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Messy Makeup Trivia ft. Jeffree Star & Tati

Feb 29, 2020
important. Like, I wasn't going to be the person, you know, being that we're so close, and I have a history with you, to tear him apart. And I knew he was going to be a little biased, so I thought, why not just say that? But honestly, from


t to finish, as far as the palettes I hit, I hit this pretty hard. - I love that. - And that always tells me something, when you have access to so much to really see what you're really looking for. - Mm-hmm. - Just because I like its versatility. I don't do much gloss, so I stay in the neutral zone.
messy makeup trivia ft jeffree star tati
But then I like to have, like, the pops. - Okay, yes, that's why I created it. It has a little something for everyone. - Yes. Is it difficult for you when you film that you don't like to move to put on


? Because I'm someone who will lift my chin all the way up and you'll see me lean back, and I like- - No, I'm a professional. - Good. (Laughter) - I'll be here doing my


yoga. - Wow! - Do not worry about me. - Tati has a little challenge going around. - Actually, I'm fine. - I knew you were going to kill.
messy makeup trivia ft jeffree star tati

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messy makeup trivia ft jeffree star tati...

Oh, wow. - Build, build, build, mix, mix, mix. - That looks really good actually. - Nothing bad. - However, this color is really disgusting, as if I lived for it. And I love that you've already touched bread on your own palette. - Yes, everywhere. - Everywhere. - Oh Lord! They didn't even sabotage me and I literally ruined my eye makeup! You got to be kidding. - Well, being friends with James Charles is... A lot of this. - He really knew- - Oh, my God, I'll fix that. - I thought you were joking, no you are not. (upbeat music) - Well hello, we're back. - We are back.
messy makeup trivia ft jeffree star tati
Wow, we all look really beautiful. - Yeah. - I know we really... - We made it work. - We did it for this challenge. - I like how my eyes turned out. - They look disgusting. - Next step, well, we have a few left. - Oh yeah, we're not done! Oh my gosh, we need to highlight the lips, right? - Don't get too excited, there are always opportunities for it to go very wrong. - Bad, okay, I'm ready. - Very good next question. - We are ready. - Oh, wow, okay. - Are the buzzers ready? - Okay, okay, okay. - Number seven says "Last year was hard on some of us" - Oh God. (electronic bell) - I'm sorry, Laura Lee? - That's right. - Lock the house. - This is your sabotage for number seven is... - I already forgot what's happening, okay.
messy makeup trivia ft jeffree star tati
What we have? That is cute. - I can do that. - I can do that too. - I can do that blindfolded. - Miss Taunch is getting very brave here. - Okay Bird Box, sit down. (Laughter) - Um, let's give this one to James. - It's okay, I'm not worried. - Okay, we're highlighting. - In fact, I


ted to highlight with a pencil brush, my nose, thanks to you. That's like your trick I like, Facetune the nose but in real life. - I have to grab my palette again. - Mm-hmm, that's right. - Just take a bit of the face, this is the first shade I've literally had, it's Face from my own palette. - That's really disgusting in my eyes.
Look at the pencil brush moment, I think he is sick. looks amazing - Ready for number eight? - Yes. I mean, everyone looks really beautiful right now. I feel like we need some intense questioning and sabotage to really make it work. Or it will be too difficult to choose the winner. - The number eight says "We all love to celebrate the success of our friends" (crickets) (laughs) - Oh! (electronic bell) Um, James Charles, Morphe, Bretman Rock, Color Pop and Karen Color Pop! - That's right. - Yeah. - Hey, that was... - Why do we all have amnesia? (chuckle) - Sabotage is... - Hit me, I'm sure. - Saboteur chooses the color of the lipstick. - Oh, Jeffrey! (Laughter) Fortunately, Jeffree Starr's cosmetics line has many colors to choose from. - I sure do, and what are we going to do for this look? - You chose a neutral eye and you are wearing a pink wig.
Like, I feel like there aren't many... (laughs) - This is real. - Right, right Sister. Daddy what do you think? - I think about, like a nice bold man in green moment on the outside? - No, let's do yellow on the outside and green in the middle! - Okay, I'll look like a Venus flytrap. This looks disgusting. Look at that, look at the martyr, it's so impressive. - That's one word to describe it. - What a work of art. Queen Bee loves to have layers. I am deceived. (Laughter) - Tangled. Come play with my bolus and play with my clit. - Oh Lord! - Alright, now let me take Karma, such an inspiring shade from last year.
And let's put her right in the middle and let these whores have it. - That's gross. - Oh I love it. - No, you don't. - Yes. - You're a liar. - Oh, I love it, it's like dysentery green. - What is it? - Google that later. - Alright. oh oh I have been sabotaged, how are you? - Jeffree, how do you feel about your new look? - Honestly, I'm living for it, I think everyone will start doing this once this is over. - Do you think? - Yes. - Yes, the new beauty trend of 2019. Starting early. - Regina George, let's roll. - Good. - Ready for question number nine? - What is your setting spray? - Okay, so this is the last question. - Ready? - I don't know. - Number nine says "Unique content is hard to find on YouTube these days" - Isn't that the truth? - "Nonetheless, a series.
Are the options 87 million, 104 million, 116 million or 189 million? (electronic buzzer) - 116. - That's right. (snap) - Yes! - Oh my, there is no James Charles bias I'd like to add a question on this - Sabotage is - Oh - I don't wish this on anyone - Oh my God, it's a potpourri in an Urban Decay bottle - Who do you pick? I don't care, you can spray me. - What's in it? I'm so, eww! What the hell?! - It's toilet water. - Oh, go ahead. - That's not funny. - I mean, gross! ( laughs) ) - Okay, who do you want? - Sister James - Tati!
That's so fake of you! You're the fakest of fakes! - Are you ready? - Not Tati! - Wait , ok, I'm going. - You ready? Get ready. (spray) - We're stepping here, what does it smell like? (spray) What is it, guys? - Eleven is my favorite number, maybe some more. - Tati! (laughs) - What is that? - What was that? - Tears of an angel. - Was it Lysol? What did you just do? cer, was it Windex? - Yes, it was Windex. - No! - No way. - That can't be safe for the skin! - Thanks so much for looking. - No. - What was that?
Wait, why does my face look like this? What did you just put me on? - Just a little mix of my cellar water ensola oil. (Laughter) - Are you kidding? - Two really great makeup removers. - Oh... - And now we have to rub and rub... - No! - For real life. - Would you record the ending right now before it melts? My makeup looked good! Wait, are we done? - Yes. - I think we are. - We're done! - Finished. Jeffree finished. - I feel like we took our wild hearts and just ran. Like all of us... - We went with it. - Yeah, sure we did. - Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode of Messy and Makeup Trivia.
I feel like we all look very, very good. But it's up to you, leave us a comment below. Let us know who you think killed this the most, which look do you think looks the best out of the three? To be honest, I think we all look disgusting. But it's up to you of course to pick the winner of today's challenge and also let me know who you want to race next. If you enjoyed this video today, don't forget to give him a big like below and show him the support and love for his sister, it really means a lot to me.
And also, click the subscribe button and join Sisterhood. We're almost 14 million Sisters strong, and we'd love for you to join the family, and also click the bell icon, so you can get notified every time I upload a new video. If you want to follow me on my makeup journey, you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter, both are just James Charles. My Snapchat, for behind the scenes stuff, is "jamescharless" with an extra s after Charles. That's the fastest I think I've said it. - Wow. - That was so good! Oh Lord! - It really was, and I also understood you, so cool. - Wow, that's so good.
Where can they find you two? - Alright guys, so if you'd like to follow me, I went to the Description box, which makes me feel really good and honored. - Yes. - So thanks for having me here. - Of course mom. - I will also encourage you to visit Know how to have skin- - Push your skin. - That can look good with any makeup situation. Go check it out, and yes, if you want to subscribe, great. Like you can join my humble family of 5 million. - Oh, I love that - I love that. - Alright, any of you want to follow me, it will all be linked below.
It's just my name, Jeffree Starr, for everything. - The sister's greeting in this video goes to sister Brandon, thank you very much love, for always following me and supporting me. You know I love you so, so, so. (swoosh) - And if at home you'd like to be in the Sister Shout Out of the next video, don't forget to always reach out when I go live on Twitter and turn on notifications for my posts. -Bam, it's alright. Thank you very much for watching today's video. Had an amazing time, thanks for having us, James. - Yeah! I had a lot of fun too, so thank you. - Of course guys, I love you guys.
Thank you for always being the best of friends literally around the world and being role models, inspiring me and being true friends in the beauty community. - We love you. - I love you guys too. And I love all of you at home watching. Thank you very much for watching this video today. We love you, and I'll see you next time. - Bye bye! (upbeat music) (click) (click) (click) (click)

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