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Our Unbelievable Ghost Experience | The Haunted Biltmore Hotel

May 30, 2021
here, a security guard who had just received a new phone and was taking pictures of the


. He got one in the Crystal Ballroom, that's the one with the balconies, the famous wall. Wow. two appearances And it still scares me when I think about the image. Have you seen the image? I saw it. Yeah. Oh my God, I saw him, he looked like a guy in a tuxedo. Well-groomed beard. Mm-hmm, you know, and there was a boy standing next to him. You can see through them and barely make them out, but he caught it. That's crazy.
our unbelievable ghost experience the haunted biltmore hotel
Yes, he captured it. But we've also had weird things happen, just like people do weird things. nearest 9:00 to 5:00 9-5 that's the mood for it. He caught up with her on the 11th floor. oh my god what!? Yes, yours, I suppose? his own. Which is even crazier and this is really disgusting, but you guys asked him. Oh. They took her out of here in a tied chair. Yes, but yes, there have been all kinds of crazy things. I don't know if you've seen the spiral stairs above. if you look and look down. I mean, you'll have vertigo.
our unbelievable ghost experience the haunted biltmore hotel

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our unbelievable ghost experience the haunted biltmore hotel...

There was a woman a few years ago, in fact, she was on TMZ. There was a woman who fell from top to bottom. Did she die? Yes, she died. Oh Lord. So approximately how many deaths have there been in this building? Since I've been here, there are two that I've known since I've been here. How long have you been there? I've been here for about two years. two years? oh ten years. but I mean, I've worked at Graveyard from time to time and crazy things happen at Graveyard. I mean, I was holding someone's bloody head in my hands last week. that?!
our unbelievable ghost experience the haunted biltmore hotel
Basically she came in, I don't know if she was on a combination of alcohol and drugs or what, but she had a bad fall or she got into someone. He came in with a big cut on his head, blood all over his face. He could barely walk, you know, so I ran after him. I grabbed a bunch of gauze and medical tape and everything and he insisted that we not call the paramedics, but when I got to his room it was like back and forth like that and it got to the point where I couldn't keep my head up.
our unbelievable ghost experience the haunted biltmore hotel
He couldn't hold himself up. So I was literally with towels in my hands holding this man's head. You know, waiting for the paramedics to arrive, patting their chest and back trying to keep them awake. Do you ever feel funny when you spend the night? So, and you feel it being shown, you feel better, yes, death is not the end. There is no way. The death of the physical body is not the end. I think we have learned it ourselves. Yes. Well, thank you very much. Opposite note: we actually lost or left the key inside our room.
So can we get another one? Yeah, sure, dude, this place is crazy. Like she said, it drives people crazy, like sometimes they're not even


s. It's like people just come here. You just go crazy and end up doing weird things. Most places you hear about are like


s, when they are


like one thing happens. There have been dozens and dozens of dozens of things. Maybe even hundreds: injuries, deaths, hauntings, everything, illegal activity. They said mobs. They used to come here to carry out their illegal activity. Dude, as soon as we get our key, that's where we need to go, to the tenth and eleventh floor.
Then we check the room and see what happens. Update guys, we have our key. We are on the 11th floor, the floor where the homeless person is. No, I didn't hear that. Didn't you hear that? No. How did that happen just when I started recording? I think because you were talking you didn't hear it, but Cory and I heard it like a boom. As I said, this is the place where the homeless man tried to draw blood. Alright, well this was the area. Look at the strange architecture, see the fingerprints on the wall? Look, why would that exist?
You know, someone fell all the way down and died in this one because he had vertigo. What that kind of sound seemed like was vertigo was an excuse for someone to push her or want to fall. Guys, remember how I said earlier that there were fingerprints? There's even more on the walls right there. They are making excuses for people who die here, where did they go? Well, if you're looking there, we're doing it. Good now. How the hell does a 3 foot high door not keep you out? You know you can't just fall randomly on this, or they'd push you or you wanted to go.
If you have vertigo and are climbing stairs, what would make you fall? Wouldn't you just fall down the stairs? What is that in there? It's open, who in their right mind has an open window on the 11th floor? Does that go down or up right there? Oh, all the way down and up. It's a fire escape. Who in the world opens this well-known


place to any guest staying there? No lock Look at this, 11 stories in a row, that guy appeared out of nowhere. He's coming back, he's coming back. Let's get out of here. Alright guys, this is the Presidential Suite.
It's on the top floor of the 11th floor. The two haunted floors are 11 and 10. What if this reaches a hundred? one thousand six likes It's one hundred thousand six. Yes. Do you want to try renting the Presidential Suite and calling something? Try to summon something? How to do a seance. Like a Queen Mary type thing? more than that, like a real seance. Let's do it. 100,000 likes. I'm going to do a séance in the presidential suite. We need to know that this place is haunted. Yes, 100%. That is: do we really have access to this? She said it's 24 hours, but she said this is the only place where the Black Dahlias murder occurred.
We don't know if it happened here or not. But this is where most sightings occur. It would be very easy to murder someone here. There are like a million places I could murder you. Dude, this is cute. Oh my god, that clock under the TV, I saw a face or something. Are you eating the damn apple? All the windows are open, it's getting late, right? MMM. This is the most haunted place in this hotel. So what happens if we try to find the light switches, turn off all the lights like we did with the Queen Mary?
We sit here from silence or maybe we try to talk to something and see if I can get anything. That's exactly what happened. Queen Mary, sounds like you're playing there. I know I heard it. I heard it. Okay, yeah, good idea, let's do it. OK, bye. so this is the only darkness we can get and nothing else goes out. If this is the darkest thing, it has disappeared. So that means it's the same darkness that other people have seen. Alright, let's get started. What are you thinking man? Are you afraid? I'm not afraid. I'm going to poop my pants very soon.
Well? Weird dude, this is why we like this, it's like a bad idea. Why are we doing this? Do you remember what happened on the Queen Mary? We already know that this place is haunted. It's definitely haunted and the stories she just told, like seeing things and hearing things, all the markings on the wall, like strange railings that lead to knowing where the secret compartments of all these different things are, are just crazy. Yes, someone is coming *phone rings* What the fuck bro, what the fuck buddy? Fuck that. answer it answer it. I answer him? Hello, put it on speaker.
Hello? why the fuck? What does it say, what does it say? Anyone there? There is nothing, there is nothing! Hello? Dude, I'm hanging up! Go! Go! Go! Let's go? Yeah! no one answered that at all, okay, get out! Where is my sweatshirt? There was no one in the living room on the top floor. There was no one on the phone. it's something more. Did you just hear that? Okay, go, go. Didn't you just hear that? Are we done with this? - Let's go? I guess. I mean, I don't know any explanation for that, you know, unless someone knows we're here and is trying to screw us.
Do not know anyone. Nobody knows that we are here. the worst part You know when you answer the phone and no one is there and it makes that *receiver noise* no. It wasn't that noise at all. Oh, so someone was there like on the other end of the phone they were sitting there. Yes, there was someone there. something marked that... it wasn't an accident, someone called it. come on. Alright guys, we just picked up our car and we left like Holy Shit. That was happening too much, it was like every room we walked into something was happening.
We're on our way home, we won't spend the night there. Again a big thank you to Corey and Jake, we got them through again. Sorry, but guys, please subscribe to them. Yes. How do we sleep after doing these things? That being said, get the business link in the bio. Again, it's just there. We received new products and we also promised them that if they get one hundred thousand and six likes, we will return to the Presidential Suite that we just searched for. It's like seventeen thousand dollars, so we'll need to buy that merchandise. No joke, but it is expensive.
I hope you like Sam and Colby 2.0. We will do these things. We will do a lot of other things together with Cory and Jake most of the time. So be sure to subscribe! Boy, this is just the beginning, get ready for more adventures of Sam and Colby 2.0. See you next Sunday with another new style video, so bye.

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