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PE With Joe | Wednesday 22nd April

Apr 23, 2020
here we go three two one good morning world and welcome back to jove it's day three of the week it's Wednesday our fifth week of PE let me change my timer I'm going to set up my little five minute warm up and we're going to start with a warm up five minute warm up and we're going to yell five zero zero five minute five minute warm up yeah we're going to do a five minute warm up we're going to do a lot of yelling we're going to do the warts now at the beginning then during the middle at a mid point and then at the end so I can just focus on drills and technique and really get the most damage so I know there's a lot going on there so we have the quiz with the difference where the heads and tails everyone loved Heads and tails, we'll do it again, but today I have a plan, so let's be nice first. and simple let's march in place listen to those knees nikki we got four and a half of those many shots you can actually follow up tobias and josephine training in beirut wonderful right keep marching everyone freddie lgd out what is the park ? great nice twist Amelia and Zoe in Essex we swear Amelia is the most popular name in the whole world Ramona but left to right we miss a few touches of our feet left to right we have twins Charlie and Henry and Colchester good morning , guys, headlights, weather and Jeff is in Russia, right next time, on the ground, one day, on the ground to stretch, bright, okay, great, stretch, we've got Cody and Tyler Tyler in New Zealand, Brilliant, we're all the way. there today stopping everyone's balls I'm Lorenzo who's sick birthday in Italy good morning Lorenzo true very good big part right look behind this sick point the differences you can see them I'll be informing you at the end of training there are six points the difference is nice big stretch breathe it in now we're going to sit on a pontoon and think about this so take mine and just put your knee on the ground knee on the ground you're trying to open up your hip joint so question number one let's driving while trivia question number one Matt Fuji is a mountain he went to these countries Japan Hawaii or New Zealand Mount Fuji is a mountain which of these countries did he go Japan Hawaii or New Zealand to the right to the left to the right ok now i'm going to jump into a squat stand up nice and tall we're going to sit down and just spin around like this let's go we've got two minutes left little left warm up give right six spot the differences hello - thomas an Emmy in Hampshire Riaan stares and his coach mums get an Eddie Brock left one standing let's step to the side this is the hand knee bent so stretch left to right alright perfect and we have archie out alpha and a list of his sy dney workout all the way thanks for tuning in folks y'all in the game i love doing this i love doing this every day and i enjoy it its the best part of my day , I love it and when it's like that, everyone just wants to. to get back to that i just miss it alright let's go left and right so i actually miss it on the weekends.
pe with joe wednesday 22nd april
I wish we were going to 70. Wait, but from left to right. is which of these countries Japan Hawaii New Zealand is Japan well if you have that question one point to you so to the right big server backwards big circles forward so we're going to flip heads and tails again and lots of people mention you're saying if you had a two headed coin it was all tails but it was definitely heads or tails it definitely wasn't a cheat ok next time move on this stretch up stretch stretch and turn your foot stretch stretch ok let's just do a little more cardio warm up move to go perfect last one just run the spot nice and fast 20 seconds so we'll have 30 seconds on the exercise followed by 30 seconds we actually do ten exercises then we do a two minute break for some whoops more then we do another 10 exercises 30 seconds 30 arms so even though you're still running today legs knees up ok are you ready for exercise number ro one?
pe with joe wednesday 22nd april

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pe with joe wednesday 22nd april...

I said, are you ready? Word for exercise number one, right? Let's do this first exercise. Nice and simple technique. lash out we're going through that second right we've got to make sure the beatles going off can be connected to the senior so keep up the new teen lashing amount bluetooth ok keep going keep lashing in 10 seconds so let's take a step back, step together step get a nice step back big step back perfect and relax well done right next to our next trivia question is miami on the east coast or west coast of america there is no map so you can't cheat is Miami on the west coast or east coast of the United States ok next exercise I'm going to do another live body again a very good one simple squats let's swap and press , we're going to pulse and then we stop, we do three pulses and then we prepare. here we go so go down go one two three and stand one two three and back up straight three beats hoping the hill was nice straight back shoulders back chest up and you don't want your knees to cave in don't let your knees cave in kick them out pulse pulse pulse and support pulse pulse pulse and support well stay down last few seconds four three two one and relax whats the answer miami is on the east coast of america you have california on the west coast man on the east coast okay drink 325,000 schools live homes homes somewhere in the world okay come on next will be push ups remember hands on the floor to get down and push down and push go 30 seconds from now can anyone guess where that is? the photo was taken where is that and what ocean is that that might be a good question ok go ahead so push that remember we want to bend those elbows and then push up so you come nice and straight down and up ok perfect go ahead doing your push ups keep going come on you will get stronger every time we do this you can do it on your knees if you need to do it with full push ups three two one and relax great ok next cardio workout let's run in place and for a good quick hits so we really get your heart rate up as much as you can now question number three true or false England is the most visited country in the world true or false England is the most visited country in the world punch remember knees up in four seconds let's shoot anything that really works hard to take on mama's dad's teachers whoever is doing this in this time can you be a little harder than yesterday and you went a little faster there was a few more reps we're getting stronger you're getting stronger Over 15 seconds look at that turbo boost little breather have some drink the answer is it's false england it is not the most visited country in the world the most visited country in the world is France with 89 million tourists we visit per year 18 million people visit France is well on the ground The next ABS exercise on the list and the question let's go to many people go to france if it's too hard on the legs you could drop to the ground it's a crunch and it's important to breathe. mano the way down let's go brilliant great exercise number four here's a good one the beatles played at a famous club called the cavern what city is the cavern where is the club cavern what city the club the beatles played guess a little we are going to do our lunges now the spiderman lunges get nice and low so what I'm doing is I'm going down and I'm lunging and then I'm turning so the Beatles with the famous band are playing at a club called the shack they there's the cottage little bowl so what i'm saying ng when i have i've been there - tiny little club lot liverpool big city big night come lunge spin the web really spin that body around spin spin and bend oh leg time to work it's them our name is alright good we have four more exercises next i want to do nice and simple starts if you wanted to be more difficult you can do an explosive spike, choose where you go from there, that's a harder version, easier version, that's a star jump right number five where in the world does reggae music come from where does nicki's reggae music come from where's that nicki division right at bob marley's house reggae music comes from jamaica ok come on kick i'm the easy version the easy version and then the hard version whoa oh come on how hard i want it to be push ok so i can find a point of differences here.
pe with joe wednesday 22nd april
Added bonus point if you can tell me what pace it is and what ocean it is just from there. Can you tell us a difficult question? It is a very difficult question. on the ground now we are doing our mountain climbers look from the elbows all hands need the chest at that exact moment yeah massive bonus points for every one of them worked out come on come on thirty seconds means the chest is a tough cardio workout , today the harder you push yourself the more amazing you're going to feel afterwards so gap you can't baza challenges so we do this to get you in shape Baltar becomes mentally tough and feels good here we go over why true or false now 51 states in the usa true or false there are 51 states in the usa ok next exercise is nice and simple we are doing squats right if you want to go to the next level we level up squat jumps will you jump ground?
pe with joe wednesday 22nd april
You can decide we're going in five seconds Dominic I'm gonna jump jump right so to our people of 51 states in the US the answer is folks there's only 50 states in the US shit burnt , come on gonzo go ahead five seconds four three two one relax go on exercise on the floor another app so I'm often asked why you exercise then what time makes you get up on the floor tomorrow every day and do this and the truth is that it makes me happier I feel good I feel energetic I feel alive I feel productive I feel patient I feel calm it is the most wonderful thing and that is why you exercise every day, i hope you feel the same the next time the bike creaks, the bike creaks and the truth is the delicious use of exercise and the sooner you connect with that the sooner you realize how i can change the way you feel every day , the best because you will be a fit child, a teenager be fitter and even a happier, healthier adult, so keep it up every day.
I returned the money to break up. shower time it's shower time and then we get to my time in part two here we go two minutes britta so catch your breath clap your hands well done this person at five then hit the like button well i think we'll round them up sorry in armenia good morning sorry hi to clo udy interferes in guernsey good morning grace seven years in bristol today good morning grace and happy birthday happy eleven perfect for pop have a wonderful day poppy thank you for taking part in my training today i am happy 50th birthday - fiona who has done the job which is every day happy anniversary to john and lizzie we have max and harry training in the ukraine awesome one minute to start standing guard let's go as many as you can we have a family in bristol oliver robin in belfast good morning oliver and Robin Ruby and Zack on the Isle of Wight and George our good morning who's in the egg service and that's where I think it's ok so the si Next question number seven is the mythical creature the Loch Ness monster from which country is the mythical creature the Loch Ness monster is from which country are we going again in 20 seconds next exercise we are going to do one of my favorites climb the ladder so that your knees up hands up head lots of energy th Think about this with your knees as much as you can and reach up and pull down but you're climbing a ladder here we go seven seconds you can work harder than the first ridge you can push to the next level yes you can come on go I'm really going to vote for her now on my knees for the Loch Ness Monster Loch Ness to be in Scotland.
You can't wait to be Scotland. I am going on a motorbike trip soon to visit the white cantata of the highlands. I need the head. turbo yeah remember six what's the difference today there are six of them up there six spot the differences oh i can't catch my breath next time we'll do the lily pad frog jumps remember there the frog his lily pads you got a jump around the room so you don't jump in the water you land on the lily pads Wow let's do big jobs so we jump forward where are they? We jump to the other side of the road because we are in a pond and we can only land on the big green water lilies, touch the ground and jump, jump, left, right, forward and backward, etc. legs jump perfect timing for next question number eight oh this is great what i have to say its becoming myFavorite Pixar movie.
Pixar city movie ratatouille is based on wit - european city ok let's go again now you're going to find this hard let's go to lunch play let's go to lunch opportunity if you read this great just do another set of reverse lunges if you want I want the challenge come on jump jump jump so ratatouille that's a great movie so smart based on the city of Paris in France so well known it's good that it was oh I'm relaxed welcome and when you're doing so well next question number nine is a good question in 2010 i start on my bike 2,000 miles from vancouver all the way to san diego to my right was the ocean all the way let me see what an ocean what an ocean was looking at nick your wife some of that you have anicky did well our next exercise running the spa when I bet down we go down in a spot we get it yeah man alright ok keep it up and then that's one so I flew on my bike in a ca ha unboxed built it smothered 2001 that the west coast of usa to my right was the ocean because i was on the pacific coast highway the ocean i was looking at is the pacific ocean this specific post harvick's that road going down oh wow good point ten seconds so what we're doing is starting with it if you feel this you're in and out, in and out, in, in, out, in and out, in, out, in, out okay, in and out okay , so you're out and flexible and have a strong board walk with your feet up and back hey come on you're doing great today let's keep working keep working great job so next exercise will we will do by hand you will have to push it up to know what they are basically in a pushup position you c lower lift your hands off the floor then push up to lower lift and push down lift your hands and push makes it harder to engage your shoulders and apply a good pressure next question where in the world is the Great Barrier Reef Where is the Great Barrier Reef? up are hard come on pushed up right in the chest chest triceps chest twice up 13 seconds great barrier reef question artists it's amazing beautiful place it's a great thing old the barrier reef but it's in australia ok let's go three two one and relax perfect good exercise well one you have four more exercises for more movements now we are going to shuffle to the side in a bag so we shuffle the little garden to the ground then we go up shuffle shuffle hand around you relax stand shuffle shuffle shuffle same again just use the width of your room or if you want to go up the spot just run in the spot and down you are running the spot from left to right to go up again next question number 11 mandarin is the main language spoken in what country Mandarin is the main language spoken in which country do you see where it is where it is do we know the answer? world trivia we are learning we are learning new things today come get my drink whoa good right question the answer to mandarin question mandarin is the main language spoken in wild china at a good point oh ok next step towards down on the ground so we're going to be in this position here in the pushup position from the names you go down, tap, tap, so push. up show her the touch charlotte you're going to push up show the touch shoulder touch so you can do full push ups if you want to push up to your upper body really punching what push our shoulder touch touch with the good shoulder stay down repeat push back tap up tap push tap tap 14 seconds 12 seconds nds 11 go 9 oh count on me 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and relax dream well two more exercises two more moves next question this is good the hogwarts the Hogwarts Express is a train that travels between platform 9 and 3/4 in London train station and which London train station does the Hogwarts Express train leave from ok next time let's do it now that's hard , let's go down, down, down, down, little jump, well, keep it up, keep it up, repeat that, repeat that. we got 20 seconds carly buddy stay up little hop stay up little hop up how many can you do can you do more than you did last time the last few reps five come on get stronger get faster 3 june 1 and you will act like brilliant way ok one more exercise answer The Hogwarts Express train runs on London Kings Cross trains well done good point I need three more questions to get it right last exercise this is hard I'm going to be pushing it up and down on the floor. do 2% for one jump up to nine jumps one to two or turn around up to nine times go so two push ups one to stick out one to repeat two push ups down calm down up up two push ups - no jump lunge lunge can i keep walking we are going on a good top we are working hard we are trying hard today and then make your move raise your energy lift your spirit walk away free and proud strong confident five seconds come on what a workout what a workout everyone give each other a big round of applause give each other a big high five give a heart to someone if in the room you sound proud of you say well i'm proud of then say to yourself say i'm proud of me i just forced my physical body for a physical experience and you've changed the way you think your state of mind mood is up you feel happier your hearts start you are alive you are present we are more careful the world right now when you exercise that's what you've done it's powerful so thanks for joining me here's love questions number one Q Sherman lives at 42 Wallaby Way what city Q Sherman lives at 42 Wallaby Way what city where could he be maybe from a movie maybe?
Now I'm obsessed with Pixar movies right now, maybe it's a movie called Nemo, where is Nemo swimming? Where were they trying to find Nemo? I know P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney brilliant ok next is for me Warren Park is a successful paper trader in the UK sitcom the office if you don't know if i'm a big i'm upset consulate look near where that city is where is the city that wernham hogg the paper merchants is someone nobody i'm home from the office paper merchants is very successful so they do a little is in slough well done slough is ok the latest true or false las vegas is in the state of arizona true or false Las Vegas is in the state of arizona it's fake because it's funny the goose is in nevada so try to fool yourself there.
Well done on the world's 15 trivia quizzes. find the differences so just t stretch a bit sit on our asses and I tell you find the difference and also that bonus point so that's when the leaders stretch their legs and stick their toes in okay sitting on that planner stretching your toes number one it's one of my books Joe's 30-minute meals number two number three this little lavender number four is the dog that guy bit in D got in build-a-bear and then this is a beautiful photo of me in Indian Costa Rica and she is small and the last one you may have seen is this photo now this is a photo my brother took he flew his drone over my house in the United States and this is the exact shot over my house so which beach and which ocean is there anyone can guess if they know where i spend the winter you will know where i am.
I'm always in America so this is a big double bonus point. This is the Santa Monica beach in California. So you have a Santa Monica pier here. Venice pier like this and that wouldn't be the Pacific Ocean so massive double bond patrons you've got that wellness I finished craning my neck over our knees stretching like that was a great quiz. Who liked today's quiz. It's a big stretch to that side and we're going to end with someone pushing out to thank as many people as they can. participating today happy birthday Gabriella in Richmond which is right where I live Thank you Gabriela Louie hi dear mum in North Devon next am I standing or this balance just bring your knees together hold that stretch there hi to the sighted family training in australia lots of people in australia , so it's afternoon time, they get naked, this one we have a niche in nepal.
Wow amazing Bibby we got some great booty being Mathilde inches right next door they stretch they look good they stretch and stretch and how everyone. a brahman crime is going on in watford in the house a little twist and we have vicarage park school in kendall thanks for joining us i hope you had a good worker it's hard we really try hard with we're compressing you know we 'r no we're going backwards, we're moving forward, we're going up and getting stronger, adapting to our healthy gums, it's always up, always progressive, next stretch, hold that knee bent, leg straight, feel the stretch inside, wait about 20 seconds and then we. exchange we have three hours 8 8 in london top on sides and everyone i'm st.
Michael's juniors are going to all this work thanks to all the schools that they participated in factor that came back thanks for being here stretch stretch stretch and we have Darcy and his mother and his cockatoo all participating IX in copper point to do it so last we turn left to right fantastic workout I feel great I feel energized I feel Hackney and I hope you feel the same So that's why we're doing this and I really love it and I'll see you again tomorrow at 9am. m. more surprises different trainings and also more quizzes and i have ordered some fun things to make it more interactive remember friday every friday is fried costumes and i have another silly outfit for friday so have a lovely day thanks again see you tomorrow good nights everyone

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