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Pawn Stars Deals that made a FORTUNE

May 15, 2024
here. I'm still counting, friend, thanks. The old man thinks it's too much. In his time, a bonus meant waking up after a whole day with a thousand dollars. Do you know what the first bonus he received was? He has worked here for 10 years and works hard, for the thousand dollars, in my day, a perfect bonus that you could still stomach. After a hard day at work, Chumley wants to buy some sweet gold grills for his teeth, the team advises him to do so. Invest his money but Chun Li won't budge, buddy, I'm going to get a gold grill with this.
pawn stars deals that made a fortune
I go to the grill, you can't cook burgers on a gold grill, like gold teeth hanging from my teeth, they look cool, maybe a couple of DVS diamonds. on that or something like that you might want to consider something else. Can we invest the money? Why don't you buy like two shares of Apple or something or one share of Google? Invest my money gold teeth invest my money gold teeth investment gold teeth are up here better my money is down here golden grill here I come but first I had lunch to go to the vintage candy vending machine.
pawn stars deals that made a fortune

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pawn stars deals that made a fortune...

Everyone loves candy, especially Chumley. How are you, good? How are you pretty well? What do you have here? I have this. uh, 1940's Stoner candy machine, yes sir, you know who loves candy, right? This guy inspects a 1940's Stoner candy machine in the store, brought in by the owner, Randy Stunner, it's cool, although they did some interesting things. Stoner vending machines have been around since the 1930s and they are known for making some really cool and stylish vending machines. They had a few different models, they even had a more sophisticated model that would light up and you would see it like in high end movie theaters, you know more Elite. class, but they're not just known for vending machines, they're also known for making some arcade video games, right? it has been in his garage for 20 years his wife wants me to get rid of it it has been in the family for a while but it has been in my garage collecting dust for 20 years my wife wants me to get rid of it yes I think it is already Now, yeah, you haven't fixed it in 20 years and you're not going to fix it in the next.
pawn stars deals that made a fortune
Yes I agree. Lee calls in an expert, Rick Dale, to check the machine. These came in a lot of bottles I mean like they came with a figure eight lying around where it had different candies they came with a dial on the side they had gum but it used to have a mirror they ran around here these were everywhere at every gas station they went to they had a Coca-Cola machine had one of these on it and then in 1959 they sold out and sold Devendo which is the largest vending company oh yeah uh the machine is finished it lacks numerous working mechanisms that reduce its value at 300, wow, sure, guts are missing, so what is this?
pawn stars deals that made a fortune
What it takes is that there are a lot of mechanisms in this spring, levers, all these things back there, everything has to work together when you pull this, it releases one, so the next time you pull it, it releases another one. It's really complex here, there's a lot missing. of parts, so I mean, I don't know what you guys want from me, yeah, if this was all done really well, it would be cool to maybe put some of my chocolate bars in it, yeah, that's a good idea, so, How much does it cost? in this condition in this condition yes Maximum $300 after intense negotiations Chumley and Randy Shake for a measly 100, said as is, worth 250,300.
Would you take 75 for it? 75 yeah how about three no you said three as is? I mean, at the same time, if I buy this, I'm going to have to completely restore it to 100, so I would buy this for 100 dollars, it's going to be very difficult for me to get all the things to make it look good and look good. right, 100 dollars, uh, okay, okay, Dale restores the antique machine to perfect condition for four thousand five hundred dollars, this is the candy machine, okay? It looks a little different now. I mean, it looks like a blanket to me.
Well, that's how I. Do I like to do a voila? You know, ready, yeah, okay, here we go, one, two, three, whoa! Holy Chum bar, check it out, that's freaking awesome. I mean, just by looking at it I can see that you did a lot to it, so the outside. I had to take out all the metal and everything, all these stainless steel pieces have to be taken out straight and then polished, painting them with this paint called Hammer Tone gives us this look, this was the original plate that was there, like the you see. It says fresh candy, it's all raised, fix these handles, remember they are all white and colored, we polished them and then painted them red and I like it, what about the inside?
Let's see it, do you want to see it, yeah. It's that big screen TV that's there no, it's gone, it's gone done, remember how it used to look right, it looks great, so this is basically a whole new mechanism from there to the end, it's basically all ready to go, is it? works? yeah, you want to check it out, this one here is full of your chocolate bars, okay, you're in luck because I love it, a milk chocolate bar with pop stones, there you go, it looks pretty good. What is the total? It's 4,500 with all the parts.
Rick is worried at first, but a price of 7,500 quickly suits him. What is this? Is that candy machine? I had a big problem restoring it. Let me clarify this story because I don't know anything about that. Alright? How much did you buy it for? I bought it for a hundred dollars. It was in very bad condition. Here I will show you the photos. Rick was able to restore it for a total of 4,500, so per minute 4,600 you can get it for 6,500. It's easy, why are your sweets? bars it contains, that's the gift that keeps on giving to Rick.
You can sell that thing for 6500 today or you can make dollars with it every day for the rest of this life. I don't have a dark chocolate one for old people like you. He orders Chumlee to take his candy out of the machine and display it in the store. Take those things out and put them up for sale. I'm just tired of the madness. I really am, guys. I'll finish it at the end. of the week thanks before, I'll finish it today. I'll try to see who is a toy. Chumley inspects a rare 1980s toy that a customer brought into the store.
It's an old toy from the 80's. the name of it is a rare toy from the 80's. Okay and it. It was a very unique item, it's actually a toy that you would take off its head, fill it with slime, squeeze its stomach and liquid would come out of its eyes, ears, nose, mouth, my parents thought it was disgusting, yes, it looks like a alien. drinking problem oh yes, the owner Fernando bought it alone for seven dollars. I found uzit at a Swami and I think I ended up paying seven dollars for it. I collect a lot of rare toys and I recognized them right away.
I generally don't collect this. kind of figure and it's just sitting in a display case so I thought I'd sell it and get the items I collect. The toy still has its original box and slime. It was not mass produced either. Well, I wonder if this is the original. slime, it was this is a pretty good red ooze compound, maybe squeezed out of the doll, but it has to be put back on the doll or in the bottle or it dries up, they didn't have to run out of goo, you know, as long as They will take care of him. oh yeah I see you have the box here too that's good it has some damage obviously yes the top is missing here it's not often you get a box of a toy that's rare exactly because this toy wasn't produced in dough and that's what does it.
So valuable today, these things can be worth a couple thousand dollars if they are still in the package and box. You know he wants five hundred dollars for them. Chumlee fights back for 200. How much are you looking for? He was looking to move me. 500 for it, you know, that doesn't seem like a bad deal to me, but I really don't know how much they're worth. I opened thinking more about 200 dollars. I can't do 200. They counter back and forth. until they get to 300. I think realistically I'd be happy with 350 given the condition and history behind it. If you could make 300, we can make a deal right now.
I think 300 is fair, okay, it's a deal, man. Fernando leaves the store a happy man I'm leaving here with 300 I'm excited I think I want to take my family to a big dinner just have a great time tonight old arcade bowling game a salesman Dale brings an old bowling game from 1957 Hey, I have something really sweet to show you what you got. An incredible game of bowling. Bring it. He purchased it at an estate sale for $50 in 1957. The machine sold for twelve hundred dollars. Today I will come here to the


shop. to sell my 1957 bowling set, it was in the attic of a barn at an estate sale.
I bought it for 50 dollars. I have a baby on the way in eight weeks and it's time to get rid of him. It's pretty incredible. T, Rick, yes, it's pretty good, but it's awfully big. What can you tell me about it? We have a bowling alley from the 1957 UMC team. How does it work? It costs 10 cents per play. It's like playing bowling. You roll the ball from that end down. and he shot down how much these things cost new in 1957 or 1200 dollars. Rick sees the value of the bowling game if you restore it for less than three thousand dollars he would make a profit.
The wiring on this thing is a rat's nest. Don't know. I even want to risk turning it on, but I still see value here. Games like this are rare. I will have to invest at least two thousand dollars to restore this, but if I can keep my total investment below three thousand dollars, I will make a profit. Dale wants six thousand dollars for it, but Rick refuses. All electronic components would have to be replaced. Reluctantly he suggests a thousand dollars. What did you want? I want to get at least six thousand 600, that's a deal, not six thousand, oh sorry, no way. because if this were in a bar, everything here will be completely dirty, like cigarette smoke, it will be unpleasant in there, all the electronic components will have to be replaced.
You know, I'd give you a thousand dollars for it and I shouldn't. I won't even pay you for Dale to think about it and after a tense silence he accepts a thousand dollars, okay it's a deal, write them down Trump, he walks out of the store cocky after robbing the team blind. Today I settled for a thousand dollars, um, you know. I'm happy I bought it for $50, so well done.

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