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Renovating an Abandoned Racetrack Part 1 (extreme satisfaction)

Feb 20, 2020
Oh brother, you are on the wrong YouTube channel. Hey guys, I know you're probably wondering what the heck we're going to do today and bros, I honestly don't know. I know a few things we are on our way to achieving. Freedom Factory as we speak, trailer in tow, we have a couple things on the agenda, but other than that we'll just have a day in the Freedom penthouse, but I'll be there in a minute, all spaghetti, see you there, we'll see some . live action today guys oh wait I just got here today it's been crazy so we had code enforcement last week fire inspection showed up super cool people so you know we're fixing everything we have to do everything according to the rules.
renovating an abandoned racetrack part 1 extreme satisfaction
I also had this problem that I already talked about with the people who came to the track today, it escalated to a whole new level, I won't post any video about it because it's just not something to dwell on too much, I think most of you understand where is this coming from, but I'm on my way here and I get a notification on my phone that there's someone on a track and my friends are here working the gate and I'm like, Hey, are you guys on the track? You know, he said no, but someone drove by in the same car as your girlfriend, so I thought it was your girlfriend, so it turns out it was some fanatics who had gone up to the freedom factory and walked through the main gate, which I know. that I closed so I don't know how that happens and I have a video of them walking around taking a video inside and you know, obviously I'm angry, I run here, they're leaving, I stopped them in the driveway with the truck and trailer and I'm like, what?
renovating an abandoned racetrack part 1 extreme satisfaction

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renovating an abandoned racetrack part 1 extreme satisfaction...

Do you know what the hell are you doing? You know, I tell them: did you go in there? You lied to me, you said no, I tell you my video, the audio ends, you know, you were great, we shook hands. It's over now, but I'm telling you, the next person we catch here will be overrun, so it's a shame that's how you get to this level. You know, guys, we're trying to try to do something great here, please stay. away from the freedom factory until we invite everyone, so on a more positive note guys, we're actually doing something great today, we're putting up a fence, so


of the problem has been that we got through the fence and got in front and you know.
renovating an abandoned racetrack part 1 extreme satisfaction
We leave the fence open and then people come in here all day and it disrupts, you know, we're just trying to work and stuff, so today we're going to put up an electric fence so you can see it. We have a gigantic fence, it even has a wheel, they are putting the main brake on now and some of the support posts will have this gigantic Freedom Factory logo on the front, which is just beautiful, we have a paint, it still has paint, it's here, now I understand That's right, a fence is just a deterrent, so obviously this is involved as proof that anyone with a truck could drive through it, but it's a deterrent and there are no signs of intrusion, so if you pass this fence, you know that you are invading and it is. just a deterrent this is a much better version of what we used to have the other one was held up by barbed wire this thing hasn't been used in years so pulling the buckets in let's take a look inside a bunch of different things we have to worry about today and then my friend Andrew was doing the door and he also brought his pressure washer so this is his company PWS Florida pressure washing specialists and ETL's use this platform today while working on the fence so we can play.
renovating an abandoned racetrack part 1 extreme satisfaction
Deep in the stands, clean them up, we gotta show you the good stuff, man, we gotta show you the best of the best of our doors, these ones getting ready to fall a


, the rust is wearing off, you know. I can see how much it's gotten thinner, look at this guy the other day, let's open it up and this This one is definitely at the top of the priority list. Oh, now you can see this string. This chain link fence over here is completely rusted. This is good. This is crazy. I have never seen a fence in such poor condition.
The damn thing just disappeared. like this section and another section there, I mean, yeah, you know what it's actually all about, actually, this one's good, this one's bad, and then there's the one that connects to the race track, which I don't know if the track racing is the owner. or we own it, but it just needs to be replaced, so there's a lot of action, you know, so this is where we're going to spend most of our live action today on these bad boys, how do you think they'll clean up? Dude, there's still some, so I melted some, literally every aluminum bleacher seat, as far as you can see, is coated with this nasty stuff because this aluminum held up so well and the bleacher guy told us that the Infrastructure is good, so it's okay.
I have to be careful with these boards. I can't wait to get them all done, so I went down three teeth, yeah, until I got there. Just have James come and jump on each board and mark him right and if he falls through Marky wrong, yeah. -ray check they will be perfect guys that's before that's after oh my gosh they look amazing it was only half an hour or one pass they need another pass to clean like the front and you know some of this dirty water is going to throw. Back here, so they need another review, but holy cow, let's move on, it's also very good because, like I said, when we mowed the lawn, I learned a lot about the property just by mowing the lawn, going around, seeing every square inch of the yard, learning a lot. about the bleachers, there are some loose ones, there are some that need to be completely replaced, but a lot of them are in good condition, you know, just walking by each one, I learned that bleachers are a good idea, so it's a little bit longer . look how good they look ah damn a tarnation there help clean the stands because of all that loud noise what abuse are you going to spray the stands for about a minute oh my god?
Well sweet you didn't fill my pressure washer change cause I guess the fence is on your swing all the way 23 feet from it everyone take the water I see Devils big breakout test okay lol we all play those Bladers baby, what kind of river, that's hell. a bomb, oh yeah, we washed their stuff, okay, let's get back to work, moldy, not moldy, we have to move on. The work here actually becomes much more difficult because the floors are aluminum so you need to clean them too, whereas here the Wood got your house so I don't have to bother with that now.
I got a more important job. I am speechless. I knew you would clean up well with them to give you, honestly, one of the most beautiful American places you can possibly get. I've seen it before, but these need to be cleaned, damn it. Oh friends, that's all she wrote for today, look at that difference, oh my goodness, and there's still cloudy water kind of pooled on them, but these things are sure to get a second round because the surface cleaner. They have no mold left on the front so they will have to go through another pressure washer but I can't believe the difference ok now believe it I'm so happy this is a day's work imagine weeks months tons of work to do, so, uh.
Let's end this video on the fence. I think Andrew is fishing up there, they're killing him, but guys, shit, I gotta do the ending. Still, that's half of them. It's a little more than half the other side. I don't let James and Coop try it, it's so satisfying that they need to participate, so Alec is out of town for his birthday, but he'll be back next week and maybe he will too. Report the stands. Those stands remain. the rest is practically being torn down. I hate to say it, but I think I'll have to find a way to replace them all.
I think it's better that we start again. We are working to get the aluminum boards. to replace this, but I just want more bleachers, one more bleacher, man, I've become a bleacher guy, it's really weird. I was in Houston and found myself rubbing the stands. I thought, damn, these are nice bleachers. I love the stands. Well, you guys don't realize that the stands are amazing, they're really cool, why aren't the stands the best stands in the world, but I'm working on the bill, so it's okay, just take a moment, let's take a moment , Yeah. All the girls, boys, take a moment, this is the best place in the world.
I love it, I love it, so I talked to Andrew. Finish this video. We're finishing up here by cutting some asphalt to make a smooth exit out the door. I had the swamp on a patch of asphalt here, but everything is fine, this thing is super strong and seems to be working perfectly already, so have my remote control. I will have a keyboard. It's going to be amazing. Alright guys, heading home, what a day we have! A lot of things were accomplished, they got the door, they were finishing on the left, so that's it for now, thanks for watching the Dale Break news and see you later.

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