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Pawn Stars: Rick Harrison HITS THE JACKPOT

Apr 25, 2024
We will render is a quote from Winston Church, there is no doubt there is a lot of history in This letter looks like it was made on a typewriter, but is it legitimate? If it is, Rick has no doubt he'll be able to sell it without a problem, but they may need to bring in someone to look at it. Okay, it's definitely made with the typewriter, it wasn't made with the computer, you can see from the spacing of the letters on previous typewriters there was only one space for each letter. What happens with modern computers is that they will space them proportionally to the size of the letter.
pawn stars rick harrison hits the jackpot
A good example is right where it says correct sum. there MH sees little spaces between the D's a big space between the eyes that is not proportionate uh this would be really cool if it were real I really love the guy. I'm always on the lookout for anything from famous WWII leaders and whether this document is legit. I won't have any problem selling it to a collector, but I have to make sure someone who does know looks it over and then we can talk money. Sure, it's fine. I will call you. I think the letter looks real.
pawn stars rick harrison hits the jackpot

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pawn stars rick harrison hits the jackpot...

I'm looking forward to having an expert review it. Well, the expert inspected it and this is real. The expression on the seller's face is priceless. You know, I would make that face too if my card was worth $1,500 Rick, what are your concerns regarding this card? Is it really okay? It is a very good concern. How much does it cost? Well, this card is really cool. The watermark on the paper is a high quality British paper. It seems to be in Winston Churchill. personal stationery, so do you think it is very good? I'll take a closer look at the signature, it's a nice fluid signature, there's no real hesitation, it doesn't open automatically, so it looks like you have a real autograph signature here, good man, nice letter, okay?
pawn stars rick harrison hits the jackpot
Question two, what do you think that would go towards? I think this letter would easily fetch you between $1,500 and $2,000, maybe a little more, okay because of the content. Thank you so much Dana, I really appreciate it. They had no problem closing the deal for 800. So how much do you want for it? Well, he said 1,500, right, he said 1,500 to 2,000, which means at an auction it can go from $1,000 on a really, really bad day to $2,500 on a really, really good day, so I'm thinking it's $700. a fair price or you can take on all the risk and maybe get paid within a year, okay how about 900? a Matchbox toy deal this time.
pawn stars rick harrison hits the jackpot
I know everyone in the store, even the expert, didn't want the customer to pick up his stuff from the pond. It has almost every car that Matchbox released between 1953 and 1969. It's a huge collection that this man expected. He gets $20,000 as a loan. It's worth it? Let's see. What do we have here? I have almost every car that Maxbox released between 1953 and 1969. I didn't rob a toy store, did I? No, I did not do it. Okay, so where? Did you understand all this stuff I've been collecting since I was young? There are actually approximately a thousand pieces, almost 600 of them in boxes.
Matchbox is a huge company. I mean, there's a huge collector's market for it. Everything is before 70, which is considered considered. the most collectible because in 70 Matchbox changed its entire way of manufacturing due to the launch of Hot Wheels, most Matchbox cars are scaled down versions of real vehicles, kids went crazy for them, but then Hot Wheels released hot rod type cars wildest to keep up. Matchbox completely transforms its line now that cars from the '50s and '60s can be worth a lot of money, so what do you want to do with these? I hope I can pay them, how much were you looking to get?
I hope he gets 20,000 $20,000 okay, I don't know enough about this stuff to shell out 20 grand, but my friend Johnny will, so let me get him here to go through all these boxes and maybe we can work something out with the experts. I'm sure this deal really makes sense and all of this is worth up to $75,000. You have the coronation trainer. They made 2 to 300 of these pieces when Queen Elizabeth was crowned. This is a really very rare piece. I've seen them sell for $12 to $1,500 if you have the BP tanker with gray wheels that's $1,000 a piece right there you also have some of the Kings siiz parts here these can be $300 a piece you have some gems in these boxes here, this collection is amazing, I mean the condition of the boxes.
Rarity. You have all the factors in your favor, so what are your questions about this collection? How much does it cost? Everything is pretty good. It is a fairly complete collection. I would price the collection at 25 to 28 grand for the entire collection. I would have to I don't agree with that, how much do you think it's worth? I set it myself at 75,000. Well, I mean it's like high-end retail. I would say about 10 years ago, at the peak of the market, you probably would have been closer to that number, I would say. probably 28 grand at current values ​​thanks Johnny you're the one I appreciate it best Budd no problem man they explained the rules to him and he was able to get the $20,000 he was looking for in the first place do you think he'll come back to pick it up ?
Above, you're looking at a $220,000 loan. I have no problem giving it to you. Mhm, 20 thousand dollars is a big loan. With loans like this, you need to make sure you are very clear and completely fair, even if that means giving advice. The last thing you want is for some guy to tell you that you weren't honest, you have to understand, man, my typical loan is 100 dollars. I strongly suggest that you do not accept a $20,000 loan. Think of a number that you absolutely need because you have to pay me back. man and believe it or not the more money I lend you the more money I make well it's a 120 day loan you don't pick it up the stuff is mine so what you wanna do?
I need the 20, eh, it's not what. I want it to be what I need, okay, write them son, okay, man, thanks. Nurse GI Joe action doll. The following item is a very small but unique action figure, an original GI Joe nurse action doll. He didn't even know they existed. but it's from 1967 and it's in very good condition considering how old I am here I have a doll that's a GI Joe it's actually from 1967 oh yeah Joe wasn't a girl well this GI Jane oh you actually know a lot about dolls buddy I have never seen one of these before, they are very rare, she is the only female GI Joe doll ever made.
I don't think they sold many, no, not many children didn't want a nurse doll, yes. It wouldn't have been big back then, where did you get it, an estate sale. Well, GI Joe action figures were huge in the '60s and '70s, almost every kid had at least one, but somehow I doubt many had GI Joe's nurse. This could be extremely valuable, it's supposed to be worth a lot of money, let's see what this customer can get in return. The expert came to verify this in no time and this is really legit and what do you want to do with it?
I think I want to sell it, okay? How much did you want for him? I would like about 2500 for the dog. You know, here's the thing: I don't know enough about this to tell you the truth, I don't even know. Yes it's fake, but I have a friend who knows all about this, so if you don't mind, let me call him. His store is at the end of the street. I'm sure he'll come running here for this thing. One of the most sought after collectibles on the market today, this doll here came out with a green medical bag and a white medical bag.
The white medical bag is the rare of the two, making this one more valuable. The white bag alone could probably meet the price. between 2 $50 and $500 this doll right now as is, we're looking at between $122 and $1,500 in the current market that's it yeah, even with this white bag, even with the white bag, I'm sure there are some dolls that with the bag they went up for auction for 5 or $6,000 but that was in the box you have a loose figure here it would be worth between 5 and $6,000 if it was in the package this doll was loose it was missing some of the accessories but it was in good condition so still It's worth about $1,500, as the price of things goes up and down and condition is everything.
I mean, it's in pretty good shape, but there's no box, there are holes in our socks, this is dirty, yeah, that's not really what I wanted to hear, but I can. Understand it. I'm sure any GI Jo collector would want this. I think it's very surprising how this doll was a complete flop in its day and is a must have in a GI Joe collection. Rick ended up making a deal for no less than $800. I know you're disappointed now that you have the information, what do you want to get? Well, I'd like to get at least 1000.
I'll give you 600 dollars for it. No, how about nine? Yes, you have to be kidding me. six I mean, I'm just thinking that selling it is going to be a nightmare, there are a lot of GI Joe collectors out there and I know this, but you know, that's the only thing I'm thinking in my head, there are a lot of GI Joe Collectors out there is GI Joe's nurse, but GI Joe collectors don't have this in their collection, so they would be I'll go for seven, how about eight? I'll give you the eight, okay, okay, thank you.
Right your ball up and Shain what you're about to see is something you would never have expected to have any value let alone see Rick make an offer this is literally a ball and chain this was some kind of last ear smartphone today The guy who called said he has a ball and chain and since I am not an expert in that field I called my friend Mark who is this is the ball and chain you are calling me about. Yes, I am an expert in police memories and restrictions. I've been collecting police memorabilia for about 25 years, so why would you want to get rid of it?
Actually, I just got married a couple of weeks ago and I don't need them anymore. I have a real one at home. Rick doesn't know any of this. topic and neither am I, let's hear it from an expert, so Mark, what do you think? Well, this was pretty much what the prison system used, so balls and chains are mainly found in the United States, usually in the south where the prison gangs were. Most often they would put it on their prisoner so they could let him out of the prison yard to work in farming or roadworks or they didn't want to risk them escaping.
It was good behavior. This thing is wild. I just can. Imagine those poor guys on the side of the road wearing their striped uniforms dragging a pickaxe and this thing on their legs, it must have been hell, well I'm surprised this is real because a lot of them are fake and every single one of them . these pieces were actually hand forged this could be worth up to $750 and it is certainly a very interesting item and to identify a fake the first thing you should look at is the chain the chain will be modern welded ok 99% of all balls and chains that you will see are fake, there have been very few examples and most of them are in private collections.
This one has the old heat and rhythm method. The links were probably very hot and were hammered into shape and then closed. This thing is amazing. There are 40 or 50 links in this chain and each one of them was hand forged today, you just walk into the hardware store, give me 3 feet of that so I can say this is an authentic piece. I'm going to date it somewhere in between. 1920's and 1940's it was made by a company called Tower, which was the Ford of handcuffs and shackles, so how much is it worth? I estimated between $650 and $750.
Well Rick decided to make an offer and buy it for $400, this guy definitely walked away. a smile on his face after this deal, you know what I'm going to do, this is really simple, easy and simple and 400 dollars and not a penny more 450 400 dollars how often do I have someone walking here asking for a ball and a chain? It's not real, often, okay, 400 dollars, this is where we'll end our video. We hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to comment and hit the like button. And subscribe too. Hit the notification bell to see more videos like this.
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