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Raiding 101 For New Players - Escape from Tarkov

Jun 05, 2021
Hey guys, this is stinking and welcome to another


from Tarkov video. In this video I am covering raid 101. I give you a basic plan on how to survive a raid if you are at level one up to any level. I want to, but it's more aimed at people who are new to Tarkov and don't really have any direction on how to survive a raid and what kind of equipment they should carry and this is more of a way to give you a little bit. I have an idea about how to put a little load and go in with a plan to go out and just earn a few rubles and get a little XP and slowly build up that knowledge base and skill level so you can survive the rates for longer and have deeper plans for them, so guys, without further ado, let's get right into it, so first I want to look at the loads, now what I've done here.
raiding 101 for new players   escape from tarkov
I have the capacitor, so I've rendered an alpha container, so you have the four squares. This is the type of loadout I would suggest if you are new to Tarkov and just want to try playing and start learning. System stuff. I'll give you some really good tips here on how to get some really basic gear that can kill equipped


, but you also know that it's actually a decent kit that you can upgrade while you're in it. the raid, so first, the weapon of choice that I'm going to tell you guys to use is the sks.
raiding 101 for new players   escape from tarkov

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raiding 101 for new players escape from tarkov...

The reason behind this is that the sks costs around 24,000 rubles and they don't need any magazine to reload it so if you double tap the sks you will have this here you can take out that is the magazine and sort it you can put the ammunition so you can put one in the chamber so you don't even have to do that when you enter the raid and now you have some sks with 10 rounds or 11 technically ready to go now, when you are in the raid, if you press r, as long as you have loose ammo in your pocket, you will reload those sks for no We don't have to carry a rig, if we didn't carry any rig we would still have the ability to reload those sks, so you can save money on the rig there if you didn't want to carry that, but you have the option there um, as for this deck, it costs only 10,000 rubles and you can upgrade it very easily and you can insure it and get it back in the insurance and sell it to Ragman anyway, so in my opinion, if you're going to go for a deck really basic equipment just to earn some rubles and get some XP.
raiding 101 for new players   escape from tarkov
This is not a bad plan pocket wise, I wouldn't carry anything else in the pockets and I'll put the sling there mainly because if you have a standard account, I need to have a little room to loot and that's the option, but the whole plan is that when you enter a raid you look for a tank to kill to improve your space and have armor platforms. backpacks etc. lastly inside the bag we have our medicines now the reason we have the medicines in the bags if possible you will use them in multiple arrays but the total value of all the medicines inside the container is 9,500 rubles, so The general rule of thumb when looting is that I want each square of loot I take to be worth at least 10,000 rubles, so if you find an item worth 10,000 rules, you loot it and you put inside. his container and I'm talking to the provider because of the way he put it in the container, he already paid for the rest of his medications, so he's already ahead of the medical side of things and all this equipment here is worth it . around 40,000 rubles around 42,000 for the platform backpack ammo and the sks, so if you could fill these four squares with at least 10,000 rubles per square of value, you will only reduce the value of your medicines, but your The goal is to get more than that and also survive the rates, so now I'm going to cover all seven maps, what do I think you should do on those seven maps and if you should, where should you go and what should you do, the first three maps The ones I'm going to talk about are the ones where you don't even waste time when trying to survive, so the goal here is to teach you how to survive. raids so the factory doesn't get bothered, okay use your scavenger to go to the factory and try to get some loot and get out or if you are going into the factory and you are new to the game you will get crushed.
raiding 101 for new players   escape from tarkov
I swear it's a really brutal place and when you're new someone like me will just walk all over you and there are a lot of


who will even only play for like 100 hours that will walk all over you too. better equipment, they have better knowledge, they know the map. I would suggest going to the factory in offline mode against scavs, erm, against robots, so just practice learning the map and getting better at killing on that map, but then when you finally get in there. You can actually develop that skill set. Customs and laboratories. Now customs only go there when you want to do your mission initially.
It's just not worth it. There is too much congestion on the map. There are many choke points and it is very easy. to hunt people on that map you take one shot and there's probably two or three people there trying to kill people uh and they'll run right at you so avoid customs initially unless you're doing your mission and then in the labs you're going to lose money so when you're new save the life of the key cards, if you can sell them at the flea market, sell them at the flea market and you'll be ahead financially now, reserve. it's one of the best maps to make money in the game because of how close all the extracts and all the loot spawns are, so you can literally spawn in 30 seconds, loot something of decent value and then you can extract very shortly after , I think the reserve is great if you are new to the game and want to earn some money, learn the extract without backpack.
I'll pop up maps here in a little video, you can see what I'm talking about. but you can see my get rich loot guide for reservations and my detailed loot guide for reservations for more information on where the loot is, but reservation is an easy map to make a lot of money and take that extract without a backpack. the bigger the platform the better and you can take advantage of that you will make a lot of money very quickly in the reserve now on the coast it has the hidden extract of the rock passage where it sometimes lights up and you can take that extract it doesn't make it much easier to get off that map or if you have the pier that pops up from time to time, my suggestion with the coast is to just avoid all the major conflict areas being the resort and that center line. uh which is the power station gas station and the bus station and just go around the hidden hideouts and around the edges of the map you will earn a lot of money in the village and the hidden hideouts to make a profit and then mine that way now with swaps, this one has a backpackless excerpt and it also has the two main excerpts, it used to be really cheesy for excerpts, but you can avoid that now, hopefully it should be a little better, I'll show you. an example of how to do a foreign exchange run on an online server, just to show you how I would do it and how I would prepare and make some money from it too.
Lastly, Woods, now the new Woods map is amazing for Looting and you can make a lot of profits there and it's a lot harder for people to be able to kill you because there are so many trees that you can run and run between, so it's really like you If you get caught, you will probably die, but particularly that car extract with three thousand rules is golden and what I highly recommend is that you probably put the blindfold on the inside of your pockets and then take three thousand rubles in cash and the way to do it .
It would be just holding down the Ctrl key between the first three, I think it's 3001. Believe it or not, you need 3001 rubles to take the bridge extract and then put it there and now you can take the bridge extract in wood and I'm going to show it to you . That's also, um, how I would probably approach the last two things I want to cover before I dive into showing you some raids is, um, the Packer armor, which is available at Ragman level one, uh, and costs 29,000. rules now, This is your best defense against scavs, but it's useless against players, so I personally would take this because I know I'll get it back from insurance, but if you're really fighting for cash I'd probably consider not doing it, but uh. you need to spend 750,000 rubles on ragpicker to reach level 2.
So it may not be the worst idea to start using them from the beginning, no one will loot them, so if they are secured you will get them back and they will repair them. pretty good, so it's up to you, but I'm trying to show you a way to reduce the cost of going on a raid at level one. Lastly your scav runs so right now I have a scav with s858 pressure armor. He has a teabag backpack, a ripped vest, and a lower half mask with some sunglasses. This load here is probably worth around a hundred thousand rules.
Now I have two options for how I would use this personally. Or I would go to the factory. Try to kill a scavenger, just run straight to the extract and I can use some of that stuff or I would go to a trade and just loot some scars or lose some gear on the way out and do it that way personally, a trade. it's much safer, in general, when you're searching a trade run you bought on the map, when there's only 15-20 minutes left, so most of the players are already dead or off and you have a chance to just grab some loot and get out, don't get in the middle of the map on the trade, especially in your scout, there will always be other players there trying to get loot from dead assassins and stuff like that, dead players out there. it's just smarter and easier to go into those extra areas behind the idea of ​​ollie and uh goshen and just loot all the tech spawns um there to earn money, grab your treasure runs, exit and then you can use the items you get of that. your pmc to improve your progression with that, this game really opens up once you reach level 10 um, it costs around 50,000 rubles, let's say 50,000 xp uh, you get level 10 and then you will be able to use the flea market Once that you use the flea market, you can buy many items at the flea market and you can sell all the things that you have ever known or find them in the rain, so for some of you this is probably as far as it goes.
I want to watch, but I just want to do two quick runs. They will be sub 10 minute or more than 10 minute races so we can't run but you should try to kill scav along the way. through I'm going to do a tour of the forest and I'm going to do an exchange tour. I'm going to show you exactly what I'm talking about here. How to make some rubles. I'm going to leave my corking container. It looks exactly like this, but how to earn some rubles and prepare a little bit and slowly increase that survival rate, so I'm actually going to teach you how to survive raids.
Let's avoid fights by trying to earn some money. Build some cars. get some extra gear and go out, I'll use the packer um and it's up to you if you want to or not, but like I said, the insurance will most likely give it back to you, but it adds an extra 30,000 rules to your loadout. make this full loader about 70,000 rubles plus another 10 for medicines, so 80,000 rubles for all this equipment, but let's jump on a walk in the forest, so we spawn, come here and uh, the convoy was there , let's go up to the Usex board that's at the top of this hill here now the goal is to just play here.
I'm not trying to fight all the players, but we can easily kill here, that was a clean hit. on your back, so it's going to hurt there, so we've got it. This is the u6 board. It's actually quite a contested area. Normally we don't have to go somewhere like here, but this is not a way for us. To prepare, you could have avoided this guy, we could have left him behind, but now we see this platform, we're going to take this platform and we're going to get out of here, we're going to loot quickly. as much as we can here and then get away from here so um old teeth have hpm not really good ammo it's millions of time for a moment are you actually when you do this below level 10? for items that are worth more than 10,000 rubles per square initially you could take everything until you really know, but these are not worth much, not worth much at all, a nameplate that is actually worth a little, so we will do it. put that nameplate down there, we'll grab each one of them, uh, if we can change this, that's an mbss backpack, here we want to switch to that backpack, double tap z to get rid of your old backpack and bam, well. there's a soldier platform here, holy shit, this is where the forest is awesome right now, so now we have better armor, we have a bigger backpack and a bigger platform, it looks like we're going to get a weapon here too, uh, middle mouse. wheel to turn, we'll take it right there and now we'll head towards the north side of the mappassing the convoy and we're going to avoid any of the conflict zones like that were uh and just stay away from people and try to get some loot.
I'm pretty sure there's a hidden hideout here by this rock, so by the time you see this, I'll have my forests and Exchange Guide, maybe forest exchange and custom squad for the hidden hideouts and, uh, you should learn them, honestly, to make money, they are absolutely gold, this guy has a validation side, so okay, if you really wanted to do it right now, you would put that validation in your container, uh, and that's like a 45-50,000 ruble site and um you could put it in your container and then, you know, you've already made a lot of money, just there, mosey man, so right now we've been heading north, I think it's in the bunko.
To be honest, I don't really care much about this Mozart man, we're not going to gain much from it, so let's just run past him and continue this way, how nice the hidden hiding places will be. You have so much money, okay, so in this little place here is another hidden hiding place and a memory is in the middle, somewhere, there he is, oh, I mean, when I see my keyboard, oh, you shot me, like this who is dead, one less person. worry because this map will become more and more popular so this is where with your insurance you can get more money to get the insurance sks back and now you use the move so a little insurance will expand it.
I will receive a free gun. I'd probably throw it in a bush normally, but no one's going to pick up a gun like that and we're just going to run down the road. This is the sunken town ahead, there was none. even hide it there, but it's all good and we've already made quite a bit of money here. We don't need to go crazy, but we know we want to capitalize, so now with both fights you could have done that. I ran away, I'm very confident so I can take on parts like that, but you could literally just run away and, um, there wouldn't be anything wrong with that, now that we're moving through here, there's a lot of stuff you can loot. in this area, the brand circle is here too, it will change, it's 30 thousand something like the gold chain there, we take it off with the gold chain here and it's probably 30 thousand rubles, so you know we'll pay most of it. of our equipment with just that, you can search all these houses and stuff, there is the church in the swamp, you can also go in and get some money there.
I'm just trying to show you a really basic way. from just traversing the map once you've reached that much space I'd just grab almost everything until you're full and we'll just head around the edge of the map, btm is a good type of ammo, we'll get rid of that particularly early on if you can get something like btm and you'll be smiling about it and you don't need to do all, all of your tasks right away, you could literally practice doing these things just to get good at the game and improve your skills, but it's a very demanding game and, yeah, you want to make the most of it, so right now I'm here, I don't know what you call it, I'm going to go. to call it a rock gap uh and you can see the bridge there there is a real extract on that bridge it costs 3 000 and a ruble for the car there is also a hiding place hidden here I'm just trying to remember the exact location between the rocks and on this side, I think what's there.
These hidden hideaways are amazing. Please learn that they are amazing. Take advantage of them. You know I have links to all the hidden stashes below. The guides for them, go here now if you need it. To make more money, this whole village in front is full of loot like an absolute block of chocolate, but I'm trying to teach you the basics to try to make some money. What you can also do is tap twice. or when you first get into raider the excuser will do that to learn your entire excerpt so zb 014 and the outskirts are actually pretty much the opposite side of the map where we are now but let's go to the bridge excerpt because I wanted show you the power of this excerpt because so far I don't know, if you have to do quick raids, it's literally the way you're doing it, there's a lot of loot on this side of the map, run straight In the back, most of people will still be too busy doing all their quests and whatnot.
Three thousand rubles you hide behind here and you will extract them in a minute. Don't cross that line because, uh, snipers rip off whoever you can. I don't see, it will just kill you, so we're going to wait 50 seconds, we're going to extract the raid and you can see right there, we come in with a load of 70,000 rubles, we're going to recover the insurance sks. We're going to recover the insurance packer, both the backpack and the equipment, but it's all money, okay, the equipment that we're going to recover is on top of that, we have all this equipment to, you know, enjoy it, so, I don't know how much, if we sell it at the flea market, there's probably three to four hundred thousand rules worth the loot here, maybe a little less, like 250 um, depending on how much the bulbs cost and and and. everything sold right now validates a value of 50k um the bolts aren't really worth much right now gold trade 30k soldier armor new 90,000 dribbles right there um yeah and bam we're out that's the year high rate, no we weren't trying to do anything crazy, we're not trying to take on half the raid, we're not trying to kill all the scavs, um, if I hadn't killed any players or scavs, I would have .
I've waited until the 10 minute mark, take the car only because you need to be in at least 10 minutes to not get the uh, don't get the uh to not run unless you get enough XP and usually kill a Scav with a headshot and some loot will be enough, but that was 30 minutes into the raid. I had a disconnection as soon as I entered the raid because I was uploading YouTube content. Sorry, I had to pause that. and rejoining raids, I apologize for that, but yeah, 3000 xp, if you were at level one, 3000 xp would have gotten you to about three and you would have made a ton of money, you didn't do anything crazy, um, there's some pretty low gear. the players were there to kill him and we took advantage of that, but like I said he could have instantly turned around and gone in a different direction or the kid waited until they had looted and ran through and looted after him, there is no requirement that you like getting the premium loot every time and all that so I hope the editors put the raid route on the map for you guys so you can see the exact same path I took and it was just a very simple plan.
I didn't go in to try to do much just to fix those things. One more raid, we'll make a trade and do the exact same thing. I just have to get rid of all this stuff and take a new charge for it. Alright, now for the exchange tour, I've gotten it a bit. It will come out into the light of day. Just to be now. The whole purpose of doing this this way is that I wanted to. Preferably I would do this now at night. Obviously it's not night, but I still want to make it so you guys can see it, so this is a quick transition from day to day from today, so you'll still be able to see everything, but hopefully there should be a little bit of It's quite a raid now , uh, all we're going to do is go around the edge, make the hidden hideouts, there's probably 10 to 15 of us that we'll go around the edge around here, there are no spawns between this and me. back wall, but there's a spawn on the left, there, um, whole purpose, like I said, we're just going to try to get some loot.
I said don't do anything too crazy and then get out of here. I'll probably miss the occult. station I'm also doing everything from memory. um you could easily put a map on a second monitor and um yeah to get the extra loot that way these runs shouldn't take more than say 10 minutes 10 to 15 minutes this one is located behind here , so the pressure gauge is worth 40,000, the supplier, so when you go to the exchange, you can also go to, um, you could also go to, I'll take three thousand rules to take the extractor from the car to the power plant.
It's not there all the time, but if you want to hang around, you can and very quickly you'll see how you can make some decent money. Bugs right now are selling very well, eh, on the flea. market, but you need to be level 10 to be able to make that kind of profit and you will have a little bit of contact, like with players and scouts who do these types of races, but it's just to get you in the rhythm of learning the game, so I need that request and slowly get used to the movement, find things to make money and as you accumulate a little more money in your bankroll, you should take advantage of uh, put better equipment and move on.
That way, I haven't done this race, as in a long time there will be other people trying to do the same race, so you didn't do it, you have to be careful, this one is quite common, this type of race just runs. around the edge of the map without entering the mall where all the crazy people will be and let's just get some hidden hideouts, you can tap x while pressing the f button and you will also be face down. the kind of thing we want to see should hopefully be good armor. um that Vaseline will replace our painkillers with oh there's a gazelle look money and that gazelle at the flea market is probably worth a lot right now because it's needed for a mission.
If we give it a damage that is not very high, it can be worth even more due to the fact that there is a quest that requires you to turn in the damage gazelle, but here we go, there could be scabs in this part. and we're just going to go around this side I'm going to jump over here and I'm going to jump over here stay on this low ground I'm going to keep going around the edge here one thing I would recommend is don't let your stamina go below half because if you get shot you need to be able to run for cover for the first two or three minutes, it's pretty crazy inside our exchange, uh, outside and then everyone starts going inside you.
Sometimes the main people you'll meet outside, like here, will be people doing the exact same thing I'm doing right now or one of the quests that requires you to go outside. I know I've missed one of the hidden hideouts, I just heard something, there's a helmet for us. I love the fact that they put armor and equipment in these hidden hideouts, it actually made them like I said, really good for just looting, like what I'm showing you now. and it kind of touches on what the entire dynamic generation table will look like in the future, and if it goes that route, I'll be so excited that I'd love the idea of ​​walking into a random room that might usually have nothing on it. inside and now suddenly you know that the gazelle armor has been looted, which means they've probably looted the ones in the back too.
The good thing about this is that maybe we can go up. behind him let's wait and see it's four minutes or 15 minutes until we connect the extract, almost 15 seconds, so we don't need to rush to the extract yet and what I would suggest is that you don't have to do this exact run, but what ? What I suggest is that you try new paths a little bit different to try to develop that, like you're more comfortable in


because it could be very daunting going into a raid when you're new to Tarkov. and I'm trying to show you an example of how this one hasn't been searched, how you can just do a basic raid, survive and make some money while doing it and hopefully equip yourself and also have it look like another weapon, okay, that skull that it's worth 45k so let's take that too, what I could get rid of is the cache and I'll take it there just to my left, damn it was unfortunate but what we would have done then is keep mulling that over.
I walk on the path to the extract, that goal is probably also to make the hidden hideouts, so look, I can't beat them all, it's a bit unfortunate, but there is a perfect example of the type of path I would do and I just head towards the extract , we're probably two minutes away from running to get the statement and we were a little unlucky, but in saying that, if I'm going to um, you got me a bullet. PS, he ran in the lead, he was very lucky, he must have made it. the face hitbox because there's no way ps ram would have gone through that helmet all that armor um but yeah I'll show you even though we died we still made a profit and it's something I want to try and show you this so Um the Vaseline is going to be good, we'll keep it now and the Vaseline we can use in future raids and then, um, there's something good that died and we have the gauge here, so I go to the gauge. and a skull that costs like 69,000 rubles, bam, so we made a profit and we also put Vaseline on it and little by little we will get better at the game, when you survive one of those you will earn a lot more money and it works very well.
So yeah, it's pretty simple, well I'm trying to teach here, but it's more about the basics of trying to develop a set of skills to be able to survive theRates more frequently, earn a little money and no, you don't need to. go straight through the middle of the map and try to make a kill, that trading course is very common by the way, so you will see people doing that frequently, but use the forest, uh, the other maps, you can definitely earn some good money and you don't have to go through the main areas uh it's actually quite surprising how many people do that swapping of hidden caches when uh on the coast there are 26 36 different caches the woods have 26 which you'll see in the guide about the post customs has a lot I wouldn't suggest going to customs but yeah I don't know why the popular one changes but that's a very common race and I was very unlucky not being able to kill it because I didn't have any good equipment when it came to this one anyway video, I hope you enjoyed it.
I'm just trying to teach you something. basics here is a very basic guide to uh 101 talk on how to survive and get through a raid and uh my basic loadout for that so if you enjoyed this video hit the like button so the YouTube algorithm is actually great help. in discoverability and I'm trying to try to make a good variety of guides from beginner guides to more advanced guides um so if you want to keep learning things go check out my new gamer playlist check out my series of raids and um. Subscriber notification bell so they can see all the videos as they come out.
It takes a lot of time and effort to make them and I hope you guys enjoy them. On top of that guys, I share my Twitch every day of the week. It will be linked. next follow me there we will talk about questions you can always contact me on my live stream and lastly guys see you next time.

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