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Missy Robertson Makes Her Unashamed Debut, and Jase Is NERVOUS | Ep 243

May 30, 2021
you know, these kids with their cleft lip and palate condition, things like you know, the world doesn't realize for the most part that it's an incorrigible situation, they just deal with it, yeah, as they get older because it's not So. grows correctly, so a lot of people, you know, think that in our medical world, oh, you have a problem, you're going to fix it, but it doesn't really work like that and one of the things that I've said before that Missy clarified for me is that she He's never gone six weeks of his life without some kind of checkup seeing a doctor, which is incredible.
missy robertson makes her unashamed debut and jase is nervous ep 243
Here he is 18 years old every six weeks, so this is like the last surgery because he stopped growing, so they did everything they did to him when he was 12 or 13. or 10. This is number 13. 13 surgeries and all the procedures , they're basically doing it all over again in one last hit because she stopped growing, so that's what it's about and why we're together and Mia's condition is all split. What it means is that there is a hole, there is a huge hole, so every child with clefts is different because the way that hole formed is different, so with Mia it was a little more severe than with most. children, so a lot of children are just born with just a cleft lip, well that's more like just one or two surgeries and you fix that, but the palate because it's surrounded by bone, tissue, cartilage and so many things that affect the nose, where the nose doesn't have a shelf to rest on all these different factors, so as they grow, everything changes, well, the energy, yeah, and their upper jaw doesn't grow like their lower jaw. jaw, so in this procedure they are going to break both jaws, they move the top one forward because it won't reach the bottom one and they are breaking the bottom one, which is fine, they couldn't do that until she stopped growing together.
missy robertson makes her unashamed debut and jase is nervous ep 243

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missy robertson makes her unashamed debut and jase is nervous ep 243...

Well, they did it before because all these things and I didn't want to interrupt you, but they are affecting her breathing, her eating and her talking, yes, and especially even the way she talks, we've noticed it here lately because her butt her. the jaw, yeah, it's on the outside, running down the upper jaw, but I'll have you know it's very, there's a big difference, I mean literally almost an inch of difference, you know, like when the dentist says you know, bite Let's see your bite. Hers is almost a completely different inch and then in 2015 they did this surgery but they only did the best job of moving it forward so I had to turn a little wrench and move it a little bit, I wouldn't even say a centimeter, just a centimeter. parts where those bone cells could reach every day we did it for three weeks until we got the bite and that was difficult, right?
missy robertson makes her unashamed debut and jase is nervous ep 243
It was one of the most difficult moments I have ever had. I could not do it. No, I couldn't, maybe I miss you, was it painful? And Mia has a very high pain tolerance, so I have to insist that she continue taking her painkillers until she leaves the hospital, that is, once we leave the hospital. I know her now because she is 17 years old. We've been through that many times. She is good with relationship problems and for most people she is like that. Her pain talent is really high, but you know, she's very determined and knows when.
missy robertson makes her unashamed debut and jase is nervous ep 243
She has to do these things at home, she just gets into position, grabs her dog, grabs her blanket, whatever, you know, Paula, God, one comes and she would bring a snow cone to that area and It would be as fun as possible, so we have used different techniques, but this surgery is like the previous one, but now that it stopped growing, which is good in terms of the cleft world because now, once we do this, it is so they say this could Possibly be the last surgery once they do this, if all goes well your bite will be where it needs to be, you will be able to talk better, you will be able to eat better and it will change the entire structure of your lower half. of her face, which will also bring an emotional factor because the doctor even said last time that he actually never gave us any kind of counseling advice, you know, he's just the doctor, but he looked at her her eyes.
I had it since I was three years old, the same doctor and he looked around the eye and said this is going to change the way you look and he said it will affect girls, we have learned more than boys, so he said you have to talk to your parents about this the way you feel the way it goes through your mind because you said and mom you have to listen and if she shuts up if it disappears this is completely and more of an emotional and physical challenge and That's why with the Bottom Line from Miami at first I am very practical, you tell me a job, I will do it, cross it off my list, but then we realize that there is a lot of emotional component and we need a support system.
The guys have walked a lot of families through that and by the way, it's if anyone wants to go and contribute to that, so I remember, I think the last surgery that was pretty much like this was around 12 or 13, according to my memory. but I remember that time she went through this total change in the way she looked. I remember that first time, that's when it was and it was horrible for us, yeah, for all of us because it felt like she was just, you know, she's the A girl who grew up looking a certain way and suddenly she didn't and I can only imagine. how that affects her because it affected us.
It's kind of funny because you think that's the goal, so you go watch. different, even with the first surgery she had at three months old, where they closed that gaping hole in her lip, okay, that's the goal we want, we want to achieve it, but then we fall in love with that face. for three months and then they came in and changed it, yeah, and that was very difficult, that was very difficult for Jace too. All of us said that it took us, I don't know, two hours to get down to the waiting room to even out. face them all because we couldn't get together jason and jace kept saying we messed up we should have left earlier we want to see the doctor now he's out there we're like what are you doing?
He said what are you doing? I mean she looks great. I was like no, it's like Sarah, this wasn't what we signed up for, so they didn't give us a lot of information before each and every one of those surgeries, so what we try to do is be in that perspective. We want to give other parents the tools, resources, information, and yes, monetary help they need to get through this. I will say that you have also been to Mia. I've been great with that being and it really wraps up our entire discussion today because we started talking about how your marriage and your family were rooted in ministry and here we are all these years later, now over 25 years later, and you're still rooted Same thing, just trying to help. people and that's what Miami does, Missy, show her your book if you want to read more about the story and more or less because Missy tells it very well in the book, yeah, there you go, uh, holy, holy, the best thing was who talks a lot about that and, yeah. and this was Mia's idea, I mean I want to give her a lot of credit, she's handled this better than us and this is probably because I feel more inadequate because it's already hard raising kids, I mean I don't feel like you know . cool about it, yeah, I mean I've made mistakes, you know, I mean my son, my oldest son, you know, he bought this thing called bitcoin for 200 and I thought you took all your money and bought something you can't eat, not a coin, yes.
You don't dig it up, he says, yeah, it's going to be big. I said no, so anyway that comes to eight thousand dollars and I say, "You sell that now and I made him sell what would have been 60 now." living with it every day knowing that I'm an idiot he's forgiving you that's a good thing just like the higher up I am the more of an idiot you see what never goes away looking at it and then you have to get a special inheritance for 200 dollars but anyway and I tell mia you know it's hard because you know you feel inadequate, I mean how do I handle all of this?
I mean, she has to go through all this and it's just a difficult situation and that's why you have to trust in the word of God and in prayer, yeah, well, it's a good time to be together, good tail, guys, because I wanted to close today's podcast in prayer, first for this week's surgery, and for you and everyone. Which is hopefully going to be okay and we've actually brought her here, she's dating her mom, Miss Kay right now, but you know in James where they talk about us showing your faith, anointing the sick to be anointed with oil. and they are taken advantage of by the elders, that's right, so after this we are going to look for you and your parents and tell our elders from our church to come and pray here before leaving.
Awesome, that's James five, by the way, look at that because that's, that's what it says there's healing and power in that, in faith, without a doubt, very good, obviously, we love you guys, we've been there in every step of the way and we will be there until the Lord takes us home. So, and I don't know about the audience, but I had a lot of fun with this today. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Seeing Jay Squirm was worth it. Yeah, he might want to do this again. We will do it again. There's no doubt about it, well, there's a lot of stories that we hadn't told, that's right, well, let me have a prayer of closure, father, we love you, we're grateful for family and just, you know, being able to be together. through the years and supporting each other, you know it's hard, this life is hard and I know there are a lot of listeners out there that are also going through hard times and I just pray for each one of them that you bless them. with the feeling of peace of knowing that they can find answers in you and in your word and uh, you just know how to get through that season and trust yourself while they do it, I pray father for me uh I just pray for this surgery uh I pray that it really is the Ultimately, this will be the end of all the problems she has dealt with her entire life and she has done so admirably and with courage and I have never seen anyone braver than her.
I dealt with this and so I ask the owner for a blessing, I ask him to continue to grow her spiritually and I ask the father that she continues and that Jason Missy also continues to help people and families overcome these difficult problems with cleft palate and other problems. they love you we thank you for jesus above all in his name amen amen thank you for listening to the podcast without shame help us by rating us on itunes and don't miss any episodes by subscribing on youtube and be sure to click that little bell to receive notifications about new episodes and For even more content you won't find anywhere else, subscribe to Blaze TV at without shame

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