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Red Lobster vs. Joe's Crab Shack Taste Test

Feb 19, 2020
today Red Lobster and Joe's Crab Shack go kanaka, let's talk about those good days. Red Lobster and Joe's Crab Shack offer crustaceans to hungry and often landlocked seafood fans, but today we determine where you should go when you want to eat, yes, we're convinced These two have been locked in a battle salty for supremacy since time immemorial, but there's just no evidence of that on Twitter, so we decided to turn the Twitter waters, that's right, we tweeted: Hey, Red Lobster Joe's Crab Shack told us their Shrimp Festival is a real thought suck party and then we tweet hey, Joe's Crab Shack Red Lobster told us your




s like a trash can, what do you say? and then no one answered no, no, nothing got anything.
red lobster vs joe s crab shack taste test
I guess you could say our Nets came back empty, but who cares? We're still pitting these two iconic seafood restaurants against each other to determine which one will come out on top. It's time for gastronomic disputes. Red Lobster vs. Joe's Crab Shack. Alright, we'll try some classic dishes from each restaurant and rate them. on a scale of 1 to 10 and the restaurant with the most points will be crowned the best seafood restaurant at sea, so we say and win the chance to sponsor an episode of gmm, let's serve this fish, okay, let's jump in with some exclusive applications hello, I'm Red Lobster Rito, my dad is Mr.
red lobster vs joe s crab shack taste test

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red lobster vs joe s crab shack taste test...

Red Lobster owns Red Lobster, but I crashed his car into a Pinkberry, so now I'm working at Red Lobster for six months to develop Pinkberry's character, okay, yeah, those are Bay cheddar biscuits, they're free, so there I'm Joe's Crab Shack Joel and these. are my big fireballs so we have seafood made from scratch and


balls in there and there's also jalapeno and cream cheese there's panko breadcrumbs and there's also so many branches that are so delicious I had Sun and I really liked it, quick and spicy. like my throat hurts a little bit, it's hard to breathe, well, shadow baby, it's the signature item, it's what everyone knows where I lost it because they come for free, but you can get half a dozen for 279, but we had to find some signature. application that we could face against them, this will not be competition, right?
red lobster vs joe s crab shack taste test
I've never had those big fireballs, yeah, no, Sieber, Oh, salty cheese, they're fluffy, it's so good, okay, but these things never had them, maybe they do now. seafood, right, amazing, it's really good, it's like a crab cake, you know, yeah, it's a crab ball, crabs have balls too, man, and they're bigger than you ever thought. They would be fine. I'm going to rape these Cheddar Bay biscuits over here, a tent. You have to include me. I have to give it a 10. They can't be better. What if you dip it in ranch? But these are half, they're not bad at all.
red lobster vs joe s crab shack taste test
They are actually very good, as long as you want them. spicy seven eight yes, very, very pleasantly surprised with that. I don't see anything wrong with continuing to be the standard, but it's still anyone's game. I think just a reminder every Saturday at the rental link. No, we are launching the vlog. Get to know the most personal side. our Frenchman, oh okay, get your claws ready, two crabs haven't faced each other like this, says Nicki Minaj and cardi B are fighting a crab and we have crab, we have ear chorim, we have some potatoes and it's really good.
I ate another bite and it's spicy I guess it's crab spice. Don't know. I think Joel might be allergic to shellfish, but something is strange. I feel like he might be allergic to shellfish. It's okay, Song Red. I am too, but in a sexy way. It only affects my lips. Oh, these are snow crab legs and some white rice and harvest vegetables. You can choose whichever side you want, but I chose for you because let's speed this up. I have to FaceTime with my pet pony. I have a favorite point about her. a professional, she's rich, she's, uh, she's the heiress, what do you want to dig into Red Lobster?
I'm going to do straight crab here, oh shit, yeah, go forever, go for the second stage, that's good, go for the second stage. I said, well, I'll go through all the legs, but the middle section of the second leg is probably the easiest to get. You take that out, that's the trick and then you do this here. Just let go, let go, let go. I do not want to look. when you say that kind of thing, that's it, yeah, I talked to my crabs, oh yeah, oh, just let go, okay, I'm going to double it, infinite butter, take some butter, oh, I dipped it in the wrong restaurants .
The butter looks exactly the same. Same thing I love crab legs, they are super solid crabs, nothing to complain about, you want that second leg in there, okay I'll take the primary one, there's a lot in that tube now. I'll save it for later, oh, here we go, oh, that one. really, really nice, I mean, like you're completely released now, my peace, my peace is just a different piece, but still, Oh lady, that crab is so much better, not only because it's released, but it's super moist and it


s better. It actually has a better color.
I don't know if you can see it on camera, but it's redder, so this is a better crab. No, I don't have enough crabs in my life. Not good? things that are these sides I don't care about these I'm not even going to eat the sides they are incidental this is about the crab man this is a fucking potato did you just break something didn't you? I think I hit a ukulele, okay? so what are you writing about that my grandfather gave me right before he died? Actually, it's just one that Cassie found somewhere. Okay, I'm giving him this crab and I don't even remember which one it is.
I already forgot. Leave. this crab nine because I've eaten a lot of snow crab and that's as good as what I've given to this crime. I agree. I also give this a nine. I give it a six. I'm fine, but it was like that. It's not that different for me seven for those crabs okay here we go there's nothing better than getting a good deal on a cola give us a


Blastoise okay it's


it's what we do so like this It's the twin tails of Worcester that we have we have Rhys Joe are you okay?
I'm fine. Didn't you see it? Yeah. Oh, sort of okay, I mean, I'm doing okay, right, I'm doing okay. Could you call the police? EpiPen is a dry erase marker I'm going to let them do their thing if we have to do our thing now the red lobster the lobster is a big plate it's just a lobster this is like baby lobsters would you like to kill lobsters before they had a chance of growing up and everything's fine, it's fine, he'll be fine, you're welcome, that's how it really works. Oh well, let's start with him here.
Do you want to go? We begin. There's lemon here, so I think we should, we should take advantage of that. don't just eat those hard seeds, so don't do it, so yeah, it's just a smart look at that, oh right, don't touch three little ones, this lobster might be allergic to that lobster, okay, so I'm just going to go in here and just, oh, it's a little, it's a little difficult, yeah, but you know, I may have been out for a while, lobster, are you more of a lobster man or a crab leg man? I think it's up to you, I think I would choose crab.
Me too, because it has heart, it's hard to get a good lobster a lot of times, lobster can be a little tougher in general, that's not bad, even though it has a lot of meat, it's a hearty steak type feeling. I didn't have much to say about the lobsters. drizzled, you know, rub it in I was going to eat this like this just this is you this is easier to eat these lobsters the lobsters are good so far this real seafood at Joe's Crab Shack is better better again sides aren't really a factor Besides Well, there's a seafood restaurant so you don't feel too guilty about eating just seafood and nothing else, but I think we really have to be a good judge of seafood here and I think we're leaning towards these smaller lobsters, which is a curtain .
I'm wrong, lobsters taste better when they are smaller. I have this center section here, although I just dip that sauce in butter a little bit more, so there this will improve if there are not as big differences as I thought, well, here's one. difference, this is $32, this is 2150, so it's a lot cheaper here at Joe's, so you can get three small lobsters for the price of half a large one. Well, I think ultimately lobster tastes better at Red Lobster, but the dining room. The experience is easier, it's much cheaper and it's still very tasty, okay, let's rate the red lobster.
I've had much better lobster so I'm just rating this on a skill lobster that I've actually eaten I'm just going to say five we know a red lobster and but this is not again this is good but it's not great come hit this a six I'm going to give this a six I'm going to give this a pie, oh we made the old mix so both places serve key lime pie. I think it goes back to sailors and scurvy or something a little better. She's still pretty mean, but better, you know, if you need to work at Joe's, yeah.
I know they are round shellfish. I go surfing all the time. I never ate one before. Anyway, key lime pie. It has whipped cream. It has lime. He has like a Jenny. It's a big square. You seem to feel good. Yes that's fine. Brilliant. So you know. oh my god, you're so wet, yeah, well, okay, yeah, don't go for that, you're not individual, okay Archie Lyons, I know she was shaped like a cake, yeah, you're so descriptive, Rachel, yeah, she's in this long term. like a sheet, a big sheet of cake, I'm not opposed, I'm intrigued, if you want to go with this more traditional, I'm going to get some and go back for the base because I mixed that's what I was going to do.
Making real money is getting a little bit of this. Go back for the crust now. Interestingly, when they bring it to you in a square, you don't get the crust and the crust is what makes a key lime pie in many ways. Yes, especially if you don't like the lime part. I'm a key lime pie fan, so I'm upset, you know? And then the crust on the bottom is thinner than that crust. Clearly different flavor, it's much more. key here a lot more key lime there as someone who is a key lime pie aficionado this key lime pie is definitely better than that key lime pie because it actually tastes like key lime pie and it has the crust and who, but who, ever has made a decision. about going to Red Lobster or some other place like Joe's based on key lime pie, but that's the fact that once you get there, that's why I won't like it, I'm not going to write them down with the discrepancy that I really think yes. represent, it should be useful to count them by putting a limit like I don't, the five, yes, yes, five is the maximum, we have a weight, this is expecting lower and it is the right choice and I give it a 5 because it is good. how to get if you only get to five I don't love key lime pie that much, so the faculty will like key lime pie less, so I'll like it, so I'll give it something rare.
I'm going to give this a four what you give this I haven't given anything yes I'm going to give this I'm going to give it a three although I'm going to give it a four four I give them all with the four and I gave it a five there, but you know if I isolate them I'm not going to complain okay there you go that means when I see more than 53 the winning restaurant is Red Lops Red Lobster and what did Joe scratch to get 51? Oh it all comes with Bay cheddar cheese biscuits baby, that's what it is, it all comes down to the biscuit, bring back the biscuit, how do you feel about that? win one ok I didn't realize that examine I think Rachel just left here I know what you did better big mess thank you thank you very much makeup my face hurts it's makeup they are allergic to makeup stuff thank you for subscribing and by doing click on that bell you know what time it is I'm with him I'm Brad and we're from Pennsylvania click on the link above to see us at the peel and eat shrimp eating con


at a good mythical more and if I know he goes to land welcome to our house tour so we're going to say that in correct unison three two welcome to our house tour we decided to rent a house and then give you a tour

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