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September Event 2019 — Apple

Feb 27, 2020
thank you good morning and welcome to the steve jobs theater we have always believed that giving people great tools enables them to do great things and


we put the customer at the center of everything we do with products and technologies that are designed serving humanity innovations that enrich people's lives to help them learn, create, work, play, share and stay healthy through the deep integration of hardware, software and services. these products allow people to do amazing things every day. Really big announcements so I'm going to say yes so I'm going to forgo my usual updates and go straight to the app store.
september event 2019 apple
We're adding a whole new way to play games on the App Store with Apple Arcade. We've joined forces with the world's most innovative game developers to push the boundaries of what's possible to tell you all about Apple arcade. I would like to invite Anne on stage and we are happy. lled to launch Apple arcade on the App Store, the world's first game subscription service for mobile desktop and TV Apple arcade is the one place where you can get unlimited access to more than 100 innovative and exclusive new games made for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. find these games on any other mobile platform or subscription service;
september event 2019 apple

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No gaming service has ever released so many games at once and we can't wait for you to play them all instead of paying up front for every game your subscription allows you to download and play. Apple arcade game directly from the app store. It all starts with the new o ktab from the App Store, where you can discover the latest arcade games from Apple with new games every month. Get personalized recommendations. Watch game trailers and get expert editorial content like game guides and sneak peeks this collection of amazing games covers so many genres and styles of play so everyone in the family can count on finding games they love at


arcade we're really excited i have to show you some first today our partners at Konami who have been delighting gamers for decades their next game is sure to be a hit with the whole family please welcome Konami Brand Manager benjamin Kinney to tell you more thank you Anne , everyone loves Frogger, that's why.
september event 2019 apple
Along with cue games, Konami couldn't be more excited to bring our title to the Apple Frogger arcade in a city. In this level we are in the bathroom and Frogger has to rescue someone's frog friends for the classic Frogger. You can find power-ups like this bomb and you can use them to clear the way. You will also notice that we are collecting jelly beans. There is a fun and important part of the game but I'll tell you more about that here in a bit so the physics are awesome watch the blocks go up and down in real time when you jump on them and watch we rescue another problem you will have dozens of different outfits The Ones You Can Put Your Frogger In Today We Picked Out This Adorable Bathing Suit Isn't It Cute?
september event 2019 apple
That Italian babe in the sunglasses is making a mess. Let's try to go to the camp. Now you remember those candies from before. of that we have the last frog to rescue and we did great frogger and toytown will be available at launch and we can't wait for you to play with your friends and family exclusively on apple arcade thank you thank you Benjamin frogger looks adorable next up is the legendary studio from capcom games, his new game, brings console-quality graphics and gameplay to a whole new audience to tell you more, please welcome Capcom producer Peter Fabiano, thank you, man with shinsekai in the depths, we set out to create a world beautiful but treacherous submarine, the world above is covered in ice, you have no choice but to search the ocean below, this is the last survivor of mankind, you will notice indicators on top indicating air health and depth you will need to be considerate and careful while traversing the new world you can use boosters to navigate or get to safety while searching for new resources Our explorer finds a scary feature so it's very important that you keep your oxygen levels up luckily we our little drone is here to help we craft every detail of the world to make it feel authentic and immersive in fact we reported on the music and underwater sound effects.
Let's hear it. The most experienced player Underwater physics and creatures Unpredictable attacks make battle challenging and fun You'll have to figure out what happens next Playing Shin Sekai to the depths We are taking our brand of game design to a new world with a wider audience both at home and on mobile available only on Apple Arcade thank you Wow thank you Peter that was beautiful our latest demo is from Annapurna Interactive known for their innovative games that break the mold their next game is truly one of a kind let's tell you more please give welcome to annapurna interactive producer, kelsey hansen, we're teaming up with simogo to bring her creative and ambitious new game to apple arcade, sayonara wildhearts is a fast-paced game. dreamscape of neon pop music with beat, we like to think of it as a playable music video, let's jump inside you, play as our heartbroken heroine as she runs to win back their hearts in this level, our heroine chases stereo lovers Filled with seamless transitions back and forth between rhythmic girls tapping and high-speed racing, you as the player will never move the camera, but playing while the perspectives change automatically makes this game challenging and a lot of fun.
To add to the excitement, collecting hearts will increase your rank. The more hearts you collect, the higher your score will be. You will feel defeat. He ups the ante and transforms his swords into a giant jet in an attempt to escape, but our heroine has other ideas with a flash of her sword. Our heroine defeats the stereo lovers, claims a piece of his heart and steals a piece of ours. We Hope you enjoy Sayonara Wild Hearts on Apple Arcade, Thank you, Cheers, what an amazing soundtrack, these three talented partners joined many more amazing developers bringing new games to Apple Arcade this year.
Apple Arcade is available starting September 19, in more than 150 countries. Around the world, we will be introducing over 100 new games to our launch catalog in the coming weeks, how much does unlimited access to all these amazing games cost? We hope you have fun playing all the amazing games on Apple Arcade, thanks and again Tim, thanks, Apple Arcade is a game service unlike any other, we can't wait to get playing. And when it launches later this month, next month, let's talk about Apple TV plus, our mission for Apple TV plus is to bring you the best original stories from the most creative minds in TV and film, stories that help you find inspiration. that is based on real emotion. stories to believe in stories with a purpose this summer we released three trailers for some of our original releases like for all mankind a groundbreaking reimagining of the space race in Dickenson starring Hailee Steinfeld a coming-of-age story of Emily Dickinson told in a completely modern fashion and the morning show with this hugely successful cast during Reese Witherspoon Steve Carell and Jennifer Aniston in their first TV series since friends the reaction to these trailers has been incredible, they have been viewed over a hundred million times, from In fact, the trailer for The Morning Show is one of the most watched trailers for any new TV show.
This is amazing and the new issue of Entertainment Weekly calls it out. The morning show, the most anticipated fall series this morning, I want to share with you one of the most imaginative, exciting and thought-provoking dramas you will ever see, starring Jason Momoa, and it takes place hundreds of years in the future in a world sightless with whom we work blind. and the low vision cast and consultants who provided the details and authenticity of how this world should be defined today. I'm very excited to share with you the world premiere trailer for C centuries from now, almost all humans have lost the ability to see anything. let's say that God took their sight to heal the earth for the few that remain vision is just a myth but after so many years the power of sight has returned which is sometimes different children have the ability to see my children have the power that we would call magical or evil must protect them for centuries we feared that this day would come the evil of the light ones almost destroyed the world and now it has returned find the children who cannot sleep and drink some tea if we give the babies leave us alone let's start with the social market they will print knowledge that will start in the world your family we are one we fight their point the time has come it's amazing how the smallest moment can change an entire world.
I hope you think. Thank you. Exciting Apple TV Plus Lineup With Apple TV plus, you'll have access to these and many more, the best movies, comedies, dramas, and kids' shows now. I know some of you have been wondering when Apple TV Plus will be available and how much it will cost. it will cost well today, we are happy to inform you that the first shows will be available on November 1st and we will thank you and we will add more Apple originals every month, a new Apple TV plus will be available in more than a hundred countries at launch and it is only $4.99 pe r month all these amazing shows for the price of renting a single movie.
This is crazy. We're so excited about Apple TV plus that we wanted to make it something really special, and starting today when you buy an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple. TV, you get a year of Apple TV plus included, so we can't wait for you to start watching Apple TV Plus on November 1 in the Apple TV app on all your screens, which is Apple TV Plus. Now let's turn our attention to I pad we created the iPad, we set out to design something truly unique, a product that you could take with you everywhere and that was so fun and easy to use and now with hundreds of hundreds of millions of iPads on the world, iPad is transforming the way we create learn, work and play.
This has been a great year for the iPad. We've refreshed our entire line, from the new iPad Mini to the powerful professional iPads. We're pushing what people can do with iPad more than ever with the introduction of iPad OS iPad O S is an advanced operating system with a new name to recognize the distinctive iPad experience, of course, the iPad operating system is based on the Same foundation as iOS, but adds powerful new capabilities and intuitive features that are specific to the big screen and versatility of iPad. Unique hardware software integration with over 1 million apps that are specifically designed to take advantage of the Big Canvas deliver an experience you won't find on any other device.
We've never been more excited about the future of the iPad and to tell the tale. you guys on the newest iPad I'd like to invite jaws on stage jaws thank you thank you we're incredibly excited about iPad OS and our entire line of iPad, but today I want to talk to you about our most popular iPad, the 9.7-inch. so much versatility at such an affordable price and it brings more new users to our iPad than any other model, in fact for almost 60% of these users this is their first iPad and we are about to make this iPad so much better because we are replacing the sixth generation iPad with this new s


h generation iPad.
This is a huge update with some great new features and is designed to take full advantage of iPad OS. Of course, the iPad is a piece of magic. made of glass, it can become almost anything we want it to be, so the screen is very important to the iPad experience and we're making the screen even bigger. This iPad has a new, larger 10.2-inch Retina display, it has almost three and a half million pixels. when i compare it to this, the best selling laptop pc in the usa for the first half of this year i know this display has more than three times the number of pixels plus higher brightness and a much wider viewing angle so your content always looks amazing under the hood of this ipad is the a10 fusion chip that means this ipad is up to twice as fast as the best selling pc and for the first time our most popular new ipad features the smart connector so you can effortlessly connect the optional full-size smart keyboard that provides a great typing experience in a thin and light design that also folds into a protective cover and we're especially excited that this iPad has been designed to take advantage of the Ultimate iPad OS iPad OS is packed with a huge variety of new features designed for the unique capabilities of iPads, including a powerful redesigned Home screen New f Ways to work with multiple applications.
Deeper integration with the Apple Pencil desktop class. Navigationwith Safari and much more. iPad OS really expands what you can do with this iPad s. o let's take a quick tour first let's talk about multitasking with iPad OS it's never been easier to get to your favorite apps you can quickly switch between multiple apps and swipe or pull down to choose the one you want or you can swipe along the bottom to move between multiple spaces, you can even use the same app as notes in multiple spaces and combine it with different apps, it's perfect for working on multiple projects edit your documents in Google Docs directly in Safari and a simple pinch on the virtual keyboard brings up a new floating keyboard that gives you more space for your content and a great great one-handed typing experience it's amazing iPad OS enables new workflows on iPad so now you can even plug in your SD card or USB stick to search Quickly your photos and videos right in the Files app and have a seamless editing experience.
Completely new video ing with powerful new tools in the new improved Photos app, you can add filters and effects, you could even crop and rotate your video and there are some cool new ways to use the Apple Pencil, just swipe up from the bottom corner to capture a screenshot or choose the new full page option to create a PDF of an entire web page or your document and from there you can mark it up in notes and share it all without ever putting down your pen and there's so much more in the iPad including our amazing new services I mean gaming on iPad was already amazing but now it's even better thanks to Apple arcade you can't get anything like this on any other device or just kick back and enjoy all that amazing Apple TV plus content and as Tim just told you, you seem to like it, you even get a year of Apple TV plus included for free. iPad 10.2-inch Retina display support for Apple Pencil and full-size Smart Keyboard and, as you'd expect, great camera sensors and ultra-fast wireless, all packed into a thin, lightweight design that's durable and weighs about a pound and For the first time, our case is made from 100% recycled material.
We're very proud to continue to build on our environmental achievements for this, our most popular iPad. all the things this iPad can do we can't think of another device that provides this much value and for our education customers it's even more affordable at 299 and you can well order it today and it will start shipping later this month. It really has been a great year for the iPad. This new iPad joins the new iPad mini. iPad and iPad professionals have gone further than ever with iPad OS. That's the news for the iPad. Tim feigns jaws this new iPad will allow many more people to experience the power and versatility of the iPad now next let's talk Apple Watch Apple Watch puts innovative health, fitness and communications capabilities at the risk of millions and millions of people today Apple Watch is in everywhere and making a difference in so many ways around the world that we hear firsthand every day about the truly personal and profound impacts the Apple Watch is having on people's lives, so we made a video for you. this morning to share some of these stories. with you dear mr.
Cook, dear Apple, dear Tim, so the race started as usual. I was 32 weeks pregnant and getting ready for bed the next morning. I had notifications on my phone that your heart rate is rising. my EKG and it says 220 beats and I'm like something's not right I told my husband we had to go he was like he was mowing the lawn and we had to go and then all of a sudden I woke up to be abused this is my husband Kyle he was going out to cut the grass when I fell automatically I called 911 because my wife when I think about what happened and what could have happened once we got to the hospital they realized it was some kind of infection in my heart the heart rate was increasing and it was causing the baby's heart rate to drop lower and lower so the emergency c-section and she was born had surgery which summed up she would have had a heart attack in less than 12 months I mean, i'm like you have goosebumps i don't know if you can see them like the camera is crazy not something you think about your watch blah saving your life anyway hello in the past i didn't prioritize taking care of myself e but now i have gained the ability to be active in ways i would never have dreamed of all because the computer my wrist told me it was time to fill the rings yeah closing weeks like this little reminder goes well you can do a little better Today when I see the little rings of light, make your moves today, sometimes it used to be I like to go about your business Apple Watch but then it's like you know what I need to get my move on I like the idea of ​​the achievements you get for every little thing he does just reminded me to stand out for the way you shoot the nato missile early on you stay home and do your makeup thanks he's the blurry one and that's his nickname like the blurry one harrison is on the spectrum of autism and he is on the track and cross country teams here at school he was having some issues with anxiety and crowd noise the sound of cheering there is only mail so i plugged m i watch with my headphones and the music helped me focus when he started running with the music playing it was like watching a different athlete this moment of triumph chills and tears and movies apple needs to know this happened but you did it in your rain sessions ideas came to life and helped save mine darling i just had to tell my story i will be forever grateful i had no idea it would save my life one day what i want to say is thank you thank you. thank you thank you ok thank you thank you its really inspiring to see the difference the apple watch is making hearing these stories really makes my heart sing and these are just a few of the amazing stories i get everyday now.
In addition to helping people, Apple Watch is making an impact in another important area that affects us all, and that is health research. We are excited about how Apple Watch can make a big difference in this area and to tell you more about it I would like to invite sΓΌmbΓΌl to the Sumbul stage what makes the amazing stories you just saw even possible are the amazing capabilities integrated into Apple Watch, each of which requires extensive development and research this deep focus on science underpins many of our product features, especially those focused on health, such as heart rate notification Irregular heart disease was developed using data from the largest study ever focused on atrial fibrillation, more than 400,000 people participated in the Apple Heart Study and this was demonstrated for the first time.
Time that a smartwatch could aid in the early detection of atrial fibrillation transformed the way we see cardiovascular science encouraged us so much that today we're announcing three new health research studies, starting with the Apple hearing study, as the watch from Apple is with you all the time and Now you can measure the sound levels in your environment. This study will look at how your daily sound exposure affects your long lifespan. erm hearing health for this study we are working with experts from the University of Michigan and the World Health Organization for our second study we are using the new cycle tracking feature we introduced in June the Apple women's health study se Focusing on an area that hasn't received a lot of attention in many years, she will look at how menstrual cycles can inform detection of important conditions like infertility and osteoporosis for this new study in which we're partnering with the Harvard School of Public Health and The NIH Finally Apple Heart and Motion Study will look at how Apple Watch metrics can serve as early warning signs and help create innovative interventions to improve overall health.
For this study, we are very excited to partner with the American Heart Association and cardiovascular experts at Brigham and Women's Hospital. If you would like to participate in this research and make a contribution to potential medical discoveries, you can sign up using the new Apple Research app. where you can enroll, perform tasks, and view your data. Of course, it's up to you what data you want to share and with whom Apple can't access any information that directly identifies you. Apple's new research app will be available in the US later this year. now back to Tim, thanks some more, we are very excited about the impact the research app can have, it gives us all an amazing opportunity to participate in health research that could lead to innovations to improve our health and the health of future generations. so i hope you check it out early on innovation has been at the core of apple watch innovations that really matter to people from life changing to potentially life saving many of these technologies were barely imaginable just a few years ago apple watch has Become the world's most advanced and loved SmartWatch and to tell you all that's next with Apple Watch.
I would like to invite Stan to Stan. Thanks Tim. I want to make Apple Watch even better for all the things you do on the go, so today I'm very excited to share with you the next generation of Apple Watch introducing Apple Watch Series 5 with an innovative new display. which is always on. the new Retina Display Never Sleeps always on so the watch face is always visible with previous Apple Watch models when you put your wrist down the screen went completely black but now with series 5 you can always see your time and complications hey risks shaving one touch brings everything back to full brightness now the new always-on display is loaded with advanced technologies so i want to tell you that it all starts with the industry's only low temperature oxide polysilicon display or LTP Oh LTP allows the display to dynamically update from 60 Hertz down to as low as 1 Hertz, which is extremely energy efficient.
There is also a new low power display driver. An ultra efficient power management integrated circuit. t and a new ambient light sensor that work together seamlessly by combining this incredible hardware with innovative software, we are able to deliver this always-on display while maintaining the same 18-hour all-day battery life now that all The watch faces have been carefully tuned for the new display so you can always see your time on your complications. We've also optimized the displays for all workouts in the training apps so you can see your workout metrics without raising your wrist, this always in view is perfect for those times when you can't lift your wrist or touch the screen or when you're in a social or work environment where you just want a quick glance at the top right or when you're in the middle of a hard and crazy training in which it is not possible to raise the wrist, the new always on display will be useful for m Many different situations throughout the day.
We can't wait for you to try it next, let's talk. about another new feature in series 5 an integrated compass now with the updated Maps app you will be able to see which direction you are facing just like on your iPhone you can add the compass to your watch face so you can see your direction at a glance and There's even a new compass app that lets you see not just your heading, but your latitude, longitude, current elevation, and inclination as well. Now our developers can also take advantage of the compass so the direction is always clear when you're walking with wiki elope paddleboarding with climbs or looking for the constellations with the night sky below let's talk security features Apple Watch has some important security features built in , such as fall detection, emergency SOS, medical identification now, emergency SOS could save your life if you ever need it and so we wanted to make it even more capable now with series 5 each cell model has international emergency calls so you can call the Emergency services in over 150 countries around the world at the touch of a button Pressing and holding the side button even without your iPhone, we think this will give you great peace of mind if you ever travel internationally.
Another major benefit of the Apple Watch is being able to express your personal style, and Series 5 has the widest variety of cases. the usual finishes aluminum models come in silver, gold and space gray and now the cases are made of 100 percent aluminumrecycling; stainless steel models come in gold, space black and polished and new models were being introduced for the first time in titanium, this brushed natural titanium is kept its color through a special surface treatment that Apple custom designed and there is also a second model in titanium in this brushed space black with a diamond light coating Sears five will be available in ceramic also in this really beautiful bright white color there is new Apple Watch Nike models feature the new reflective sport loops of the new sport band Nike and the new Nike watch faces and there are new He rme models in these beautiful color block straps with a classic or massive print, aren't they great this year?
It is designed and manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We're very excited about the Apple Watch Series 5 with its always-on compass, international emergency calling, and all the other great features like its swim test, it can take a fall detection ECG. Apple pays. all new features of watch the what six truly is the most capable apple watch ever series five gps models will start at just three ninety nine and $4.99 for cellular models you can order series five starting today right after the keynote opening and will be available in our stores from September 20. We also keep the very popular series three in the line the series three is a great watch that has GPS heart rate sensor is swim resistant the new features of the illah six watch and now at a low price of just $1.99 and that's the Apple Watch Thanks Tim Thanks Stan I'm so excited about this new line of Apple Watches and all the amazing new features in the Apple Watch will allow you to do even more than ever before.
We created a fun video to demonstrate this I would love to play it for you now this clock tells time and takes phone calls this clock tells time and turns on lights and opens doors this clock tells time and communicates with satellites twelve thousand four hundred twenty-seven miles on earth wakes you up and takes you to the subway and puts on every Elton John studio album hey, Siri, play the rolling connection ever recorded, play bye-bye, yellow brick road, say crazy outside the window, This watch tells time and sets timers, sets your pace and warns you when it's too loud and texts your friends and opens portals jokingly and tracks your distance underwater and starts competitions and accepts challenges and tracks your workouts and it tells you which way to go and it reminds you to breathe and it has an app that times the exact timing of the electrical waves traveling through the cameras top and bottom of your heart, also known as an EKG, so in conclusion, just to reiterate this watch, say It's time I love that video.
I love that video. It really helps you understand a lot of the amazing things the watch can do. Next, let's talk about the iPhone. The iPhone with the incredible capabilities it puts in the hands of people has changed the way we live our lives in ways we could never have imagined it has become so essential for hundreds and hundreds of millions of people around the world it has changed industries and led to the creation of completely new ones and has had a profound impact on the daily lives of all of our customers. I love my phone and we keep striving to make it better and better.
Last year we launched three incredible iPhones. The iPhone 10 R became the most popular iPhone and the most popular smartphone in the world. We also launched iPhone 10 s and iPhone 10 s max. the most advanced iPhones we've ever made these three iPhones together have a combined 99% customer satisfaction rating this is the highest in the industry really amazing customers love my phone because We focus on the technologies that matter most in their lives today. I am delighted to share with you the newest iPhone. This is iPhone 11, the next generation of iPhone and it's packed with great new capabilities in an amazing new design to tell you all about it. about iPhone 11 I would like to invite Cayenne to the stage.
Thanks Tim. The iPhone 11 innovations are truly remarkable, and that starts with a design. The iPhone 11 has a beautiful design of anodized aluminum and glass, and that glass is the toughest in a smartphone on the front and back on the glass that surrounds the camera has a sculpted 3D geometry and is precision milled from a single piece of glass to achieve this elegant look. iPhone 11 comes in six new colors with an all-new purple white yellow. green, black and red of the product, it has a 6.1-inch liquid retina display with true tone, white color, awake touch and haptic touch in even more places with Iowa's 13 context menus, now videos are wonderful to watch in this play screen and now we have spatial audio that provides an immersive theater-like experience by creating a sound field around you using an Apple Design Virtualizer and we support Dolby Atmos for an incredible sound experience now let's talk about the camera iPhone is the most popular camera in the world and it gets even better with iPhone 11 we have an amazing dual camera system with a completely new wide camera with a new sensor with 100 percent focused pixels for 3x more autofocus fast and in low light and we have a new ultra wide camera with a 120 degree field of view this will allow you to capture so much more in your photos and videos because now ra you can take a wide camera shot like this but switch to ultra wide to reveal my mother nature's beautiful frame but now the details are still there in the sky the rocks in the sand this is zooming optically towards X so that you can capture a lot more without moving so now when you're taking a wide camera shot you'll see or Its new immersive camera interface but allows you to see outside the frame suggesting a bigger shot then you can just tap to switch to ultra wide angle and reveal more of your scene. detail and is also great for tight spaces where you can't physically step back, but the ultra-wide angle allows you to reveal more of your story.
You can use an angle like this to take a heroic and dynamic shot because ultra wide angle can elongate your subject keep all these details sharp from her red dress to her face now these are some examples of great ultra wide photos we have also updated our pipeline of images that processes over a trillion operations per photo and has our image signal processor and has our neural engine for machine learning and now we've added semantic rendering this allows us to more intelligently detect subjects and relight them with detail to make them look even better now that we use this on all of you.
In your photos, included in our next-generation Smart HDR, you can see the beautiful smile on her warm face accentuated by the backlit sun. We are now using multi-scale tone mapping so that we can treat reflections differently in different parts of the image, depending on what is best. for them now it works here in portrait mode and people love to take portraits on the iPhone 11 and any of the 11 has this wide angle camera so you can take these beautiful wide portrait shots for people but now with two cameras we have stereoscopic depth like this that now you can also take portraits of your favorite pets and you can also use the creative depth of field for shots like this.
Now we have a new lighting effect for portraits and it is Heike mono. You can take a stunning studio-quality portrait like this from a fairly ordinary background. ok let's talk night mode this is for those low light environments like outdoors at night or inside a dimly lit restaurant and night mode kicks in automatically when it's dark enough to brighten photos and reduce the noise here is an image with night mode off here it is with night mode on we determine the blend time of the image and use adaptive bracketing based on what we see in the preview so the shorter frames if you have subject movement or longer frames if you have you have deep shadows to get them back then we intelligently blend the images to reduce movement and blur we know you love taking video and you're capturing more than ever an iPhone so I'm very excited to show you the first video taken on an iPhone 11 entirely on our wide and ultra-wide cameras, so the quality is simply amazing as e was shot in 4k resolution and all shots including aerial or handheld so you're making use of our even better cinematic video stabilization so when shooting video you can easily tap to switch to the ultra wide angle camera to capture even more in your scene, you can also use the zoom wheel to easily switch between the two cameras now we make it great for capturing in all the formats you love because we support 4k resolution at up to 60 frames per second, stabilization of cinematic slow motion time lapse video and now extended dynamic range at 4k up to 60 frames per second and this is on both cameras which is great we also wanted to make it easier for you to take a fast video with fast shot , so now when you're taking photos and decide you want to take a quick video, just tap and hold the shutter button to record a video, you can do it without camera.
Changing the frames so video really shines on the iPhone 11, in fact, it has the highest video quality ever seen on a smartphone. This is enabled by real-time processing in our camera hardware, our software, our video encoders, and our chip, so that's the amazing dual-camera system in iPhone 11 with its new wide and ultra-wide optical zoom. 4 2X night mode a brighter flash Next-generation smart HDR and the highest quality video will change the way you take your photos and videos we've also upgraded our front a true depth camera to a wider 12-megapixel sensor, for so now you can still take your 7 megapixel selfies like you normally would, but just rotate it to landscape to capture even more people using that wider sensor on the front camera too we've added 4k video with extended dynamic range up to 30 frames per second and you can also capture on the front at 4k 60 too now we have also added slow motion video to the front camera for the first time now cre We know this is going to be so much fun it's so much fun we created a little ad about it and we couldn't resist showing it to you right so we want this to inspire you to grab some amazing slow fares because we can't wait too soon right now Much of our great camera is also performance-enabled, and iPhone 11 is a leading performer for your day-to-day, even the most demanding tasks.
In fact, our Apple-designed chips have led the industry for many years. Ben says the a12 is so far ahead of the industry that it will continue to be competitive with the best. Android smartphone is in two years, well, now we're introducing the a13 Bionic, the next generation of our industry-leading chip, so if you look at CPU performance with the iPhone 10 hours, an 12 Y onic chip still leads the pack in terms of the latest smartphones and chips well the a13 Bionic will spread even further the a13 is the fastest CPU ever in a smartphone and that's great because everything you do every day from morning to night you use the chip, so what about the graphics? if you notice the a12 is still leading the pack in GPU performance and the a13 Bionic will be even faster because the a13 Bionic is also the fastest GPU in the car and I'll show you more about that because it's great for mobile games I would like to introduce to you.
Giant Network, they are the force behind some of the most popular mobile games in China and now with their studio advice they are preparing to launch their first global title it is called Pascal's Wager and I would like to introduce e yang Yang, tipsworks founder thank you we've been working on exciting action immersive teams let's take a look beyond the House bet it's a dark fantasy action game your take on a journey through a messy world the game occurs in a place that you are surrounded by internal darkness and in a few minutes you have to go through the coup to the joints.
It lights up. You will notice the fantastic creatures that look amazing with meta shaders. You can select one of four characters and you can switch throughout to use different ones. Skills will now be changed to Bonita, whose powerful web can take out enemies. albo we see the benefits of hunter rendering effects including antialiasing and bloom that are only possible with a new iPhone GPUof this one with an amazing 60 frames per second smooth performance which comes in handy for keeping evil at bay by speaking evil our hero could use a little help we don't want to spoil anything this is a preview of the pascal bet booking exclusively on the app store next month thank you i just have to say how amazing it is that a game like that with that kind of phenomenal graphics can run on a mighty little chip in the palm of your hand, an 13 Bionic so kudos on that and our amazing silicon engineers cant wait to see Pascal's gamble and what else other developers will come up with with the a13 so battery we know battery life is really important for customers and last year with iPhone 10 we already have the longest battery life ever on an iPhone and it was a huge leap and our customers loved it so with the advancements on iPhone 11 all You'll still have an hour longer and a longer battery than your iPhone 10 R 4.
The advances in iPhone 11 really touch areas that customers experience every day, this is the innovation that matters. Powerful dual camera system. Night mode and things we didn't even have time to talk about, like faster face ID. Resistance to water and dust. wireless charging. Wi-Fi six and up. i have created a very fun video about the i phone 11 it offers a lot of significant innovation and we want even more people to experience it so we are very excited to offer the iphone 11 for only $6.99 we think this is an amazing phone everyone will enjoy I love it, thank you and now back to Tim.
Thank you Cayenne, the new iPhone 11 is simply amazing, we designed it with our customers in mind and it will have a significant impact on their lives every day, but we didn't stop there for our customers who want the most sophisticated technology that really pushes the boundaries we've created. something really special and I'm delighted to present it to you now Oh this is the iPhone 11 Pro and these are the most powerful and advanced iPhones we've ever built an impressive new design. I would like to invite Phil to tell you all about them Phil thank you Tim and good morning everyone how are you doing but this is the first phone we have called professional and for ourselves. that means it's a device that professionals can count on to get their job done but it's also a product for all of us who want simply the best product made even if we're not professionals so let's talk about that we'll start with this Awesome e stunning new professional design.
This is the most advanced and detailed iPhone we've ever made. It is made of surgical grade stainless steel. The back is a single piece of machined glass with an optical PVD coating. There's a beautiful new textured matte finish that looks great. and it feels amazing in your hand iPhone 11 pro comes in some gorgeous new finishes this is a brand new midnight green there's a very pro space gray a beautiful silver and a new gold these are amazing ok let's talk about this pro display in the one that comes in two sizes 5.8t inches and 6.5 inches have the highest pixel density of any display Apple makes our super Retina display the most advanced we've ever built into an iPhone is a new OLED panel that It's 2 million to 1 Contrast Ratio P True Tri-color tone you have to touch and now it's much brighter up to 1200 nits which is incredibly bright while also being 15% more power efficient.
It's really the experience that we're bringing to the new display for the Mac Pro, we call it pro display XDR and now that experience is being brought to an iPhone, plus it has the spatial audio sound that Cayenne told you about as HDR 10 we visualize. dolby atmos so we decided it's worthy of a new name we call it super retina xD our display is alright let's talk about performance pro level performance as you know our stock chips have kept apple in the lead industry for years. and the a13 Bionic is going to extend that lead to tell you even more about the a13 Bionic.
I'm very excited to mention three, a ghost is our vice president of silicon engineering sri thank you hello everyone our engineer. The staff at Apple have been designing chips for iPhone for over a decade and today I'm excited to talk to you about eight 13 Bionic, our latest creation, and we've touched everything now at Apple, we have the benefit of owning the entire vertical stack. software, system hardware, and chip design, and we work together to optimize every chip block from transistor to package design to work efficiently for iOS and iPhone. We've touched on so many things that make so many things better in the 813 Bionic, but today I'd like to talk to you about two specific improvements: machine learning and low power design – machine learning first, we use machine learning throughout the iPhone and in our chips, our CPU, GPU and neural engine are optimized for different types of machine learning workloads and in a 13 Bionic we made them all 4ml faster, particularly the CPU.
We added new machine learning accelerators to our CPUs. These accelerators are built on matrix mult. very fast iplication which is a frequently used operation in ml calculus these dedicated accelerators allow the CP to process matrix math operations up to 6 times faster making the CPU capable of over a trillion operations per second now that the Developers experience at the forefront of ML CPU can speed up these evolving fledgling models; Additionally, the chip works with our latest generation Apple Design machine learning controller so ML models can be seamlessly and automatically programmed across the CPU GPU and Neural Engine balancing efficiency and performance alongside iPhone 11 Pro. , this creates a fully integrated platform where developers can do some amazing things like natural language processing, image classification in photos and videos and character animation and occlusion of people in AR apps all this makes i phone 11 pro the best machine learning platform on any smartphone.
I'd like to talk to you today about how we power down the a13 Bionic is our most efficient chip today and here are a few reasons why first start with transistors, the fundamental building blocks of our chips and 8:13 Bionic uses a advanced second generation 7 nanometer enhanced transistor, the most advanced in the industry and we carefully tailored each transistor for high performance and low power and did it with over 8.5 billion transistors, which is the most we've ever put in any iPhone chip, but it's not just a large volume of transistors to get high performance and low power consumption, you need a great architecture.
One example of this is our Apple-designed high-efficiency CPU cores. These cores are the most efficient place to run light tasks and powerful enough to use most of the time, giving you great battery life finally by design. we apply many low power design techniques to increase the efficiency of our design, for example we have hundreds of voltage domains on the chip, so we only light the sections of the chip that need to work at any given time, but that's not All in all, we have hundreds of thousands of gate domains trapped, so we only trigger the smallest amount of logic on the chip, which drastically reduces power, the result is our highest performance ever.
The most efficient design ever created. All our CPU, GPU and Ural Engine cores are up to 20% faster. Also, at the same time, we increased the performance of those applications and tasks that do not need more performance in the to 12 that we could. to reduce the power of all our engines, for example or GPU, by up to 40%, all this translates into great performance and battery life for our customers and, in addition, combined with the thermal design of the iPhone 11 Pro, we have our best sustained performance to date. and that's the 813 bionic, it's our most efficient and highest performing chip we've ever created for iPhone.
We can't wait for our customers and developers to succeed in action. Thank you and back to the movie, thank you. So what has our team done to help battery keep up with this incredible level of professional performance? We're very excited to tell you that with iPhone 11 Pro you now get up to four more hours in your day with five more hours in your day we also included our 18W fast charging adapter in the box you can charge them faster too so I know what you're waiting me too let's talk about cameras now ask my favorite part about iPhone this is the first iPhone we have a camera system we call professional it is truly worthy of the name so what does it have first It has a new wide camera that has a fast F 1.8 aperture and focus pixels to cover a 100 percent of the sensor is a new telephoto camera with a larger F 2.0 aperture that lets in 40% more light and has a new ultra-wide-angle camera with a super-wide 120-degree field of view and tremendous focus range across the entire image now all of this works together with the a13 Bionic chip and i ts next-generation image signal processor and enabling a level brand new to professional photography and you're going to love it so let's get to one that some of the things it does first with the telephoto camera and the ultra wide angle do the ability to zoom in twice and zoom out twice which is a range of 4x optical zoom with these three cameras, you have incredible creative control, so for example, you can use the telephoto lens and zoom in on your subject to get really close or you can use the wide to count a little more than a story or you can take it all the way out to the ultra wide angle and reveal the whole environment you can take all three photos from one point of view now we have given the iphone 11pro to some professional photographers to use see what they can do with it amazing new camera system and first of all they love it and are excited to share with you some of the photos they have taken so we have selected from all the amazing shots they have taken six.
I'm going to go through six rough shots that the pros have taken to show you some of the different cameras and what's possible and they're just awesome and here's a perfect one to get you started, check out this picture it's taken with the wide camera taken by Jordy Wood. a place with the perfect name for this photo Picabo Canyon and Kanab Utah that's just the amazing name for this eye look the detail in the eye is the detail in the eyelashes the amazing skin tones this is a great photo shows the power of this new camera system here's another shot a very different type of shot also taken with that wide camera this was taken by jake michaels in los angeles you can see it captured a moment frozen in time fast shutter speed and capturing the bouncing light on those frozen water droplets and use our black and white professional level imaging filter which gives it amazing tonal grayscale right now let's switch telephoto it's an amazing photo taken by Francesca Alan in Malibu just the amazing picture cl The tones of skin from the awesome surroundings of arity are beautiful taken by natural light and that's just the natural depth of field that aperture with F 1.8 F 2.0 is incre ible and the blues of the sky in the water just stunning so now let's look at a portrait mode The telephoto camera shot is much different than what you would take.
This is backlit. A backlit portrait mode telephoto of Jeff Jake Michaels and you just see the amazing silhouette but so much detail in the hair. Check out the blue and gold backlighting. such vibrant colors such a stunning picture right now let's look at a photo taken with our new ultra wide angle camera jake michaels took this in venice beach above a skateboard park how did you take this up on a cherry picker 50 feet above the ground? i think a lot of us would be a little nervous doing that but for us it did it took a picture with the wide angle the super wide camera just check out this amazing abstract image it looks awesome the focus is amazing ble because of the depth of focus of that camera ok one more example this was shot ultra wide angle by Anka from Kiara shot in Arizona check out this amazing contrast between the lights, shadows and mid tones the sky the landscape is just surreal. this is just this otherworldly shot that we would all love to get so that's six examples of photos using all three cameras that the pros can do if you put it in their hands with their amazing talent that's amazing stuff well now what i want to do yes now we want to give you a sneak peek of a new feature coming in the camera that will be available with the updatesoftware this fall but it's so cool we have to tell you that it's using the knurl engine from the a13 Bionic to create a whole new kind of image processing system we call it deep fusion and this is so cool to tell you what it's doing when you do that while looking at an image so this is a photo that was taken on an iPhone 11 pro using this deep fusion technology and this type of image would not have been possible because we used machine learning to take this photo and low to medium light and It's unlike anything possible with the iPhone camera before, so what's it doing?
How do we get an image like? this is ok ready for this what do you do it takes nine images before you press the shutter button it's already taken for short images for secondary images when you press the shutter button it takes a long exposure and then in just one second the knurled motor analyzes the combination of long and short image fuses selecting the best among them selecting all pixels and pixel by pixel going through 24 million pixels to optimize details and low noise as seen on the sweater there is amazing this is the first time that a neural engine is responsible for generating the output image.
It's a crazy science of computational photography. So, right now, let's talk about the video. iPhone 11 Pro is a powerful new video camera system. Three cameras record 4k 60 frames per second extended dynamic range video with beautiful highlight and shadow detail, so of course we gave the iPhone 11 Pro to a professional filmmaker and director and had them take it to a back lot in Los Angeles, film something and show it to all of us. what is possible with this new camera system and that's what we want to show you now that it's amazing, not always shot but also fully edited on an iPhone 11 pro by cinematographer Guillermo Garza and the Diego Contreras director, thank you guys, that's just awesome video and the team works hard to make sure you get consistent image capture across all three video cameras. do some smart things like have real-time take data from the camera you're shooting with and prepare the other cameras automatically for auto focus auto exposure color temperature uniform tone mapping so you get a smooth transition across all three cameras while minimizing any changes in color or exposure and for professionals who want to quickly edit this video on device now with iOS 13 we have new advanced video editing features built right into the Photos app so you can do things like edit a video for exposure color temperature, even cropping and scaling right in the palm of your hands.
So this is the new camera system in the iPhone 11 Pro. We think professionals will love it. We will all love it. it's amazing new ultra wide telephoto cameras the highest quality video 4 times optical zoom new smarter HDR new night mode over and over again it's amazing we even designed the camera it has a new font called SF camera it's so professional that you'll love using it now on top of all this iPhone 11 Pro, it's really the only professional camera with a native app ecosystem. App Store has more than 50 more than 30 thousand photo and video apps so you can do just about anything you can think of right on the device, so a great example of this is filmic.
They make a great app called filmic Pro that makes it possible for award-winning directors to push the boundaries of what's possible with motion picture filmmaking on the iPhone, so we're really honored. to invite their CTO Christopher Cohen and, along with them, the director of the acclaimed films Florida Project and Tangerine, the first theatrical trailer shot entirely on an iPhone, Shaun Baker, welcome, guys. I shot Tangerine on an iPhone with filmic Pro and have been working closely with Chris and the film crew ever since every shot has the correct lens as a filmmaker it's my job to figure out which lens is not set I use a tool called film viewer director, it helps me find a frame and choose the focal length, filmmakers have been doing it like this for almost 75 years, but what if you could use what we're all going to have in our pockets?
We're excited to see the next version of filmic Pro. ahead let's take a look at the next generation of lens selection we've divided the viewfinder into individual feeds visualizing every field of view available on the new iPhone with the new to 13 and above sustained performance of the new iPhone, you can shoot with our most complex capture pipeline up to five times more than before, but now you can shoot with multiple cameras at the same time, giving filmmakers even more options and I love that because it's totally transformative with two cameras. Shooting in Filmic Pro, I get twice the coverage in the same shot, which reduces my number of shots and gives me more options in post to make it easier for us to use a composite overlay that represents the primary and secondary cameras while both are being recorded simultaneously.
I can focus on my peer to compose or move back to see my wider field of view. I'm always excited to see the evolution in the style and art of filmmaking, and this multi-camera feature will give me new creative options for covering scenes, just like how I would approach traditional. shot reverse shots to the right, Sean, we can even couple this amazing ultra-wide camera with the front camera, allowing me to capture the organic and the intimate. I ate the interaction between two people in one seamless take with a single discrete device, so I can literally grab the audience and slap them right in the middle of a conversation.
Not only is it amazing for narrative storytelling, it will also be wonderful for documentaries and journalism. for shooting multiple videos this amazing sustained performance and amazing ultra wide lens all in one device is going to change this industry the new filmic pro will be available later this year only on the app store thanks christopher and shawn . this is the iPhone 11 Pro plus triple camera system a 13 Bionic longer battery life faster charging new designs there's also faster cellular better water resistance stronger glass and much more we think this is the most exciting iPhone we've ever seen done so far We made a video to tell you a little more about the presentation of the iPhone 11 pro, all the details have been used as an opportunity to set a new stage.
Design and engineering quality standards ensure uncompromising performance in any situation At the heart of iPhone 11's raven design is a stainless steel structural band in a three-dimensional glass package made of the toughest glass in a smartphone yet. It is sculpted from a single solid sheet reinforced to the atomic level and then brought to life in one of four textured matte finishes. The Bionic chip is the most ambitious to date. It's the fastest chip in a smartphone yet more efficient than ever, and with new optimized batteries that give you up to five extra hours in your day.
You get more performance in an iPhone the longer than ever triple. the camera system combines cutting-edge technology with the extraordinary ease of iphone a redesigned camera interface complements the new hardware with a more immersive and intuitive experience with wide telephoto and new ultra-wide cameras, you can now see four times more scenes on your photos and videos with the new ultra-wide night mode that lets you capture images never before possible on an iPhone and dramatically in low light the highest quality video on a smartphone just got even better with extended dynamic range now at 4k at 60 fps can shoot pro-quality video at twice the frames per second Editing tools previously reserved for photos now make editing your videos a seamless pro-level experience and then play back your footage on the new Super Retina xtr display that has the density pixels of any Apple device.
Privacy is built into every iPhone from the ground up, from iOS 13 to Face ID, the most secure facial authentication on a smartphone that now works from greater angles and is even faster, this new line of iPhone has been brought to the extremes like never before, ensuring that every match is worthy of the name iPhone 11 Pro s o iPhone 11pro and iPhone 11 are made to be designed without these harmful materials and of course to reduce their impact on the environment and this is very important for us, so I bring it up every time we want to keep pushing the boundaries of this iPhone. 11 iPhone it up in pro our most advanced phones I think everyone will want to show them off and some people like to protect them with cases, so we also have a new line of cases for them including clear cases for all three models so you can show off your beautiful new finishes, so the iPhone 11 Pro will start at $9.99 and the iPhone 11 pro max is just $100 more at 1099.
You can pre-order them all starting this Friday at 5:00 AM. m. pacific time, so if you can sleep in a few more hours then pre-order; they're all going to start shipping on


20th so this is our lineup of three new iPhones starting at 699991199 on top of that we're going to keep the iPhone 10 are online starting at just $5.99 and the iPhone 8 at four forty-nine so there's a lot of great options for people at all different price points so that's our news today on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro from back to you Tim with innovative technologies and advanced capabilities of the new iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 Pro max or just more amazing and of course the best place to learn more about these and get your hands on them is at our amazing retail stores and to tell you all about what's happening in retail.
I would like to introduce you to dare to draw Brian, thank you very much Tim. I'd love to kick off this Apple Retail Sales update by giving a big shout out to our retail team members around the world. The customer truly is at the center of everything we do and thanks to our passionate teams, there really is no better place to see this in action than in our stores today. We'd love to share two ways we're making the experience even better. Let's start with customization Apple Retail h as always been the best place to help you personalize and personalize your products and now we're going to go even further with Apple Watch we currently offer a wide selection of watches where we pick and match the boxes to the fans with Apple Watch Series Five We're excited to announce the new Apple Watch Studio where you choose and pair any case with any band to create exactly the watch you want.
The Apple Watch Studio experience is available in our stores and online and in so many different combinations. there are almost a thousand different ways to represent your own personal style now, next we'd love to talk about Apple's lore. I'd love to show you how it works. You've just seen all this great news about our new iPhones and now you can use your current iPhone as credit towards a new iPhone and because we know many of our customers prefer to pay by the month, we're pleased to offer low monthly payments in several of our countries. more affordable and because we reuse and recycle it's great for the planet now those are just two of the services we offer there's so much more and the whole store experience comes to life thanks to our amazing teams and the care they take for our customers this deep care along with our amazing collection of products services and experiences like Today at Apple are designed to delight and available only at Apple now finally our stores are the ultimate place for a celebration so on September 20th the same day our new iPhones arrived and apple watches.
We are delighted to host the reopening of our largest store. Apple 5th Ave. The newly expanded public plaza will be a wonderful place for the community as a whole and inside everything has been completely transformed. We've dramatically increased the height and nearly doubled the size, making it the world's largest Apple 5th Avenue holds a special place in our hearts and we can't wait to welcome it back. This is a quick update on retail for you too thanks thanks Kara. I am very proud of our retail team and the unique experience they provide our customers every day.
They are amazing and I am especially excited for the iconic stores on 5th Avenue to reopen. I hope to see you all there on September 20. What an exciting morning. I hope you had as much fun as I did. We share the new Apple Arcade, a service ofgaming subscription unlike any other. Apple TV plus featuring powerful, exclusive Apple Originals from today's most creative storytellers coming to the Apple TV app starting November 1, and the new iPad featuring a 2-inch 10-point Retina display with Pencil support Apple and the smart keyboard and the power of iPad OS for more people than ever the new Apple Watch Series 5 with its always-on Retina display compass new finishes and amazing new features in Watch OS 6 the new iPhone 11 with its new camera system powerful dual one chip 13 beautiful new finishes and incredible capabilities and, of course, the amazing new iPhone 11 is packed with advanced technologies designed to let people do even more than before.
Our mission at Apple has always been to design products that empower people and enrich people's lives. to put technologies in your hands and to see all the amazing things you'll do with them, we couldn't be more proud of the products and services we shared with you this morning for those of you here with us today. I'd like to invite you to experience them first in the hands-on area above and I'd like to thank everyone at Apple for doing the best job of their lives bringing these products and services to market and I'd like to thank everyone thank you and I want to especially thank everyone who came out this morning and everyone who tuned in online to watch the keynote this morning thank you and have a great day y'all

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