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Podcast #179 - Space Survivor

Jun 01, 2021
I did, thanks for watching Space Survivor season 1. We need advertisers to know how we finance a trip to


. Well done, it was fun, it was fun. Space Survivor, good game, trademark, well, unlike nuclear winter, where you have to take people's jobs. in consideration, we can eliminate the most annoying people first, yeah, well, thank you all for watching Space Survivor and listening to the gingiva


. It's incredibly nice to be back and I missed you, and I'll see you next week with another episode. It's officially Ares season next week, so karma you can really do it.
podcast 179   space survivor
We stream on Twitch all the time cut to Jenna Julian and look at the sponsors in the description help us support the show grab a biker breathe into the mic take us out buddy take us to the commercials okay bye.
podcast 179   space survivor

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