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Secrets That Will RUIN Your Childhood

May 30, 2021
Hello friends, it's me and today is a wonderful day to destroy what's left of



. How long can people survive underwater approximately two minutes? How long is the Finding Nemo movie? One hour and 40 minutes. Nemo cameraman. That's crazy. How did you film the movie? The cameraman actually had to hold his breath for an hour and 40 minutes. My friend deserves a raise. The next one is crazy, so on SpongeBob you see his driver's license and his address is one, two, four conch street. Bikini bottom. My friend weighs an ounce, but anyway, yeah. You search on Google and it takes you to an address in the Virgin Islands and the exact place on the map is Epstein Island.
secrets that will ruin your childhood
Coincidence. I don't think so, hello FBI. There's something fishy and we're not talking about Sandy's cheeks. They clearly did this on purpose, so yeah. you guys are following like everything that's going on nickelodeon knows something we don't know the guys that made spongebob were really happening so beauty and beast had a daughter and her name was jane wait jane you mean jane from Tarzan, so he left his parents to do some animal research dad, a beast, mom, a human, I came out human, so the teacup and the teapot for beauty and the beast are in Tarzan, you see, I thought it was a little mini Easter egg, no, they left with her from the beast's castle. like it's weird but I mean it makes sense look at her she looks like Bella although she has brown hair she already has the yellow shirt 80 bell were sleeves for no no no no no no yes you're done what a nation of charlatans this brother, you blush, it should turn red on a duck.
secrets that will ruin your childhood

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secrets that will ruin your childhood...

I feel very uncomfortable with the energy we have created in the studio, everyone knows, toad, you thought it was a mushroom, right? and then he took it off, it was a hat. all the time it was a hat the lies my friend built like a bald Lego man you take off his cap no cap don't leave me don't leave me don't leave me oh wires here fred wow a real case of levitation this just It gets better and better maybe from where you're standing, yeah, you know that scene had to do with levitation, huh, this just keeps getting better, this gets better and better, the view really looks good from down here, you're not the only one . with powerful eyes, yes, but I bet I'm the only one with transparent, discreet and inappropriate vision, although this is every six year old's dream, oh yes, let me put that hentai filter on, yes, but I bet I'm the only. one with clear vision okay starfire just hurts you mentally she's 13 now oh damn well I'm outta here bye everyone hey wait that's legal oh hi FBI Epstein be like she's 13 now oh damn sea, scooby and fred look up velma and I look in the basement daphne I mean scooby you and velma girl upstairs and fred and I look in the basement what you see those facial expressions debbie ryan is that you were so necessary yes, I yes I was going to go to the basement I wonder why they are hippies even though they are off hey I'm really scared Kirby what are you going to do?
secrets that will ruin your childhood
Suck me to death. I mean, yeah, my friend is a vacuum cleaner, he practically sucks for a living. I don't love him. I don't swallow sir, you don't swallow, how do you ingest the food? How does it go down? I don't swallow, I just inhale. I am so confused. Sid and Toy Story built this. Know what it is? You know she has a little hook she's a she's a prostitute she's a newbie at hooking things although this is my mother's favorite movie I'm going to


it for her there was a scene in Despicable Me throwing loads it's just a can of paint better than ever I think It's time to get it cooking, oh boy yeah the juice worked, hey where you goin'?
secrets that will ruin your childhood
The kitchen is back here, yeah, we cook, we cook, okay, we're not talking about food, even though these adults do this, kids


never understand it and then they'll grow up and then they'll start. ticking about it like yuck this white stuff is sticky and sticky hey this stuff is sweet not bad. I remember this episode. I loved the magic school bus. Well, you see the plants that were photosynthesizing and it was like a sticky sweet thing. right, I remember seeing this and thinking, wait, plants make sugar like I could bite into a dandelion right now and it would be sweet, yeah, because I've been at work working hard all day and night and then I just come.
At home I found you here with another girl, what did you expect? You work all the time and I have names. Wow, yes, she has needs. She used to watch Icarly, but I never saw Sam and Kat, but apparently there were a lot of her moments on these shows. that the producers made them say and do, let's put these kids on a kids show in adult situations, I don't know, apparently the kids love it and it's okay if they don't understand, I can't find the coin slot here, I'm. I remember seeing this. I knew exactly what they meant.
Where is the coin slot? Hmm, there is only one thing that could be a hit in the coin slot. If you guys already knew that the room is very creepy, not as creepy as the different story on the internet. Internet I don't care how old you are five six seven seventy three actually that might be too old anyone


access the Internet you all have been looking for something disgusting, despicable, disgusting, questionable, creepy and a private tap, yes I could do that, that's it a winner without a snow job take ass get it snow job yes well that was smart wow that was so smart I am ludwig von beethoven world famous composer and pianist you are what a pianist good evening everyone excuse me beethoven which pianist plays the piano when you realize this creepy girl from the ring voiced this girl lilo de lilo and stitched the same person, huh, this won't make sense, how come you're as nervous as that nervous, nervous, who's nervous, I'm not nervous, I'm sorry Sandy I have to go get my haircut Spongebob doesn't have hair or doesn't have any it's a sponge it may not have hair but it has a lot of holes what about you?
So you two are absolutely identical. You know, I'm sure I can get you. a role in toy story sorry we're back oh okay girls nice to talk to you yeah whenever you want some acting tips I'd be happy to chat with you ready then eww it's fun because that's what the producers are really like, yeah, let me see if I can cast you in the next Toy Story movie. It's crazy how much you understand when you get older and then you look at this again, you're like that's legal, oh, baby, oh, baby, oh, baby, iced tea.
Well, you know, I like to have iced tea with honey and sugar for the whole family. It's nice to monetize this, but anyway, that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this video on a scale of one to ten. The pieces, mine, have been shattered. If you enjoyed it, be sure to hit the like button and be sure to turn on notifications. Click, click and subscribe to the wolf pack. I love you so much, thanks for watching, bye guys.

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