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Siblings Give Each Other A Lie Detector Test

Feb 27, 2020
I think he really knew that I really like wanting what's best for him, and I'm always trying to make you do better. It's not a competition, it's like we're in this together. - Yes. - But I make it competitive. Don't twist it. - Oh, yes, of course. Jair has that facade, which is why most of my questions were what they were, because it was like, you know, I was just trying to get through it. I am more open with her. For her, the things she asked me, she's like, I'll tell you the truth anyway, but I lied about some of them, so... - You're a terrible person. (laughs) - Unintentionally, I love you, I love you! - We honestly want to thank you for watching this episode. - Shout out to Bubby Gaming. - Don't lie, you know you want to like and subscribe for new videos. - Who else should we put on a lie



siblings give each other a lie detector test
Let us know in the comments. - Hi everyone, Lauren, producer here at FBE. Thank you very much for watching this episode. Be sure to follow our @FBE Instagram page, where you can learn all about what we do behind the scenes. Bye everyone!
siblings give each other a lie detector test

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siblings give each other a lie detector test...

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