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Men's Mary—2019 CrossFit Games

May 07, 2024
It's one we use as a benchmarking process, it's called


and it's a 20 minute amrap of five handstand pushups, 10 pistols, 15 pullups and they go for the full 20 minutes, watch out, we're on. 20 rounds plus almost 21 rounds, the top scorer belonging to Matt McLeod, who is your leader after the first set, working through the 20 minutes, five pushups, 10 pistols, 15 pullups, as many as you can do in that window of 20 minutes. and Matt Fraser and Noah Olsen move to the pull-up bar at the same time in round number one, wait, are you saying no Olson is going to come out very quickly?
men s mary 2019 crossfit games
Well look, noah olsen has a history in the



of making some crucial mistakes at bad times. He hasn't done it yet, but if you can find a way to get him off your back, you did the first round of him in under 40 seconds, so we'll see if it was a bold strategy, let's see if it pays off, you know what? he will reign again i think it might be a little nerves going out under the lights again the first time this weekend we are watching the coliseum noah is excited he knows where he is yes he I think he will dominate a little and for Josh, Noah has matured a lot over the years in terms of the way he approaches events like this.
men s mary 2019 crossfit games

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men s mary 2019 crossfit games...

He has the training behind him to set the tone, but. every once in a while you know the big kid inside just says you know how fast and uninterrupted sounds like a great idea everyone knows if you don't win the first round you don't win yeah that's a well known fact. a 20 minute ambulance noah olsen is your leader, he's been through two rounds, matt Fraser is slightly behind him, a lot of men still have that lead pace, but they're also now back for their third round of pushups and he's Ahead of Matt Fraser, James Newberry is Behind those two, that's your battle for the overall lead.
men s mary 2019 crossfit games
I would say the only person I'm worried about at this particular event is actually Brent Fakowski, who is on the far left of your screen and is sitting in fifth place. place, so 15th overall we're not sure if they're going to reduce after this particular event to 20. but this is not the event you wanted to see when you start inching closer to that cutoff line right at the calculator and this is one of those cases where we've talked about the order of events being important and for a guy who's trying to keep you within that cut line, I don't think this is the event you'd like to see and the point i'm trying to make is like i'm not saying he's bad at this but relative to the feeling that he's competing this is not the event for brett fakowski yeah he's going to have to work hard here some hopes and prayers , so Brent Pakowski has 236 points, the man in 20th place is Aunt Haynes, he's already gone, so Fakowski would have to lose 19 points to Aunt Haynes, so this totally adds up to a possible 100 in an event like this , so Brent Fakowski may need to find another team in the meantime, James Newberry. is fighting with noah olsen for the lead and that is matt frazier who is in third place so newberry who started a little slower than olsen is getting ready to conclude round number four now olson finished with four and , uh, brent fakowski is back in the pack here, it's even earlier in the event, we're only at the three minute 12 second mark of a 20 minute event and the fact that Noah Olsen is done with four rounds at about the three minute mark means he's around 45 -second pace still it's a bold strategy we'll see we'll see how it plays out yeah I think right now he might be you know he's definitely excited but he needs to control that at one point, um, you know.
men s mary 2019 crossfit games
I'm not Olson, but 15 pull-ups at that pace are going to start to get very difficult and very spicy, but I think I know that Matt Matt is the type of guy who knows his rhythm and is going to go out and stay. He's not going to chase the rabbit like some younger guys would, so if we get out of the scoring lead there could be some confusion because James Newberry had him in the lead for a second. Noah Olsen is now back. leading up to five rounds scott pancick has five rounds jacob happened or matt Fraser so he's still tight on top now he says james newbury is behind olson the leader's name is always displayed in the blue box at the top of the screen and then anyone in the red box, the number in the white box is how many reps or rounds they are behind the overall leader or if they are tied and right now a lot of guys are in the sixth round with Noah Olsen as we are four and a half minutes in . of this event so olson in the middle of your screen blue shorts on the headband right next to matt Fraser in the red shorts only two points separate them entering this event will and pat beliner morad jumping off the pull up bar those green and white shorts in The Headband Here Comes Pat Felner and Velner at 11th overall 252 points, he and Brent Fukowski, two men we expected to be in the top ten here in the overall standings, have yet to find their pace here, yes it's the



, that's very Surprising to me too, I was thinking the same thing that Patrick or Vulnera and Fukowski not being in the top 10 is a bit shocking, but still a long weekend, hopefully for them, right?
The three overall leaders are right in the middle of the field. Matt Fraser with the red shorts then on the right with the headband that's Noah Olsen On the left is James Newbury The two of them kicking for their handstand pushups Matt Fraser coming back to the wall Also Noah Olsen is after seven rounds, the score a beat belongs to Matt McLeod, who nearly beat 20 rounds in total. Six minutes is a quick way to perform 105 pull-ups on the pull-up bar and when you look at the total number of rounds. you're getting close to seven, you finish seven, you go to eight at the six minute mark, I think as you get closer to the last half of this, you know, straw says this event starts at the 10 minute mark and Then, especially in the last five, is that this is one of those events and training sessions where betting early is not a bad idea, as long as you are not speeding up the pace, as if going uninterrupted for seven or eight rounds was not worst idea, maybe even a 10 because you have the time in a 20 minute period to split up the pull ups when you need them, I think it should be saved more towards the end, yeah definitely, I wouldn't recommend just going out and splitting them up right away, esp yes that is so for me.
I'm the type of person that when I really start to break it almost starts to get into my head a little bit like why am I already breaking so I like to stay intact until I can't anymore um so yeah I mean me and some People like to have that plan and follow their plan, but for me, yeah, I agree, I completely agree with you that you're right and I think a lot of that is going to come down to knowing what your resistance is to the traction during a volume pull-up of that size just after the seven minute mark and it's noah olsen on the far right of the screen and matt Fraser in the red shorts who have basically been side by side figuratively and literally at this event, As Noah Olsen has been slightly ahead of Fraser, but Fraser is keeping the pace, they have both gone nine rounds, that's Travis Mayer, who has had a pretty good day, number two, 12th overall after that coupled sprint, Chandler Smith, who's been all over the rankings today, is, you know, inside the top 10.
After being inside the top 10, then he was 18th and now he's back, consistency for Chandler Smith seems to be the thing. He has to score here, but he has proven that he belongs here. I think you see a lot of that with the new ones. The athletes who come have very good skills. I mean, we saw the same thing from Brent Fakowski when he first came to the games: he would win events or get something outside of the top 30. Same thing with Brooke Wells when she started well, took fifth place in the games and placed last twice. in two different events, so someone like Chandler Smith who has the skills to do very well in some events and maybe not in others, or you know he could be the ricky.
Bobby from the


games is like the first or last type of athlete, but when you pull out those averages, I see a lot of the new athletes with a decent skill set coming in, the guy you talked about, Jacob Hepner, has now gotten into in the fight for the lead while he is in round number 11. Jacob Hefner is in lane number six, he is in the middle of the screen doing the pistols, right behind that support beam that says rogue, now he is advancing towards the shooter. bar up so jacob hefner mel olson scott panicked matt Fraser will morad everyone's on round eleven the pull ups are so fast, I mean, even compared to Noah Olsen's, which are so fast Olson Fraser and Hefner , all done at the same time james newbury has fallen off the lead pace olson is done, Fraser is done now straight to the guns olson isn't wasting any time he's just trying to keep the lead on matt Fraser and the points are so even that really all noel olsen has to do is beat matt Fraser in this event and he is at the top of the overall standings approaching the halfway point of this event noah olsen is still leading he has completed 11 rounds he is on the pull up bar jacob hepner joins him on the left of the screen and here comes matt frazier olson does 12 rounds down one more look at the event let's do this for 20 minutes pushups one leg squats and 15 pull ups no olson still holding on Slightly ahead of Matt Fraser who is in the red shorts and Jacob Hepner is a few lanes down from them Round 13 for Olson and Fraser The only thing I'm noticing about Noah Olsen is that he's picking up the pace between pull-ups, he's quick to the platform for push-ups, you don't waste time. on his pistols where it looks like Matt is using that push-up and the pistol as kind of a break between the set of pulls because like Josh said before, it's like it's just a pull-up workout, it's like every time you spin around the dominated the bar is in your face again now noah olsen to start round number 14 and starting to put a little distance between him and matt phraser frazier just finished his pull ups and noah olsen is on the pistols well the other thing which I just noticed Also with Noah Olsen is chalking once every two or three rounds, where you can see a lot of these athletes, Matt being one of them, practically chalking every time they get to that pull-up bar.
Yes, Noah is doing a great job in transitions. Now yeah, it's not taking him long to transition, he's moving while I say he takes it, oh yeah, josh bridges, I'll show you, I'll shut the fuck up in the meantime, these are the guys who should worry about staying out of the bubble. Brent Fakowski on the far left of the screen, like I said, he came in at 15th overall, he's 15th overall in the series in case he's 30th at the pace he's going, that won't help his cause, pat belmer, meanwhile, uh he's 11th overall, he's a little more confident, he's in the middle of the screen with the multicolored shorts now moving towards the pull-up bar, he just jumped, he's a little more confident, but at some point you have to start accumulating some points and get some. sure of the cuts that will continue until we are down to 10.
I think part of this is also that you know you're looking at us coming in with 30 athletes, you're sitting last in the event currently and there's still eight minutes left this event won't be easier in the next eight minutes will get exponentially worse as you get closer to the end of this event Jacob Hefner Noah Olsen and Matt Fraser along with Scott Panchik Once they finish this round they will then move to the other end of the court as They will be in 15 rounds. James Newbury, in the middle of his screen, pink shoes. He has missed the main beat.
He came into this event in third place overall. He is just three points behind Matt Frazier, one point. He behind Noah Olsen for a few seconds, so Olson is done, he's already past 15. He'll have a break while he walks down the court. Here comes Matt Fraser and now Jacob Hepner, top three for him in this event and I think he's trying to score right here, working. his way down also less than seven minutes to go noah olsen still in the lead matt frazier taking the drink of water olson is in round 16. this is the pace olson has over phraser right now, after 15 rounds , he has a 15 second lead over matt Fraser all that work in the last 15 rounds is to get a second around, that's how close he still is although it looks like he's way ahead no olsen your leader is on the right matt Fraser jacob hebner and scott panchik all four men in round 16, but it's noah olsen who's in front and now matt frayer joins him on the pull up bar.
ItWhat's scary about that as we get to the last six minutes is that there's a break at the pull-up bar, is that right? You spent the last 16 minutes trying to get it to the competitors. You broke down once towards the end. Everything is over. No, it's great. I mean, Noah's been pushing the beat the whole time. This is where he, if he can hold on, yes, he can hold on. That's great, this is where I think Matt is going to step up and you might see him start to pull away. It might be because Matt has just been maintaining, he's not chasing, he's just keeping up with him and Olson is just pushing, you can tell he's pushing. difficult, if anything, Matt has been picking up pace from Noah Olsen, meanwhile, Brent Fakowski and Pat Felner are at the top left of the screen, still not past 15.
Now Velner is so Brent Fakowski in a bit of danger right now 15th overallBy arriving at the event he is outside the top 20. He may not go ahead, we don't know when the next cut will be made, but if you are inside the top 20 you will be safe for now, Noah Olsen. You're still the leader, less than five minutes left and here comes Matt Fraser, so Fraser now starts to chip away at that lead. Noah Olsen has never won an event in the CrossFit games and right now he is just two points behind Matt Fraser for the overall lead.
I think this is when you start hearing the sounds of the T-Rex footsteps coming behind me from the jungle. Olson is definitely looking at Matt Fraser right now and isn't blinking. There is still less than five minutes left to get close to 16 minutes. mark this 20 minute event and let's get back to your point, Josh Bridges, he's really keeping the transitions tight with him. I think you know we saw him jump back onto that bar, yeah, right off the pull up bar right into the wall. Straight to the gun, I mean, he took a knee that time and that was it, and that was just to show you that you had to be like, hey, dude, Noah Olsen, now back to the guns, since he opened up a little bit more of a lead. that he. had in the last round, he is in round number 19. the best score in more than 20 rounds of matt mccloud in the last series, matt Fraser right next to Noah Olsen breathing down his neck, but Olson continues to tear away and now he is turn on the pull-up bar and has not yet given up the lead to matt Fraser Jacob Hefner on the left of your screen is sitting in third place here comes Matt Fraser to join Noah Olsen on the pull-up bar he still has 11 seconds left Matt Fraser currently 19 rounds and counting for Noah Olsen we could be witnessing his first event when over 20 rounds of Matt McCloud, the first series of this event, that was the mark that put Noah Olsen right now in his 20th round, is in pistols, he is in the middle of your screen with the headband on matt Fraser the overall leader marking his hands with chalk while doing pistols he will move to the pull-up bar next noah olsen goes to the chalk 20th round of pull-ups to Noah Olsen meanwhile Brent Fukowski has yet to make it through 15 rounds and Brent Fakowski could be falling out of the top 20 right now Noah Olsen shot 20.
Matt Fraser has finished 20th. Olson now to the guns in round 21 two minutes to go The final Olsen in first Fraser is in second and it's Jacob Hefner in third, the crowd tries to help Noah Olsen get through this round, if he makes it through he will be the leader of the event, so it's a matter of trying to keep Matt at bay Fraser. 21. series of pull-ups for olson and he will break here. This could be like this, there it is and that awaits 21 rounds for Noah Olsen, 20 minutes left. Can he stop the razor? Listen to the crowd behind Noah Olsen back to the guns in round 22.
Who can hang from the drawbar here? is here, one minute left until Olsen returns to the pull-up bar. 22nd set of pull-ups. He is ahead of Matt Frazier. 40 seconds left. A break for Olsen. Fraser continues to work. Olson finished with 22 rounds. There are 30 left to go back to the push. -oops here comes Fraser Olsen in round 23 continuing to work in 20 seconds trying to keep Matt Fraser at bay 10 seconds for Noah Olsen look at the pace of Matt's guns right now here comes Olson to the pull up bar two more seconds Better late than never For Noah Olsen, the first in that victory and he will be his overall leader.
Who would have thought that a 20-minute session of push-ups, pistols and pull-ups would be such a close race? The energy in this room right now for his first CrossFit. games event, win what's going on in your mind right now, holy moly, I see so many people in the crowd that I love so much, I love them all, this feels amazing, there were so many great athletes to their left and right pushing them, boys. We were shoulder to shoulder the entire time, how does that factor into how you decided to approach this? I definitely understood that he knew there were some studs.
I'm actually pretty good at staying in my own zone, so I was vaguely aware, but that wasn't my main goal, so I did it. I was doing it all weekend. I was walking back with my good friend Chandler after the last event. I told him man, I really want an event when he said, Hey, you're knocking on the door and I think I just broke down that door. Congratulations, thank you very much, Noah Olsen. Do you remember seven years ago when he was a volunteer in the Southeast region and he told Dave Castro. Hey, do you know that one day I'm going to compete in CrossFit? games in castro, in typical Dave style, he said yes, any kid who does his job here, it's the first event he's won in a pressure situation and he'll be the overall leader now after five events, but he's clearly not out of the woods. .

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