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101 Tips & Tricks to Improve your Escape from Tarkov Gameplay in 2021

May 31, 2021
Tarkov is an extremely complex and detailed game with many more moving parts than it seems, so whether you're new to the game or experienced, I've done my best to make sure there are things here to help you in this video. has my top 101




, some of which I learned even last month despite having played this game for over 4 years and if you've already seen my previous 50


video, don't worry, there's very little overlap between they. The game is still in development and things can change at any time, so I'll be sure to update any of the tips in the description below as needed, which says welcome to Tarkov 101.
101 tips tricks to improve your escape from tarkov gameplay in 2021
Looting and making money is a essential part of


life and


strength, so let's start there, if you randomly see a white dot in the center of your screen, that is your perception ability that lets you know that there is an object nearby that you can interact with, which is often loose loot and may even be hidden under a texture on a table or on the floor. so always pause to look around when you see it appear as your perception skill increases, the range of this point will too, if you are not going to use your melee weapon for a particular raid, don't you bring it, you will not just keep it.
101 tips tricks to improve your escape from tarkov gameplay in 2021

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101 tips tricks to improve your escape from tarkov gameplay in 2021...

Your pmc is a bit lighter, but you can take the melee weapon from any dead boss or scav raider, and you'll actually keep it if you die. In some cases this won't be worth much, but in others you can find something much more. valuable to sell, but in any case it is free money. Note that you cannot loot the melee weapon from dead PMCs. There are some rails in the game that will currently contain various accessories. Take this xrsu for example, it will contain two different optics, one of which can be two fairly large tactical devices and a foregrip.
101 tips tricks to improve your escape from tarkov gameplay in 2021
If you mount this rail on an AK gas block, it only takes up one inventory slot. I carry an empty one of these with me in my safe container wherever I go, since you'll be done. Keep everything you stick there if you die to use or sell later once you can get a bag of documents. I can't recommend them enough, especially for newer players. You can place tons of items here, particularly those that tend to spawn. in safes and filing cabinets, such as money, keys, cards, diaries, flash drives, ssds, gp, coins and more, and as with the tips above, you will keep all these things even if you die, since the document bag and all its contents will be inside your secure container.
101 tips tricks to improve your escape from tarkov gameplay in 2021
Jackets are your friend too and have a chance to spawn all sorts of rare keys as well as money and other useful things you could stash in that document bag, not to mention just decent items in general, another goblin loot technique is grabbing any The chest platform of dead players and scavs that have more space inside than they occupy. This m33 deck, for example, takes up 12 slots in my backpack, but can fit 16 loot slots inside for a net gain of 4. Not to mention the value of the gear itself to get all that loot won't do you any good.
It doesn't matter if you keep getting killed while you're shuffling all those items, so make sure you do it from a safe place, try to loot from cover or concealment when you can, and get prone when you can't, it's a lot easier to spot a guy who just is kneeling or standing in a place than one who is lying next to a corpse and you could even mistake yourself for another corpse and drop someone when you loot a container. Like a duffle bag or a weapons box, there's a small moment between the time you press f to loot it and the time you actually start looting it, where you can initiate a move action.
Use this to lean behind a wall, crouch or even face down if there is enough room to do so again, it will be harder to spot him this way while you are busy in your inventory. Now I get asked about this a lot during my live streams, but you can actually quickly swap your equipment for someone else's if you Place the new item over the desired slot where you already have something equipped, press the discard key, which is removed from by default, and then drop yours to equip it. This is great when someone has better gear than you, especially if yours is insured, talk about looting.
Generally, faster control clicking on an item will move it to the first available slot in your inventory, while Alt-clicking will move an equippable item to an available equipment slot, such as a helmet or secondary weapon. , this works both within your stash screen and in the raid when looting. containers or corpses, you get a set amount of bonus XP just for walking up to a corpse and pressing f before picking something up based on what's actually on that body, the base amount is 20 XP, so if you only get 20, you know. The person doesn't have anything else, the higher the number the more stuff they have and the more worth checking out, you'll also get a little extra XP for each individual item you pick up for the first time.
Time in each raid, value per slot is one thing and it may take you a long time to learn what items are worth, but try to take the value per slot into account when picking up something with the intention of selling it, for example. I know that I can trade this drill for an Osprey suppressor from the mechanic and then sell him that same suppressor for about 22,000 rubles, so I know that a drill is worth at least 22,000 rubles to me, but divided by the four slots it occupies in my inventory. In reality, it is only worth a little more than 5,000 rubles per slot.
By contrast, I know that if something like matches sells for around 15,000 at the flea market, then looting four items of about that value is worth 60,000 rubles to me in those same four slots. Don't overthink it like crazy, although you don't need to max out every inventory slot, but simply staying aware of this mindset will make you a much better looter over time. The same logic applies to weapons that are also heavy if you see a modified weapon that you can equip on your secondary or even replace yours with an excellent one, but once you find another one that is about to go in your backpack, consider removing it accessories as they are lighter and more valuable than the base chassis anyway, plus if you are bringing one of those AK rails like we saw before.
You will be able to secure those attachments and learn a hidden hiding route. These can spawn almost any item in the game and can earn you a ton of money. Link a video to a quick and easy save path in the description so you can watch it later in that note. If you find these tips helpful so far, please consider leaving a like as it will really help other players find this video in the future and feel free to stop by my live stream if you have questions or want to learn more about the first hand game.
Link for that below in the description. Let's move on to a useful menu and some related tips. There is actually a notes section in your tasks. tab where you can write anything you want to remember. This is especially useful as a shopping list to remember the long list of items you'll be looking for at any given time to


your stash or for a task that isn't actually available. Rate inventory for your mission-specific items, so if you're in something like a past delivery where you have to pick up a folder in the big red building at customs and then save it later at the factory, you can drop it off once Whatever you're getting out of your customs raid, if you don't feel like going straight to the factory, remember to transfer it back when you're ready to continue that task.
Your inventory space will fill up quickly. One thing you can do from the beginning is to stack all your backpacks. one inside the other and you can even fill the innermost backpack with random things that you don't think you'll need for a long time later in life, you'll want to get some containers. I have a short guide explaining how to get all the containers in the game, which I will leave a link for in the description, as mentioned above with the looting tips, there are several chest platforms in the game that take up less space than they do. , use this to your advantage, especially at the beginning.
If you check out what is sold nearby from time to time, they will often have a nearly broken AV or other armored platforms for a very low price, which is great if you just use them for storage, taking the magazine and grip from gun. Most rifles will reduce your overall size in your stash. Also consider selling your core magazines to vendors if you already have them unlocked for purchase, as you'll barely lose any money doing so and you'll have extra room that way to rotate items. By holding the left button to pick them up and by pressing r, you can split ammo stacks and other stackable items by clicking and dragging, then use the slider or type the desired amount to split, you can more quickly examine unidentified items by hovering your mouse over them. them and By clicking the middle mouse button, this also works with folding and unfolding of stocks, which can also help you be a faster looter and raider.
When you're done browsing, you can get rid of those annoying manual notifications by clicking the green tab to navigate your stash usage. wasd or just place your mouse on the edge of the screen, you can walk there for extra immersion like a boss and see the requirements for building or upgrading a module, click on it in the scroll menu at the bottom, which you can moving around with your middle mouse wheel it's definitely worth upgrading the stash as soon as you can afford to do so as there are a number of crafts that can make you money at any given time depending on the price of the ingredients, value first of the cell and anything you create here.
It counts as found in a raid, meaning you can sell it at the flea market or even turn it in for quests that talk about the flea market. Once you've unlocked access to this crazy beast of a system, there are plenty of useful filters to take note of. . I have a video about this that explains them in more detail, but a really useful feature is linked search. Let's say you have an ak with a rail on top and you want to see what sites can attach to it, just right click on the rail and run a link to search this will show all the attachments that can appear here.
You can filter further by type only by merchants and you can even filter out those pesky barters to see what's for sale just for money. There are many other uses for linked search. So play with it and you'll quickly get used to how it works. You can also filter items by condition, which is useful only for purchasing armor in good condition, as well as making sure you buy medicines and other consumables that are mostly not. Many used things are worth selling at the flea market if they have the raid tag on the source. This refers to items that you survived on or survived on in your hideout or that you received as a reward for completing tasks, as indicated by a small check mark icon on the However, not everything is sold for the best price on the flea, so don't be afraid to compare the current flea market price with what the vendors pay before making a decision and after a while you will remember it as you talk.
When selling to merchants, each person pays different values ​​for the things he will buy. This is something that may change in the future, but right now the therapist pays more for Barter Items and Jaeger Medicines for Melee Weapons, Shotguns, and Bolt Action Rifles. Mechanic for everyone. other weapons and accessories rag for clothing armor helmets and their unwanted cases and peacekeepers pay more for intelligence-related items such as diaries and flash drives, but pay a fence in dollars pay rent for almost everything, but he could treat him as his human dumpster for broken armor and helmets, since he's the only one who will buy them once their maximum durability is too low for the ragpicker, the rapper pays more for grenades and flashbangs and in At this point the skier doesn't pay more for anything they still want.
However, sell to him from time to time if you're trying to level him up, which brings me to tip number 29: merchant levels. Traders will level up when you reach a certain total of money dealt with them over time, which includes both buying and selling from that person. If your PMC already meets the level and reputation requirement needed to level that trader, consider buying something from that person in small quantities and selling it back to them for a small loss but very quick profits on the total money you have traded with. she. Yes, thatmerchant sells currency as a peacekeeper and skier, consider exchanging rubles for dollars or euros with them so you don't have any monetary loss in general before going on a raid, there is a lot to consider to prepare properly and it all starts with learning the maps if you don't know where they are your goals and, more importantly, your extracts, you are already heading without much chance of survival.
I'll leave a link in the description for some cool Tarkov maps that you can display on a second monitor or ipad. or even just on your phone while you play to use as a reference until you have them memorized. I think it's best to learn one map at a time by alternating your pmc and the scav player on it to understand the terrain more quickly, but as you wish. I feel like doing so is fine, one of the good things about Tarkov is how open it really is, so there's really no wrong answer here if you're new and looking for some direction, although I would recommend starting with customs as there are a ton Your first tasks take place here.
The damage you deal when escaping Tarkov depends entirely on the ammo you use and not the weapon. Unlike many other shooters, you can shoot people with completely unmodified weapons and good ammo while instead struggling to kill someone with an awesome gun that has junk ammo. There's a link in the description to an excellent ammo table created and maintained by no food after midnight, which really helps break down each ammo type and its viability against different armor in the game. It may seem overwhelming at first, but you don't need to memorize everything, just start with a few rounds with decent stats that are affordable and build your kits.
Around that, there are a few calibers in the game that are interchangeable with different types of weapons. but they don't actually shoot that gun, the vepr 209 for example uses the same magazines as the avepper 136 or akm, but if you load the 209 with 762x39 ammo or load an akm with 366 ammo, that gun will turn red and won't shoot. The same goes for the mcx versus the m4 and other calibers, but if you're unsure, try putting a round in the chamber before filling your magazines with that same ammo. Be absolutely sure that face coverings are a good idea as they help hide that shiny globe of your head, especially in the darker areas.
The glasses, unlike in real life, actually help reduce the amount of raindrops on the screen and also help reduce the effects of flash bursts by varying amounts. and there are even anti-fragmentation goggles that provide a small amount of armor compared to low-penetration bullets and can actually save your life from stray pellets. There are several headphones in the game that change your sound by amplifying quieter noises like rain and footsteps and muffling them louder. The likes of shooting, if you're alone, are especially important as you know you can shoot anything that moves without hesitation and you'll be able to hear people approaching sooner if you're busy looting or repacking magazines, generally speaking they all do the same thing.
The same goes for different sound profiles, so try each one until you find one you prefer. Energy and hydration will deplete slowly while you're on the raid and even faster if you're overweight or have a burst stomach. We'll cover both topics in a bit. If you plan on going to a larger map or know you might be there for a while, consider bringing a cheap snack. Knowing where food is likely to spawn is also important in a pinch, which you'll learn over time, but duffel bags. you have a higher chance of getting food than most other containers as a general tip on the map screen before choosing a time for your raid, you can see the minimum and maximum number of players for each map, which can help you have an idea of ​​how many pmcs you have. a chance to meet before going on any map other than laboratories, you can choose between day and night, the difference between the two, besides the obvious, is that night raids are usually much less populated than daytime ones, which which can make them great for completing tasks, especially.
If it's a map you know well, I recommend insuring all your equipment every time, just because the price at which you can sell anything to the vendor is less than the insurance price, so even if you go with equipment, you don't. Even the chances of wanting to come back are that other players won't want to either and you'll effectively be making money there too, plus I can't tell you how many times I've died to a scav or scav boss and never been looted. all because no one found the body, plus this will allow you to scam your equipment by hiding it in a bush or a dark corner somewhere when you've found something better to continue the raid with offline mode, it's your friend, you don't win or you lose anything in offline mode, so it's a great way to practice with a new weapon against the scavs or even better learn a map with the scavs turned off so you can explore every little corner and find every little container in which you always you want to go raid with a target, if you can, maybe you're working on a task or trying to focus on filling that bag of documents, so you choose a map with more binders or maybe you just want to level up your sniper skills to head to a higher range long.
In any case, having goals at the beginning will not only help you stay focused, but will also make the game more fun in the long run. In my opinion, fear of equipment is quite common in this game, but try not to be afraid to use it. and you will eventually lose your equipment, this game will eventually be deleted from time to time, but your personal experience is something that will carry with you. I have a three minute video on fear of equipment that will help you a lot if this is something you struggle with. In the description, playing with friends is another great way to help with homework, face fear and even insurance fraud since you have a friend with you who can throw away your stuff if you die.
We have a big discord group filled with just Tarkov players and people looking to play all the time so feel free to join the link in the description, we have a very friendly community which can be a big plus, you know, contribute to that vibes while you are there, your death zones and eft are the meaning of the head and chest, if either of these two body parts is damaged directly down to zero, you die, there is a small chance that either of these body parts reach zero or pass out due to bleeding or other damage over time, effects that will not kill you outright but will instead cause more damage. to any of those areas will result in immediate death.
Blackened legs will leave you limping and unable to run unless it has an analgesic effect. Blackened arms will make your aim incredibly shaky and slow and a blackened stomach will cause your energy and hydration to deplete quickly. Greater damage to the black and limbs will multiply that damage by distributing it evenly across all remaining body parts. You can repair your arms, legs, and stomach using a surgery kit, but not your head or chest. There are different types of surgery kits at Eft. The cms has a slightly shorter use time and takes up less inventory space than service 12, but restores less maximum health to the repaired limb. service 12 can also restore fractures.
Both are quite useful, but I prefer the serv12 for longer raids, especially when equipped. For that higher max health restoration and the cms for faster loot runs or smaller maps like the factory where shorter burn time may be more important, some medkits can cure minor and heavy bleeds while others can't. Double-click any medical item to inspect it. You'll see a hit point cost associated with any bleeding the kit can cure. Keep in mind that heavy bleeding takes up a significant portion of your kit, so it's highly recommended to carry something like a Cat or S Mark tourniquet or Calc B hemostat to help do the heavy lifting.
Your medical supply therapist also has a healing service at the end of the raid, which is free for the first few levels and then costs a little more depending on how damaged you are, this way is convenient, but if you want to get a little more of value. the xp way consider keeping a grizzly medikit in your hideout to heal after your raid, as doing so will grant all the appropriate healing xp in the same way as if you had done so in a raid, you can quickly link your medicines to numbers . 4 to 0 on your keyboard by hovering over that item and pressing the desired hotkey or dragging to the desired button.
Keep in mind that they should be inside your chest or pockets. Let's move on to some combat and movement related tips that you can quickly link to. any weapon that fits in your chest rig, this is ideal for snipers who want to keep a low profile by not having a weapon on their back while prone and also allows you to take out a pocket rifle for close encounters, you could even execute a small sniper rifle as a backup weapon for longer range shots or to level up your sniper skill while using your weapon of choice as your primary weapon, you can shoot blindly into short cover by pressing alt and w or around the left corners with alt s by pressing g To launch a grenade, the game will always drop some into your leftmost pocket first, followed by the leftmost chest equipment slot, and then from top to bottom if you have them lined up vertically on the equipment.
This is important to know if you want to alternate fragments with flashbangs. or if you want to use shorter fuze grenades let's first talk about which vag grenades currently have the shortest fuze times with rgd f1 in the middle and the m67s with the longest and shortest fuze times are a great way to get unexpected kills since your target will have less time. reacting with longer fuses can allow for some really interesting plays as most people will instinctively run as soon as they hear a grenade drop and this could give you enough time to push them and shoot them as they run and still get out safely, you can put Zero your optics by pressing page up or page down while zooming, this is mainly useful for long range snipers, if your target is more than 100 meters away, you can adjust the crouch height by holding down the crouching and scrolling the mouse wheel, this can open up some really interesting things. peaks that crouching normally can't reach, you can adjust your movement speed similarly by scrolling the mouse wheel.
Caps Lock will instantly reduce your movement speed to minimum and pressing it again will return it to maximum. Moving slower will allow you to hear better. over your own steps and also makes you quieter for other players who said that the crab walking everywhere especially in open spaces will kill you as you will be an easy target and it will learn when to run and when to sneak. It comes with experience, but as general advice. It's usually best to run through larger open areas and slow down once you reach cover to pause and listen, then you can choose to sneak or keep moving as the situation requires.
Tarkov is an incredibly sound game and almost everything you do can be done. Being heard by nearby players, don't let that stress you out too much as it works both ways. Try not to get into the habit of crab-walking everywhere, but keep in mind that if you're always running outside, eventually someone will. They hear you before you hear them and will probably wait a moment for an easy ambush. You can lean left and right with q and e, but you can also do a side step with alt q or e. These spikes can sometimes surprise other players, especially when you are crouched. which can give you an extra fraction of a second to fire first.
Prone tilt jobs with the same q and e and alt q and e hotkeys will cause your pmc to turn more to one side, which can open up some even more devious and unexpected peak points. prone also significantly reduces your recoil. You can perform a combat reload by double-tapping r. This will make you reload a little faster than normal at the cost of dropping your current magazine as a bonus tip if you rebind your combat reload to a different button. make the animation a little faster since the game client won't be waiting for that second r key input.
If you hold r and scroll the mouse wheel you can choose which magazine to reload into by default, simply pressing r will make your pmc choose. the one who has moreAmmo You can also choose between various shotgun shells or shells in certain rifles, speaking of which you can cancel long animations by left-clicking once and waiting for the current part of the animation to finish. This is useful if you get pushed while reloading multiple shells into a shotgun if you panic and click a few times, you will queue up multiple actions and start firing as soon as the newest shell comes in.
You can also cancel medical and food animations, including surgery kits, but some take longer. than others, learn where other PMCs spawn, the more you play on a given map the more you'll be able to take note of where you've spawned before and therefore where another place might be. There are also great maps on the Tarkov wiki to help you. with this i'll leave a link in the description pressing v will draw your melee weapon, but double tapping v will flick and immediately raise your weapon again. This is especially useful for breaking glass, you can shoot more. lights, which is great for night raids and really useful for smashing half-broken lights that otherwise continue to make a lot of noise and make it difficult for you to hear footsteps talking about night raids.
You can turn your night vision on and off with the n key. this also works for face shields, learn from every death, no matter what happened to you or how bad it feels at the moment you die with a bunch of loot, try asking yourself something you could have done better, maybe you were killed since a really unexpected angle. You didn't know well, he just showed you a great place and now that is your place too, always look for unexpected angles to get rid of your enemy, try to jump on a table or a barrel that you have never seen anyone on before.
Be surprised how often you can throw off even the most experienced players with interesting angles. Learn to read the room. The more you play on a map, the more you'll start to notice when doors aren't in their default positions and things are less subtle. such as containers that are already looted, dead players and scavengers and whether or not they are looted, still combine this knowledge with your growing knowledge of pmc spawns to help predict where those people might go next to hone your tracking skills, Speaking of tracking, the more you listen to the more shots you start to learn what each gun sounds like, for now try to take note of any shots you hear and whether successive shots from that same gun seem to get closer or farther away from you and whether they sound muffled.
It could indicate that the person is inside and help limit their position towards you. These are all things that can help you determine whether you want to pursue or avoid a shootout. Watch dogs if you see a scab that is further away and you haven't seen it. Consider quitting. live as a sort of alarm system if he starts yelling or shooting at someone else you know there is another pmc nearby take your time when moving during a raid and pause to frequently listen for footsteps or other noises especially when entering a new building for the first time.
From others, this game highly rewards those who take the time to learn it and as you have seen this far you are already ahead of the rest, stop by my stream and hang out if you want to learn more about my play style there. There are plenty of other great content creators out there too and you'll be surprised how different some playstyles can be from each other and what bits you can take from other people in that regard. I also have several heavily edited game series on this topic. Channel also which I will link in the description so consider checking them out as well.
For more detailed pvp tips, speaking of pvp, the best thing you can do during a firefight is to keep your opponent guessing if you exchange shots with someone coming back behind the cover, don't stand still and stand still, keep moving even a slight adjustment in your position can cause you to repeat the wrong angle and give you that extra moment you need to shoot first. Sometimes it is best to restart the fight completely if you are injured, outnumbered, or outgunned. It's okay to retreat using grenades and stun grenades to Cover your retreat can usually stop someone's pressure enough to give you more room if they're actively shooting at you from behind while you're running.
Looking down can hide your head from that person's view. It may seem a little silly, but it's better to take hits and other body parts and potentially live to fight another day if it comes down to it, if you're behind half cover, like sandbag walls, looking down will also hide the top of your head from the view from the other side, be sure to carry extra ammo with In raids, you can slowly fill your magazines while doing other actions, such as looting containers, although I hope this will change in the future once we have animations recharge.
The middle mouse button can also be used to get a rough estimate of how much ammo. Drops in magazines within your inventory and alt will check your current magazine Keeping them full keeps you better prepared for your next firefight Keeps track of your weight The more you carry, the more disadvantages you will begin to incur when you are partially If you are overweight, your walking speed It will be slower and your stamina will be depleted faster if you overdo it with looting. You may have to drop some things to be able to run again. Always check this little debuff symbol near your character's health pool for more details if you're not sure that running out of stamina in an open field can make you a pretty easy loot piñata for someone else.
Aiming downhill is always more accurate, but you can actually shoot from your shoulder quite effectively and


Tarkov and the lasers will give you knockback. reduction in doing so, the downside of course is that you're pointing a laser at the wall wherever you go, so consider turning it off when you're keeping an angle on someone so as not to give away your position. Almost everything you do in a raid. Level your abilities in some way, for example, eating and drinking will increase your metabolic ability while throwing grenades and moving, while being overweight helps increase strength. Check the skills tab to get an idea of ​​what bonuses you are receiving from your current skills and what you can unlock.
Later on, for the most part, I think it's best to let these levels rise naturally as you play through your raids, but if there's a certain skill you're trying to level up faster, there are plenty of guides available for each. one, you can open the communications wheel. game by double tapping and from here you can right click on any of these options and bind them to f1 to f12. In fact, you can set them from your hideout or in an offline raid and it will be saved in your online raid, so don't do it. Worry about doing that in a real raid.
Good move when playing as your scav. Almost all of the above also applies, but there are some notable differences. Normal AI scavengers will not automatically be hostile to you unless you shoot them or damage them in some way. If you get into a fight with another player, the AI ​​will only get angry at the person who damaged the other player first, so be careful with this if someone starts shooting at you first but misses and you retaliate and hit them first, the AI ​​will be hostile. for you and not for him, it's an imperfect system and I hope this is developed more in the future, but that's how it works at the time of this recording, also, ai scavs appear more or less in gangs, which means that only other nearby scabs from the same gang will do it.
They will be hostile to you if you confront them, but other groups of scabs in other parts of the maps will still be initially friendly. Bosses and raiders work a little differently, although in your PMC they will engage you as soon as they see you, but in your scav you can get a little closer to bosses and raiders without causing their aggro to get too close and all bets are off. In a firefight with them, never repeat the same angle and instead try to flank them. A lot of these guys have pretty good armor, while some bosses don't wear armor at all, so when in doubt, aim for the face, your tank actually has its own level. and skill tree too and while of course you play as a different scav character each time their level and skills carry over, it's even possible to unlock elite perks on your scav if you play them enough, hold down the middle mouse button to view freely, this is especially useful when you are checking for other players, it is also a great way to move your weapon off the camera so you can take nice screenshots which you can do by pressing the Print Screen button.
Let's look at some really useful graphics and startup settings that will make your day in Tarkov much smoother to find the screenshots you've taken. Head to your launcher, click the dropdown menu, and you can access all your screenshots in one place. There, the launcher is also where you can submit errors. reports and you can easily attach the screenshots you've taken here of any bugs or errors you're experiencing. This game is still in beta so feel free to report any bugs you are experiencing for the sake of the community above the play button, you will also see an option to change your server from here, you can sort by ping and select only the nearest servers to get the best connection instead of leaving this on automatic, which can sometimes choose a fairly slow server for you in your launcher settings. changing when I close the launcher window to exit the launcher and when I start the game to exit the launcher completely will kill one more little process on your PC while you play this CPU-heavy game, talking about making your game run better.
I have a short guide on lots of different things you can do to increase and even unlock your fps, which I'll link in the description as a basic overview, although it's important to understand that, as I mentioned, Tarkov is a CPU-intensive game, so If you're on a high-end PC, you'll probably experience better performance if you actually increase your graphics settings rather than lowering them to move more load to your GPU. Another useful thing you can do at first is to make sure your overall visibility is set to Mil, this will help performance tremendously by not making the game draw the terrain any further than necessary, but it will be far enough away that it won't appear strange.
There are many anti-aliasing options that you should feel free to play with. especially in offline mode, but at the moment taa and high taa seem to not only look the best but also provide the best overall performance for the sound setup. You can adjust the overall volumes and music volume here. I recommend turning the volume down on your hideout quite a bit, as it can get pretty loud in there, and lowering your interface volume to about half will help you be able to hear a little better when you're raiding. The binaural sound option at the bottom is for Steam audio.
By activating this you will have to restart the game, this will give you better directional sound and at the time of this recording it is a work in progress in the future, this option will disappear when Steam audio becomes the main audio source for all in the game tab. Consider enabling the automatic RAM cleaner. and only use the physical cores option if you're on a low end PC, if you're on a relatively current gaming PC I'd leave them out of view, interesting topic. I have mine set to 59 from 59 vertical fov. is basically equivalent to 90 horizontal, this gives me a little more screen real estate to work with in raid while also avoiding any sighting and accuracy issues that are known to arise in other FOV settings.
However, there is no wrong option here and you can do it. Dial yours back to make everything appear larger on your screen or press the number up so you can see the after effects further away. I highly recommend doing an offline raid to adjust them. You can access the after effects by going into your configure after effects tab, turn on the after effects and then click display, then just play with the sliders and effects to your liking. Keep in mind that some builds may look great on the outside and not so good on the inside and vice versa, you can get one in the game.
Fps counter by pressing the tilt key at the top left of your keyboard below the Escape key to open the console, type fps space 1 and enter to turn on the counter. fps 0 again will turn it off. I wouldn't recommend leaving this on. in real raids, as it can affect performance a little, but it is agreat way to test out graphics settings and after effects settings in an offline raid, like most shooters you can remap your keybinds, I recommend assigning some settings to your mouse thumb buttons if you have any that can be pretty good. I like to use mine to change shooting mode and switch between optics.
The Escape from Tarkov Sherpa program is a way for newer players to request a raid alongside a more experienced and approved Tarkov Sherpa. These are community members who dedicate part of their time to helping newer players learn the ins and outs of the game or complete a difficult task. There is a link to their site in the description for more information on how to apply for a Sherpa or even become one. This isn't actually my last tip for you, but as you probably know, the addition of the game you buy determines which safe container you start with.
That said, you can earn even bigger ones by completing various tasks and trades and I'm sure this will be a big surprise for you. but I also have a video for that, which is a link in the description. I have a few more things for you, including a bonus tip number 102, but before that I want to thank everyone who supports me on the channel and if I would like to unlock sweet emoticons and badges next to your name in the comments of any of my videos , as well as including your name in all future end credits.
Simply click the blue join button next to the subscribe button to learn more. You will get these and more. only 99 cents and greatly helps support future content on this channel. I also stream on Twitch four days a week, for which there is a link in the description, tip number 102, if you bought this game before or at Christmas last year, then you will have a Christmas present waiting for you in your Escape from profile Tarkov simply log in to their website linked below and there will be a big receive button. If you have a gift, you can also take advantage of this moment to link your Twitch profile with your eft. profile so that the next time they do launch events on Twitch, you'll be ready to start getting automatically deleted while watching me or any other streamer that has them, if you have anything else to add or any input for this video or an en the future, let me know in the comments below remember to like the video if you enjoyed it and if you're new to the channel or just new to eft in general, consider checking out one of these videos here.
Thank you very much for watching and I. I'll catch you in the next one.

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