belief that Hornet is made of void. Sorry, images, but it's not your job to see so little. the game as possible why should anyone trust you?
But despite what everyone thought, we all knew that the answer would eventually come once Hornet became a playable character. If Hornet avoided being similar to the knight and the other vessels, then he would leave a shadow. back when dying and now, after years of waiting, we finally have an answer. Morna is not empty every time she is hit, she spills white particles that probably represent her soul. This is different from the knight who always poured out black void particles when the horn has one health. The soul will leak out. of her body and her health meter similar to how the knight leaked empty when Hornet dies, she explodes into soul and silk until the screen goes dark upon returning to the place of her death.
Hornet is greeted with a cocoon that replenishes her thread spool when the knight dies, her body falls apart as void particles appear, and then a shadow remains that the knight has to defeat to recover all of her soul meter. . All of these details strongly hint that Hornet is not related to the void, but of course we all knew that. It wouldn't be that easy, there are still those in the Hollow Night community who believe that Hornet is still an avoidable entity. How was that? Well, it all has to do with how the screen goes black after Hornet dies.
Some people believe that this is violently nullified. coming out of the Hornets body, this is my counterargument, it's just a screen transition. You see, screen transitions are important in video games, they give the game a chance to load into new rooms, instances and so on without looking really weird, they're also useful for pacing. While telling a story, here's an example from the popular cartoon TV show, a father, Nettie, you see that the EDS wasn't being swallowed by the void, they were just finishing that scene. Hell, even I use screen transitions sometimes here, look, look how smooth it would be if he had done it. just a hard cut of this image would have been really weird oh, did you just see that Hornet and her captors just got attacked by a whole waterfall of void? oh wait, that was just a screen transition, but maybe I'm being too hard on Team Hornet. let's look at this scene where Hornet is killed by the moss mother.
Wow, there is a lot of emptiness. There's so much more emptiness there than whatever ripped it out of the night. I bet there must be emptiness all over the moss mother's lair. Now Slaney everywhere, oh. wait, there's literally nothing here but a silk cocoon now, where did all that annoying emptiness go? Yeah, who cares, he just disappeared, that's all I have to accept with regrets about him or anything that was never part of Halle Knight lore, now of course everything. Halle Knight's story depends on the reader's own interpretation, that is the beauty of this type of storytelling;
However, when an interpretation is countered by numerous pieces of evidence found in the game, you should reevaluate your theory if you still believe Hornet is empty. I'll give you a quick rundown of all the problems you have to solve with the story. Why doesn't Hornet leave a shadow? Why doesn't Hornet lose the void like the night he has a health? Why does Cole say or do you think Hornet is not empty? You have the difficult task of explaining why the screen goes black when she dies. Hmm, yeah, it's a real mess, isn't it? But hey, it's not a big deal.
Let's talk about what kind of characters can be found in the deep docks, the enemies found here have already been shown in the reveal trailer, apart from one, this guy uses a bail cap as a form of defense, as well as a weapon to charge forward. As we can see in the demo, the bells act as a form of protection against the Hornets, requiring the player to reconsider how they approach these enemies, but there is more than just enemies in this area, a new character is this thing of Strange looking tree house. the hosts call escape not sure what kind of escape these creatures appear to be the replacement for holographic night larvae according to the treehouse host these fleas went too far looms in search of illumination the song of the website Silk describes when his journey to the top of Far Loom has a deadly pilgrimage, so between all that and the numerous religious images in the game, we can see that Far Loom must offer some kind of spiritual enlightenment.
I don't think we can really know how this works yet, but it seems very likely that the bells are involved in some way, speaking of which, Hornet encounters some new NPCs in the deep docks, a big mistake known as forged daughter and her assistant Bolo, first of all, this gives us our first look at how dialogue will work in Silk Song. Hornet doesn't listen like the knight does, she actually talks. NPC dialogue will be indicated by the ball of yarn sigil, while Hornet's dialogue is indicated by her face, as well as a weaver face. The fact that Hornet can talk will probably be one of the biggest. blessings to attract masters like me Only in this conversation can we see that Hornet still remembers the weapons she used to have before she was captured.
This whole topic of what happens when insects leave Hal Nest has worried me to my core for quite some time. Hornet is yet another example that some insects can maintain their minds and memories even after leaving Hal honest. This specific example is due to the nature of Hornet or the binding seal that protects her regardless of the answer. I believe this question will be answered by the same virtue. from the silk song that takes place outside the sacred nest reforging her daughter, she seems to be the NPC that will give Hornet access to new tools, weapons and accessories from what I can gather, it seems that Hornet will have to find the suitable supplies and then Forge's Daughter will turn them into permanent items which Hornick will then replenish using shell fragments.
Forge's daughter also describes her job as the ancient line and honorable role now that the treehouse host mentions that the bugs in this area seemed to be gathering coal to send to the Citadel high up in Far Loom, so Whatever this process is, it must have been going on for a long time, probably even connecting to Far Looms. This could be related to the section that mentions hard work. This process sounds like it would be very difficult and I don't think OSHA will be very happy with her work environment. Another important piece of information that Forge's daughter gives us is that the other insects have effectively lost their senses, so this whole silk thing is very similar to the holo infection thing. night, but is it possible that it is a hive mind?
But we don't have the finer details yet. In this part of the demo we also find an interesting story tablet. This tablet appears to be a list of instructions when the insects hear certain bell rings. to send a smoke stone and a melted candy, these are likely materials similar to what this Bell boss carries in his fanny pack and could even be what Hornet has to collect for the daughter of the forge. However, what is interesting about this history tablet is that these materials are measured using measures and times. I'm no music expert, but bars are used to indicate a period of time in a song, while beats are when the actual notes are played.
This further reinforces the importance of the song in this world. The last line. of these two instructions says mark of loyalty to all workers, does it refer to faith, part of faith and the line of work from afar is madness or are the workers forced to show loyalty to the insects on the loom Pharr? Are we going to see some kind of deep? class war commentary by team cherry now let's turn our attention to one of the most exciting parts of the demo, the lace fight, the dialogue in this section is really entertaining, it sounds like a brat and the fight itself looks incredibly frantic , cord movements come out. quick and we can see here that Hornet has fewer invincibility frames than the knight.
I really hope we get some kind of boss crush on Silk Song like we did in Hollow Knight because I have a feeling these boss fights are going to be a lot of fun before the fight starts, we can see that Lace seems to be driving these glowing bugs around with her pin. This is a really important detail as a very similar error is the one that removed the Hornets cage joint seal. Lace might even be aware of this since she mentions the cage. which Hornet got trapped in, if this is true then it means that the lace could be working against the insects we saw.
Horny Kari in Far Loom Lace tells Hornet that she will face suffering if she continues her journey through the distant loom and offers to kill Hornet. Nice Lace also keeps referring to Hornet as a little spider, which is strange since Horta and Lace are the same size, so she should probably keep her mouth shut, but I think this tells us why those bugs captured Hornet in the first place. place, they love her because she. is a spider, farlow's bugs could be capturing spiders and using them to produce the silk the kingdom uses. That's why we see a sleeping weaver in the reveal trailer, she has been captured and forced to produce silk, all of this could be related to distant looms. madness that speaks of the nature of a beast that is revealed after it awakens, the mother of the Hornets, Hera, is called Hera the Beast, so the word beast could be synonymous with the word spider, in other words, I think the insects are far away.
I'm in prison spiders and I forced them. on the other hand, producing silk lace wants to prevent these spiders from being captured, so he wants to kill Hornet. He doesn't want Hornet to fall into the hands of these insects, but this theory raises some questions. Why does lace seem to be part of it? Of this Bell calls if he doesn't agree with their plan, his design seems to be tied to them since he wears a pin similar to what other insects in the cult wear on top of that stupid laced headdress that seems to be based on the stupid headdresses that others religious people were in thepast, like the bugle, so maybe the lace has nothing to do with the bug that freed Hornet, the host of the tree house, said that the lace was part of a group that was trying to prevent the trip of the hornets, so there is definitely still more to do. she that what we know now some other notable details about this fight the lace emits the same silk fibers that other enemies emit when hit, implying that she has also been targeted by whatever is stalking the distant loom, no matter what.
However, the lace seems to maintain its given meanings. that she can badmouth Hornet, on top of that, Hornet also explodes into silk when she dies, so I think it's something that happens to everyone in the kingdom, but it's still unclear how exactly it affects them when the tiered lace and the Moss mother have both. this strange animation that appears above her heads. I'm not sure why this was added to the game. I've never had trouble telling when a boss staggered into the hallowed night, but perhaps the bosses in Silk Song get so frantic that this effect needed to be added.
Also this fight was in the reveal trailer and it looks like they changed the background. I think the background looks a lot better with that giant statue covered in moss after the fight. Hornet gains access to the Wildsong Sanctuary. In the shrine there is a giant bell covered in silk, after removing the silk a lever appears that winds the bell, unfortunately the power to the tree house is cut off just before the bell starts ringing. I have no idea when Nintendo thought this was a good idea, but it makes me angry. Luckily for me we still have images of the bell ringing.
The most important detail here is that the binding seal on the bell is white instead of the purple we saw in the reveal trailer, so I'm guessing this means Grimace won't be the final boss. from Silk Song, so the big question here is who covered The Bell and Silk, was it these guys or Lace on his team or some other group we don't know about yet? What does The Bell do? How does Hornet know it's a good idea? to ring them, this bell is supposed to be related to the Lord, unfortunately what we saw before is the Taco Bell cannon in this game and there you have it, that's pretty much all we can take away from the demo, but that doesn't mean we're done here.
However, we have yet to talk about the footage shown during the Nintendo e3 Direct. Now there were some really cool things shown at the Nintendo Direct, so I'll just list them real quick. Luigi, 5 seconds of silk song footage and that's it, unfortunately half of it. Some of this footage we got for Silk Song was old, so we basically only got three seconds of new footage. The first new shot we get is of Hornet using his aerial tricks to bounce off a bunch of bells. This is yet another example of how Silk Song. seems to be implementing more challenging platforming into his world, the second shot shows Hornet fighting these strange hooded enemies and I think these guys might be Birds, yes Birds, first of all they seem to have beaks poking out of their hoods, this guy too is flapping its wings. which apparently is something that birds do too the silhouettes of these guys can be seen in the reveal trailer for Silk Song, they appear to be perchick in a similar way to birds.
Another explanation for the spikes coming out of the hoods could be that these guys are wearing plague doctor masks. Now I'm not a student of history, but I'm not aware that plague doctors can fly now. Well, William and Ari were absent from e3 this year. Matthew Griffin or Les could have appeared. He is the PR and marketing guy for Team Cheri and apparently spent some time. on the e3 show floor talking to people who were demoing Silk Song. I'm not sure why Left didn't show up at Nintendo's treehouse event. I guess he was too busy eating burgers at IHOP or something, now I couldn't make it. e3 this year as I was too busy playing a fortnight, but I was able to get a few people to talk and try to get information out of it.
One of my informants sent me this message. I never heard from my informant again. removed of course we can only speculate, let's talk about the release date, all we officially have is the dreaded one coming soon, but during the treehouse event, Sam mentioned that development on Silk Song is ending, but How would Sam know that information? Nintendo of America released a list. what games are coming out soon and Silk Song is nowhere on this list, judging by what we saw in the demo there were a lot of things that were not developed, we didn't see how the crests work, we didn't see how the quests and level designs were more like demo areas and actual level designs for the game, so I personally think the game still has a ways to go, but I'm not a game design expert or anything like that. style, so believe it.
I guess so, what does Silk Song look like after taking a good look at this demo? Honestly, I think this game might be better than Hollow Knight. I think the exploration and platforming will be more challenging and varied. I think the combat will be faster and more engaging. I think the story will have a greater presence while the underlying story will still be amazing. I think the art will be even better as we can see how Team Cherry is learning how to integrate it with digital effects like the swinging banners and the wrinkled floor and of course, the big question will be how Team Cherry introduces the side quests into the game. element management and how they will keep them fresh and interesting without being boring in terms of interpreting what we know about the story so far.
I think so far the madness acts as a good backbone to find out what happened to this kingdom. The architecture of the holiness was typically embroidered with the symbol of the seal of halness, which seemed to be some kind of representation of the Pale King at the distant loom. This symbol is this ball of yarn usually surrounded by a hook. I think this symbolizes what Far Loom is. This is all about this cult that imprisoned spiders and put them into a life of servitude creating silk for the kingdom. Somehow, all this is maintained through faith and work, which could be related to the cult that formed around the bells, but at some point. point this dream broke or will break and the beasts or spiders are released but that's just my interpretation which doesn't really make sense and also doesn't explain why the silk fibers come off everyone so be sure to tell me what crazy theories you have You can propose in the comments section and that's it.
The video is ready. You can stop making memes about me. Now I have a life outside of Hollow Night. You know if you'll excuse me.

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