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Sadie Robertson Huff Makes Her ‘Unashamed’ Debut & Relives the Chaotic ‘Duck Dynasty’ Days | Ep 780

Mar 21, 2024
experience and wisdom when it comes to relationships and you. Everybody be vulnerable, be honest, talk about your day-to-day struggles and relationships and I was like, "You know this is actually a great idea, if we were honest about how we relate and then we have him." It's just really good advice when looking at relationships, well, we started talking about this concept and when we started writing it, it really wasn't meant to be like that, right when we started writing it was all about God like it was like that. our relationship with God our relationship with God our relationship with God and then we thought, you know, this is really becoming a relationship book about how to have a good relationship with the Lord and that's why we call it how to put love first because it's really How do you put God first because God is love and then from there everyone?
sadie robertson huff makes her unashamed debut relives the chaotic duck dynasty days ep 780
Your relationships will naturally be better because Love is in the right place and that's where the concept came from and, um, the first 30


are your relationship with God, so if you make it, it will get better, the next one is like your relationship with people and your relationship with your community, so yeah, and it really is, like it was said, it's not, it's not like a book about romantic relationships, It's really honest, a lot of them are just practical stories of, you know, setbacks and scripts that we've had over the years situations where we put God first and situations where we didn't, yes, and things that we've learned. of the things we didn't like, for example, we exposed ourselves.
sadie robertson huff makes her unashamed debut relives the chaotic duck dynasty days ep 780

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sadie robertson huff makes her unashamed debut relives the chaotic duck dynasty days ep 780...

So many times throughout the Book, you know, embarrassing stories and things we'll talk about. I'll talk about Road Rage about someone who pulls in front of me and you know I'll get so nervous and then it's like a You know, an 80 year old woman likes to drive like that and I'm like, well, now I feel like a truck. , so situations like that and it's like, well, how can you be patient in those situations and even like what you do? mentioned above with time like you know how you learn how to know how to walk with God 24/7 and not just get frustrated when your morning didn't turn out the way it is, you know it's more practical like Do you have love first and that


your better life?
sadie robertson huff makes her unashamed debut relives the chaotic duck dynasty days ep 780
Yes, if you don't have it, would you have a 20 minute commute to work? It's good, instead of listening to secular music, you can do it. a Bible app on your phone that you can literally press the play button and read the script, read the daily scriptures or whatever can be so practical, there are so many things you can do that I think sometimes we just can't . so disciplined that we lose sight of it, but yeah, it's actually a lot of things, we're just trying to relate to people, um, you know, there's a lot of things that we still struggle with and um, yeah, so we're excited.
sadie robertson huff makes her unashamed debut relives the chaotic duck dynasty days ep 780
I, as believers, have the ultimate advantage because we understand the submission of mutual sacrifice. We understand many of the biblical principles, but you are right. I love what I loved about this because I produced it last night. It was the practical thing. living that is and like that, but you have to be intentional, I mean, you have to make a decision. I want to apply my relationship with God and our way of being to each other and to our parenting, so it's that intentionality that I really liked least, I'm very excited to go through this because I think anyone at any stage of their relationship has to look back and say, look, let's make sure we're right with God first and because we bear our testimony all the time in our lives. our marriage changed when we were finally both on the same page with God And and because we went 15 years without that, you know, yeah, Jill and I talked about this a lot with our own marriage, the biggest breakthrough we had was when you know We had to Tackling our marriage from the beginning, it's kind of a skills-based marriage enhancement and I love how you guys flip the script and start the first 30


If you look at the book, God sees you. God knows. you God offers salvation God is your father God, I mean, it's every the first word in the first 30 day study is God and I love that because it's the goal of our marriage, it's not like old Jerry McGuire, you know, I complete. and it's like, well, you don't really know, I mean, that's the problem, if you come to this other person to complete you, then you've already missed the premise and the goal of marriage and therefore what you guys did. in the book. The thing is you're putting the preeminence of God first and this is the foundation so anyone who's listening, by the way, it's not intimidating, not that I mean these are really formative practices where you can participate.
The 90-day schedule isn't something so overwhelming that they're going to read like, oh my God, what is it? It's just a rhythm, a 90 day rhythm and a reset, so I love the way you guys did this by starting that rhythm with who God is and then let's talk about ourselves. I love that you said that because that's actually when we started. The book was practically finished and that was in the last 30 days. It was all God sees you, God knows you, that was the last one. part and I was literally walking through Walmart one day just shopping and it was like a conviction, I thought that has to be the first thing, that has to be the first thing, that can't be the last thing, I think sometimes in our relationships Treat it like this , it's like we know how to figure ourselves out and then we'll go to church on Sunday like that's the last thing, but no, that has to be the first thing, so I literally called my editor at Walmart.
It was like we have to change it, that has to be the first 30 days and I was like, and if you and I think and if you don't change it and you do it in the first 30 days, then on social media I will tell everyone that I read the book backwards because I thought you have to start with it or you literally fit into the script you like. I literally called her and told her we have to change that to the first 30 days and if we can't change it to the first 30 days then I'm going to make it a marketing thing and post it on all of our social media to start the other way around because it won't be Well, that's the point is to put love first and, if we're really saying it, Put God first, then why isn't it the first 30 days?
Why isn't that the most important thing we're talking about? And you know, we were actually looking at Tim Keller's study, uh, on marriage right now with our marriage group. and it was really cool because they were interviewing this couple one couple is a christian couple one couple is not and the christian couple was talking about how their marriage works and they were talking about a three strand room that doesn't break easily and just how powerful It is for God to be in your relationship and keep you centered. Well, the non-Christian couple hadn't heard of that verse and the guy said, you know, that's actually a very, he said it would be a really amazing thing to have. in a relationship, she said because in our relationship the way it works is when something goes wrong, we both go to our external sources as the other thing in our relationship, but that would be our friends, our family, but she will go to a friend and I.
I go with a friend and then he said that what happens is that when we are in conflict we both go to other things and other people and then sometimes we become even more unstable because the advice we get from other people may not be. might be bringing them closer together, it might actually be pushing them further apart, so he said let's think about having a third strand that is based on the truth that we would both go to focus on, he said that actually sounds like a good idea and uh, I just went I, yeah, I thought, you know, it's great to hear it from the outside perspective, oh, that's how you know a relationship with God works, so that's the beauty of it, is that your relationship doesn't depend on each other's feelings. or stage of life you are going through or circumstance looks back and says we could be wrong but we doubt it.
I'm writing the book that's called. I love talking about new books, yes, that's what God did for you. lay it all out you walk your walk and say we could be wrong but we doubt it I love that the book people love they said I love that that's great prol with uh with I love how you start with the intimacy core too and I was thinking when I was reading your book that how it begins with God sees you and I'm thinking that man thinks about what went wrong in the whole biblical narrative and the first thing that happens when sin enters the world is Adam and Eve say: I don't want sin You see me and they cover and cover and it's like I love even at the beginning how God sees you.
God knows you as you can. This is like the seat of the Gospel in From the Beginning and it's crazy how the gospel is really the answer for marriage it's also the answer for intimacy, but it's this idea of ​​you know if I'm going to be, if I'm going to be intimate with someone. they have to see me and they have to know me the problem is that I have sin that is why chapter 3 or day three is God offers you salvation and so you can begin to see this this rhythm between God and me is almost a mirror of a rhythm between me , my spouse and I love that.
I don't know if you guys are even thinking about the creation, the fall, the Redemption, kind of a Genesis 1, one, 2 and three narrative here, but it all depends on the way you guys set this up. It's absolutely beautiful, that's great, yes, the apostle Paul wrote in First Corinthians chapter 1, the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God, it is Well depending on how you look at it, yes. having that directness Zach, I was in my sermon on Sunday, I was talking about hypocrisy because we were in Luke 11 and that's the problem with the Pharisees, you know they were legalists and that's why they were being hypocrites and I and I said the only difference. in a hypocrite and a sinner you admit who you are and when it comes to hypocrisy it's like you have two options and I use the garden as one of those you can be ashamed and S you know this, that's all I know and then there's Exile because that's what happened to them so people just you know they don't know what to do with their lives because they're just living in shame or you can have salvation and you look at Psalm 51 and you see how David responded. hypocrisy when he finally got that inside look, you know, when Nathan finally got to his heart, he was like then he read Psalm 51.
Yo, here's a guy who's just pouring it out and he's like man God, you're so good and I'm not . Well, then you look at those two photos and think: How do I want to respond? Do I want to respond in salvation and surrender? or I want to respond with shame and that really becomes our two options. That's good, that's good, yeah. You and I also see that play out throughout the Old Testament, uh, we're doing it, we're going over Luke right now, but we got sidetracked in the last podcast, we're getting into a whole kingdom thing and we're going.
Going back to some of the Old Testament prophecies, but you read through Isaiah and you look at Israel and Judah and and and like it's the same pattern that you're talking about, how is this pattern of the same pattern of the garden and we do it now, but I don't want to be seen as who I really am, because if I am, then I might be rejected because I know who I really am and I had that in my marriage from the beginning. I don't want Jill to see me as I really am because if she sees me then she probably won't love me and then there's a level of protection that a level of I mean it's a fig leaf is what I was doing putting a fig leaf up so that you can't see through nakedness and I think the world's solution is often a version of this where God looks at you and says uh, you're, I know you think you're bad, you're not that bad you're great but the truth is that we know that we are bad and I know that I know my inadequacies I know my moral failures I know my character It falls if I'm honest and that's a horrible solution because when I heard it, I heard that you get to work and when I heard that in my marriage , you get down to it, I found myself with more condemnation, more shame, more inability to do anything about it and that's not the gospel, I mean, the gospel is Romans. 5 that while we were enemies, Christ died for us while we were, you know, while we died for the wicked, he died for us at our worst and that's why God sees us in our brokenness, sees us in our rebellion, sees us in our evil and says I know you think you are bad but this is the truth you are actually much worse than you think and I died for you that is where I did that is where I see you and that is where I know you and if God sees me and know the first two days of the publication of your book if God sees me and knows me while I am an enemy and says and I died for you there now that is true intimacy because I don't have to act for him I can't anymore and he saw me in me worst moment and it doesn't go away it's present and available at my worst moment it says that's where I came for you and then when you can experience that with God it's transformative and I know it's Progressive I mean I've been a Christian for longer 20 years old and I still have shame, I still have guilt, I still deal with things, but it is a progressive healing that God is teaching me intimacy and then I can incorporatethat to my marriage and Now I can model my marriage after who God is.
You know, that's Ephesians 5. I mean, it's a model of the Trinity modeling God and I think that's where the healing is, but we're so broken that we need rhythms. That's why I love Christian. By the way, I love your podcast because you're talking a lot about physical and spiritual training, but this happens through daily rhythms and I love the 90-day rhythm. I think it's a perfect time to reset, so we're out of time. but, uh, how to put love in the first nine day challenge, it's by Thomas Nelson. I guess anywhere you get books.anywhere, find that too, of course, uh Christians 48 Podcast 48 Man Podcast look for that and then, wow, that's good, that's good, that's T's podcast.
We're always there in friendly competition, good competition, friendly competition, well, 48 men, 48 men, that's right, 48 men. I'm not uh, I'm not, I'm no competition up there yet, but okay, you're growing to get there, Christian, so before you go to overtime, uh, Satan Christian, go with us to overtime. I asked them to find something, Luke. 15-18, which is where we are in our text, so we'll do something from that for our overtime segment if you want to follow us a little bit more with Christian shamelessly is where you can find it, so thank you. 'everyone for being on the podcast, thank you so much, it was amazing, thank you for listening to the podcast without shame, help us by rating us on iTunes and don't miss any episodes by subscribing on YouTube and be sure to click that little bell to get notified about new episodes and for even more content you won't get anywhere else, subscribe to blazetv at without shame

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