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20 Most BRUTAL Hits in NFL History..

Mar 05, 2024
From getting revenge on his teammate to being knocked down in the Super Bowl—one player even needed CPR to save his life—these are the 225




in NFL


, and for number 25, one hit sends both sidelines to a left foot of pure pandamonium and again to Grant. trying to feel the punt got squashed this time the ball didn't come to him oh that's not cool the kids are watching but neither is number 24 the time a punter turned into a human punching bag ryan and I mean the red SE and he al


lost the ball, he might get hurt too bro, you're up 21 points in the quarter, what are you doing?
20 most brutal hits in nfl history
But imagine getting hit so hard that you end up in the hospital center screen to Adams or hitting Po in the face. The mouthguard comes out and they're calling for help right away. That hit almost gave Devonte Adams CTE, which reminds me that Emanuel Sanders also came close during the Rams-Broncos matchup, painting Manning as the leader. The Broncos were marching down the field, but only when their offense was finally starting to click, tragedy unfolded before their very eyes, separation, oh, big hit, Sanders, now McLoud came up and they're going to say he hit a receiver helpless, she, bro, didn't see that coming, and so did Eagle fans.
20 most brutal hits in nfl history

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20 most brutal hits in nfl history...

Watch this come down the middle, oh my god, with an incredible hit, that hit was in cold blood, the 49ers eagle meat has gone too far, but in 2019 the NFL was a completely different world, the 49ers had no Brock walked and the Eagles did not. we have Jaylen Herz in his place, we lived in a world where Josh Rosen was a starting quarterback and his main target wasn't Tyreek Hills or Jaylen Waddle, it was Allen Hearns, however, everything changed in week three once this happened, the initial touchdown, look at the collision here, it's Alan. Hearns eliminated by Jeff, come on, I expect more from Team USA saying that the Dallas Cowboys aren't the only ones with a trick up their sleeve.
20 most brutal hits in nfl history
You may think you've got people figured out, but Rob Gronowski is proving that the exact opposite could be true. it's not something you can think of as TS him at the time, he still holds it and then pushes it, but there's no penalty flag. Bron gets up and taps his shoulder if Bron is taking cheap shots, that's how you know the rivalry runs deep and while the Patriots and Bills can. They can't stand each other, they're not the only ones with bad blood, he finds the open man talking about Kelsey, he goes down the tube, when did the ball come out?
20 most brutal hits in nfl history
Dang Derwin James went into WWE mode, it's good that Travis Kelce was able to get him off of me, but it's a lot harder to get rid of the pain when three guys hit you at the same time, Curle takes a swich and loses a helmet. Unnecessary defense. Hey, if it ended up in a dollar sandwich, I'd have a I also have a hard time getting up, what if I told you that Derrik Henry has as much strength in one hand as those last three players combined? He almost got the jum, yeah, he gave it to Henry.
Imagine embarrassing yourself on National Television, that's enough to ruin it. with one man's psyche, but next, find out what happens when a human freight train collides with one of the fastest men on the planet. 12 oh my god, just downloaded by the BL count, don't worry, Goodman Bar Allen couldn't have avoided that hit. It's bad enough having another man attack you, but it's even worse when you lose the ball in the process, oh, walls in the air and it's intercepted by the deflection, first the hit and the fumble, then the interception, you can't do this. things and you also can't get our 13th moment back in just a few seconds Robbie Anderson went from picking up the first attempt to lying on the ground in pain only Robbie in the middle and it's Robbie Anderson and oh what a hit, oh my God, Eric Harris taking the ball from the hands of Robbie Anderson, who remains down.
I thought leaving the Jets was supposed to help the players, while Robbie Anderson lives to see another day, not all players are so lucky because in 202 two everyone. Eyes were on Monday Night Football watching the Bills and the Titans, but not because it was an exciting football game. There are moments bigger than football, especially when an ambulance comes running up to the field steps and shoots and catches Burks and there is an injured player. Because Buffalo Dane was a bit of a victim of Edmonds' Friendly Fire, who came in at the end and you see his head just get pushed back.
It's a very emotional scene down here, as all the Bills players were gathered around. They were putting Danne Jackson in the ambulances. Fortunately, Danne Jackson is back where he belongs, the grd iron, but if anyone can understand what it's like to have your game taken away from you, it's Chris Godwin, this guy had it all, he was one of the game's. best receivers receiving passes from the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, however, none of that mattered to the Saints. Brady complete and a big hit and Godin is on the ground and at the time of the shot, there he was crossing the middle, tearing your ACL sucks, but at least the Super Bowl ring is a good constellation prize, this gives us leads to the top 10 with increasingly stronger blows and the pain becomes deeper because the moment of 2023 is approaching that made the whole world send prayers, but first we have to talk about two of the biggest divas of the Obj League and Josh Norman and in 2015 both players were playing the best football of their careers obj was a year removed from his infamous gravity defying one-handed catch against the Dallas Cowboys while Norman's spectacular coverage skills had turned the Panthers into a Super Bowl contender, so what happens when you fool one of the best receivers in the League against one of the best cornerbacks in the League?
I respond thinking about what could have been and this is what happened after that race a moment ago that this man Josh Norman tried to show obj. who was the boss but obj couldn't swallow his pride and let Norman get away with watching the back and forth between Josh Norman and OD backham after the play and when Josh Norman approached the bench for a full game, these two players are at each other's throats obj was only responsible for four penalties, three of which were personal fouls, it's a miracle that neither player was ejected from the game, especially after this massive collision to stay upright and up in a first try, there's Beckham again, what's going on bro?
I tried to end this man's career, so we shouldn't be surprised that Norman wasn't a fan, but he obviously did. He is on display. You can see what kind of player he is and you peel back the layers of skin and I really see what a movie is, don't lie, it's safe to say these guys will never become friends and neither will Wes Welker and Ryan Clark because in the late 2000s , the Steelers and Patriots were the worst enemies, that's when Ryan Clark had a hit. that sent all Patriots fans a friend third in the middle and Ryan clar exposed West Weler.
Boy, my man wasn't taking any prisoners, but as painful as that head looked, it's nothing compared to what Reggie Bush experienced. The tail swings back. Out to the Ball is knocked down and a grunting punch delivered by Sheldon Brown and Bush takes a while to get up and now falls back down. I wouldn't even wish anything on my worst enemy, which is ironic because in Super Bowl 52 the Eagles hated the Patriots with a passion for 60 minutes straight, they were each other's worst enemies, but in the second quarter things could have turned much more personal deep down that field with Brandon Cooks open and they hit him at the 40 yard line taking a shot. there next to Jenkins with emotions at their highest point Malcolm Jenkins has just given the greatest success of his career, yes it is a shame that Brandon Cooks could not finish the most important game of his career, but when you play against Patrick Willis finish the game becomes a luxury, oh what a success, watch out for Smith, gosh, I'm not sure about this one, it was Patrick Willis who hit him high, Michael Lewis had him low, or the rat Smith is a contortionist or this type no.
Okay, now we've seen what Patrick Willis can do, but imagine that hit times 10 because in pro ball in 2006, when everyone was going half speed, Shawn Taylor was a man on a mission, that's when it happened the unthinkable, fell short, oh Sean Taylor. I don't know if it was fake, it could be that he just decided to run with him, but Sean Taylor came from about 30 meters behind, the blow was cold but the celebration was below zero, although it has nothing to do with what we saw this season from Damonte . kazim because against the Colts Kazi gave a hit so ruthless and so powerful that the NFL suspended him for the rest of the season there are flags everywhere with the KY hit now I expected a lot of sympathy for Mike Pitman but one thing What I definitely did not expect was for the goat to get involved.
Nobody likes to see players get hurt, but hard


happen. QBs should not throw the ball in areas where they expose their teammates to these types of hits. Coaches need to coach better. The need for Q. to read coverages and throw the ball to the right places and defenders need to target the right hitting areas to blame the defensive player all the time is completely wrong, I need better QB Play Hold Up, Tom Brady is right? Gardner mshu put Michael Pitman in a dangerous position and it wasn't just Brady who supported Kaz because when Mike Tomlin steps into the situation, everyone listens, I'm usually talking about Laen Target, the target was down and both guys were doing it.
He was just unlucky. I know he's not a dirty player, he doesn't aspire to do some of the things. Sometimes it's just that you know professional football today and how difficult it is to operate. In the end, the NFL confirmed his suspension. But that doesn't mean the situation is simple, so let us know in the comments if Kazi crossed the line or is this an example of wrong place at the wrong time. However, our third moment is not subject to Ive, it is straight up evil. rolling and running and he'll have to do it oh no the ball comes out without the helmet look Jo good old R slides you hate to see a quarterback let alone Joe FAL absorb such a hard hit but that doesn't mean Kiko Alonzo is feeling nothing. less guilty for the situation, like I said, it's bang bang, he plays with you.
I hope you are good. I thought maybe if he cut it a second earlier. I anticipated that he would slide. He wasn't going to hit him, but I think it was like, you know, a second too late. That's why I hit him. Kico Alonzo may not have been embarrassed by the situation, but that doesn't mean he was still clean because once Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman expressed their opinions, they got everyone talking. I think it should be fine. It should be fine because you have to send the message that the quarterbacks will be protected at all costs, but I didn't think the hit was as egregious as the Ravens players tried to make it out to be, it was probably a little late.
So, but I thought when Flacko slipped, I thought he slipped a little late, so it's not a foul. If it's unintentional because they do it simultaneously well, like Flacko slipped late and Kiku Alonzo had already pitched, that's what he said. there's one thing Stephen A Smith forgot to mention the score, that's right, Kiku Alonzo's team didn't win by a long shot, the Ravens ended up winning 40, so as crazy as this success was, the NFL only found him to Alonzo only $99,000, but by number. two vontes beri chose with Antonio Brown it all started in the 2016 playoffs when berick leveled AB in the cruelest way possible in oh, a flag reaches the boss leis Harris will be called out for this in the hit on Antonio Brown and he is going to say that it's quite possible that this hit alone gave him AB CTE, not to mention ending Bengal's season as well.
You'd think that would be enough to stop Beri from any future drama. You would think he shoots it incorrectly. Antonio Brown, four defenders in the box and Brown is down, the first hit is already enough to raise some red flags, although Beri decided to take things a step further the second time he made the mistake of telling Juju Smith Shuster his next blocking and That's ridiculous, you know, you spend a lot of time educating on what's legal and what's not, you mess with Tick Tock, boy, and you're going to pay, pay the price, but as much as Vontes Berick hates the Steelers , he will do it.
He even admits that he loves the game, even more so that it be taken away from someone who no one wants that to happen, although on January 2, 2023 the chances of the beloved Hamlin playing again were almost impossible, the blow was painful, but few people realized what it was. it really happened after impact. Hamlin had suffered from something called commodo ctis see commodo ctis is a very rare condition that occurs when the heart rhythm is interrupted by a blow to the chest for a specific time period of 40 milliseconds. Yes, you heard right, in a specific period of 40 milliseconds.
The chances of that happening are slim to none, but now Bill's medical staff was forced to respond to the impossible welcome.back to Cincinnati, where medical personnel have been working on Bill's safety, Demar Hamlin, for the last 9 minutes, not within 3 minutes, Hamlin's condition. It was 97% fatal, luckily the medical staff stepped up, they were able to administer CPR and AED and the 25 year old survived the night, but at the time neither team knew this was the case so our team did. achievement. On the field and you could see the reaction of the players that were there and how they were impacted, mainly their guys, a couple of our guys, you could quickly see the severity of the nature, which was unlike anything we had experienced. . and during those moments, all everyone hopes for is the best case scenario, with no one processing whether this is a game that's going to be played. or delayed that that doesn't cross anyone's mind.
Zach Taylor knew this wasn't it. the typical situation causing the Bills and Bengals to do something unexpected stopped playing the game was canceled Stefan Diggs will tell you it was a situation he will never forget I vividly remember it happening right in front of my face because normally sometimes I come off the bench to support the defense so I'm looking and the way it happened so fast he missed and the guys that were behind me like I thought someone pushed them and he like you know you fall or you hit the ground but then He didn't move, so when you were up close and personal he did something I wouldn't wish on anyone after all.
This, the craziest part of all is that dear Hamlin is still going strong, how are you feeling before the game? And when you were out there, normal, super normal, feeling great, Denny Kellington came out and gave you CPR, alerted everyone else that the situation was pretty serious, I owe my life to Denny, literally, you know, he loves to say that he was just doing his job, that's something I'm really grateful for and I don't take it for granted, it wouldn't have been possible. If not for the Bills training staff, let's welcome this year's recipient of the Pat Tillman Award for service to him, the Buffalo Bills training staff.
If there's one thing we hope you learn from this tonight, learn CPR and how to use an AED. because they save lives, set a goal, do it this summer before football season, you don't have to be perfect, we always say that doing something is better than doing nothing, this shows you that you never know when you will have the opportunity. to change a life it may be physical but that doesn't have to be the case, however when that opportunity comes be prepared, you may end up being a hero, just like you too have a chance right now, that's it, everything what you have to do. is clicking on the video on the screen, but that's okay, there is a 97% chance that this video will disappear in the next 3 seconds.

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