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Railroads Online! Ep 21 | New Locomotives + Filling Sawmill

Feb 23, 2022
What's up guys, welcome back to another amazing episode of


railways here on Ramblin Railway. Today we are going to run some trains. I just used ultra and set up this 100 series train. I bought six more of these for a total of 12. there's our 112 and the countdown that's how she put them in the shopping lane over there and I just put them together using ultra for those of you that don't know ultra is my switch engine here at the cargo depot it's our first engine that we started with and it was called ultra because it was ultra strong it's the second keeper let me show you this one the tier keeper two so i stored it there at his house number one and today we need to think of a locomotive to pull this log train we need to refill the


so lets buy a new locomotive and after some thinking and research kinda, I think we're going to go with the kitchen tycoon.
railroads online ep 21 new locomotives filling sawmill
He was thinking of getting another. class 70 and jus I don't have a full class 70 fleet but I want to experience all the


at some point so we'll go ahead and buy this guy right here nice 4 300 I think we have enough let's check our funds real quick . 7,500, so we have a lot of money and that's after we bought all those cars, so this is our third locomotive, name number three is going to be, uh, I hinted at this when we were doing all the testing. a good old time you know the name of the old west and tinder is gonna be i can't seem to move here there we go oh it's hanging i spelled it wrong so wrong oh come on i was looking at it while typing so we're just going to ramble on the railroad a little bit like this there we go number three what else do we have here let's check out the chimney you know i like that one that looks a little neat but i also like it just that the straight pipe will be different and we'll get that beast have that straight pipe so this is it We'll have that big old funnel and that's actually designed to catch embers and whatnot so that's cool oh yeah we'll definitely get the second one I like the added detail on the supports.
railroads online ep 21 new locomotives filling sawmill

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railroads online ep 21 new locomotives filling sawmill...

It looks like there's a sign or something. here yeah we'll get the second good so we'll go ahead and sort it out there and power it up here and hook it up to the tender that's going to take a bit while it's warming up let's go take a real quick look at the minimap tool Several of you have responded to me about the minimap tool and how you think it is a wonderful addition to the game and how I should continue to use it. I could not agree more. However, we are. I need to set some rules because there are some ways to cheat here, so of course we'll use it to move the locomotive, I'll use it to set the brakes when we get the train connected and stuff. kind of thing i'll use it to set the switches especially on rail yards i w will use it to teleport but i won't use it to teleport just to teleport there has to be a reason i think that reason should be to go back to a place to switch tasks like i said we have ultra here and he will take care of all the switch yards for this place and we have our new switch yard here at the foundry we still need to buy a locomotive for this switch yard so when we come down with Like Beast or let's come with Maverick to drop a charge we're not actually going to go straight to the foundry if it's like a mixed charge or something we're going to go further in here and I've decided this will be the entrance section of the rail yard and this it will be the departure, so we will bring trains from the coal mine that will have a mixed load of all kinds of things.
railroads online ep 21 new locomotives filling sawmill
I guess we'll unhook it. There will be a train ready to head to this destination, we will connect to it and then just boo. find out which way we should go, of course, if you need to, if we're running this train here, for example, which is not necessarily a mixed train, except for iron ore, it makes more sense to do what we've done. been doing to come here and just unload those two cars real quick on our way back to the lumber mill so it will depend on the mission but if we were to come here and switch tasks we could use this tool to teleport however things don't we'll be using this tool for nothing in this menu i'm not going to fly i'm not going to run very fast i'm certainly not going to cheat for more money and i'm not going to do anything with the xp again the xp doesn't really mean anything in this game anyway maybe when you're just starting out it means something you can't buy like class 70 or something until you build a rail so anything in this menu I'm not going to use and that's really all there is on this map I have for and anyway, I'll use it to move the locomotive.
railroads online ep 21 new locomotives filling sawmill
I'll be using it to move some switches where needed, especially during train yard chores. I think it will be much more efficient and I will use it to teleport. i need another thing about this really quick is oh i clicked on a different menu than i had on my other screen the other thing really quick is how this works so what i just did i just minimized the game and went back to it but i had to go to my screen recording software and i actually turned off screenshot and turned game capture back on now i know you probably don't know exactly what i'm talking about basically the way it works is now i just watch the game and nothing more so if I hit f1 to bring up the minimap tool I see it and you don't so you can't even see my mouse moving but I can actually toggle the switches let me show you what I'm talking about real quick we'll come here to this switch the reason why i need to do this because it takes up a lot less space and acts as a performance issue so i'll go ahead and flip this switch you're looking at just there.
You didn't see the minimap tool. but you saw the switch was flipped so again the reason is because it's a performance thing it's a file size thing if I do all my screenshot it tax my computer more while I'm playing the game it just does the capture of the game and makes the file size much bigger, so you won't see the tool. That's what I'm saying, you might see the results of the tool while I'm using the tool. If I go up here, I have the minimap tool open again. and I teleport, that's what it's going to look like, but again I'll try to limit how much of it you actually see through editing magic, so we'll just leave it at that.
Just realized I was wrong ramblin rrd should be rr oh well the railway fits at this point no point in restarting the game there we go it's about time. it took a lot of lift of water that continues to boil it took two almost hundred units of water to fill that tender and the boiler at about the same time of course i left the air compressor full let's hook up this train here check it out they do a good job modeling these


i just have to stop and admire it real quick like you can almost make out the writing you can make out the writing on this air compressor it's so cool just works of art ok let's go up to the logging camp and fill up alright the


and as we get out of the cargo depot here let's talk about the updates that just happened because we actually have a couple of updates they finally pushed the beta to the main game and they released all the actual changelog notes all the notes release with that big push, but they stuck something in there that wasn't part of the beta update, at least not that I know of and what are they inc reported the production of the refinery 12 t of crude oil i guess it is tons plus two tons of lumber plus one ton of steel pipe equals 10 barrels of oil one barrel of oil is one barrel of heavy oil 100 percent of crude oil produces about 11 heavy oil adjust economic production if storage for one product is full production for second product will double added difficulty settings for industries easy entry times one exit times two medium entry times one exit times one and the one i selected during login game setup was hard input times two output times one so we're going to put one and they did a little bit more login in there looks like we're going to put one or two to get one I think that's what that means so we're kind of browsing here I could have uploaded it there we go so we're going to use Maverick more for this kind of flat track duty between log cam I don't know I haven't done the math it can't pull a lot of weight not especially compare ed to the class 70 class 70 is one of the best locomotives in the game, but it can do some pretty heavy loads with zero percent or maybe one or two percent so we're going to dump this three percent so it should work just fine and we'll use it to run between the oil field and all those industries down there maybe get lumber up to the foundry we'll see we'll go up here to the lumber camp and fill it up and hauled it to the sawmill or rag 50 and really knocked it down pulling this little dumped hill I did good I guess we're not there yet but I could give it a little more power I just want to see how I'll do it first.
I think it will work well for us. We probably need to slow down a bit. See them starting to lean into that curve. I really need to come here and do some work. Clear this runway for that caboose. to come there we go so cool so open here I really like something different you know I can I'm not telling you it's tiring to do nothing but log in I've just been trying to get it out like you saw we walk around that's where the lines are going to go In fact, I'm going to put a rail yard there.
I'm thinking it may not have a commutator motor in there, but just something that can pull a train out, disconnect its last two cars or something and keep going, maybe we'll see that's far in the future, okay? we'll load up here and go down to the sawmill ok that should be the last one there come on this is a big train and i ran into a little problem actually had to put on the brake handbrake the caboose because the locomotive brake actually wasn't strong enough to stop this train once it moved downhill and setting this brake really helped.
Let's see what happens if we turn it off. I'm going to start sliding. It was when I was moving that I couldn't really stop. I had to try to back up so we could we have to go up here have the locomotive face there while we load up on logs here let's jump back on the locomotive here and go to the sawmill there are 72 logs on board we have 12 of these 100 series cars each car holds six logs and that's 72 by my calculations my calculations are really bad so you might want to check me out that means we probably only need two maybe one load we'll see when we get there I don't know how much product we have If I know the pond is empty, okay, let's go backwards or forwards, let's break up.
I'm not going to give you any regulator. In fact, we're out of fuel, so we should probably load it real quick. I'm not going to risk it we're going to uh we need to set up a little break here I don't want the last couple of cars coming around this corner already picking up a little bit of speed we're going to break give a little bit of throttle I ran the math for this. I can get a two percent grade up on this load. It's more like you. h 175 but you can actually do it on flat ground here this is nothing i don't know what this is i don't remember if this goes up some might if it does it's not for long and it's not very steep all true i have a full rest we have to lower one down slowly to do that rolling dump thing i'm talking let me jump real quick oop start doing that it's probably too much break oh no they're hitting me we've come to a stop i left the brake on it's alright we'll go stop just make it move a bit we can jump we need to move a little faster than that come on ok so far we have 56 logs in the pond and more than likely I'll get them out yet yeah 54 now let's run and swim over here and see how much product we have now. 28 lumber so far and 83 beams so we'll do another run and try to fill this thing with everything all the industries see. m to take some sort of wood product, so this is probably going to be one of the most, if not the most productive industries we have in the entire game. here full break right there whistle let him know the parking brake is on and we'll start loading more logs he should be last here this is much easier with the whole train on level ground ok that's a great picture very good we'll jump in maverick here we'll go around this loop all the switches are set interrupt loosen around this loop oh no I whistled and that's the right whistle one to stop two to go three to rewind. and four forcross well it's uh two long one short one long to cross I don't remember it's been a long time let's open it up let's rip 100 rags let's see what it can do so there's a little more smoke effect that's a fire very neat for a wood fire especially great to see a little more action and that sort of thing heck yeah we're doing great yeah lots we had zero this huh two to one two In one out We could be shooting ourselves in the foot.
We could be making this much harder for no real reason. logs is how the math works on this thing see how many it is now 62 we'll see how much we have on the output side 76 on the output side we'll fill it on the next run I got 100 beams so it should continue to output if I read okay yeah where before it would stall if one was at 100 the other side would stall but now it's doubling so we're not going to do another run what we're going to do is head back to the charging depot because we've got something more to do tonight than i'd like to do so meet me at the freight depot so let me know what you think huh do you think we should continue to do the hard industries huh two to one or do you think we should uh back to doing medium i think medium is where it's been and that was quite challenging you know it's a lot of racing to fill something i'm thinking you know how to fill the smelter or even the iron ore mine putting in a lot of products and not getting a lot since It's really long runs, I'm thinking maybe we should go back to medium, but I'm not a big fan of doing things the easy way, I like to do things the hard way, let me know what you think in the comments. down is fine, I think we're going to put this train on the first rail here, get it out of the way, I'm not sure, the next time we're running logs, then we'll take Maverick and put him at his number three house.
I'll back it up to the turntable here, maybe not as fast, okay, drop it there. one is going to fit bring that last one oh now we got a few more feet we probably could go it's going to break see if it rolls on its own lift that front truck there we go now looks like we're on this one it fits perfectly but it fits a lot better than the beast ok now you have to turn it around this thing you push it just a little and sometimes it will move a little bit and other times it will just take off by itself and of course when it does you don't need it and it will overshoot his clue, okay, we're getting closer, he's right in that area, I can't really see him any more. like i don't think this one has been tested yet since i built this round house here which probably will but i'm gonna give it i'm not gonna look i'm just gonna give it a little bit more like this and then hop on and go like this that we're going to split up he reverses his back just a little bit let's have him slide down this little hill so far so good little le more wow it barely fits right there we go it doesn't quite line up with the funnel that's ok ok we got maverick at his house we have ultra at his house and he just went way back what we have to do now look how much money we have four thousand four hundred and eighty dollars and go ahead and save it and i would like to buy another locomotive let's see what our options are here for locomotives we have this one again i don't like this one i don't like the way it looks we just bought maverick and that will be our flat locomotive for a while eventually i'll buy it for eureka just to have it in my collection i'm thinking hmm we can c Buy them all I see something's over well I can't buy the heisler I can't buy the climax buy the eureka I'm going to go ahead and buy this one because because we need a switch locomotive at the foundry station this will be locomotive number four for the railroad ramblin the name huh let's make the ramblin railway for the tender no tinder though it's funny where's where to put that I guess? didn't put that ok so let's look at the name so I think we have ultra and I named it ultra because it was ultra strong and these little switch locs are pretty sturdy they are pretty strong and sturdy little locs so I just say some good names there, what if we were or stout?
I'm thinking I like stout, we just go with stout. with day or night so we definitely want headlights let's go ahead and order that bam there's stout let's go ahead and turn it on here put some water in the kettle as soon as we can move it and then we're going to turn it down to the foundry. Okay, we've got all the pressure. Let's reverse forward, break up, start moving. to the foundry where it will be used to disassemble and assemble trains for the foundry station alright here we are entering the foundry station this will be the new home of stout it was a very long grab to get here huh I don't know if it's just a matter of size or what.
I don't know if all the locomotives actually go at the same speed or if there are subtle differences, but that seemed to take forever. I'll just put it on this record player and we'll park it at your house. This is quite a tight turn, so we'll take it easy, although Stout shouldn't have any problems. I don't want to risk it. derailment warning i also moved the water tower a bit closer to the fuel station and i thought bigger locomotives can get to that point so if they're taking water they can take firewood too come on we gotta stop stop , stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop , stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
OMG ok let's get this guy back on the rails here oh I guess what I get for paying attention not paying attention there he goes. in the front so I didn't have to mess with the turntable too much but it wouldn't fit if I put it in the front here you know you need to have some room for the kind of y here so it would be like in this area but the part later hit those tracks so let's put it number one here you'll also notice I put it on some groundwork kind of like a foundation sort of like what I did at the iron ore mine only this time I was able to get closer.
I don't know why I struggled with it so much before. That's what's cool, we'll go break back, forward, gently, it's a big gap, but it handles it well, go ahead, break, and then we'll push this thing to the other side, okay, break. turn the inverter back off give it a bit of a slider and just slide it too far forward but ok ok well that will suffice for this episode guys thanks so much for watching please go away if you have a question for the qa show that is coming very soon i announced it in the last episode please drop it below and try to ask that colon question like that. going to run some nice long trains in real time doing something like a live stream but i can't do live streams that's how we're going to make up for it so if you have a question anything in particular go ahead feel free of asking i have a ton of questions ya thank you very much f or those questions and i will definitely put them on that show and we will answer them and if you have any more please post a post in the comments below i read all the comments if you like this episode please go ahead and hit the approve button that really helps the youtube algorithm and if you haven't already go ahead and hit the subscribe button for me that will help me too so ok we'll see in the next episode just for you. the guys know we're going to try to get to the coal mine because we have a lot of materials here that we need to start moving so we need to get there we need to get materials to the coal mine we need to get coal down but we need to get rid of these products here too so ok that will do it again have a wonderful night

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