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NFL Brutal Hits of the 2023 Season!

Mar 18, 2024
we have all these different injuries second and three oh he rolls in the air and gets intercepted on the deflection look at Adams, let's hope he's okay Garo handles it dances he throws it he has Myers and Myers is right at midfield when the flag comes, oh God Oh my God, that was Kareem Jackson, don't let him extend the fourth down pass into the end zone. Logan Thomas is trapped and he shot, he shot. I know it's a bang bang play, but you watch him throw and there's no doubt that I know I thought last week's one was a little questionable about Jackson at the end of the game, but that one over there certainly doesn't look good during the commercial. .
nfl brutal hits of the 2023 season
Kareem Jackson was ejected for that hit he loves Walker, left tackle block Jordan for nice air P pedaling Katch Big Time crack Jackson then when he turns Jackson comes in 22 has been disqualified as moment no one open blushed dancing to the line of goal DTR hit hard while getting rid of his personal foul by mistreating the passer Defense Hackinson number 56 enters under the center and throws it to Dos, who runs towards the edge, receives a strong hit, the ball comes out and it is the hands of McMillan for Denver, they were worried about ball security, fumbles the ball, it was McMillan who forced the fumble on the first play of the game against Buffalo moo looking for Pitman oh watch out, there are flags everywhere with the KY hit absorb this Damonte KY hit thrown directly at him Pittsburgh's number 23 has been disqualified second and nine begins the second quarter ree Hall He had a left angle to throw for the first down.
nfl brutal hits of the 2023 season

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nfl brutal hits of the 2023 season...

You'll see Bree Hall bring her knee up right next to the head. He went down immediately and you could tell he was knocked out. Jones to his right, lunges. He lunges in. 30 and now Adams is staggering trying to get up, they lost him in the first game last year and let's see, yes, he took a knee to the head, I helped him look for his Titan receiver who gets caught by Chris Moore. The flags are everywhere. High. extended defensive back trying to get in H helmet to helmet right there they just throw, throw Kyle Hamilton out of the game Bon Miller is on the field, he comes after he passes and it's complete for Hall, look at 20 right here and you'll see he doesn't does.
nfl brutal hits of the 2023 season
He doesn't fall here, Johnson does and the team comes out to give him help and then he wraps here on the left side of the screen dazed on the second attempt and seven throws from Flo that have caught more during the last few minutes than he has had until the 50 yard, goes TJ Mosley makes the tackle, he has now caught five of six targets for 61 yards and needs a little extra time in the first quarter, the other tight ends have done well, but this time his main man has gone become more now Jones underneath grabbed by Smith Shuster and hit Mario Davis and I think that's why you can take a look at him, you're going to take a look at him and I think he also fell to the ground after hitting the collision and the The ground didn't he's found nobody open again now he's going to run he's going to do it and they're going down hard and there's a penalty yeah Tyrell Dotson number 25 I mean he just puts his helmet on his jaw back to throw pressure and comes to look. throw dumpson in front of Beckham before the goal line that's the challenge M wow from the 25 yard line oh big hit the ball gets loose and then rolls out of bounds cam Brown coming in for the Giants on special teams football in a game 77 fakes a SL handoff He drives through traffic and then gets knocked down by Jron Curse and a great decision of yours that is helmet to helmet in Justin Herbert's car stays on a quarterback, runs the speed option for chamra did that the first man missed and approached the first round Derek Barnes pushed him to the bench one of the officials there is injured this is what you want to see for the Indianapolis deposit in the rush positions, after the pass blocking, the Colts pick him up again, but other special teams greats play for the Indianapolis Colts. but that doesn't look good, he's completely exhausted, leaving it all out there, he was able to get this pass.
nfl brutal hits of the 2023 season
He hatches a good idea, as again pcho, this time he gets kicked in the head, no, right here, look at this at the end, boom. Oh no, but imagine if. They get a touchdown from this PL thanks to Saan Barky, now Deo takes off, oh, and he hit hard, but the hit was on the back of the left shoulder, right, and you see DeVito really look at the play. The defender did not make contact. the runner in the head and neck area we will pick up the flag and that for those who have a moment and juggle, here comes a flag.
Did KJ Osborne hold inside the 39-yard line? He looks to juggle me, they are doing it so well. The job of protecting the ball, the two fumbles today, of course, were costly, but there was no interception. What a back Irwin was, who wanted to let him go in the end zone and caught him with his shoulder and took his head off. your team plays courtesy football, oh second down and two big heads, but Rond Del Moore has to give more credit for holding the ball out, maybe this guy can do it so you know he can do it.
Look in the middle, oh my God, Lenor. with an incredible punch and Swift is slow to get up, let's take a look here, it looked live like he was leading with his shoulder. I think it's a clean, hard hit, that's how they want defenders to play under the helmet with the shoulder and but he's a great player, here's one for Hall in traffic and Derwin James exploits it. Cing Jameson Crowder, the reigning NFC special teams player of the week on a 61 yard line. Darius Davis on the rebounds looks at abdulla ooh and then Diablo. he drills it running plays shanet tries to get to the edge and Charan transports it now plays action they take it out to alert in the space barel is finished it's already in Branch brings the semi truck that made the tackle Watson hands and whoa Pierre strong is attacked and then that one there for Mike Evans now Godwin oh man he got hit the wide receiver Here comes Crosby there goes Herbert oh hit there goes a flag number nine has been disqualified from the game Holy Smokes pressures picked up Smith on the Roll and a big level hit with flags by the entire field.
Emanuel Forbes, the rookie player due to his actions, is disqualified looking to shoot, he has room to run, he will try to get in, he dives, turns around and is short, well, now we have made a great decision. I've seen both teams keep their offenses on the field numerous times today on fourth down, what an effort their quarterback gave in the fourth quarter before losing. Here's Prescott second and nine, oh what a hit and he holds on to the lamb at 46, brought down by Tony Adams. He knows that this free security is coming and he who is risking body and limb and holding on to it second and five love crosses back nothing happens there he is out of hell leaning oh look helmet to helmet there Derwin James Flags comes in and defends this receiver defense number three 15 yard penalty from previous spot automatic first down third down 12 Murray there is a block there by Humphrey the left tackle is overhead and the hit Roberts if he had been looking at the ball and not the player, could have had the opportunity for an interception, personal foul, unnecessary roughness.
Defense number 50, a 15-yard penalty with an automatic first down. Two glances in that direction return and it is incomplete. Wade took a big hit and the flag falls, that's the best thing ever. for Matthew Judon and there is contact three below for Maaf received a strong hit, that pass is incomplete and the flag goes down. I don't know what he did after Lis floated him out of the backfield and a big hit with a penalty marker. thrown Xavier Woods hit Taj Spears really hard, they talked about it and actually picked up both flags which to me is a good call on both sides, first down and 10 it's Naya with the catch, she planted a block, oh my gosh, amek, Robertson amek, wounded. himself, i think osor pushes him a little bit.
The Jets must reach the 25-yard line for a first down pass. Hall doesn't even catch it. He won't get there. AJ Terrell stopped him four yards shy. the one who made that big hit, Jones took his place, here comes Herbert, oh he slipped Hutchinson, who was brought down by someone in midfield, my God, and I'll tell you what kind of guy that guy is all over the football field, ​​just powerful, I appreciate Justin Fields, he just fought well. here he is running away now oh wow Derek Barnes was ready for him and Justin Fields already took some hard


today which was the hardest ever, no Kobe Bryant today Dalton on third and six in the pocket Dalton on the move fake and shoot, It's full, Julian loves it and that's the penalty.
You see the helmet right up to the head, Andy Dalton's jaw area going up into the pocket and this is just what you want to talk about bravery, or small man, tall, short with Hunter and Roy, oh. "Man, that was a hard hit from Hunter, you said aggressive, I don't think this is what you meant, Mark, yeah, no it's not, and what I meant by aggressive is putting pressure on and you saw them put pressure on me." pressure in the blitz, but you know you can." Don't take another step and you certainly can't go to the head or neck area.
Zack Wilson game action. He has Conklin and Conklin takes a hit on Taran Johnson. Zack Wilson under pressure and gets smashed in the 31st over when you're playing in the Zone. You sit in the zone and when you play, you keep running and you get Wilson to cross with a shallow cross and if they can just put the ball to him, but instead he keeps running and you start to eliminate. Some guys, there's Kyle Vanoi, they're tired of him running bam, he's a big kid, he blocks old school football on the outside, look at Jacobe Meyers, he got him off the ground, here they come running, five for The middle, there's Judy, breaks an entrance right there.
Mixon then gets taken out of bounds by Valentine and Judy was in the below-the-belt injury timeout and we step aside.

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