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Phil Robertson Fooled the FBI Without Saying a Word | Duck Call Room #42

Mar 06, 2024
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phil robertson fooled the fbi without saying a word duck call room 42
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phil robertson fooled the fbi without saying a word duck call room 42

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phil robertson fooled the fbi without saying a word duck call room 42...

We have already returned. I think that's going to be our last break I don't know we're going to do the show a little different today we have shameless star




I didn't know you guys did four you guys do it four days a week shameless yeah that's why I don't don't see myself around here much because my plate is pretty full, yeah, but that takes a lot of work, but obviously you can shamelessly catch the same places that you catch us, uh, and it's every day that we're not there and them, what do you do? shamelessly, y'all pontificate about jesus much more we talk about jesus, we just talk about silly things like dove eagle, plus he's pretty much the centerpiece of our podcast.
phil robertson fooled the fbi without saying a word duck call room 42
I like that, so Phil, we email here on this podcast. Get our fans to email us, yeah, and we got an email a few weeks ago and I remember, remember the guy who sent an email about Jonah and the whale? Yes, he wants to know what kind of fish and therefore do you have an opinion on? What kind of fish are you talking about now Jonah and the whale this is Jonah what kind of fish yes they wanted to know it's very simple a big one yes that's exactly what I told him someone says look if you're going to We know by faith that we believe that the universe it was formed by order of God, so what is seen was not made from what is visible if you control the atomic structure of everything that holds this forest together, the concrete, you look up, you look in the oceans and all that . look the almighty could make a fish that could swallow monroe louisiana yeah i mean yeah that's true that's true yeah there ain't no vermin there ain't nothing you look at in the ocean someone a dan showed me Yesterday, one of those big whales showed up, you know? amazing the size of that thing, it was bigger than the boat oh yeah, and look, yeah, once, all the dinosaurs and all that god is showing you some of the things he's made, if you want to build a big enough fish like to swallow a man, it would be as comfortable as being in this


sitting there, you know, and you're in the belly of the fish, I mean, no problem, no problem, yeah, well, that took us , that got me in, were you in that episode?
phil robertson fooled the fbi without saying a word duck call room 42
Well, we all pontificate. I love that


. What is the question you want to ask when you get to heaven? Yeah, so we have people emailing that to you right now. I wouldn't be asking questions, I'd just be thinking, "I'm glad I'm here." I'm not worried about how, because I've already figured it out, I didn't like it, yes, you know why you ended up there, so yes, it makes you look at what your lips are


and see how you move, you say that you love your emotion. I saw love joy peace fruits of spirit goodness kindness faithfulness gentleness self-control I saw that coming out of those individuals that's what they were man woman it didn't make any difference you say you're a slave to sin or a slave to righteousness look at this here here this happens to to be the first president of these united states you are right to want to learn our arts and ways of life and above all the religion of jesus christ these will make you an older and happier people than you we should have listened to george washington happier, but what did we do ?
God, there is no god. All Yale Princetons. All these big, fancy universities at the same time. All its doors where you entered. All Bible verses. 200, 150 years ago, 200 years ago. You're like they're all preaching schools and you look at them now, they've just been removing Bible verses over the years and now you don't look for more Bible verses and not just that and you look now at the harvest they're producing and you say, yes, Washington DC, our nation's capital, is written in concrete everywhere, yes, George Washington, uh, we are zealously performing the duties of good citizens and soldiers, we certainly must not entertain the highest duties of the religion.
For me, to the distinguished character of a patriot it should be our greatest glory to add the most distinguished character of a Christian. Make sure you are a Christian before anything else. First president of the United States. You say well, the second, John Adams, what did he say? Let's say John Adams, where is he? Suppose that a nation in some distant region should take the Bible as its only book of laws and each member should regulate its conduct by the precepts set forth before it, what a utopia, what a paradise that region would be if people simply loved God, loved His neighbor said to think about that world, so what do we do? uh the christian religion is above all religions that ever prevailed or existed in ancient or modern times the religion of wisdom virtue equity and humanity i have examined all religions this is the second president of the united states i have examined all religions religions and the result is that the bible is the best book in the world that's how they talked 245 years ago 250 years ago that's how our government officials talked all I have to say is look at us now it's quite different it's a sad story you all are watching the preliminary collapse of an empire they are


is imploding trying to be good without god the boys are not going to happen here comes karl marx once again I wonder: when are they going to leave old Carl?
They just keep coming back to it. One of the most godless people on the face of the earth. I go with Jesus and what he did three days later: he died and three days later he rose again. from the dead let's see my sins removed guaranteed that I can be resurrected from the dead given the power of the holy spirit and all I am commanded to do is love God and love my neighbor for my life where is what is the disadvantage of that? well here's the problem, it makes a lot of sense maybe it looks like we'll see if we die and you're right, I guess we're in a mess guys that's why we need what happens if we die? and we're right, someone has to pay for it, you have, it won't be me.
I'm going to chase


s the rest of my life on earth. You know, so I keep going until we leave. The Bible


s your physical death a departure of your soul and spirit. will be with God your body goes to the cemetery when Jesus returns it is the last event when he returns he brings the body the soul and the spirits of those who have died there is a resurrection of their bodies and they will be given immortality it is a reunion and not only that It's a meeting and the only thing that has to do with me I will have a change of direction yes, I will change the direction boy, it will never be right I can say it but I think they would be oh, that's how it will be, we are talking about the creator of the cosmos, right?
Wouldn't it be good to bend over from now on? Yeah, we've been down that road here on this podcast before, well Phil, we appreciate having you and hey, if you're wondering, we'll end with a little Bible reading like we always do. I have one marked here that Phil alluded to. as before, but if you're wondering how I get to where he's talking, he mentioned some traits found in Galatians 5 22, but the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Things like that there is no law those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and passive desires since we live by the spirit let's keep in step with the spirit Jesus number one hey you can't go wrong you can't go wrong thank you Phil hey there is no problem

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